St Erth - Clergy

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Here is the list as found in Film # 1472028 item 4.....Index of clergy by Parish. 
Being a card Index by Mrs.J.S.ROLFE who occasionally mentions her sources.
If a year does not appear, it does not. Occasionally there are two cards with 
differing spelling of names, in this case both versions are included. 

Index to Clergy (by name) of St.Erth.

c.1200  SANCTO CURONO, John de.
c.1260  PONTISERA, Vincent de.
1556    CORFFE, Thomas.
1563    SWALLOE, Thomas.
1685    HOBLYN, Robert, married at St.Erth, but was he incumbent there?
1817    WILLYAMS, Humphrey.
1833    PUNNETT, John.
1859    HALY, Nicholas, Curate.
1864    MILLS, Alfred Wilson.
1882    SKRIMSHIRE, Henry, Curate.
1886    CARTER, C.R.D.
1912    MURLEY, J.J.
1926    ROBERTS, H.E.
1958    SLATER, R.S.

Index to Clergy (by name) of St.Erth. 2nd card.

Henderson MS8 and a list in St.ERTH Church.
Lake Vol i p.359.
c1200    HERVEOUS.
c1260    SAMELA BERIANA, Henry de.
c1260    HELLESTON, Eurwinne de.
c1260    ESSE, John de.
1319     HENRY.
1319     TREDENLEUS, John de.
1350     GALFRIDUS, de Tregellas.***
1362     GODMAN, Ralph.
1395     TALKERN, William.
1431     DENYS, Roger.
1439     YONGE, Robert.
1439     FORDEN, Robert.
____     PENBERTHI, John.
1460     TRESKEWICK, John.
1461     TRESKENYES, John.
1508     PILSTRONG, Thomas.
1508/9   AYLESMORE, John.
1533     PERYS, John.
1533     MUGGE, Walter.
1564     VOS, John.
____     JAUNCELING, Thomas.
1630     WHITEING, Robert.
1637     WHITEING, Thomas.
1680     RALPH, John.
1730     COLLINS, Edward.
1755     SYMONDS, William.
1776     RHODES, George.
1782     MAYOW, Philip Winel.
1801     GURNEY, Samuel.
**GALFRIDUS, de Tregellas? As Galfridus was the early latinised version of Geoffrey 
and that the 'de' has so far always been placed after the christian name and not before
it as in this case alone, I am assuming that this should instead be Galfridus de TREGALLAS. 
But that is only my assumption, it may be worth something to those researching the Tregellas name.

Start of 1472028 Item 2. Index of Clergy, 1257 onwards 'Y'. Mrs.J.S.ROLFE.
ST.ERTH, 1439, YONGE, Robert.
Lake i, p.359 Robert YONGE, Vicar of St.ERTH, died 1439.
He had succeeded Roger DENYS.
List in ST.ERTH Church- Roger YONGE, Vicar, 1439.

Vicars list from inside the Church


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