35 North West Temple Street Pennsylvania, 1900 Federal Census : Soundex
 Salt Lake City, Utah        and Population Schedules.
 84150-3400 USA


Pennsylvania, 1900 Federal Census : Soundex and Population Schedules.


United States. Census Office. 12th census, 1900.


Washington, D.C. : The National Archives, [19--?].


Microfilm of original records in the National Archives, Washington, D.C.


                                                FILM AREA
Soundex: A000 Albert                            1247711
thru A165 Vince
Soundex: A165 W. J.                             1247712
thru A235 Lillie B.
Soundex: A235 Linda                             1247713
thru A265 Francis
Soundex: A265 Frank                             1247714
thru A352 Alex M.
Soundex: A352 Alex S.                           1247715
thru A400 Donemic
Soundex: A400 Edward                            1247716
thru A420 John J.
Soundex: A420 John L.                           1247717
thru A435 Harriet S.
Soundex: A435 Harry                             1247718
thru A450 Leonora
Soundex: A450 LeRoy                             1247719
thru A523 Isaac H.
Soundex: A523 J. W.                             1247720
thru A536 Alen
Soundex: A536 Alex                              1247721
thru A536 John
Soundex: A536 John                              1247722
thru A536 William J.
Soundex: A536 William K.                        1247723
thru A632 Howard
Soundex: A632 Irene                             1247724
thru A652 Robert
Soundex: A652 Robert                            1247725
thru B100 John H.
Soundex: B100 John J.                           1247726
thru B160 John
Soundex: B160 John A.                           1247727
thru B200 Mary E.
Soundex: B200 Hattie                            1247728
thru B200 Mike
Soundex: B200 Mike                              1247729
thru B220 Auth
Soundex: B220 Barney                            1247730
thru B234 Martin L.
Soundex: B234 Mary                              1247731
thru B240 Osborne
Soundex: B240 Oscar                             1247732
thru B250 Lyman
Soundex: B250 M. Bertha                         1247733
thru B256 Cecil C.
Soundex: B256 Charles                           1247734
thru B260 George F. C.
Soundex: B260 George G.                         1247735
thru B260 Samuel
Soundex: B260 Samuel                            1247736
thru B300 Byron
Soundex: B300 C. L. V.                          1247737
thru B320 Alex
Soundex: B320 Alexander                         1247738
thru B326 Elizabeth
Soundex: B326 Elizabeth S.                      1247739
thru B350 Angus
Soundex: B350 Anna                              1247740
thru B360 Frank
Soundex: B360 Frank                             1247741
thru B400 Frank
Soundex: B400 Frank A.                          1247742
thru B400 Lizzie
Soundex: B400 Lizzie                            1247743
thru B420 Adaline E.
Soundex: B420 Adam                              1247744
thru B420 John
Soundex: B420 John                              1247745
thru B423 Isaac P.
Soundex: B423 J. E.                             1247746
thru B430 Ida V.
Soundex: B430 Ieurin                            1247747
thru B450 Dory W.
Soundex: B450 E.                                1247748
thru B452 Preston
Soundex: B452 R.                                1247749
thru B460 Samuel B.
Soundex: B460 Sarah                             1247750
thru B500 John R.
Soundex: B500 John S.                           1247751
thru B520 Jake
Soundex: B520 James                             1247752
thru B525 Francus
Soundex: B525 Frank                             1247753
thru B530 John
Soundex: B530 John                              1247754
thru B535 Dyser
Soundex: B535 Earl                              1247755
thru B550 Lilley
Soundex: B550 Lillian                           1247756
thru B560 Emily L.
Soundex: B560 Emma                              1247757
thru B600 Ella T.
Soundex: B600 Ellen                             1247758
thru B600 John
Soundex: B600 John                              1247759
thru B600 William
Soundex: B600 William A.                        1247760
thru B616 Matt
Soundex: B616 Matthew                           1247761
thru B620 Georganna
Soundex: B620 George                            1247762
thru B620 John Mc.
Soundex: B620 John M.                           1247763
thru B620 Thomas P.
Soundex: B620 Thomas R.                         1247764
thru B622 William A.
Soundex: B622 William A.                        1247765
thru B624 Jonathan
Soundex: B624 Joseph                            1247766
thru B625 Justin J.
Soundex: B625 Katie                             1247767
thru B626 Margaret
Soundex: B626 Maria                             1247768
thru B630 Henrietta
Soundex: B630 Henry                             1247769
thru B630 William R.
Soundex: B630 William S.                        1247770
thru B632 Ziegler
Soundex: B633 Infant                            1247771
thru B635 Anthony
Soundex: B635 Anton                             1247772
thru B636 Deming F.
Soundex: B636 Domenico                          1247773
thru B650 Albert
Soundex: B650 Albert A.                         1247774
thru B650 Elizabeth D.
Soundex: B650 Ella                              1247775
thru B650 Johanna
Soundex: B650 John                              1247776
thru B650 Mary
Soundex: B650 Mary A.                           1247777
thru B650 William A.
Soundex: B650 William B.                        1247778
thru B652 Ezra
Soundex: B652 F.                                1247779
thru B652 Perton
Soundex: B652 Peter                             1247780
thru B653 Harriet
Soundex: B653 Harriet M.                        1247781
thru B655 Elizabeth
Soundex: B655 Ella                              1247782
thru B656 Cecil U.
Soundex: B656 Charles                           1247783
thru B665
Soundex: C000 Abraham S.                        1247784
thru C121/126 John
Soundex: C121/126 John                          1247785
thru C155 Ezenah B.
Soundex: C155 Faney E.                          1247786
thru C160 Samuel A.
Soundex: C160 Samuel E.                         1247787
thru C200 Irving E.
Soundex: C200 Isaac                             1247788
thru C200 Seneca J.
Soundex: C200 Sidle J. D.                       1247789
thru C234 Susan
Soundex: C234 T. J.                             1247790
thru C245 John
Soundex: C245 John                              1247791
thru C265 Wesley E.
Soundex: C265 William                           1247792
thru C350 John V.
Soundex: C350 Joseph                            1247793
thru C400 Justus B.
Soundex: C400 Kate                              1247794
thru C413 Jessie
Soundex: C413 John                              1247795
thru C420 John
Soundex: C420 John B.                           1247796
thru C430 Bertha
Soundex: C430 C. M.                             1247797
thru C450 Celistia
Soundex: C450 Charles                           1247798
thru C452 Benjamin
Soundex: C452 Benjamin F.                       1247799
thru C455 G.
Soundex: C455 Charles H.                        1247800
thru C460 Howard W.
Soundex: C460 Ida                               1247801
thru C462 John
Soundex: C462 John                              1247802
thru C465 William
Soundex: C500                                   1247803
thru C500 Samuel
Soundex: C500 Samuel                            1247804
thru C514 Eli J.
Soundex: C514 Eli K.                            1247805
thru C515 Guiseppi
Soundex: C515 H. G.                             1247806
thru C520 Michel
Soundex: C520 Michel                            1247807
thru C540 Frederick
Soundex: C540 G. S.                             1247808
thru C550 Santo
Soundex: C550 Sar                               1247809
thru C560 Harry E.
Soundex: C560 Harry G.                          1247810
thru C563 May
Soundex: C563 Meade G.                          1247811
thru C600 Margaret
Soundex: C600 Margaret                          1247812
thru C613 John
Soundex: C613 John                              1247813
thru C616 Lively
Soundex: C616 Lizzie                            1247814
thru C620 John L.
Soundex: C620 John M.                           1247815
thru C623 John
Soundex: C623 John                              1247816
thru C625 Drasco
Soundex: C625 E.                                1247817
thru C630 Susane
Soundex: C630 Theodore                          1247818
thru C636 Enos
Soundex: C636 Ernest                            1247819
thru C640 John
Soundex: C640 John                              1247820
thru C642 John
Soundex: C642 John                              1247821
thru C650 Richard R. B.
Soundex: C650 Robert                            1247822
thru C654 David
Soundex: C654 David                             1247823
thru D000 Anna
Soundex: D000 Anna                              1247824
thru D100 Mary
Soundex: D100 Mary A.                           1247825
thru D120 George U.
Soundex: D120 George W.                         1247826
thru D120 Mary
Soundex: D120 Mary                              1247827
thru D132 Angeline
Soundex: D132 Anna                              1247828
thru D146 Franklin N.
Soundex: D146 Frederic E.                       1247829
thru D160 John W.
Soundex: D160 Joseph                            1247830
thru D200 John
Soundex: D200 John                              1247831
thru D242 Charles S.
Soundex: D242 Charles                           1247832
thru D250 Justice
Soundex: D250 Kate                              1247833
thru D260 Harvey
Soundex: D260 Harvey                            1247834
thru D263 John
Soundex: D263 John                              1247835
thru D320 Henrietta
Soundex: D320 Henry                             1247836
thru D350 John W.
Soundex: D350 Joseph                            1247837
thru D400 Daniel B.
Soundex: D400 Daniel F.                         1247838
thru D400 Marry S.
Soundex: D400 Martha                            1247839
thru D425 Eugenie
Soundex: D425 Felice                            1247840
thru D450 Nora
Soundex: D450 Nora                              1247841
thru D500 Charles
Soundex: D500 Charles                           1247842
thru D500 Maria M.
Soundex: D500 Marah                             1247843
thru D516 Dora M.
Soundex: D516 E. Thornton                       1247844
thru D521 Z.
Soundex: D522 C.                                1247845
thru D530 Morton C.
Soundex: D530 Nadista                           1247846
thru D541 James
Soundex: D541 James                             1247847
thru D552 Kattuie
Soundex: D552 Legano                            1247848
thru D600 Celia
Soundex: D600 Charles                           1247849
thru D616 Julius
Soundex: D616 Kate                              1247850
thru D623 Henrietta
Soundex: D623 Henry                             1247851
thru D645 William H.
Soundex: D650 A. N.                             1247852
thru D655 Maud
Soundex: D655 Max                               1247853
thru E152 Emily E.
Soundex: E152 Emma                              1247854
thru E152 William
Soundex: E152 William                           1247855
thru E210 Gustave
Soundex: E210 Harley J.                         1247856
thru E240 John
Soundex: E240 John                              1247857
thru E255 Witmer
Soundex: E256 A. C.                             1247858
thru E300 Isac
Soundex: E300 J. B.                             1247859
thru E363 George
Soundex: E363 George A.                         1247860
thru E420 Leonard
Soundex: E420 Lettia B.                         1247861
thru E450 Zuber
Soundex: E451 A. May                            1247862
thru E521 William
Soundex: E522 Abnes                             1247863
thru E540 Cable
Soundex: E542 Albert                            1247864
thru E615 Winfield
Soundex: E616 Andrew                            1247865
thru E663 Bessie Mamie
Soundex: E663 Carl                              1247866
thru F200 Charles J.
Soundex: F200 Charles                           1247867
thru F200 Zada
Soundex: F210 Adolph                            1247868
thru F236 Harry
Soundex: F236 Harry D.                          1247869
thru F256 William A.
Soundex: F260                                   1247870
thru F260 Joseph
Soundex: F260 Joseph                            1247871
thru F321 Virginia
Soundex: F321 W. M.                             1247872
thru F365 Blanche M.
Soundex: F365 Caleb R.                          1247873
thru F420 Frank D.
Soundex: F420 Frank F.                          1247874
thru F426 Sanderson
Soundex: F426 Sanford                           1247875
thru F434 Michael
Soundex: F434 Michael                           1247876
thru F452 Mary
Soundex: F452 Mary                              1247877
thru F460 Annie Maria
Soundex: F460 Annie                             1247878
thru F500 Zelinda
Soundex: F510 Abe                               1247879
thru F524 Johanna M.
Soundex: F524 John                              1247880
thru F600 Anson
Soundex: F600 Anthony                           1247881
thru F600 Margurite R.
Soundex: F600 Marie                             1247882
thru F620 Ivy
Soundex: F620 J. A.                             1247883
thru F623 Duncan
Soundex: F623 E. B.                             1247884
thru F630 George
Soundex: F630 George A.                         1247885
thru F632 James H.
Soundex: F632 James J.                          1247886
thru F640 Dora
Soundex: F640 E. C.                             1247887
thru F650 Dorothy L.
Soundex: F650 E.                                1247888
thru F652 Joseph
Soundex: F652 Joseph                            1247889
thru F653 Vincent
Soundex: F653 W. S.                             1247890
thru F666 William M.
Soundex: G000 A. O.                             1247891
thru G125 William
Soundex: G125 William                           1247892
thru G163 Ivin
Soundex: G163 J. Charles                        1247893
thru G220 Zonan
Soundex: G221 Albert                            1247894
thru G252 Miles
Soundex: G252 Miles                             1247895
thru G300 Lydiann M.
Soundex: G300 M. D.                             1247896
thru G340 Bradshaw
Soundex: G340 C. W.                             1247897
thru G360 Edward
Soundex: G360 Edward                            1247898
thru G416 Alverda
Soundex: G416 Alvin A.                          1247899
thru G420 Lena
Soundex: G420 Leon                              1247900
thru G426 Bella C.
Soundex: G426 Belle                             1247901
thru G426 Thomas J.
Soundex: G426 Thomas                            1247902
thru G435 Martin W.
Soundex: G435 Mary                              1247903
thru G453 Israel
Soundex: G453 J. E.                             1247904
thru G514 Vennie
Soundex: G514 Walter                            1247905
thru G534 Conrad
Soundex: G534 Daniel E.                         1247906
thru G600 Elizabeth
Soundex: G600 Ella                              1247907
thru G600
Soundex: G610                                   1247908
thru G612 Matilda G.
Soundex: G612 Matthews                          1247909
thru G615 Fritz
Soundex: G615 G. R.                             1247910
thru G620 Charles
Soundex: G620 Charles A.                        1247911
thru G620 Pasquale
Soundex: G620 Pasquale                          1247912
thru G625 Priscilla A.
Soundex: G625 R. W.                             1247913
thru G630 Thomas
Soundex: G630 Thomas                            1247914
thru G635 Samuel
Soundex: G635 Samuel                            1247915
thru G650 Charles G.
Soundex: G650 Charles H.                        1247916
thru G650 Mary G.
Soundex: G650 Mary H.                           1247917
thru G652 Frank
Soundex: G652 Frank                             1247918
thru G654 Merrd
Soundex: G654 Michael                           1247919
thru G660 Davis R.
Soundex: G600 Edna M.                           1247920
thru H100 Fredrick W.
Soundex: H100 G. W.                             1247921
thru H125 William
Soundex: H125 William                           1247922
thru H152
Soundex: H153                                   1247923
thru H155 Myrtle
Soundex: H155 Nancy                             1247924
thru H160 John
Soundex: H160 John                              1247925
thru H164
Soundex: H165                                   1247926
thru H200 Emly
Soundex: H200 Emma                              1247927
thru H200 John C.
Soundex: H200 Joe                               1247928
thru H200 Rop C.
Soundex: H200 Rosa                              1247929
thru H220 David
Soundex: H220 David                             1247930
thru H232
Soundex: H233                                   1247931
thru H240 John
Soundex: H240 John A.                           1247932
thru H250 John P.
Soundex: H250 John R.                           1247933
thru H252 Margaret
Soundex: H252 Margarett                         1247934
thru H260 John H.
Soundex: H260 John Isa                          1247935
thru H300 Edson D.
Soundex: H300 Edward                            1247936
thru H320 Susanna G.
Soundex: H320 Theodore                          1247937
thru H340 Fredrick
Soundex: H340 G. W.                             1247938
thru H365 Isaac W.
Soundex: H365 Jacob                             1247939
thru H400 George
Soundex: H400 George                            1247940
thru H400 Miles
Soundex: H400 Millard                           1247941
thru H414 Regi A.
Soundex: H414 Robert                            1247942
thru H425 Lydia
Soundex: H425 M.                                1247943
thru H435 Edw. W.
Soundex: H435 Edwin                             1247944
thru H452 Lotty
Soundex: H452 Louis                             1247945
thru H455 William P.
Soundex: H455 William R.                        1247946
thru H500 George K.
Soundex: H500 George L.                         1247947
thru H512 Jonathan
Soundex: H512 Joseph                            1247948
thru H520 Hosea S.
Soundex: H520 Howard                            1247949
thru H522 Gustave E.
Soundex: H522 H. W.                             1247950
thru H526 Henry
Soundex: H526 Henry                             1247951
thru H535 Douglas M.
Soundex: H535 E. A.                             1247952
thru H536 Sophia S.
Soundex: H536 Sovinnia                          1247953
thru H543 Emily H.
Soundex: H543 Emma                              1247954
thru H552 Charles W.
Soundex: H552 Charley                           1247955
thru H560 James W.
Soundex: H560 Jene                              1247956
thru H600 James
Soundex: H600 Jane B.                           1247957
thru H612 John E.
Soundex: H612 John F.                           1247958
thru H620 Henrietta
Soundex: H620 Henry                             1247959
thru H621
Soundex: H622                                   1247960
thru H630 Adus
Soundex: H630 Agnes                             1247961
thru H630 Mary
Soundex: H630 Mary A.                           1247962
thru H635 Amon S.
Soundex: H635 Amos                              1247963
thru H635 Syndey D.
Soundex: H635 Sylvester                         1247964
thru H650 Luthar A.
Soundex: H650 M.                                1247965
thru H655 Austin
Soundex: H655 B.                                1247966
thru I220 Minder
Soundex: I220 Idea                              1247967
thru I526 Blance
Soundex: I526 Bryce                             1247968
thru J152 William
Soundex: J160                                   1247969
thru J210 Taney
Soundex: J210 Tresa M.                          1247970
thru J250 Herbet
Soundex: J250 Herbert                           1247971
thru J320 Willie
Soundex: J321                                   1247972
thru J520 Dave T.
Soundex: J520 David                             1247973
thru J520 Irwesth
Soundex: J520 Isaac                             1247974
thru J520 Nelba
Soundex: J520 Nellie                            1247975
thru J520 William Gray
Soundex: J520 William H.                        1247976
thru J525 Bertie E.
Soundex: J525 Bessie                            1247977
thru J525 Gussie
Soundex: J525 Gust                              1247978
thru J525 Mary
Soundex: J525 Mary                              1247979
thru J525 William H. R.
Soundex: J525 William I.                        1247980
thru J635
Soundex: J640 Albert                            1247981
thru K132 Vonko
Soundex: K140 Aaron                             1247982
thru K156 Isaac
Soundex: K156 J. W.                             1247983
thru K200 Ella M.
Soundex: K200 Ellen                             1247984
thru K230 Wizenty
Soundex: K232 Adam                              1247985
thru K246 Isreal
Soundex: K246 J. Frank                          1247986
thru K260 Maurice
Soundex: K260 Max                               1247987
thru K325 John
Soundex: K325 John A.                           1247988
thru K400 Deliah
Soundex: K400 Della                             1247989
thru K400 Lymen L.
Soundex: K400 M.                                1247990
thru K400 Mary D.
Soundex: K400 Mary E.                           1247991
thru K412 Preston
Soundex: K412 Ralph C.                          1247992
thru K425 Bryan C.
Soundex: K425 C. B.                             1247993
thru K450 Jacob A.
Soundex: K450 J. A.                             1247994
thru K452 Ivy
Soundex: K452 J.                                1247995
thru K460 Henry
Soundex: K460 Henry A.                          1247996
thru K500 Clementine
Soundex: K500 Clinton C.                        1247997
thru K500 Phebe
Soundex: K500 Philip                            1247998
thru K514 Hugo
Soundex: K514 I.                                1247999
thru K520 Hood S.
Soundex: K520 Horace                            1248000
thru K520 William
Soundex: K520 William                           1248001
thru K525 Isac B.
Soundex: K525 J. F.                             1248002
thru K530 Soney
Soundex: K530 Sophia                            1248003
thru K540 Lydie
Soundex: K540 M.                                1248004
thru K560 Preston
Soundex: K560 R. S.                             1248005
thru K610 Toni
Soundex: K610 Valent                            1248006
thru K620 Hugo
Soundex: K620 I. A.                             1248007
thru K624 Justina
Soundex: K624 Kasmer                            1248008
thru K632 Eliza
Soundex: K632 Elizabeth                         1248009
thru K650 Emily
Soundex: K650 Emma                              1248010
thru K653 Lewis
Soundex: K653 Marian                            1248011
thru L000 Griffen
Soundex: L000 Grover C.                         1248012
thru L100 Douglass S.
Soundex: L100 E. Benjamin                       1248013
thru L120 Sybilla
Soundex: L120 T. Samuel                         1248014
thru L146 Kritzine
Soundex: L146 L.                                1248015
thru L160 Jacob W.
Soundex: L160 James                             1248016
thru L200 Anthony
Soundex: L200 Anthony                           1248017
thru L200 James
Soundex: L200 James                             1248018
thru L200 Pattrick
Soundex: L200 Paul                              1248019
thru L220 Lyinn
Soundex: L220 Lizzie                            1248020
thru L236 Henry W.
Soundex: L236 Herbert                           1248021
thru L251 George W.
Soundex: L251 H. H.                             1248022
thru L260 Sara E.
Soundex: L260 Sarah                             1248023
thru L316 William F.
Soundex: L320                                   1248024
thru L321 Wilson
Soundex: L322 Adam                              1248025
thru L355 William
Soundex: L356 Adam                              1248026
thru L450 Zello
Soundex: L452 N. R.                             1248027
thru L500 William J.
Soundex: L500 William L.                        1248028
thru L520 Charles F.
Soundex: L520 Charels G.                        1248029
thru L520 John
Soundex: L520 John                              1248030
thru L520 Thomas J.
Soundex: L520 Thomas L.                         1248031
thru L525 Henry W.
Soundex: L525 Herman                            1248032
thru L532 George L.
Soundex: L532 George M.                         1248033
thru L536 Burnet
Soundex: L536 C. Oscar                          1248034
thru L552 Oron M.
Soundex: L552 P. T.                             1248035
thru L600 Francis J.
Soundex: L600 Frank                             1248036
thru L625 Dora M.
Soundex: L625 E. A.                             1248037
thru L652 Yoto
Soundex: L653 A.                                1248038
thru L660 William L.
Soundex: M000 N. R.                             1248039
thru M200 Ando
Soundex: M200 Andrew                            1248040
thru M200 Hyatt. A.
Soundex: M200 I. C.                             1248041
thru M200 Norris
Soundex: M200 Odein T.                          1248042
thru M210 Martin
Soundex: M210 Mary                              1248043
thru M216 Annia
Soundex: M216 Annie                             1248044
thru M216 Samuel
Soundex: M216 Samuel                            1248045
thru M225 Dennis
Soundex: M225 E. M.                             1248046
thru M233 William
Soundex: M234 N. R.                             1248047
thru M235 Margaret
Soundex: M235 Maria                             1248048
thru M240 Anexander
Soundex: M240 Alex                              1248049
thru M240 John S.
Soundex: M240 John T.                           1248050
thru M241 Morris
Soundex: M241 Nancy                             1248051
thru M242 John
Soundex: M242 John                              1248052
thru M243 Will J.
Soundex: M243 William                           1248053
thru M245 James M.
Soundex: M245 James M.                          1248054
thru M246 Heny
Soundex: M246 Herbert                           1248055
thru M250 Ellsworth
Soundex: M250 Elmer E.                          1248056
thru M250 Michael
Soundex: M250 Michael                           1248057
thru M252 Charle
Soundex: M252 Charles                           1248058
thru M253 Anthony
Soundex: M253 Anthony                           1248059
thru M254 Daniel
Soundex: M254 Daniel                            1248060
thru M254 Sual O.
Soundex: M254 Susan                             1248061
thru M255 Philip
Soundex: M255 Phillip                           1248062
thru M260 Chare E.
Soundex: M260 Clarence                          1248063
thru M260 Mikel
Soundex: M260 Mildred                           1248064
thru M262 Rob
Soundex: M262 Robert                            1248065
thru M263 Martine
Soundex: M263 Mary                              1248066
thru M265 Petter
Soundex: M265 Philip                            1248067
thru M320 Anny
Soundex: M320 Anthony                           1248068
thru M323 William
Soundex: M324 N. R.                             1248069
thru M325 Burt
Soundex: M325 C. A.                             1248070
thru M351 William
Soundex: M352 Adam                              1248071
thru M400 Isreal
Soundex: M400 J. A.                             1248072
thru M420 Iva Loe
Soundex: M420 J. A.                             1248073
thru M425 Pennington
Soundex: M425 Peter                             1248074
thru M450 Herb B.
Soundex: M450 Herbert                           1248075
thru M452 Lydia
Soundex: M452 M. L.                             1248076
thru M460 Christia
Soundex: M460 Christian                         1248077
thru M460 Fredrick
Soundex: M460 Fredrick                          1248078
thru M460 Jennie
Soundex: M460 Jennie                            1248079
thru M460 Louis
Soundex: M460 Louis A.                          1248080
thru M460 Ramand
Soundex: M460 Randall                           1248081
thru M460 William T.
Soundex: M460 William U.                        1248082
thru M500 John Mc.
Soundex: M500 John N.                           1248083
thru M520 Daniel W.
Soundex: W520 David                             1248084
thru M524 Hugh
Soundex: M524 Ida                               1248085
thru M532 George S.
Soundex: M532 George W.                         1248086
thru M546 William Y.
Soundex: M550 A.                                1248087
thru M563 Fredrick
Soundex: M563 G. H.                             1248088
thru M600 Edga A.
Soundex: M600 Edgar                             1248089
thru M600 Howell E.
Soundex: M600 Hubert                            1248090
thru M600 Lew
Soundex: M600 Lewis                             1248091
thru M600 Simeon
Soundex: M600 Simon                             1248092
thru M610 James
Soundex: M610 James A.                          1248093
thru M620 Ad. C.
Soundex: M620 Ada                               1248094
thru M620 Frank
Soundex: M620 Frank A.                          1248095
thru M620 John V.
Soundex: M620 John W.                           1248096
thru M620 Sara S.
Soundex: M620 Sarah                             1248097
thru M624 Emma R.
Soundex: M624 Emmett R.                         1248098
thru M625 Edmund T.
Soundex: M625 Edward                            1248099
thru M625 Robert S.
Soundex: M625 Robert W.                         1248100
thru M632 Chan S.
Soundex: M632 Charles                           1248101
thru M635 Frank
Soundex: M635 Frank                             1248102
thru M635 Rosa
Soundex: M635 Rose                              1248103
thru M650 Joehanna
Soundex: M650 John                              1248104
thru M663 Willie
Soundex: N000                                   1248105
thru N150/151 Ignatus
Soundex: N150/151 James                         1248106
thru N215
Soundex: N216 Adolph                            1248107
thru N240 Poolo
Soundex: N240 Rachel                            1248108
thru N253 Katie
Soundex: N253 Lauarence                         1248109
thru N350 Jessie A.
Soundex: N350 John                              1248110
thru N400 Alleways
Soundex: N400 Allen                             1248111
thru N425 Curtis P.
Soundex: N425 Daniel                            1248112
thru N430 Christopher
Soundex: N430 Daniel                            1248113
thru N550 Duer G.
Soundex: N550 E.                                1248114
thru N620 Lottie W.
Soundex: N620 Louis J. T.                       1248115
thru O152 Isaac
Soundex: O152 Jacob                             1248116
thru O165 John J.
Soundex: O165 John L.                           1248117
thru O236 Gustaf
Soundex: O236 Hana A.                           1248118
thru O256 John
Soundex: O256 John                              1248119
thru O354 Hughie
Soundex: O354 Ida                               1248120
thru O425 Cecelia
Soundex: O425 Charles                           1248121
thru O521/523 Isaac
Soundex: O521/523 J. B.                         1248122
thru O550 Willie R.
Soundex: O552 Abraham                           1248123
thru O653/654 Fred
Soundex: O653/654 George                        1248124
thru P142 Bridget
Soundex: P142 Carrie                            1248125
thru P200 Joel H.
Soundex: P200 John                              1248126
thru P231/232 Joseph J.
Soundex: P231/232 Lawance                       1248127
thru P264 William H.
Soundex: P265 Adam                              1248128
thru P330 Cyrus W.
Soundex: P330 Daisy E.                          1248129
thru P360 Emery T.
Soundex: P360 Emil                              1248130
thru P362 Jane
Soundex: P362 James                             1248131
thru P362 Tuchi
Soundex: P362 Wm.                               1248132
thru P400 Helein
Soundex: P400 Helen                             1248133
thru P412 Esther
Soundex: P412 Ethel                             1248134
thru P420 Doty E.
Soundex: P420 E. B.                             1248135
thru P435 Cyrus
Soundex: P435 Daniel J.                         1248136
thru P456 Nelson J.
Soundex: P456 Nettie                            1248137
thru P516 John E.
Soundex: P516 Joseph                            1248138
thru P540 Zolly
Soundex: P541 Abraham                           1248139
thru P612 Gustus
Soundex: P612 H. M.                             1248140
thru P620 Jame
Soundex: P620 James                             1248141
thru P620 Thomas
Soundex: P620 Thomas                            1248142
thru P625 Edward W.
Soundex: P625 Edwin                             1248143
thru P626 Willard
Soundex: P626 William                           1248144
thru P636 Alfred P.
Soundex: P636 Alice                             1248145
thru P654 Dorothy
Soundex: P654 Earnest                           1248146
thru Q500 Arnold E.
Soundex: Q500 Arthur                            1248147
thru R000 Israel
Soundex: R000 J. Adam                           1248148
thru R100 Hervin U.
Soundex: R100 Hester A.                         1248149
thru R125 Wilbur T.
Soundex: R125 William                           1248150
thru R152 Chansy
Soundex: R152 Charles                           1248151
thru R152 William
Soundex: R152 William                           1248152
thru R163 Ezra S.
Soundex: R163 F.                                1248153
thru R200 Andrew W.
Soundex: R200 Andy                              1248154
thru R200 Eustin A.
Soundex: R200 Eva                               1248155
thru R200 John I.
Soundex: R200 John J.                           1248156
thru R200 Ratchel
Soundex: R200 Ray                               1248157
thru R220 Julius A.
Soundex: R220 Kate                              1248158
thru R240 Charles
Soundex: R240 Charles                           1248159
thru R246 Irwin G.
Soundex: R246 Jacob                             1248160
thru R252 Henrietta
Soundex: R252 Henry                             1248161
thru R260 John
Soundex: R260 John                              1248162
thru R263 Frank C.
Soundex: R263 Frank E.                          1248163
thru R300 Alford
Soundex: R300 Alfred                            1248164
thru R300 Johannah
Soundex: R300 John                              1248165
thru R300 Solomon
Soundex: R300 Solomon                           1248166
thru R320 Jacob Y.
Soundex: R320 James                             1248167
thru R325 Annie M.
Soundex: R325 Arthur                            1248168
thru R350 Luke
Soundex: R350 M. H.                             1248169
thru R360 Charles A.
Soundex: R360 Charles B.                        1248170
thru R400 Carrence
Soundex: R400 Carrie                            1248171
thru R400 Thimothy
Soundex: R400 Thomas                            1248172
thru R500 Charles
Soundex: R500 Charles A.                        1248173
thru R500 Minnie C.
Soundex: R500 Minnie                            1248174
thru R520 Jake
Soundex: R520 James                             1248175
thru R525 John G.
Soundex: R525 John H.                           1248176
thru R543 Edna V.
Soundex: R543 Edward                            1248177
thru R553 Julia
Soundex: R553 Kate                              1248178
thru R612 Howard
Soundex: R553 Kate                              1247602
thru R600 Ida E.
Soundex: R612 Ida E.                            1248179
thru R660 Witmer T.
Soundex: S000                                   1248180
thru S000 Dasy
Soundex: S000 David                             1248181
thru S100 George J.
Soundex: S100 George                            1248182
thru S120 George
Soundex: S120 George A.                         1248183
thru S130 Otto P.
Soundex: S130 P. J.                             1248184
thru S140 Santo
Soundex: S140 Sarah                             1248185
thru S152 Burton C.
Soundex: S152 C. A.                             1248186
thru S160 Abner J.
Soundex: S160 Abraham                           1248187
thru S160 Isaac
Soundex: S160 Isaac M.                          1248188
thru S160 Sarah H.
Soundex: S160 Sarah J.                          1248189
thru S163 Iva C.
Soundex: C163 J. Francis                        1248190
thru S166 William
Soundex: S200 N. R.                             1248191
thru S212 William F.
Soundex: S213 A.                                1248192
thru S236 M. Valeria
Soundex: S236 Macarius                          1248193
thru S251 William H.
Soundex: S252 N. R.                             1248194
thru S262 Samuel H.
Soundex: S262 Sarah                             1248195
thru S300 John
Soundex: S300 John                              1248196
thru S310 John
Soundex: S310 John                              1248197
thru S315 Fredrick
Soundex: S315 Fred                              1248198
thru S316 Elenora
Soundex: S316 Eli                               1248199
thru S320 Henry B.
Soundex: S320 Henry C.                          1248200
thru S323 Peter A.
Soundex: S323 Rachel                            1248201
thru S330 Clare
Soundex: S330 Clarence                          1248202
thru S336 Genas G.
Soundex: S340 N. R.                             1248203
thru S340 Simmon W.
Soundex: S340 Simon                             1248204
thru S346 Russell
Soundex: S346 S. B.                             1248205
thru S350 William
Soundex: S350 William                           1248206
thru S352 Migio
Soundex: S352 Mike                              1248207
thru S356 Johanna
Soundex: S356 John                              1248208
thru S361 Auth
Soundex: S361 B. Stanton                        1248209
thru S362 Jame
Soundex: S362 James                             1248210
thru S363 Darlington
Soundex: S363 David                             1248211
thru S363 Ruben M.
Soundex: S363 Ruby                              1248212
thru S365 George B. Mc.
Soundex: S365 George C.                         1248213
thru S366 Myrtle L.
Soundex: S366 Nancy                             1248214
thru S400 Milburn H.
Soundex: S400 Miles                             1248215
thru S415 Johanna
Soundex: S415 John                              1248216
thru S420 Issac
Soundex: S420 J. L.                             1248217
thru S426 Harry S.
Soundex: S426 Harvey                            1248218
thru S432 Jackson S.
Soundex: S432 Jacob                             1248219
thru S436 Lyman S.
Soundex: S436 Mabel                             1248220
thru S452 John H.
Soundex: S452 John I.                           1248221
thru S460 Myra D.
Soundex: S460 Nana                              1248222
thru S500 James
Soundex: S500 James                             1248223
thru S512 Dugal
Soundex: S512 E. C.                             1248224
thru S516 Joe
Soundex: S516 John                              1248225
thru S520 Martsan
Soundex: S520 Mary                              1248226
thru S524 Russel
Soundex: S524 S. A.                             1248227
thru S526 Ruth
Soundex: S526 S.                                1248228
thru S530 Carey
Soundex: S530 Carl                              1248229
thru S530 Ellwood M.
Soundex: S530 Elmer                             1248230
thru S530 Gypson
Soundex: S530 H.                                1248231
thru S530 John
Soundex: S530 John                              1248232
thru S530 Lewis V.
Soundex: S530 Lewis W.                          1248233
thru S530 Philetus P.
Soundex: S530 Philip                            1248234
thru S530 William
Soundex: S530 William                           1248235
thru S533 William
Soundex: S534 Abie                              1248236
thru S536 Claton
Soundex: S536 Claud                             1248237
thru S536 Jennie G.
Soundex: G536 Jennie                            1248238
thru S536 Thersa
Soundex: S536 Thomas                            1248239
thru S540 Z. P.
Soundex: S541 Abram                             1248240
thru S550 Marx
Soundex: S550 Mary                              1248241
thru S560 Ann
Soundex: S560 Anna                              1248242
thru S563 Julia A.
Soundex: S563 Kitie                             1248243
thru S610 Edward H.
Soundex: S610 Edwin                             1248244
thru S620 Andrew
Soundex: S620 Andy                              1248245
thru S623 Isabel
Soundex: S623 James                             1248246
thru S632 John
Soundex: S632 John A.                           1248247
thru S640 Cora
Soundex: S640 Crawford W.                       1248248
thru S656 Fredrick
Soundex: S656 Galen M.                          1248249
thru T120 Polley
Soundex: T120 R. J.                             1248250
thru T220 John O.
Soundex: T220 Joseph                            1248251
thru T263 Rudolph A.
Soundex: T263 Samuel                            1248252
thru T360 Wilmon W.
Soundex: T361 A. M.                             1248253
thru T455 Julia
Soundex: T455 Kate                              1248254
thru T460 Mary
Soundex: T460 Mary                              1248255
thru T512 Alevia
Soundex: T512 Alex                              1248256
thru T512 Orville
Soundex: T512 Oscar                             1248257
thru T520 Daniel
Soundex: T520 Daniel                            1248258
thru T520 Mary D.
Soundex: T520 Mary E.                           1248259
thru T525 Hattie
Soundex: T525 Hattie                            1248260
thru T565
Soundex: T600 N. R.                             1248261
thru T616 Philipena
Soundex: T616 Rachel                            1248262
thru T626 Jim
Soundex: T625 John                              1248263
thru T645 Ida M.
Soundex: T645 James                             1248264
thru T654 William H.
Soundex: T655 Adolphus                          1248265
thru U132 William
Soundex: U132 William                           1248266
thru U526 Fredrick
Soundex: U526 George                            1248267
thru V220 Zamohi
Soundex: V221 Alex                              1248268
thru V321/325 John
Soundex: V321/325 Joseph                        1248269
thru V500 Walter
Soundex: V500 Walter                            1248270
thru V531 Joseph C.
Soundex: V531 Laura                             1248271
thru V565 Violetta
Soundex: V565 W. H.                             1248272
thru V665 William
Soundex: W000 Ada A.                            1248273
thru W160 Charles Z.
Soundex: W160 Charley                           1248274
thru W160 Robert
Soundex: W160 Robert C.                         1248275
thru W200 Mildred
Soundex: W200 Milton                            1248276
thru W230 Margaret
Soundex: W230 Margaret                          1248277
thru W240 Lester
Soundex: W240 Levi                              1248278
thru W253 Charlie
Soundex: W253 Chester                           1248279
thru W256 Joseph
Soundex: W256 Joseph                            1248280
thru W300 Alonzo B.
Soundex: W300 Albert                            1248281
thru W300 James H.
Soundex: W300 James                             1248282
thru W300 Stephan C.
Soundex: W300 Stephen                           1248283
thru W320 Therman A.
Soundex: W320 Thomas                            1248284
thru W325 Jefferson
Soundex: W325 Jehu                              1248285
thru W340 Orr D.
Soundex: W340 P. E.                             1248286
thru W355 William
Soundex: W355 William B.                        1248287
thru W362 Louis E.
Soundex: W362 Louisa                            1248288
thru W400 Joseph
Soundex: W400 Joseph                            1248289
thru W410 Maurice R.
Soundex: W410 Max                               1248290
thru W420 Annie
Soundex: W420 Annie                             1248291
thru W420 John
Soundex: W420 John                              1248292
thru W420 Samiel
Soundex: W420 Samuel                            1248293
thru W425 Annie
Soundex: W425 Annie A.                          1248294
thru W425 Jamima
Soundex: W425 Jane                              1248295
thru W425 Voleny M.
Soundex: W425 W.                                1248296
thru W426 Maggie
Soundex: W426 Maggie                            1248297
thru W435 Clara R. G.
Soundex: W435 Clarence                          1248298
thru W436 James W.
Soundex: W436 Jane                              1248299
thru W450/451 Thomas
Soundex: W450/451 Thomas A.                     1248300
thru W452 George
Soundex: W452 George                            1248301
thru W452 Maruss L.
Soundex: W452 Mary                              1248302
thru W453 John W.
Soundex: W453 Joseph                            1248303
thru W500 James
Soundex: W500 James                             1248304
thru W525 Gustav
Soundex: W525 Harry                             1248305
thru W536 Bertha
Soundex: W536 Bessie W.                         1248306
thru W560 Johanna
Soundex: W560 John                              1248307
thru W620 Ezaboth
Soundex: W620 F. K. T.                          1248308
thru W623 Rob. K. K.
Soundex: W623 Robert                            1248309
thru W630 Samul
Soundex: W630 Sarah                             1248310
thru W645 Maria
Soundex: W645 Martion                           1248311
thru W656 Norris
Soundex: W656 O.                                1248312
thru Y240 William
Soundex: Y240 William                           1248313
thru Y360 Violia V.
Soundex: Y360 W. H.                             1248314
thru Y520 Jacob
Soundex: Y520 Jacob                             1248315
thru Y525 Charles
Soundex: Y525 Charles                           1248316
thru Y663 W. Y.
Soundex: Z000 A. Y.                             1248317
thru Z246 Samuel B.
Soundex: Z246 Samuel C.                         1248318
thru Z460 Isabella
Soundex: Z460 J. B. S.                          1248319
thru Z565 George
Soundex: Z565 George A.                         1248320
thru Z665 Thomas

Population schedules:                           1241451
Perry Co. (ED 155, sheet 2-end)
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED's
Population schedules:                           1241452
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED's
25-55, and ED 56, sheets 1-6)
Population schedules:                           1241453
Philadlephia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED
56, sheet 7-end, and ED's 57-84)
Population schedules:                           1241454
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED's
85-128, and ED 129, sheets 1-2)
Population schedules:                           1241455
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED
129, sheet 3-end, and ED's 130-177)
Population schedules:                           1241456
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED's
178-218, and ED 219, sheets 1-7)
Population schedules:                           1241457
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED
219, sheet 8-end, and ED's 220-262)
Population schedules:                           1241458
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED's
263-301, and ED 302, sheets 1-4)
Population schedules:                           1241459
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED
302, sheet 5-end, and ED's 303-346)
Population schedules:                           1241460
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED's
Population schedules:                           1241461
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED's
Population schedules:                           1241462
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED's
418-456, and ED 457, sheets 1-7)
Population schedules:                           1241463
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED
457, sheet 8-end, and ED's 458-489)
Population schedules:                           1241464
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED's
490-517, and ED 518, sheets 1-2)
Population schedules:                           1241465
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED 518,
sheet 3-end, and ED's 519-551)
Population schedules:                           1241466
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED's
552-584, and ED 585, sheets 1-10)
Population schedules:                           1241467
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED 585,
sheet 11-end, and ED's 586-614)
Population schedules:                           1241468
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED's
615-648, and ED 649, sheets 1-16)
Population schedules:                           1241469
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED
649, sheet 17-end, and ED's 650-679)
Population schedules:                           1241470
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED's
680-710, and ED 711, sheets 1-3)
Population schedules:                           1241471
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED 711,
sheet 4-end, and ED's 712-745)
Population schedules:                           1241472
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED's
746-779, and ED 780, sheets 1-6)
Population schedules:                           1241473
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED
780, sheet 7-end, and ED's 781-815)
Population schedules:                           1241474
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED's
816-846, and ED 487, sheets 1-4)
Population schedules:                           1241475
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED
847, sheet 5-end, and ED's 848-874)
Population schedules:                           1241476
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED's
Population schedules:                           1241477
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED's
Population schedules:                           1241478
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED's
Population schedules:                           1241479
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED's
Population schedules:                           1241480
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED's
997-1027, sheet 2)
Population schedules:                           1241481
Philadelphia Co., City of Philadelphia (ED
1027, sheet 3-end)
Pike and Snyder Co.