The 1660 Poll Tax for Stithians

The 1660 Poll Tax Return

for the Cornish Parish of St Stithians




An Act for the Speedy Provision of Money

for Disbanding and Paying Off the Forces of this Kingdom

(1660; Statutes of the Realm , v, pp. 207 - 225)

           Whereas the present raising of great sums of money for the speedy disbanding of the forces both by land and sea is a matter of vast consequence and urgent necessity, so that not only the happiness and peace of his Majesty's kingdoms but also the well being and prosperity of them depends upon it, which said sums of money cannot be so suddenly raised as the pressing occasions do require without some extrodinary means used, to the which all his Majesty's subjects in this visible exigence of the kingdom will heartily and cheerfully submit , seeing it is to free themselves from so great a burthen and daily increasing charge, may it therefore please your most excellent Majesty that it may be enacted and be it enacted... that all and every person and persons who at the time of the execution of this Act shall be of the several ranks and degrees hereafter mentioned shall to the purpose aforesaid contribute and pay the several sums of money hereafter in this Act set down and appointed.... 

           There follows a long list of social ranks and positions along with the sums each was expected to pay;  A Duke was to pay 100 pounds, a viscount 50, an esquire, or person of similar degree (gentleman), 10, an ordinary, single person above the age of 16 was to pay 12 pence (a shilling).

           In effect, it was a huge bribe to the Cromwellian Army and Navy to stand down and not oppose the restoration of King Charles II. Other than the Coldstream Guards, Gen. George Monck's regiment, all Commonwealth regiments were subsequently disbanded.

            The following is the return for Stithians Parish provided by Chrissy Parker, OPC ST Breward; It should represent everyone over the age of 16 residing in the Parish.

Edm. Orchard, clerk  


John Mourton for Tretbeake and other lands in fee     the value 40 16
Edmound Bath for Hendra and other lands in lese (sic) 20 8
Tristram Bath for Penmener and other lands in lese 16 6
Natha: Winser for Rosemenowas in lese 7.10 3
Nicholas Bishop for Lasonwith in lese 6 2.4
Will Jenken for Penhalvean in lese 7 2.9
Renfery Browne for Penhalvean 5 2
Oliver Donston for Gonvean in lese 5 2
George Sparger for Bornecose and other leses 8 3.2
Peter Gill for Trevallis in lese 5 2
Eliza ; Harres for Tremenheere 7.10 3
Edm. Lillicrop for Trgonnan in lese 8 3.2
William Bishop for Trewense in lese 8 3
Edward Williams for Polconogoe in lese 7.10 3
Jane Martyn for Carne Crese in lese 5 2
Walter Pearse for Nancepean in lese 5 2
Henry Bawden for Trenbroth in lese 5 2
Tho. Odger for Trenbroth in lese 5 2
Herchollas Veele for Trewithen in lese 10.10 4.2

                  The remaining names are taxed each ( or each couple ) is taxed at 1 /- (shilling) for the poll:

John Mourton jun. Richard Donston Rich West & wife
Grace Mourton Ann Donston John Richards
Stephen Haridon Antho Sparger & wife Henry Thomas & wife
Zac Tresteane Mary Sparger Ann Thomas
Moade Tresteane Eliza Sparger Nicholas Trevena & wife
Ann Bath Geram Genken & wife Hugh Bishop & wife
Dorothy Bath Christopher Richards Eliz: Corva
John Michall John Gill David Harrys & wife
John Richards Edw Spry & wife Richard Paynter
Eliza Bath Tho Gill James Howlstocke & wife
James Bath Jo Winser & wife Urne Gollye & wife
Ann Bath Jo Greby & wife Fra: Hodge
Ja: Williams Walter Martayn & wife James Collings & wife
Ja: Donston & wife John Roberts & wife Avis Wallish
Tho Sparger & wife Edm Tresteane Ann Trengove
Prescella Donston Senoby Browne Jane Lellicrop
Walter Sparger Joan Semon William Bishop
Umferye Thomas & wife Tho Frances Jane Bishop
Fra: Penhallurick Susan Roberts Will Donston & wife
Eliza Rowe Tho Donston & wife Eliza Donston
Natha: Winser John Cowlinge & wife Rich Jeferie & wife
Chertie Winser Lucie Cowlinge Josias Jefferye
Sam Richards Jam: Williams & wife Cheritie Mourton
Tho Kinge Jam: Ronalds & wife Alice Williams
Joan Rolinge Frances Cood & wife Tho: Glowinge
Daniel Martayn Jam: Ronald Rich Pearse & wife
Walter Bishop & wife Pascow Tregidion & wife Fran Scoot & wife
Mary Roberts Ja: Tregere & wife Rich White & wife
Peter White Will Spurway Will Lance & wife
Walter Scoot & wife Will Spurway & wife Rich Williams & wife
Mary Scoot John Spurway John Reede & wife
Will Genken & wife Anth Spurway & wife David Martayn & wife
Will Harris & wife Margaret Spurway John Martayn
Will Kelsie & wife Rich Martayn & wife Edm Martayn
John Opie & wife Corswarth Marten Jane Martayn
Will Opie Mary Martayn Bernard Row
Tamsen Lander John Pengellie & wife George Breye
Margaret Thomas Henry Harrys & wife William Rowe
Elenor Wallish Nicholas Boucher & wife Julian Rowe
George Sara Will Mellor & wife Tamsen Odger
Tho Sara Sidwell Mellor Bleanche Thomas
William Sara Margaret Mellor Will Pengellie
Edm Corva & wife Abegalle Mellor Richard Williams
Oliver Martayn & wife Wentford Martayn Alice Kelsie
Samson Martayn & wife Jam Sparger Jane Kelsie
Jo Trelese Bennet Treweek Rich Andrewe & wife
Loudye Morlie Peter Kempe Tho Collings & wife
John Cood & wife Will Penhallurick & wife Blench Corva
Walter Reed George Unsent & wife (for Vinsent?) James Philleps
Ann Martayn Tho Mellor Tristram Collings
William Marten Will Mellor jun.  

Assessors: John Mourton, Will Jenken

Collectors: Rowland Trengove, Wm Bishop, Remfrey Browne