Recipes   (alias)Viva le Cocktails at Marie's Place

In memory of Marie Hildreth......the hostess extraordinair
where entertaining, food and drink were always more than ample. Accomplished in the kitchen, at the piano, at the bridge table and in San Diego society, there is yet to be a more generous heart and gracious soul.  

This page is in responce to the many requests to share her recipes that were savoured by countless family members, friends, house guests, social upstarts, entertainers (some more accomplieshed than others), after-hours crowds and  just plain folk. Of course, there is a story behind each and I will attempt to fill you in on the details. Try them one and all and share your hospitality freely, just like at.............. Marie's Place.

Soups Desserts  
1st Courses Sauces
Main Dishes Misc.

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