The 1641 Protestation Return For Stithians, Cornwall


The 1641 Protestation Return

for the Cornish Parish of St Stithians



        In May of 1641 it was agreed and ordered that every Member of the House of Commons and the House of Lords should make a protestation (declaration of loyalty) to the crown. The Protestation was printed and then distributed by the Members to their counties.

        The Protestation was to be made by everyone.  The Rectors, Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor, had to appear before the Justices of the Peace, in their Hundred, to make their protestation and, on returning to their parishes, any two of them were to witness the taking of the Protestation Oath by all males over the age of 18 years. All names were listed and anyone who refused was to be noted.


Surname Forename Signed / Made his Mark
?Engen Wiiam S
Allen James M
Arthur John M
Bathe Hunry S
Bathe James S
Beaues John M
Browne James M
Browne John M
Browne Richard M
Burrowe Edward M
Carna Edmund M
Carna Jam M
Carna Thomas M
Carrow John M
Chenall Thomas M
Chenhall James M
Coad Edward M
Cocke David M
Colling Thomas M
Cood Frances M
Cood Peter S
Cood William M
Coode John M
Coode Luke S
Cowling Jo M
Devonsheere Jeeboth M
Donston Oliver S
Dunston Hudg M
Dunston James M
Dunston Jo M
Dunston William M
Dunstone Eudy M
Dunstone Eudy M
Eddie Henry M
Estcott Zacharius M
Gill John M
Gill Thomas M
Gribby John M
Harris David M
Harryes John S
Hockie Jo M
James John M
James Walt M
James Willm M
James? Peter M
Jenkine Andrew M
Jenking James M
Jermon Thomas M
Knucie Jo M
Lander Walter M
Launce William M
Laurie Benedict S
Lebycrafte? Edmund S
Luky James S
Markes Richard M
Martayn James M
Martayne Martayn S
Martayne Richard M
Marten Davy M
Marten Olyver M
Martin Stephen S
May Rich M
Menerdew James M
Murton John M
Nampean Richard S
Nanspean Robert M
Nicholas Robart M
Odger Benedic M
Odger Thos M
Oppie John M
Orchard Edmund S
Orchard Walter M
Pearse Richard M
Pearse Richard M
Pearse Walter M
Pellow Thomas M
Penhalurick Lucke M
Penhalurick Thomas M
Penhaluricke John M
Penhaluricke Rich M
Penhaluricke Richard  
Penhaluricke William M
Peter John M
Peter Thomas M
Phillep John M
Probus Jo M
Roberts John M
Sampson Ambrose M
Sara Georg S
Sara Jerome M
Sara William M
Simon George M
Simon Willm M
Skenner Walter M
Spargar Anthony S
Spargar Georg M
Spargar Gorg S
Spargar Stephen M
Sparnan James M
Spurway Anthony S
Spurway James M
Spurway William M
Stephans William M
Thomas Frances M
Thomas Georg M
Thomas George M
Thomas Henry M
Thomas Humphrie M
Thomas Walter M
Thomas Walter S
Tregegan Pascow M
Treligan William M
Treweeke John M
Trewolla Will S
Wallish James M
Warne John M
Welsh Henry M
White Richard M
White Robert M
Whitinge Henry S
Williams James M
Wuest Rich M

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