The 1543 Subsidy for Stithians

The Subsidy of 1543

for the Cornish Parish of St Stithians

From "The Cornwall Subsidies..."1524, 1543 and the Benevolence of 1545", edited by T.L. Sloate

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           Returns for the 1545 Benevolence for Stithians are missing, quite possibly because few, or none, of the residents possessed the minimum 5 in lands, fees or offices that the benevolence required.

             However, we do have the 1543 Subsidy returns and these are copied below.

               Surnames follow the same format as that seen and discussed in the 1522 Muster and Loan.and the 1524/25 Subsidy. In many cases the taxpayer is identified by his place of residence and in other cases by his father's first name. These are identified with the associated modern place names in the former case. In the later case the men are bracketed in the original list, sometimes indicating that they shared the same wealth, these are indicated with a ditto mark " . For example, we have  Simon Trehere sharing goods to the value of 2 with his son, Richard Symon.     



Forename Surname / Residence Modern Place Name Land, Goods, Wages Value
William Sewraught Sewrah G 3
Robert Barnecose Burntcoose G 4
Raw Kennal Kennal G 4
Thomas Skynner   G 5
Martin Resseaght Roseath G 5
Thomas Treseffryn Treseverne G 4
Roger Tretheake Trethegue G 7
Thomas Penhall Vean Penhalvean G 4
Thomas Nenys Ninnes G 1
John Lance   G 2
John Davye   G 2
Thomas Stephin   G 2
John Roger   G 4
Walter Kennal Kennal G 3
John Hewye   G 1
Nicholas Treberveth Trebarveth G 2
Thomas Tregere (in Mawgan Parish) G 3
Warem Tregoys (in Constantine Parish) G 3
John Treseffryn Treseverne G 2
Thomas Reynold Rennal G 1
Richard Tregonyn Tregoning G 2
John Thomas   G 2
Nicholas Trebals Tregolls G 4
James Anwone Vean Vean = little G 1
Thomas John Will   G 1
Hoskyn Trevlvas Trevales G 4
Richard Rosmenewas Rosmanewas G 6
John Roger Trethek Trethegue G 3
Laurence Poullcronogow Polkanugga G 2
John Trewyns Trewince G 2
James Harnas   G 4
Richard Lether   G 4
Thomas Lascenboz Lanscenmoth G 2
Francis Lascenboz Lanscenmoth G 1
Thomas Menethew Menerdew G 3
Bartholomew Tretheke Trethegue G 6
Richard Carrelloo Crellow G 4
John Philipp   G 2
Antony Hutchin   G 1
Watty Angoff (blacksmith?) G 4
Michael Angoffe (blacksmith?) G 4
John Williams   G 1
John Parkyn   G 1
John Bahowe   G 1
Richard Carew Vean Cam Vean? G 1
John Pyber   G 1
John Carve   G 4
Bawdin Tresephryn Treseverne G 4
John Jenkyn   G 4
John Penhalweor Penhalveor G 3
John Nampean Nanpean G 2
John Nancothew Nancotha G 1
John Wenan   G 1
Thomas Penhaluryk Penhalurick G 4
Richard Penhaluryk Penhalurick G 4
Richard Trewek Treweek G 2
Martin Trewek Treweek G 3
Thomas Trewek Treweek G 4
John Trewek Treweek G 3
Robert Skewis   G 1
Robert Trebylcok Trebilcock G 1
John Trebylcok Trebilcock G 1
John Robert George   G 2
Thomas Trewythyan Trewithen G 4
Luke Penmeneth Penmenen G 4
Richard Bryton Alien-Brittany G 2
John Bryton Alien-Brittany G 1
William Trethek Alien ? G 2