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Christen Michelsen.Christen married Karen Jansdr Coldevin.

Karen Jansdr Coldevin.Karen married Christen Michelsen.

They had the following children:

  F i Elisabeth Cristensensdr

Hercules Sørensen Barchmann.Hercules married Aase Jansdr Coldevin.

Aase Jansdr Coldevin.Aase married Hercules Sørensen Barchmann.

They had the following children:

  F i Marthe Herculesdr Barchmann

Ulrik Fredrik Edler [Parents] was born in 1701. He died in 1740. He married Dorothea Bøckman.

Dorothea Bøckman [Parents] was born in 1704 in Larvik. She died in 1779 in Larvik. She married Ulrik Fredrik Edler.

Frantz Henric Edler.Frantz married Magdalene Cathrine Stuver.

Magdalene Cathrine Stuver.Magdalene married Frantz Henric Edler.

They had the following children:

  M i Ulrik Fredrik Edler

Ulric Fredrik Bøhme died in 1754. He married Johanne Bøckman. Ulric was employed as Sorenskriver i Jarlsberg.

Johanne Bøckman [Parents] was born in 1709. She died in 1752 in Tønsberg. She married Ulric Fredrik Bøhme.

Johan Christian Bøckman [Parents] was born in 1712. He died in 1753 in Torstrand. He married Inger Gavensdr Wright.

Inger Gavensdr Wright.Inger married Johan Christian Bøckman.

Søren Gottfried Bøckman [Parents] was born in 1714. He died in 1748 in Larvik. He married Judithe Mow.

Judithe Mow.Judithe married Søren Gottfried Bøckman.

They had the following children:

  M i Abraham Sørensen Bøckman

Jacob Barth was born in 1709 in Kragerø. He died in 1757 in Kragerø. He married Elisabeth Cathrine Bøcman.

Elisabeth Cathrine Bøcman [Parents] was born in 1716. She died in 1744 in Kragerø. She married Jacob Barth.

Christen Tidemand.Christen married Elisabeth Marie Bøckman. Christen was employed as Magasinforvalter.

Elisabeth Marie Bøckman [Parents] was born in 1717. She died in 1748. She married Christen Tidemand.

Poul Conrad Bøckman [Parents] was born in 1719 in Larvik. He died in 1775 in Sandefjord. He married Matren Olsdr.

Matren Olsdr was born in 1719. She died in 1771 in Sandefjord. She married Poul Conrad Bøckman.

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