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Steyne - Jindrich Ancestry

John A Steyne Mayme B Jindrich Steyne

John A. Steyne - - - - - - Mayme B. Jindrich Steyne

"The stock from which you come will have a great impact on how far you may go . . . . . know your ancestry"

The six generations of the Steyne/Jindrich ancestry presented here are a part of what information has been amassed over the past twenty years or so, with some periods of the search were more focused than others. The primary gathering of information has been through the efforts of William L. Jindrich Jr., for the Jindrich branches, and J. E. ‘Gene’ Steyne on the Steyne branches. Unfortunately ‘Bill’ Jindrich passed away in June 2002, but his efforts are noted within these pages.
John and Mayme’s ancestors lived and worked in the eastern Iowa counties of Jones, Johnson, Jackson, Linn, and Iowa after emigrating, generally in the 17 and 1800’s, from the European countries of Germany, The Czech Republic, Bohemia, and Scotland. They came to the United States via ship and landed mainly in the north east coast ports of the New York state area. They then moved across the United States to the Midwest and into the counties of eastern Iowa.
Among the emigrating groups were an abundance of farmers, with a fair share of skilled craftsman who, for the most part, seemed to be hard working and industrious, and always having a keen interest in the affairs of the communities in which they lived.

Surnames associated with these ancestors are:

  • - Steyne
  • - Stine
  • - Krouse
  • - Webster
  • - Wasson
  • - Russell
  • - Jindrich
  • - Ludvicek
  • - Brozvoa
  • - Roshek

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