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dad.sml.jpg (1267bytes) mom.sml.jpg (1255bytes) George and Ann Stephan, Dad's picture dates probably from the mid-late '30s, Mom's from the early '40s, WWII.
Nana.sml.jpg (2051bytes) Nana2.sml.jpg (2051bytes) Mom's Mother (Sarah McNulty Hamill), perhaps at Atlantic City
dadsmom.sml.jpg (1330bytes) dadsdad.sml.jpg (1171bytes) parkguard.sml.jpg (1589bytes) Dad's Mother (Anna SCHMID) and Father (James V. Stephan); James V. Stephan as a Philadelphia park guard
dadsbrother.sml.jpg (3358bytes) Dad's older brother, John, wearing the vest, standing.
dadinboat.sml.jpg (2145bytes) Dad, very young, in a boat. Closest water-side park to his home would be Bartram Park. Maybe that's the park (and Schuylkill River) in the background - maybe not.
wedding.sml.jpg (2263bytes) wedding2.sml.jpg (2216bytes) Double wedding day - George Stephan and Ann Hamill, Mary Hamill and Frank McCauley - 13 June 1931, at St. Anne's Church, Philadelphia, PA. Childhood friends of Dad: behind him, Tommy Hearne; behind Mary, James MickleJohn. Behind Frank: James J. Hamill
niagra1.sml.jpg (2253bytes) Niagra Falls, 1931. This was part of a six-month honeymoon (at the height of the Great Depression), a trip which took them into Canada and Mexico as well as much of the U.S. Their intention was to end up in Hawaii, but they ran out of fund after attending the Olympics in the Summer of 1932.
niagra2.sml.jpg (1480bytes) niagra3.sml.jpg (1476bytes) niagra4.sml.jpg (1605bytes)
annieapt.sml.jpg (1114bytes) annieapt2.sml.jpg (1054bytes) During the 1930s Mom and Dad lived in numerous apartments in Los Angeles, CA, and in Washington, D.C. They worked for John Steven McGroarty, California historian, poet laureate, newspaperman and Congressman (1934-1938). These pictures are of Mom, probably in front of one of the LA apartments.
1234carmendr.sml.jpg (2916bytes) After eight years with no children, they built this two-bedroom house, 1234 Carmen Drive, Glendale CA, in 1939. Two weeks after moving in Mom learned that she was pregnant with twins. A second daughter arrived a year and a half later. Six months after that they had to abandon their dream house and friends and move to Paso Robles CA so Dad could manage Oak Park, designed to house Camp Roberts army sergeants and their families in WWII

Sally and Edward in Dad's living room chair at 1234 Carmen Dr. The dog on the footstool is Patsy; the canary is Butch; the cat is Ginger.
oakpark.sml.jpg (3487bytes) Oak Park Housing Project - about 1942/3, probably midwinter, late afternoon. Pine street is the main street running north and south, connecting two "circles." If you scan up from the south circle, to the first intersection, the building at the south west corner is ours. It has a large, bare oak tree in front of our unit: 2921 Pine
momandkids.sml.jpg (2773bytes) Ann Stephan flanked by Ed, Clare, Sally and Alan, in the living room at Oak Park, on the couch we used to use for building forts, riding pillars of pillows, and diving face-forward (hands at sides).
slide.sml.jpg (1491bytes) Sally, Edward, Clare and Alan on the Oak Park slide behind our building, at 30th and Park Streets - mid 1940s
house1908spring.sml.jpg (1748bytes) momanddad1950.sml.jpg (1920bytes) 1908 Spring Street, Paso Robles, CA, about 1953-1960. Spring Street at that time was also Highway 101. In addition, it was the "main drag" - scene of endless teenage 1950s' "cruising";
Mom and Dad about 1950