St. Erth Churchyard


Courtesy of my friends Don & Alice, who took time out on their vacation to take these for me



Thomas & Elizabeth Ellis

Hannibal, Kitty & Nanny Ellis

Phillippa Ellis & others

    In Memory of Thomas Ellis who departed this life the 18 of June 1808 aged 23 years.

    Elizabeth Ellis departed this life the 15 Sept 1820 aged 37 years.

    (Not in the MIs for St Erth)
    Sacred to the memory of Kitty, beloved wife of Hannibal Ellis, who died on the 1st day June 1844, Aged 55 years.

    Also of the above named Hannibal Ellis, who died at Tunbridge Wells on the 20th day of August, 1867, Aged 74 years.

    Also of Nanny, (known as Anne) second wife of the above named Hannibal Ellis, who died at Rose Villa, Hayle on the 6th day of November 1876, Aged 76 years.
    In Memory of Phillippa Ellis widow, who departed this life on the 21st day of Jan 1821: Aged 60 Years.

      And of Thomas Parminter Cardell, who departed this life th 5th day of Feb 1824: Aged 35 years.
     Also, John Ellis, of Tregethas in this Parish who departed this life the 6th of Nov, 1838: Aged 35 years.

     And of Grace, wife of J. Ellis, who departed this life the 7th of Oct 1829 Aged 28 years.

     And John L. Ellis, their son who departed this life on 23 of Dec 1827.




William Hodge

William Hodge

William Hodge Died March 5 1884 Aged 15 Months Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of William the Son of Richard and Ann Hodge, of this Parish who departed life the 11 day of May 1827: Aged 34 years




William & Ann Wearn

    Sacred to the memory of Ann Wearn, the beloved wife of William Wearn, who departed this life August 24 1869, Aged 79 years.

     Also William Wearn, husband of the above, who departed this life August 10 1873, Aged 83 years.




Roger Wearn

Beneath this stone lieth the body of Roger Wearn of this Churchtown Watch and Clock Maker who departed this life the 15th of Aug 1820 aged 72 years. Who displayed his ingenious Talent in his Workmanship upwards of 50 years




Two different angles of the same four graves

Two left-most stones
Symons & Nicholas

Two right-most stones
Glasson & Wearn & Nicholas

Far left -

    Anne, daughter of John & Eliza Symons died Feb 25 1901 at Pond Row, Hayle, Aged 30.

    John Symons died May 30 1903 at Pond Row, Aged 65.

     Eliza Jane, wife of John died June 11 1923, Aged 84.
2nd from left -

    John Nicholas died Nov 15 1899, Aged 62.

     Margaret, his wife died Dec 25 1920, Aged 80.
2nd from right -

    Emma wife of John Glasson died Aug 29 1899, Aged 66.

     John died July 9 1901, Aged 65.

    William John Trerise GLASSON died Mar 8 1955, Aged 80.

    Francis Trerise died Sept 12 1894, Aged 76.
Far right -

    Samson Wearn died Feb 1869 in Australia, Aged 54 years.

    Wilmot, wife died April 1898 at St Erth, Aged 86.

     William Hardinge Nicholas, grandson died Sep 1901 at St Erth, Aged 34.

     Mary Elizabeth Nicholas died Apr 6 1922, Aged 83.





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