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This is the main page for a series of web pages documenting the genealogy of individuals who are members of the surnames listed below. These web pages were automatically generated from a computer program called FamilyTree written by Barry Streeter of Chesterfield, Missouri. This program was originally written to more easily visualize the contents of the Streeter Genealogy book documenting the descendants of Stephen and Ursula (Adams) Streeter of Gloucester, Massachusetts (1640). Observant readers will note that I have not yet transcribed the entire book into these pages, but I am working at this project as fast as my schedule allows!

It must be acknowledged that I claim to have done very little original genealogical work in creating these pages. My contribution is mainly attempting to present other people's work in (hopefully) an easier display format. As you browse these many pages you will observe that information for many other surnames are on these pages. It made sense to me to provide as complete a lineage for any one person as possible. So if you are so inclined, as you browse these pages, to provide me with additional information for the Streeter Family or any other related family surname, please contact me and I will work to include your information.

Each surname listed on this main page will have a main surname web page that lists all of the individuals that are a member of that surname and have information provided to this program. Each individual has their own personal web page with links to their mother/father, siblings, and spouses (if known).

The FamilyTree computer program uses as its input a GEDCOM datafile which can be generated from any number of sources. Those familiar with the GEDCOM datafile know that there is potentially much data available for each individual. The author of FamilyTree took artistic license and decided what information was appropriate for these series of webpages. However, as time goes on and the author is so inclined, additional information from the GEDCOM file will inevitably find its way onto these web pages. So enjoy!

List of Surnames
AAckels, Adams, Albee, Alderman, Aldrich, Alexander, Allen, Allerheiligen, Alton, Ammon, Anderson, Archambo, Ashley, Atherton
BBagley, Baker, Ballard, Ballou, Barber, Barker, Barnes, Barney, Barton, Bass, BeMiller, Beals, Beardsle, Beckeler, Beiker, Belcome, Bellinger, Benney, Benoit, Bicknell, Bigford, Bisayon, Bisbee, Blaser, Bliss, Boast, Bogart, Bolton, Boutwell, Bowen, Boylston, Bradbury, Brayley, Brill, Bristol, Brown, Bruce, Brumbaugh, Buck, Burdell, Burdsall, Burk, Burner, Burt, Buss, Butler
CCalhoun, Campbell, Carbo, Carlton, Carpenter, Carr, Carrasco, Case, Caswell, Chamberlain, Chapin, Chase, Cheney, Clark, Cleland, Cobb, Coleman, Collins, Colson, Copeland, Corey, Cornwell, Cotton, Cowden, Crafts, Crandall, Cripe, Crossett, Crow, Cummings, Cutler
DDaniels, Darling, Davidson, Davis, Day, DeLong, Dechant, Deming, Dennis, Devereaux, Dickerson, Dickey, Dickinson, Dimmick, Dix, Dodge, Dreher, Dunham, Dunkin, Durland, Dutchin
EEarl, Eddy, Edwards, Emery, Estabrooks, Esterbrook, Evans
FFarnsworth, Farr, Ferguson, Findley, Fish, Fiske, Fleming, Frissell, Furbush, Furlong
GGaschler, Gates, Gatzmyer, Gifford, Giganti, Gilder, Gillett, Gleason, Goodnow, Goodrich, Goodsell, Gordon, Goupel, Graf, Graff, Graves, Green
HHall, Hanes, Hanshaw, Harding, Hardy, Harmon, Harrington, Harrison, Harrod, Hart, Harvey, Haven, Haywood, Healy, Hembling, Hemingway, Hentfield, Hibbard, Hildreth, Hill, Hippensteel, Holman, Holmes, Holms, Hopkins, Horne, Hosier, Hosmer, Howe, Howell, Howland, Hudson, Hughes
JJacobs, Johnsom, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Joy
KKeller, Kellogg, Kendall, Kettlewood, Kibbee, Kidder, Kingsbury, Kniss, Krehbiel, Kreutzer
LLaForest, Lafey, Lahuff, Latimer, Lawes, Leach, Lindsley, Locke, Logan, Long, Luce, Lusk, Lymna, Lynde
MMadajewski, Mann, Marsh, Martin, Mason, Mathy, Maust, May, McCrory, McGargon, McGee, Meier, Merritt, Messer, Metcalf, Miller, Mishler, Mong, Monroe, Morgan, Moriarity, Moriarty, Morse, Muenchau, Munsell, Murray
NNiequarter, Niven, Norby, Norcross, Norton, Nutting
OOlmstead, Otis, Otto
PParish, Parker, Partridge, Paul, Pauls, Paulus, Peacock, Peck, Peltier, Perkins, Phelps, Pike, Pincombe, Piper, Plank, Plante, Poland, Pond, Pratt, Preyser
QQuincy, Quinn
RRandall, Rawson, Ready, Reaume, Reed, Reynolds, Rice, Richards, Richmond, Roach, Robinson, Rogers, Romey, Row, Rowe, Rowlee, Roye, Rupp, Russell
SSager, Salisbury, Sanderson, Schmaizried, Schnelle, Scofield, Scott, Scoville, Selner, Shaum, Shaw, Shears, Sheldon, Shelinbarger, Shores, Sipp, Sligas, Sloper, Smith, Spencer, Spink, Spitler, Spofford, Squire, Stapler, Staples, Steele, Stemple, Stephens, Stevens, Stewart, Stocker, Stoddard, Stone, Straetor, Streator, Streeter, Strickland, Strun, Stuart, Sweet, Sweetland
TTeeter, Temple, Tennant, Tharp, Thomas, Titus, Tosh, Tower, Townsend, Towsley, Tree, Trowbridge, Truain, Tuttle, Tyler
WWagaman, Wakefield, Walker, Wasser, Watson, Webster, Wells, Wesson, West, Westover, Wetwiskei, Whipple, Whitcomb, Whiting, Whitney, Wilcox, Williams, Wilson, Wilting, Windholz, Winslow, Wolf, Wood, Woodward, Wright
YYoder, Young


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