Stithians Place Names

By Ron Reed


Place Names in the Parish of Stithians  
Cornish Name Current Translation
Ayish unknown meaning poss: corruption of dialect word arish, meaning stubble
Brook Villa English 
Burncorse prob. bar an cos, top of the wood
Burnennor prob. bar an meneth, top of the hill
Burntcoose bron cos, wood hill or bar an cos, top of the wood
Carn carn, rock-pile
Carn Rocks carn, rock-pile, plus redundant English rock
Carn Vean carn vean, small pile of rocks
Carnbeau poss. carn, rock-pile, plus French beau pretty
Carncrees poss. carn cres, middle tor
Carnmear carn (v)meor, great pile of rocks (v mutates to m)
Carnsigda carn + unknown second element
Carnsidia same as above
Carnvollock same as above
Carnwidden prob. carn (g)wyn, white tor
Church Town English 
Coinorman unknown meaning
Costport English?
Crellow poss. plural of crellas, old hut
Crellow Hill see above
Croft And Davis Engilsh croft plus personal name Davis
Crospost English 
East Road English 
Ennis enys, island or remote place
Goonlaze gun glas, blue downs
Goonvean gun (b)vyan, small downs (b mutates to v)
Gribbes poss. From English grebe
Gunglaze gun glas, green downs 
Gunvean gun (b)vyan, small downs (b mutates to v)
Hendra hen dra, old place
Herhess unknown meaning
poss. from Kenwal, a Celtic personal name from the Brythonic name Cunoval. 
Kennall Vale same as above plus English vale
Lansenmoth unknown meaning
Lansenwith poss. lans enwydh, valley of the ash trees (lans, lant and lanc often are the same as nant or nans)
Lansownich unknown meaning
Little Plymouth English 
Londonwill English 
Lower Duan unknown meaning
Menerdue meneth du, black hill
Nancotha nan coth a, diminutive of old valley
Nanpean nans (b)(v)pyan (b mutates to v and later to p)
New Road English 
Ninnes an enys, the isolated place 
Nunpain poss. same as Nanpean
Penbroath pen + unknown second element
Penhalurick pen hal lurek, top of cultivated ground on moor
Penhalvean pen hale b(v)yan, little marsh end (b mutates to v)
Penhalveor pen hale (m)veor, big marsh end (m mutates to v)
Penhalvior East same as above
Penhalvior West same as above
Penmenen poss: same as below
Penmennor pen meneth, hill-top
Polkanugga pol kernogow, frog's pool
Pouhalvar unknown first element + hal  veor, great moor
Pouhalvar same as above
Rennall unknown meaning
Roseath ros + heath, Cornish ros means heath, so English heath is not needed
Rosemanowas ros + unknown second and third element
Rosmenowas ros + unknown second and third element
Sewrah res wrah, hag's ford
South Road English 
Sunny Corner English 
Taibilcock poss. same as Trebilcock 
The Vicarage English 
Tory English?
Treatheague tre + unknown second element
Trebarveth tre bar (b)veth, farm on top of grave (b mutates to v)
Treboast see below
Trebost poss: tre (p)bost, dwelling with a column (p mutates to b) 
Tregolls tre goll, hazel farm
Tregoning tre Gonan, Conan's farm
Tregoning Mill tre Gonan, Conan's farm plus English mill
Tregonning tre Gonan, Conan's farm
Tregost tre (c)gos, farm of the wood (c mutates to g)
Tregost Ponsanooth tre (c)gos, farm of the wood (c mutates to g) plus pons a noweth, the new bridge 
Tregost Rennall tre (c)gos, farm of the wood (c mutates to g)
Tregowls tre goll, hazel farm
Trelespic unknown meaning, unless a variant of Trelissick, tre Wlesyk, Gwledic's farm.
Trembroath unknown meaning
Tremenhere tre men hyr, homestead by the standing stone or long stone
Tresevern tre + unknown second element
Tresevran tre + unknown second element
Treskewes tre skewys, homestead of a sheltered or shady place
Tretheague tre + unknown second element
Trethegue tre + unknown second element
Trevales poss: tre (M)Vael, homestead of Mael (m mutates to v)
Trevales House same as above
Treweek tre (g)wyk, homestead at wood (g is dropped in mutation)
Trewence see Trewince
Trewiege tre + unknown second element
Trewince tre (g)wyns, homestead in wind (g is dropped in mutation)
Trewithan tre (g)wedhen, farm of trees (gw mutates to w)
Trewithen tre (g)wedhen, farm of trees (gw mutates to w)
Tribilcock tre bilgack, farm in place of heaps, or poss: tre-(p)byl-cok, homestead with cuckoo haunted hillock? (p mutates to b)
Tribilcocks same as above
Trolvis unknown meaning poss. tal (f)vos, opposite wall or opposite dyke
Trolvis (Stonemasons Arms) unknown meaning poss. tal (f)vos, opposite wall or opposite dyke
Trolvis (Whitehouse Cottage) unknown meaning poss. tal (f)vos, opposite wall or opposite dyke
Tubbin poss. from tubban, a clod or sod of earth
Velandrucia an (m)velyn droghya; the tucking mill, or an (m)velyn drucha; the mill with a solid wheel (m mutates to v)
Vicarage English 
Vilindruce poss from an (m)velyn dres the mill beyond (m mutates to v)
Wheal Drucker whel drucha; mine with a solid wheel