Hearth Tax


Hearth Tax

courtesy of Kathie Weigel

Name  /  Number of hearths counted in 1662  /  "ex" means there are the same number for 1664
                                               if not, there is an explaination

In the occupation of 8 now but 5 to be found
William Davy which are occupied by
Jospeh Sherwood & Rich Trethall

George Trenhale 6 ex
Francis Penrose 6 ex
William Davy 8 ret 2 too many b.m.
Thomas Whitings 3 the house burnt down
John Hawkinges 6 ex
Michael Trannacke 3 ex
Robert Praed 2 ex
Arthur Painter 6 ex
William Hensley 3 ret one short
Francis Cole 2 ex
Tyberia Honnychurch 2 ret one short
William Hickes 2 ex
John Blight 1 ex
James Thomas 1 ex
Gregory Gyles 1 ex
John Dunne 3 ex
Michael Williams 1 ex poor not rated etc.
John Udy 1 ex
Hunphry Veale 3 ex
Goerge Trenhayle jun 3 ex
John George 1 ex
William Hawky 1 ex now Elinor May
John Martyn 1 ex poor not rated etc.
Henry Samson 1 ex poor but Wm Davy owner
John Donne 1 ex
Ezekiel Jeffrey 1 ex poor but Mrs. Tiberia Honychurch owner
Richard Donne 1 ex
Humphry Mitchell 1 ex
James Christopher 2 ex
John Manninge 2 ex
John Tyer 1 ex
John Seyntaubyn Esq. 1 ex
Walter Stephens 1 ex
Anthony Tresize 1 ex
John Hoskinge 1 ex
Christopher Cocke 3 ex
William Tredinham 1 ex
Richard Halls the
present occupant 1 fallen down
Henry Barnes 1 ex
Pascoe Barnes 1 ex
Richard Veale 3 ex
Christopher Mitchell 2 ex
John Tregunnow 1 ex
Gilbert Tremelling 1 ex now Jas Tremelling
David Thomas 1 ex poor but Mr. Fran: Burgis owner
Arthur Roberts 3 ex
Benedict Williams 1 ex
Nicholas Trefurrian,) 3 ret 1 too many b.m. poor 
John Cooke, Richard ) people live in it but
Stephens     ) Nich Trefurrian owner
William Christopher 2 ex
Robert Hampton 2 ex
John Trye 1 ex
Jane Dunne wid 1 ex
Thomas Wood 1 ex

Hearths not mentioned in former returns:

William Davy or ye occupants for Bossence  2, Wm Davy sen or ye occupants
for Gere  2, John Treginnow or ye occupants  1


Dee 2001