Anson County Genealogy Research including African American Research

Anson County Genealogy Research including African American Research

I grew up listening to my grandmother & her siblings talk about their childhood stories. I heard these stories over & over but always enjoyed every word. In 1976 I decided to takes notes of every word Grandma & her relatives told about their lives. I was fortunate to show an interest at such a young age because my old relatives could remember back to the 1890's when their great grandparents were living.

I have access to the following Anson County, NC records - birth, delayed birth, marriage, divorce, death, cemetery records, military records, land, wills, estate inventories, civil court proceedings, criminal court proceedings, family history files, free census & slave census, lunacy records, slave records, equity court minutes, county commissioners proceedings, guardianships, bastardy bonds, tax lists, Bible records, obituaries, newspapers on microfilm, voter registration, coroners inquests, church minutes, NC Colonial Records Collection.

I dedicate this website to my grandmother & her siblings, because without them I would be nothing.

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