Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery                       

This heritage collection of family photographs includes my parents, and in descending order, their ancestors. I have not included all photographs in the collection, only those that have an important relationship to the individual or family line. I have not included living relations or recent 'snapshots', unless incidentally, to protect all of our dignities (or what little we have left  ;-).
If you have, or know of, additional photographs that would help tell the collective story of the family, please let me know. These resources and treasures need to be shared for all our benefit. After all, for the brief time we are here, we are only stewards of our past. It is our duty to pass it along to those who will compose our future.

'Click' on linked pages (underlined blue typed individuals, below) to go to respective pages. Each page contains 'thumbnail' images in the left frame. Clink on each image to bring up the larger, captioned photo on the right. Scroll to view entire photo, if necessary.  

SURNAME 1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation
STEELQUIST: John Harold Ruben Johannes
DAVIS: Pauline Dr. M. M.
HILDRETH: Marie Lucile James C. Henry W.
EMERY: Harriett Edward C. William S.

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