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Austria, Hungary

Frank Oravec ABT. 1864, died ABT. Christmas 1909 and Katherne Perhac Oravec ABT. 1867 in Austria, Hungary. Parents of Mary E. (Fabiny) Oravec born April 5, 1889 in Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia, U.S. 1892, Anna (Kovalchik) born April 3, 1891, Frank, Elizabeth, Catherine (Zelnock), Andrew, and Michael.

Husband of Mary E. Oravec, Stephen Fabiny born August 23, 1883, Markusovce, Slovakia, U.S. 1903, and died July 3, 1947 in Pennsylvania. Worked in the coal mines, Jessup, Pennsylvania, lived in Luzerne, Larksville, Pennsylvania. Children are Albert, Frank, Catherine (Kinsley), Eleanor (Breznay), Mary (Leonard), John, Joseph, and Stephen.


Andrew Rusinko born February 26, 1876, died October 15, 1948 and wife Mary Petlock died May 12, 1923. Andrew and Mary lived in Lopez, Pennsylvania and before that Indiana. Their children are Anna (Hometchko), Mary, Mary (Adamchik), Helena (Fabiny), Jule (Gaydos), Susan (Zim), Andy, John, Joseph, and George. After Mary died Andrew remarried.


Joseph Jurgelowicz, born 1882, U.S. 1900, died 1960 in Matawan, New Jersey married to Rosalie Rejko, U. S. 1903, died ABT. 1934. He may have come into the United States through Nova Scotia or Canada, settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and moved to Jersey City, New Jersey. He has a sister named Kathryn who lived in Pennsylvania and relatives in Canada. Joseph and Rosalie are the parents of Mary (Olszewski), Catherine (Miller), Stanislaus, Rosalie (Kleczkowski), Blanche (Lonergan), Agnes (Jurgelewez), Frank, Leon, and Joseph.


Adolph Miller and wife Balbina Sztandarska, her mother's first name Teresa, resided in Jersey City, New Jersey. Adolph Miller had two brothers, Edward and Rudolph. Brothers' families live in New Jersey, New York, and Maine. First arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Adolph buried in Potter's Field, Jersey City. Balbina's children are Victoria (Maliszewski), Henry, Louis, Agnes (Polashock), Josephine (Suty), and Mary (Trupkiewicz). Golembski sound familiar?

Germany and Ireland

Herman Henry Leffhalm ABT. 1884, died May 1, 1956 and Mary Gorman Leffhalm born May 1, 1888 resided in Jersey City, New Jersey. May be spelled Lefhalm. Mary's parents were Agnes Moran Gorman and Thomas Gorman. She had a brother named John. Herman's Parents were John H. Leffhalm and Johanna Thinhausen Leffhalm born ABT. 1853, U.S. ABT. 1883, they had four children. The other three children were John F., musician, born in 1889, died in 1978, Charles Fred, plumber, born in 1894, died in 1977, and a girl, Florine born in 1888, died in infancy.

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