35 North West Temple
 Street                     Pennsylvania, 1920 Federal Census : Soundex
 Salt Lake City, Utah       Index and Population Schedules.
 84150-3400 USA


Pennsylvania, 1920 Federal Census : Soundex Index and Population Schedules.


United States. Bureau of the Census. 14th census, 1920.


Washington, D.C. : The National Archives, [193-?].


Microfilm of original records in The National Archives, Washington, D.C.


                                                FILM AREA
Soundex: A000                                   1829306
thru A160 Ivan
Soundex: A160 (Dr.) J.D.                        1829307
thru A220
Soundex: (A221-A222)                            1829308
thru A250 Issac
Soundex: A250 J.E.                              1829309
thru A266
Soundex: A300                                   1829310
thru A352 Byron
Soundex: A352 C.A.                              1829311
thru A352 Willard H.
Soundex: A352 William                           1829312
thru A416 Itilia S.
Soundex: A416 J.C.                              1829313
thru A425 Joe D.
Soundex: A425 John                              1829314
thru A436 E. Wenger
Soundex: A436 Flora                             1829315
thru A450 Willard H.
Soundex: A450 William                           1829316
thru A523 Evans
Soundex: A523 Fannie                            1829317
thru A535 Frida
Soundex: A535 Gaetano                           1829318
thru A536 Francis M.
Soundex: A536 Frank                             1829319
thru A536 Mietus
Soundex: A536 Mike                              1829320
thru A562 Igino
Soundex: A562 J. Thomas                         1829321
thru A632
Soundex: A633                                   1829322
thru A652
Soundex: A653                                   1829323
thru B100 Bruno
Soundex: B100 C. Fred                           1829324
thru B151
Soundex: B152                                   1829325
thru B200 Charolette J.
Soundex: B200 Chester                           1829326
thru B200 John
Soundex: B200 John                              1829327
thru B220 Tony
At the end of this film is a section of B220
Josephs which is a duplicate part of the
beginning of film 1829329.
Soundex: B220 Tony                              1829328
thru B220 John X.
Soundex: B220 Jos.                              1829329
thru B234 Guy
Soundex: B234 H.                                1829330
thru B240 Italia
Soundex: B240 J.A.S.                            1829331
thru B246 Russell L.
Soundex: B246 S.A.                              1829332
thru B255 Cyrus K.
Soundex: B255 D.B.                              1829333
thru B260 Chas. E.
Soundex: B260 Charles F.                        1829334
thru B260 John
Soundex: B260 John                              1829335
thru B261
Soundex: B262                                   1829336
thru B300 James
Soundex: B300 James A.                          1829337
thru B320 Hugo H.
Soundex: B320 I. Milton                         1829338
thru B340 Anson
Soundex: B340 Anthony                           1829339
thru B350 Clarance
Soundex: B350 Clarence                          1829340
thru B360 Ezra
Soundex: B360 F. Emile                          1829341
thru B400 Dane
Soundex: B400 David                             1829342
thru B400 Jordan
Soundex: B400 Joseph                            1829343
thru B400 William
Soundex: B400 William                           1829344
thru B420 Georg W.
Soundex: B420 George                            1829345
thru B420 Quintillia
Soundex: B420 R.                                1829346
thru B424 John W.
Soundex: B424 Joseph                            1829347
thru B430 Vito
Soundex: B430 W. Harry                          1829348
thru B450 Angus J.
Soundex: B450 Anna                              1829349
thru B452 John
Soundex: B452 John A.                           1829350
thru B460 Dorothy E.
Soundex: B460 E.                                1829351
thru B500 Furuerio
Soundex: B500 G.C.                              1829352
thru B513
Soundex: B514                                   1829353
thru B520 Ruth N.
Soundex: B520 S. Berton                         1829354
thru S525 Lynn W.
Soundex: B525 M. Eleanor                        1829355
thru B530 Johanna
Soundex: B530 John                              1829356
thru B535 Izetta
Soundex: B535 J.E.                              1829357
thru B550 Fulton
Soundex: B550 G. Betty                          1829358
thru B560 Jones
Soundex: B560 Joseph                            1829359
thru B600 Edward L.
Soundex: B600 Edwin                             1829360
thru B600 John
Soundex: B600 John N.                           1829361
thru B600 Syntha
Soundex: B600 T. Alexander                      1829362
thru B616 Dusan
Soundex: B616 E. Annabell                       1829363
thru B620 Cyprizian
Soundex: B620 D.                                1829364
thru B620 Irwin S.
Soundex: B620 Isaac                             1829365
thru B620 Martin
Soundex: B620 Mary                              1829366
thru B620 Vulkert
Soundex: B620 W.A.                              1829367
thru B622 Otto G.
Soundex: B622 Parke C.                          1829368
thru B623
Soundex: B624                                   1829369
thru B625 Ellise
Soundex: B625 Ellmer                            1829370
thru B626 Bruce T.
Soundex: B626 C.                                1829371
thru B626 Willard K.
Soundex: B626 Wm.                               1829372
thru B630 Jamnia
Soundex: B630 Jane                              1829373
thru B630 Zoe
Soundex: B631                                   1829374
thru B632 Rosca F.
Soundex: B632 Rose                              1829375
thru B634 Marrin S.
Soundex: B634 Mary                              1829376
thru B635 Lynn
Soundex: B635 M.                                1829377
thru B640 Kivan
Soundex: B640 L. Charles                        1829378
thru B650 Antoinette S.
Soundex: B650 Anton                             1829379
thru B650 Ethan W.
Soundex: B650 Ethel                             1829380
thru B650 Jakob
Soundex: B650 James                             1829381
thru B650 Mariana
Soundex: B650 Marie                             1829382
thru B650 Syntha J.
Soundex: B650 T.                                1829383
thru B652 Ayrus
Soundex: B652 B.                                1829384
thru B652 Joeseph
Soundex: B652 John                              1829385
thru B652 Sylvia
Soundex: B652 T.A.                              1829386
thru B653 Julius S.
Soundex: B653 K.J.                              1829387
thru B655 Evereth
Soundex: B655 F. William                        1829388
thru B656 DuWayne
Soundex: B656 E.                                1829389
thru B660 Ruth E.
Soundex: B660 S.D.                              1829390
thru C120 Isreal S.
Soundex: C120 J.R.                              1829391
thru (C143-C144)
Soundex: C145                                   1829392
thru C155
Soundex: C156                                   1829393
thru C163 Ivan W.
Soundex: C163 J. Wade                           1829394
thru C200 Gertruce V.
Soundex: C200 Gertrude                          1829395
thru C200 Ryan T.
Soundex: C200 S.A.                              1829396
thru C230 Kessler C.
Soundex: C230 Laura                             1829397
thru C236 Ruth N.
Soundex: C236 Sadie                             1829398
thru C250 Ruth E.
Soundex: C250 S. Albert                         1829399
thru C265 Julie
Soundex: C265 Kate G.                           1829400
thru C346
Soundex: C350                                   1829401
thru C400 Eliza V.
Soundex: C400 Elizabeth                         1829402
thru C400 Zurdi
Soundex: C410                                   1829403
thru C416 Joseph F.
Soundex: C416 Johi                              1829404
thru C423 Lydia C.
Soundex: C423 M.E.                              1829405
thru C434 Fredrick R.
Soundex: C434 Garfield                          1829406
thru C450 Frieda
Soundex: C450 G.C.                              1829407
thru C452 Ivan W.
Soundex: C452 J.                                1829408
thru C455 Guy R.
Soundex: C455 H.J.                              1829409
thru C460 Ruth M.
Soundex: C460 S.H.                              1829410
thru C462 Jordan
Soundex: C4362 Joseph                           1829411
thru C500 Charity S.
Soundex: C500 Charles                           1829412
thru C550 Maxwell D.
Soundex: C500 May                               1829413
thru C514 Azie
Soundex: C514 B. Frank                          1829414
thru C514 Nuaziator
Soundex: C514 O.A.                              1829415
thru C516 Pusey
Soundex: C516 R.A.                              1829416
thru C525
Soundex: C526                                   1829417
thru C540 Freeman
Soundex: C540 G. Anna                           1829418
thru C550 Ruth
Soundex: C550 S.W.                              1829419
thru (C555-C556)
Soundex: C560                                   1829420
thru C563 Issac T.
Soundex: C563 J. Ben                            1829421
thru C600 Hyman
Soundex: C600 I.                                1829422
thru C610 Fredrick
Soundex: C610 G.R.                              1829423
thru C615 Ivan
Soundex: C615 J. Batisto                        1829424
thru C616
Soundex: C620                                   1829425
thru C620 Michiel
Soundex: C620 Mike                              1829426
thru C623 Fur
Soundex: C623 G.E.                              1829427
thru C624
Soundex: C625                                   1829428
thru C626 Eva M.
Soundex: C626 F.U.                              1829429
thru C634
Soundex: C635                                   1829430
thru C636 Pulaski
Soundex: C636 R.A.                              1829431
thru C640 Louie
Soundex: C640 Louis                             1829432
thru C642
Soundex: C643                                   1829433
thru C650 Myrtle R.
Soundex: C650 N.L.                              1829434
thru C652
Soundex: C653                                   1829435
thru C656 Isabella
Soundex: C656 J. Clarence                       1829436
thru D100 Guyer
Soundex: D100 H.A.                              1829437
thru D120 Clark S.
Soundex: D120 Claud                             1829438
thru D120 James N.
Soundex: D120 Jane                              1829439
thru D120 Ryan
Soundex: D120 S. Benton                         1829440
thru D132 Fredona
Soundex: D132 G. Brown                          1829441
thru D145
Soundex: D146                                   1829442
thru D153 Guy H.
Soundex: D153 H.B.                              1829443
thru D200 Ann
Soundex: D200 Anna                              1829444
thru (D210-D211)
Soundex: D212                                   1829445
thru D240 Isabelle
Soundex: D240 J.W.                              1829446
thru D250 Ivan N.
Soundex: D250 J.A.                              1829447
thru D252 Ruth E.
Soundex: D252 S.J.                              1829448
thru D262 Luigi
Soundex: D262 M.A.                              1829449
thru D264
Soundex: D265                                   1829450
thru D320 Ruth I.
Soundex: D320 Sabatino                          1829451
thru D356
Soundex: D360                                   1829452
thru D400 Clare R.
Soundex: D400 Clarence                          1829453
thru D400 Mattie R.
Soundex: D400 Maud                              1829454
thru D420 Isabel
Soundex: D420 J. Harry                          1829455
thru D450 Eziekel
Soundex: D450 F.J.                              1829456
thru D455
Soundex: D456                                   1829457
thru D550 Iver H.
Soundex: D500 J.                                1829458
thru D500 Zacharias
Soundex: (D510-D511)                            1829459
thru D520 Dunshee
Soundex: D520 E.B.                              1829460
thru D523 Howard C.
Soundex: D523 J.P.                              1829461
thru D526 Isabell
Soundex: D526 J. George                         1829462
thru D540 Lynn
Soundex: D540 M.E.                              1829463
thru D545
Soundex: D546                                   1829464
thru D560 Everett W.
Soundex: D560 F.A.                              1829465
thru D600 Henrietta
Soundex: D600 Henry                             1829466
thru D616
Soundex: D620                                   1829467
thru D622 Ivan
Soundex: D622 Jacob                             1829468
thru D630
Soundex: D631                                   1829469
thru D652 Iva G.
Soundex: D652 J. Justus                         1829470
thru (E121-E122)
Soundex: E123                                   1829471
thru E152 James W.
Soundex: E152 Jane                              1829472
thru E162
Soundex: E163                                   1829473
thru E214
Soundex: E215                                   1829474
thru E242 Guy L.
Soundex: E242 Harold                            1829475
thru E255 Myrtle
Soundex: E255 Nancy J.                          1829476
thru E300
Soundex: (E310-E316)                            1829477
thru (E361-E362)
Soundex: E363                                   1829478
thru E420 Cyntha A.
Soundex: E420 D. Arthur                         1829479
thru E430 Lynn A.
Soundex: E430 M. Caroline                       1829480
thru E520 Byron
Soundex: E520 C. Agnus                          1829481
thru E524 Maurissa A.
Soundex: E524 Max                               1829482
thru E561 Sara
Soundex: E562 A.J.                              1829483
thru E630
Soundex: E631                                   1829484
thru (E664-E666)
Soundex: F000                                   1829485
thru F200 Cyrus W. (Sr.)
Soundex: F200 D.A.                              1829486
thru F200 Sara Jane
Soundex: F200 Sarah                             1829487
thru F235
Soundex: F236                                   1829488
thru F245
Soundex: F246                                   1829489
thru F260 Fritz W.
Soundex: F260 G.                                1829490
thru F260 Zula B.
Soundex: F261                                   1829491
thru F326 Evelyn
Soundex: F326 F. James                          1829492
thru F365 Issaac
Soundex: F365 Jacob                             1829493
thru F420 Fritz
Soundex: F420 G.E. Otto                         1829494
thru F425 Kerney E.
Soundex: F425 Latisia                           1829495
thru F432 Guy J.
Soundex: F432 H.A.                              1829496
thru F450 Isaac
Soundex: F450 J.                                1829497
thru F455 Kost
Soundex: F455 L. Alvin                          1829498
thru F460 Ruth Anne
Soundex: F460 S.A.                              1829499
thru F520 Cyrus S.
Soundex: F520 D. Roscoe                         1829500
thru F535 Israel
Soundex: F525 J. James                          1829501
thru F562
Soundex: F563                                   1829502
thru F600 Josep F.
Soundex: F600 Joseph                            1829503
thru F616 Myrthine A.
Soundex: F616 Nan                               1829504
thru F622 Dylwin L.
Soundex: F622 Earl                              1829505
thru F624
Soundex: F625                                   1829506
thru F630 Lynette
Soundex: F630 M.G.                              1829507
thru F634 Fronney
Soundex: F634 Genevieve                         1829508
thru F640 Eliza J.
Soundex: F640 Elizabeth                         1829509
thru F650 Jonas W.
Soundex: F650 Joseph                            1829510
thru F652 Hymen
Soundex: F652 I.E.                              1829511
thru F652 Zurseppe
Soundex: F653                                   1829512
thru F655 Priscillia
Soundex: F655 R.                                1829513
thru G100 Kennith
Soundex: G100 L.B.M.                            1829514
thru G140 Katie S.
Soundex: G140 (Mrs.) L.                         1829515
thru G163 Fredrick C.
Soundex: G163 Gale                              1829516
thru G215
Soundex: G216                                   1829517
thru G244
Soundex: G245                                   1829518
thru G260 Kramer S.
Soundex: G260 Laberta                           1829519
thru G316
Soundex: G320                                   1829520
thru G326
Soundex: G330                                   1829521
thru G355
Soundex: G356                                   1829522
thru G400 Myrttle
Soundex: G400 Nadel                             1829523
thru G416 Ruth V.
Soundex: G416 S.C.                              1829524
thru G420
Soundex: G421                                   1829525
thru G426 Christopher
Soundex: G426 Clara                             1829526
thru G430 Cupie
Soundex: G430 Daisy                             1829527
thru G432 Lydea A.
Soundex: G432 M.L.                              1829528
thru G450 Jonathan
Soundex: G450 Joseph                            1829529
thru G460 Lukoch
Soundex: G460 Mable                             1829530
thru G520 Evangiles
Soundex: G520 Fannie                            1829531
thru G532 Furman
Soundex: G532 George                            1829532
thru (G554-G556)
Soundex: G560                                   1829533
thru G600 Lyman
Soundex: G600 M.C.                              1829534
thru G610 Johanna
Soundex: G610 John                              1829535
thru G613 Duright
Soundex: G613 E.                                1829536
thru G615 Lysle
Soundex: G615 M.R.                              1829537
thru G620 Byron
Soundex: G620 C.                                1829538
thru G620 Joseph W.
Soundex: G620 Josephine                         1829539
thru G622 Ivan
Soundex: G622 J.C.                              1829540
thru G625 Ruth S.
Soundex: G625 S.                                1829541
thru G630 Ruth N.
Soundex: G630 Andrew                            1829542
thru G635 Johanna
Soundex: G635 John                              1829543
thru G642
Soundex: G643                                   1829544
thru G650 Gwendyn
Soundex: G650 H.C.                              1829545
thru G650 Robbert E.
Soundex: G650 Robert                            1829546
thru G652 Hyman
Soundex: G652 I.W.                              1829547
thru G654 Burton
Soundex: G654 C.C.                              1829548
thru G656 Guy W.
Soundex: G656 H. William                        1829549
thru H000 L.C.
Soundex: H000 L.D.                              1829550
thru H122
Soundex: H123                                   1829551
thru H141
Soundex: H142                                   1829552
thru H155 Ezra G.
Soundex: H155 F. Isabella                       1829553
thru H156 Guy H.
Soundex: H156 Hannah                            1829554
thru H160 Marvin
Soundex: H160 Mary                              1829555
thru H165 Morris
Soundex: H165 Naomi                             1829556
thru H200 Elea Nora K.
Soundex: H200 Eleanor                           1829557
thru H200 Jake
Soundex: H200 James                             1829558
thru H200 Michle
Soundex: H200 Mike                              1829559
thru H213
Soundex: H214                                   1829560
thru H220 Syrus
Soundex: H220 T.J.                              1829561
thru H235 Kosta
Soundex: H235 L.E.                              1829562
thru H243
Soundex: H244                                   1829563
thru H250 Vriah
Soundex: H250 W.E.                              1829564
thru H253
Soundex: H254                                   1829565
thru H260 Lynn
Soundex: H260 M.B.                              1829566
thru H300 Guy D.
Soundex: H300 (Mrs.) H.                         1829567
thru H320 Mich
Soundex: H320 Mike                              1829568
thru H325 Sylvania
Soundex: H325 T. Henry                          1829569
thru H356
Soundex: H360                                   1829570
thru H400 Cyrus M.
Soundex: H400 D.                                1829571
thru H400 Johile
Soundex: H400 John                              1829572
thru H400 Syria A.
A section of H420 (N.R.) through H420 Allen
(Mr.) is at the end of this film which
duplicates the beginning of film number
Soundex: H400 T. Andrew                         1829573
thru H416 Yetta
Soundex: H420                                   1829574
thru H425
Soundex: H426                                   1829575
thru H435 Gustav
Soundex: H435 H. Ellwood                        1829576
thru H452 Ellworth L.
Soundex: H452 Elmer                             1829577
thru H455 Hunter H.
Soundex: H455 I.H.                              1829578
thru H465
Soundex: H466                                   1829579
thru H500 Nu C.
Soundex: H500 O.Y.                              1829580
thru H516 Sylvia
Soundex: H516 Taylor                            1829581
thru H520 Marus F.
Soundex: H520 Mary                              1829582
thru H524 Ewing
Soundex: H524 Fannie                            1829583
thru H526
Soundex: H530                                   1829584
thru H535
Soundex: H536                                   1829585
thru H536 Quintin D.
Soundex: H536 R.A.                              1829586
thru H543 Dorthea
Soundex: H543 (Mrs.) E.                         1829587
thru H550 Lyman
Soundex: H550 M.                                1829588
thru H560 Guy L.
Soundex: H560 H. Guy                            1829589
thru H600 Cecil
Soundex: H600 Charles                           1829590
thru H611
Soundex: H612                                   1829591
thru H620 Ann E.
Soundex: H620 Anna                              1829592
thru H620 Miller
Soundex: H620 Milton                            1829593
thru H624 Lydia J.
Soundex: H624 M. Luvern                         1829594
thru H630 Chancey
Soundex: H630 Charles                           1829595
thru H630 Sylvia
Soundex: H630 J. Charles                        1829596
thru H634 Preston
Soundex: H634 Ralph                             1829597
thru H635 Ruth V.
Soundex: H635 S.J.                              1829598
thru H650 Durrie M.
Soundex: H650 E.J.                              1829599
thru H652 Lynn P.
Soundex: H652 M. Annie                          1829600
thru H655
Soundex: H656                                   1829601
thru I254
Soundex: I255                                   1829602
thru I546
Soundex: I550                                   1829603
thru J151
Soundex: J152                                   1829604
thru J210 Lydia
Soundex: J210 M.                                1829605
thru (J233-J234)
Soundex: J235                                   1829606
thru J250 Myrtle B.
Soundex: J250 Namon                             1829607
thru (J431-J446)
Soundex: (J450-J451)                            1829608
thru J520 Charley Mcle.
Soundex: J520 Charlie                           1829609
thru J520 Harrison T.
Soundex: J520 Harry                             1829610
thru J520 Lucius H.
Soundex: J520 Lucy                              1829611
thru J520 Telley
Soundex: J520 Tillie                            1829612
thru J523 Queenie B.
Soundex: J523 R. Charles                        1829613
thru J525 Edgar W.
Soundex: J525 Edith                             1829614
thru J525 Jan
Soundex: J525 Jane                              1829615
thru J525 Quinton
Soundex: J525 R                                 1829616
thru (J550-J551)
Soundex: J552                                   1829617
thru J635 Myrtle
Soundex: J635 Nancy                             1829618
thru K120 Ivan
Soundex: K120 Jaboe                             1829619
thru K142
Soundex: K143                                   1829620
thru K155 Lydia A.
Soundex: K155 M.                                1829621
thru K164
Soundex: K165                                   1829622
thru K200 Mikal
Soundex: K200 Mike                              1829623
thru K221
Soundex: K222                                   1829624
thru K240 Ruth N.
Soundex: K240 Sallie                            1829625
thru K251
Soundex: K252                                   1829626
thru K260 Ivy
Soundex: K260 J.C.                              1829627
thru K320 Hyman
Soundex: K320 I.                                1829628
thru K351
Soundex: K352                                   1829629
thru K400 Edward W.
Soundex: K400 Edwin                             1829630
thru K400 Lynn W.
Soundex: K400 (Sister) M. Marcella              1829631
thru K410 Gust
Soundex: K410 H.F.                              1829632
thru K420 Guy S.
Soundex: K420 H.B.                              1829633
thru K425 Susan
Soundex: K425 Tekla                             1829634
thru K450 Ezra S.
Soundex: K450 F. David                          1829635
thru K451 Ivan
Soundex: K451 J. Raymond                        1829636
thru K455 Gustof
Soundex: K455 Hans                              1829637
thru K460 Johanna
Soundex: K460 John                              1829638
thru K500 Edna V.
Soundex: K500 Edward                            1829639
thru K500 Priscilla
Soundex: K500 R.H.                              1829640
thru K514 Dyson
Soundex: K514 E.B.                              1829641
thru K520 Francis X.
Soundex: K520 Frank                             1829642
thru K520 Owen Oscar
Soundex: K520 P.                                1829643
thru (K523-K524) N.R.
Soundex: (K523-K524) A.B.                       1829644
thru K530 Furman
Soundex: K530 G. Bolser                         1829645
thru K532 Otto
Soundex: K532 Panagiotis                        1829646
thru K546
Soundex: K550                                   1829647
thru K563 Ivan G.F.
Soundex: K563 J.B.                              1829648
thru K610 Lydia A.
Soundex: K610 M.                                1829649
thru K620 Burrows T.
Soundex: K620 C.E.                              1829650
thru K620 Silma
Soundex: K620 Simon                             1829651
thru K624 Lydia L.
Soundex: K624 M. Florence                       1829652
thru K630 Isadore
Soundex: K630 Jaboc                             1829653
thru K636
Soundex: K640                                   1829654
thru K650 Owen
Soundex: K650 P.U.                              1829655
thru K655 Irwin D.
Soundex: K655 J.F. Hyacinth                     1829656
thru L000 Elizabet A.
Soundex: L000 Elizabeth                         1829657
thru L100 Austin L.
Soundex: L100 B. Milton                         1829658
thru (L113-L115)
Soundex: L116                                   1829659
thru L130 Oscar
Soundex: L130 Palo                              1829660
thru L150 Guy W.
Soundex: L150 H.H.                              1829661
thru (L153-L154)
Soundex: L155                                   1829662
thru L163 Sylvia
Soundex: L163 Theodere                          1829663
thru L200 Edward
Soundex: L200 Edwin                             1829664
thru L200 Johanna
Soundex: L200 John                              1829665
thru L200 Quay
Soundex: L200 R.D.                              1829666
thru L220 Cyrus C.
Soundex: L220 Dam                               1829667
thru L230 Ivy
Soundex: L230 J. Asa                            1829668
thru L240 Kirst
Soundex: L240 L.L.                              1829669
thru L251 Frederick
Soundex: L251 George                            1829670
thru L260 Guy M.
Soundex: L260 H.J.                              1829671
thru L300 Gwyln
Soundex: L300 H.B.                              1829672
thru L320 Guy R.
Soundex: L320 H.                                1829673
thru (L332-L336)
Soundex: L340                                   1829674
thru L351
Soundex: L352                                   1829675
thru L400 Moses
Soundex: L400 N.S.                              1829676
thru L500 Ivan H.
Soundex: L500 J. Bruce                          1829677
thru L516 Dwight D.
Soundex: L516 E.J.                              1829678
thru L520 Edwardo W.
Soundex: L520 Edwin                             1829679
thru L520 Josef
Soundex: L520 Joseph                            1829680
thru L520 William
Soundex: L520 William                           1829681
thru L525 Forest
Soundex: L525 G.B.                              1829682
thru L532 Azelie
Soundex: L532 B.F.                              1829683
thru L535 Byron C.
Soundex: L535 Calvin F.                         1829684
thru L550 Johanna
Soundex: L550 John                              1829685
thru L563 Guy M.
Soundex: L563 H.O.                              1829686
thru L600 Lydia M.
Soundex: L600 M. Clarence                       1829687
thru L626
Soundex: L630                                   1829688
thru L656
Soundex: L660                                   1829689
thru M160 Isaac S.
Soundex: L160 J.C.                              1829690
thru M200 Francses
Soundex: M200 Frank                             1829691
thru M200 Justyn
Soundex: M200 K. Andrew                         1829692
thru M200 Vurnie R.
Soundex: M200 (Mrs.) W.                         1829693
thru M213 Burtha
Soundex: M213 C.H.                              1829694
thru M216 Henry
Soundex: M216 Henry                             1829695
thru M220 Everett T.
Soundex: M220 F.B.                              1829696
thru M223
Soundex: M224                                   1829697
thru M231
Soundex: M232                                   1829698
thru M235 Elma
Soundex: M235 Elmer                             1829699
thru M236 Cyrus K.
Soundex: M236 D.E.                              1829700
thru M240 Ezra C.
Soundex: M240 F.                                1829701
thru M240 Owen W.
Soundex: M240 P.J.                              1829702
thru M242 Byron
Soundex: M242 C.                                1829703
thru M242 Kyren
Soundex: M242 L.                                1829704
thru M243
Soundex: M244                                   1829705
thru M245 Joe W.
Soundex: M245 John                              1829706
thru M246 Emily R.
Soundex: M246 Emma                              1829707
thru M250 Ednar
Soundex: M250 Edward                            1829708
thru M250 Kurt
Soundex: M250 L.C.                              1829709
thru M250
Soundex: M251                                   1829710
thru M252 Josep
Soundex: M252 Joesph                            1829711
thru M253 Johanna
Soundex: M253 John                              1829712
thru M254 T. Henrietta
The last card on this film is T. Henrietta
filed with the other Henriettas.
Soundex: M254 Henry                             1829713
thru M255 Bunard
Soundex: M255 C.F.                              1829714
thru M256 Dyer N.
Soundex: M256 E.S.                              1829715
thru M260 Ezra B.
Soundex: M260 F.A.                              1829716
thru M260 Purman
Soundex: M260 R.E.                              1829717
thru M262 Martin S.
Soundex: M262 Mary                              1829718
thru M263 Justin P.
Soundex: M263 Kate                              1829719
thru M265 Johanna
Soundex: M265 John                              1829720
thru M300 Marvin K.
Soundex: M300 Mary                              1829721
thru M320 Johanna
Soundex: M320 John                              1829722
thru M324 Ann A.
Soundex: M324 Anna                              1829723
thru M325 Dyer
Soundex: M325 E.H.                              1829724
thru M346
Soundex: M350                                   1829725
thru M362
Soundex: M363                                   1829726
thru M400 Uriss F.
Soundex: M400 Valen                             1829727
thru M420 Johanna
Soundex: M420 John                              1829728
thru M425 Ivan C.
Soundex: M425 J.E.                              1829729
thru (M445-M446)
Soundex: M450                                   1829730
thru M450 Ruth R.
Soundex: M450 S.                                1829731
thru M460 Allison D.
Soundex: M460 Alma                              1829732
thru M460 Cyruss M.
Soundex: M460 D.                                1829733
thru M460 Frjetta
Soundex: M460 G.                                1829734
thru M460 Jame E.
Soundex: M460 James                             1829735
thru M460 Louie
Soundex: M460 Louis                             1829736
thru M460 Roberg G.
Soundex: M460 Robert                            1829737
thru M460 Zora
Soundex: M461                                   1829738
thru M500 Johanna A.
Soundex: M500 John                              1829739
thru M520 Azalie
Soundex: M520 B.F.                              1829740
thru M521 Kosta
Soundex: M521 Lawrence                          1829741
thru M525
Soundex: M526                                   1829742
thru M532 Micke
Soundex: M532 Mike                              1829743
thru M545
Soundex: M546                                   1829744
thru M562 Isador
Soundex: M562 J. Clifford                       1829745
thru M600 Chauney Lee
Soundex: M600 Chester                           1829746
thru M600 Georgie
Soundex: M600 Gerald                            1829747
thru M600 Johnston R.
Soundex: M600 Jonas                             1829748
thru M600 Pete
Soundex: M600 Peter                             1829749
thru M600 Ziegler
Soundex: M610                                   1829750
thru M610 Z.A.
Soundex: (M611-M612)                            1829751
thru M620 Claire
Soundex: M620 Clara                             1829752
thru M620 Harrison S.
Soundex: M620 Harry                             1829753
thru M620 Leda
Soundex: M620 Lee                               1829754
thru M620 Scot S.
Soundex: M620 Scott A.                          1829755
thru M622 Ruth M.
Soundex: M622 Sabatino                          1829756
thru M624 Lyle
Soundex: M624 M.D.                              1829757
thru M625 Henrietta
Soundex: M625 Henry                             1829758
thru M625
Soundex: M626                                   1829759
thru M632 Joseph
Soundex: M632 John                              1829760
thru M635 Elizibeth
Soundex: M635 Ella                              1829761
thru M635 Maurice
Soundex: M635 May                               1829762
thru M640 Sylvia
Soundex: M640 Timperance                        1829763
thru M650 Umberto
Soundex: M650 Valedia                           1829764
thru N000
Soundex: N100                                   1829765
thru (N140-N141)
Soundex: N142                                   1829766
thru N200 Jonathan B.
Soundex: N200 Joseph                            1829767
thru N236
Soundex: N240                                   1829768
thru N242 Kutzma
Soundex: N242 L.A.                              1829769
thru N260 Lydia
Soundex: N260 Mabel                             1829770
thru N352
Soundex: N355                                   1829771
thru N400 Ruth R.
Soundex: N400 S.A.                              1829772
thru N430 Lydia A.
Soundex: N430 Mabel                             1829773
thru N525
Soundex: N526                                   1829774
thru N612
Soundex: (N613-N614)                            1829775
thru N652
Soundex: (N653-N654)                            1829776
thru O164
Soundex: O165                                   1829777
thru O215
Soundex: O216                                   1829778
thru O242
Soundex: (O243-O244)                            1829779
thru (O265-O266)
Soundex: O300                                   1829780
thru O354 June A.
Soundex: O354 Kate                              1829781
thru O425 Juluis
Soundex: O425 Karoly                            1829782
thru O520 Prudence
Soundex: O520 Rachel                            1829783
thru (O553-O556)
Soundex: O560                                   1829784
thru O634
Soundex: O635                                   1829785
thru P112
Soundex: P113                                   1829786
thru P160 Burton
Soundex: P160 C. Harvey                         1829787
thru P200 Gyatyia
Soundex: P200 H.C.                              1829788
thru P220 Lyda M.
Soundex: P220 M. Irene                          1829789
thru P240 Fredrick
Soundex: P240 Gaetano                           1829790
thru P256
Soundex: P260                                   1829791
thru P320 Cyrus R.
Soundex: P320 Daisy                             1829792
thru (P333-P336)
Soundex: P346                                   1829793
thru P360 Ivan
Soundex: P360 J. Albert                         1829794
thru P362 Francis (Sr.)
Soundex: P362 Frank                             1829795
thru P362 Myrtle S.
Soundex: P362 N. Burnell                        1829796
thru P400 Axel
Soundex: P400 B. Charles                        1829797
thru P400 Puter
Soundex: P400 R.E.                              1829798
thru P412 Jonathan G.
Soundex: P412 Joseph                            1829799
thru P420 Johanna
Soundex: P420 John                              1829800
thru P425 Luther
Soundex: P425 M.                                1829801
thru P450 Iwine
Soundex: P450 J.B.                              1829802
thru P456 Fredrick
Soundex: P456 G.A.                              1829803
thru P500
Soundex: P510                                   1829804
thru P526
Soundex: P530                                   1829805
thru (P554-P556)
Soundex: P560                                   1829806
thru P612
Soundex: P613                                   1829807
thru P620 Fritz
Soundex: P620 G.E.                              1829808
thru P620 Owen
Soundex: P620 P.J.                              1829809
thru P623 Isaac
Soundex: P623 J.H.                              1829810
thru P625 Izzie
Soundex: P625 J.A.                              1829811
thru P626 Quintin
Soundex: P626 R.G.                              1829812
thru P633
Soundex: P634                                   1829813
thru P645
Soundex: P646                                   1829814
thru P656
Soundex: M660                                   1829815
thru Q500 Purnell
Soundex: Q500 R.M.                              1829816
thru R000 Ozone
Soundex: R000 P. Bruce                          1829817
thru R100 Otto M.
Soundex: R100 P.                                1829818
thru R125 Lyndall J.
Soundex: R125 M.T.                              1829819
thru R150
Soundex: R151                                   1829820
thru R152 Marvyn D.
Soundex: R152 Mary                              1829821
thru R161
Soundex: R162                                   1829822
thru R163 Lynn D.
Soundex: R163 (Mrs.) M.A.                       1829823
thru R200 Byron P.
Soundex: R200 (Mrs.) C.A.                       1829824
thru R200 Fread
Soundex: R200 Fred                              1829825
thru R200 John
Soundex: R200 John A.                           1829826
thru R200 Myrtle G.
Soundex: R200 N.A.                              1829827
thru R200 William
Soundex: R200 William A.                        1829828
thru R226
Soundex: R230                                   1829829
thru R240 Eliza S.
Soundex: R240 Elizabeth                         1829830
thru R245
Soundex: R246                                   1829831
thru R251 Kolman
Soundex: R251 L.                                1829832
thru R255 Kenneta
Soundex: R255 L. Everett                        1829833
thru R262 Byron W.
Soundex: R262 C. Stanley                        1829834
thru R263 Hurly
Soundex: R263 I.B.                              1829835
thru R300 Ay.
Soundex: R300 B. Belle                          1829836
thru R300 Ivin
Soundex: R300 J.A. Carter                       1829837
thru R300 Sara S.
Soundex: R300 Sarah                             1829838
thru R320 Furhman C.
Soundex: R320 G. Edwin                          1829839
thru R321
Soundex: R322                                   1829840
thru R340 Guy F.
Soundex: R340 H.F.                              1829841
thru R352 Norman
Soundex: R352 Olive                             1829842
thru R360 Joel S.
Soundex: R360 John                              1829843
thru R400 Everett D.
Soundex: R400 F.A.                              1829844
thru R420
Soundex: (R421-R422)                            1829845
thru R500 Duggu
Soundex: R500 E.J.                              1829846
thru R500 Rutherford H.
Soundex: R500 S.                                1829847
thru R520 Guy W.
Soundex: R520 H.B.                              1829848
thru R525 Burt W.
Soundex: R525 C.                                1829849
thru R535
Soundex: R536                                   1829850
thru R550 Fuller S.
Soundex: R550 Gaetano                           1829851
thru R560 Lydia M.
Soundex: R560 M. Charles                        1829852
thru R620 Isac. J.
Soundex: R620 J.B.                              1829853
thru S000 Martin O.
Soundex: S000 Mary                              1829854
thru S100 Johannah
Soundex: S100 John                              1829855
thru S120 Eynoc
Soundex: S120 F.G.                              1829856
thru S124 Frederick
Soundex: S124 Gaetane                           1829857
thru S132 Pierce F.
Soundex: S132 R. Roswell                        1829858
thru S140 Sylvester V.
Soundex: S140 Teresa                            1829859
thru S150 Evret A.
Soundex: S150 Fannie                            1829860
thru S152 Max
Soundex: S152 Mary                              1829861
thru S160 Charles W.K.
Soundex: S160 Charley                           1829862
thru S160 Johanna
Soundex: S160 John                              1829863
thru S160 Urvetta A.
Soundex: S160 Valentine                         1829864
thru S163 Ezra M.
Soundex: S163 F.J.                              1829865
thru S165 Guy G.
Soundex: S165 H. Earle                          1829866
thru S200 Jay C.
Soundex: S200 James                             1829867
thru S216
Soundex: S220                                   1829868
thru S236 Zeldars
Soundex: S236 Sister Alfonsa                    1829869
thru S236 Sister Erasta
this film is entirely religious sisters
Soundex: S240                                   1829870
thru S246
Soundex: S250                                   1829871
thru S260 John
Soundex: S260 John                              1829872
thru S300 Charle W.
Soundex: S300 Charles                           1829873
thru S300 Lytta L.
Soundex: S300 M. Blossom                        1829874
thru S310 Sylvester A.
Soundex: S310 T.B.                              1829875
thru S315 Elizabeth S.
Soundex: S315 Ella                              1829876
thru S315 Zenova
Soundex: S316                                   1829877
thru S320 Cherlie
Soundex: S320 Chester                           1829878
thru S320 Sylvia M.
Soundex: S320 T.C.                              1829879
thru S324
Soundex: S325                                   1829880
thru S330 Ivy B.
Soundex: S330 Jacob                             1829881
thru S340 Angels
Soundex: S340 Anna                              1829882
thru S340 Ruth V.
Soundex: S340 S. Grant                          1829883
thru S345 Myrtle
Soundex: S345 Nancy                             1829884
thru S350 Janas G.
Soundex: S350 Jane                              1829885
thru S351 Lzzie
Soundex: S351 M.A.                              1829886
thru S352 Ursula
Soundex: S352 V.M.                              1829887
thru S356 Freida M.
Soundex: S356 G. Edgar                          1829888
thru S360 Myrtle M.
Soundex: S360 nancy                             1829889
thru S362 Cyrus W.
Soundex: S362 D.A.                              1829890
thru S362 Ruth S.
Soundex: S362 S. Anna                           1829891
thru S363 Isaac H.
Soundex: S363 J.A.                              1829892
thru S364 Dwight L.
Soundex: S364 E.W.                              1829893
thru S365 Josephina
Soundex: S365 Josephine                         1829894
thru S400 Elroy D.
Soundex: S400 Elsie                             1829895
thru S400 Sylvina
Soundex: S400 Tylor                             1829896
thru S415 Draggie
Soundex: S415 E.                                1829897
thru S420 Antal
Soundex: S420 Anthony                           1829898
thru S421 Myrtle
Soundex: S421 Nancey J.                         1829899
thru S430 Fritz
Soundex: S430 George                            1829900
thru S432 June C.
Soundex: S432 K. Paul                           1829901
thru S436 Lysle
Soundex: S436 M.                                1829902
thru S452 Fredrick W.
Soundex: S452 G.H.                              1829903
thru S460 Byron
Soundex: S460 C.C.                              1829904
thru S500 Ann Jane
Soundex: S500 Anna                              1829905
thru S500 Miguel A.
Soundex: S500 Mike                              1829906
thru S512 Ruth H.
Soundex: S512 S.                                1829907
thru S520 Ann
Soundex: S520 Anna                              1829908
thru S520 Lz W.
Soundex: S520 M.                                1829909
thru S524 Byron
Soundex: S524 C. Witman                         1829910
thru S526 Elizibeth
Soundex: S526 Ella                              1829911
thru S530 Andrey A.
Soundex: S530 Andy                              1829912
thru S530 Claton F.
Soundex: S530 Claud                             1829913
thru S530 Flossie B.
Soundex: S530 Floyd                             1829914
thru S530 Hayward
Soundex: S530 Hazel                             1829915
thru S530 John
Soundex: S530 John J.                           1829916
thru S530 Lytitia
Soundex: S530 M.                                1829917
thru S530 Quintus R.
Soundex: S530 R.                                1829918
thru S530 Warran J.
Soundex: S530 Warren                            1829919
thru S532 Koral
Soundex: S532 L.E.                              1829920
thru S536 Amnetta
Soundex: S536 Amos                              1829921
thru S536 Fulvia
Soundex: S536 G. Morris                         1829922
thru S536 Louis W.
Soundex: S536 Louisa                            1829923
thru S536 Zigmond
Soundex: S540                                   1829924
thru S542
Soundex: S543                                   1829925
thru S550 Josep
Soundex: S550 Joseph                            1829926
thru S552 Syvester
Soundex: S552 T.H.                              1829927
thru S561
Soundex: S562                                   1829928
thru S600 Guy
Soundex: S600 H.W.                              1829929
thru S610 Sylvester
Soundex: S610 T. Edwin                          1829930
thru S616
Soundex: S620                                   1829931
thru S620 Szyman
Soundex: S620 T.B.                              1829932
thru S630 Vivian
Soundex: S630 W.A.                              1829933
thru S632 Vladislavos
Soundex: S632 W.A.                              1829934
thru S650 Brocap
Soundex: S650 Caecilie                          1829935
thru S655
Soundex: S656                                   1829936
thru T120 Isreal
Soundex: T120 J.B.                              1829937
thru T200 Gwendolyn
Soundex: T200 H. Darwin                         1829938
thru T250 Issac G.
Soundex: T250 J. Clayton                        1829939
thru T300 Jones D.
Soundex: T300 Joseph                            1829940
thru (T365-T366)
Soundex: T400                                   1829941
thru (T453-T454)
Soundex: T455                                   1829942
thru T460 Johanna
Soundex: T460 John                              1829943
thru T500 Iva
Soundex: T500 J.A.                              1829944
thru T512 Jas W.D.
Soundex: T512 Jane                              1829945
thru T515
Soundex: T516                                   1829946
thru T520 Henretta
Soundex: T520 Henry                             1829947
thru T520 Ruth V.
Soundex: T520 S.A.                              1829948
thru T525 Rutherford
Soundex: T525 S.A.                              1829949
thru (T565-T566)
Soundex: T600                                   1829950
thru T624 Dorathy O.
No roll exists for this number                  1829951
No roll exists for this number                  1829952
No roll exists for this number                  1829953
No roll exists for this number                  1829954
Soundex: T614 Earnest                           1829955
thru T620
Soundex: T621                                   1829956
thru T626
Soundex: T630                                   1829957
thru T646
Soundex: T650                                   1829958
thru T652
Soundex: T653                                   1829959
thru T656 Willan
Soundex: T656 William                           1829960
thru U460 Lydia
Soundex: U460 Madison V.                        1829961
thru U620 Josephine
Soundex: U620 Kartle                            1829962
thru V232
Soundex: (V233-V234)                            1829963
thru V300 Domonic
Soundex: V300 Echart                            1829964
thru V421
Soundex: V422                                   1829965
thru V512
Soundex: V513                                   1829966
thru V526
Soundex: V530 A. Caroline                       1829967
thru V565 Curnsey
Soundex: V565 (Mrs.) H.L.                       1829968
thru V654
Soundex: V655                                   1829969
thru W156
Soundex: W160                                   1829970
thru W160 Lynn
Soundex: W160 M. Alice                          1829971
thru W200 Henry W.
Soundex: W200 Herbert                           1829972
thru W200 Eulie
Soundex: W220                                   1829973
thru W234
Soundex: W235                                   1829974
thru W245
Soundex: W246                                   1829975
thru W254
Soundex: W255                                   1829976
thru W256 Josiah R.
Soundex: W256 Joseph                            1829977
thru (W265-W266)
Soundex: W300                                   1829978
thru W300 Guy W.
Soundex: W300 H.A.                              1829979
thru W300 Raymond W.
Soundex: W300 Rea                               1829980
thru W320 Jonas
Soundex: W320 Joseph                            1829981
thru W325 Elizebeth
Soundex: W325 Ella                              1829982
thru (W330-W331)
Soundex: (W332-W336)                            1829983
thru W355 Freida
Soundex: W355 G. Adolph                         1829984
thru W361
Soundex: W362                                   1829985
thru W400 Guy E.
Soundex: W400 H.B.                              1829986
thru W410 Johanna
Soundex: W410 John                              1829987
thru W416 Poster
Soundex: W416 R. Curtis                         1829988
thru W420 Gwendolyn
Soundex: W420 H.                                1829989
thru W420 Metro
Soundex: W420 Meyer                             1829990
thru W422 Lynnington
Soundex: W422 M. James                          1829991
thru W425 Furman
Soundex: W425 G. Albert                         1829992
thru W425 Millie
Soundex: W425 Moe                               1829993
thru W426 Guy H.
Soundex: W426 H.A.                              1829994
thru W430 Sylvia M.
Soundex: W430 T. Benmett                        1829995
thru W436 Ellan
Soundex: W436 Ellen                             1829996
thru W450 Frost
Soundex: W450 G.                                1829997
thru W452 Eliza J.
Soundex: W452 Elizabeth                         1829998
thru W452 John
Soundex: W452 John                              1829999
thru W452 Tim
Soundex: W452 Timothy                           1830000
thru W460 Ruth E.
Soundex: W460 S. Bohmen                         1830001
thru W521
Soundex: W522                                   1830002
thru W530 Julius
Soundex: W530 Kataryyra                         1830003
thru W536 Ruth Ulda
Soundex: W536 S.B.F.                            1830004
thru W562
Soundex: W563                                   1830005
thru W622 Lydia
Soundex: W622 M.                                1830006
thru W624 Josephine
Soundex: W624 Karl                              1830007
thru W632 Durstin
Soundex: W632 Earl                              1830008
thru W650 Iva
Soundex: W650 J.H.                              1830009
thru W656 Vrim F.
Soundex: W656 W. Arthur                         1830010
thru (Y230-Y231) Ruth E.
Soundex: (Y230-Y231) Salem T.                   1830011
thru Y320 Isabella
Soundex: Y320 J.S.                              1830012
thru Y520 Chaffee
Soundex: Y520 Charles                           1830013
thru Y520 Myrtle V.
Soundex: Y520 N.J.                              1830014
thru Y530 Jutaro
Soundex: Y530 Labana A.                         1830015
thru Z000
Soundex: Z100                                   1830016
thru Z200
Soundex: (Z210-Z211)                            1830017
thru Z262 Constantine
Soundex: Z262 Daniel                            1830018
thru Z452 Evelyn M.
Soundex: Z452 Fannie                            1830019
thru Z526 Ivins R.
Soundex: Z526 J. Byron                          1830020
thru Z565 Ruth E.
Soundex: Z565 S. Edward                         1830021
thru Institutions

Population schedules:                           1821614
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 1-42 and 44-48)
Population schedules:                           1821615
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 49-92, 94-100,
and 189-195)
Population schedules:                           1821616
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 101-119, 135-
141, and 442-471)
Population schedules:                           1821617
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 472-530)
Population schedules:                           1821618
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 120-143, 333-
348, and 142-171)
Population schedules:                           1821619
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 172-188, 230-
243, 196-213, 215-216, 218, and 219)
Population schedules:                           1821620
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 244-284 and
Population schedules:                           1821621
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 285-332, 390-
395, and 1838)
Population schedules:                           1821622
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 396-441 and
Population schedules:                           1821623
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 539-597, 1837,
and 598-601)
Population schedules:                           1821624
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 602-607, 609-
637, 367-389, and 1839-1845)
Population schedules:                           1821625
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 638-661, 1846,
662-681, and 1099-1109)
Population schedules:                           1821626
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 1110-1154)
Population schedules:                           1821627
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 682-737)
Population schedules:                           1821628
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 738-746, 1445,
and 747-792)
Population schedules:                           1821629
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 793-850)
Population schedules:                           1821630
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 851-858 and
Population schedules:                           1821631
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 1201-1213,
1847, 1214-1224, and 859-884)
Population schedules:                           1821632
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 885-942)
Population schedules:                           1821633
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 943-971) and
Population schedules:                           1821634
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 1071-1097 and
Population schedules:                           1821635
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 999-1050 and
Population schedules:                           1821636
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 1338-1368, 214,
and 1369-1380)
Population schedules:                           1821637
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 1225-1244,
1685-1692, and 1694-1723)
Population schedules:                           1821638
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 1245-1291 and
Population schedules:                           1821639
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 1294-1316 and
Population schedules:                           1821640
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 1395-1444)
Population schedules:                           1821641
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 1447-1498)
Population schedules:                           1821642
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 1499-1549)
Population schedules:                           1821643
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 1550-1582 and
Population schedules:                           1821644
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 1590-1635)
Population schedules:                           1821645
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 1636-1684 and
Population schedules:                           1821646
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 1788-1808 and
Population schedules:                           1821647
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 1743-1779,
1446, 1780, and 1781)
Population schedules:                           1821648
Philadelphia Co. and City (ED's 1809-1836)
Potter Co. (ED's 107-134)