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St. Erth Odds & Ends

West Briton Snippets - Courtesy of Suezan Elliott

JUNE 1909 A St.Erth miner has been sentenced to death for murdering a teenage girl with whom he had struck up an acquaintance but who had refused to go to America with him. The jury took just 10 minutes to return a guilty verdict after hearing how the normally peaceful man had choked young Emily TREDREA to death.

St Ives Times and Echo - Courtesy of Suezan Elliott

June 26 1914 Marriage at St-Ives Wesleyan Church of Harry BURRELL and Maud Helen TREVARTHEN of St-Erth October 10 1914 Death of Amelia HORTON of St-Erth funeral at St-Erth no age January 21 1972 Marriage at St-Erth on Saturday of David Christopher Kirby BILLINGHAM of Penzance and Jennifer TUBERVILLE of Hampshire.

Mines - Courtesy of Suezan Elliott

TUCKERS DOWNS MINE Is in the parish of Crowan, but parts of the sett extends into the parish of St. Erth within the bounds of the manor of Bosworgie, situated 4 miles from Helston and 6 from Camborne. The nearest shipping places are Hayle and Porthleven each 5 miles distant. The mine is held under lease of 21 years, granted by the Duke of LEEDS, TYRINGHAM, PTRAED esq., and others. The company is on the costbook system and consists of 200 shares. Purser William Page CARDOZO Camborne Manager and Captain Charles CARKEEK TREVEN TIN AND COPPER MINE Is in the parish of St Erth, post town, Marazion,; nearest railway station is at Hayle, 2 miles distant. The mine is held under lease for 21 years, at a royalty of 1-22nd, granted by the trustees of the late W PRAED esq. The country is granite. Depth of shaft, 42 fathoms. The known lodes on the sett are eight, running chiefly north and south. Known Cross=courses are five. The dip is 2 feet 6 inches in the fathom. The company is on the costbook system. Purser and Manager Samuel J REED - St-Hilary

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Most interesting early historical notes for Cornwall
Courtesy of Michelle Kahler

ST.ERTH, 1617, WHITING, Robert. Robert WHITING, Vicar of St.ERTH, 1617/8 Feb 13. Terrier** 1630: "Cweale Eargle separated from the vicarage and held by temporal per sons." HENDERSON's M8: He had a law suit about the land and managed to recover them for the Church before his successor was instituted -c.1680. List in ST.ERTH Church: Robert WHITEING 1617. ST.ERTH, 1637, WHITING, Thomas. Calumy revisited, Thomas WHITING, viccar of ST.ERTH, 1637. County Committee paid him for serving in his own parish 1646-48. In his petition 1660, he said that the County Committee regd. him in 1649, removed by force, since when the unbu--** is J.WHITWORTH. List in ST.ERTH Church, Thomas WHITING 1627-1672. The Church of ST.ERTH by E.M.NICHOLAS, 1963:- "with the successes of the parliamentarian in 1644 the ordinance for ejecting from their livings, clergy"** Scandalous in their lives or ill effects to the parliament was extended to Cornwall. Mr WHITING, the Vicar [of ST.ERTH] was turned out of his house and home, and an illiterate and uneducated man put in his place. he was so incapable that the squire was compelled to make the necessary entries in the register at the time of the baptisms of his two daughters.


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