Hearth Tax for Stithians

The 1662 - 1689 Hearth Tax List

for the Cornish Parish of St Stithians




           The hearth tax was collected in each parish between 1662 and 1689. The occupiers, not the owners of the house were required to pay 2 shillings per hearth (fireplace) per year, in two installments. Persons too poor were exempt as well as occupiers of houses worth under 20 shillings, normally these did not have a fireplace. After 1664 the hearth tax was collected from households with more than two hearths.

          Overall, the list gives us an idea of the number and relative sizes of the houses in Stithians Parish during this period. However, some caution should be exercised, as outbuildings associated with the house may also have had hearths.

          Once again the list was provided by Chrissy Parker, my favourite OPC.              

Edmond Orchard 3 ex   Anthony (blank) 2 one fallen down & now Mary Lylicrapp owner
John Moreton 7 ex   Edmond Lilycrapp 2 ex now Mary Lilycrapp
Edmond Bath 4 ex   John Trelease 2 stopt up one & now Richard Hender owner
Tristram Bath 4 ex   William Penhalurick 2 ex  
Edward Williams 2 stopt (sic) up one James Reynold 1 ex  
John Gill 1 ex   David Grigger 1 ex  
Nathaniel Winser 3 ex   Renfrey Browne 2 ex  
Thomas Auger 2 ex   Elizabeth Harris 1 ex  
William Jenken 1 ex   Hercules Veale 2 ex  
Francis Penhaluricke 2 ex   Pascoe Tregigian 4 ex  
Nicholas Bishopp 2 ex   William Harris 2 stopt up one
Oliver Dunstone 2 ex   William Dunstone 2 one fallen down & now Colan Nicholls owner
David Martin 2 ex   James Dunstone 1 ex  
Jane King 1 ex now David Martin David Marten jun 1 fallen down
Walter Pearse 2 ex now John Reed Anthony Sparger 1 ex  
William Miller 3 ex   George Sparger 1 ret one short
John Coode 2 ex   Richard Martyn 3 one fallen down & now Coswarth Martyn
Nicholas Trevena 2 ex   John Richard 1 ex  
Thomas Dunstone 1 ex   James Wallis 2 ex  
William Launce 2 ex now John Reed jun. Richard West 2 stopt up one
William Spurnway 1 ex poor etc. but Hawkin Briant owner Uren Jellowe 2 stopt up one before the first return
John Winsor 1 ex   Edward Sprey 2 ex  
Laurence Fotte 1 ex   John Pengelly 2 ex  
Hugh Crisps 1 ex   Nicholas Boucher 1 no such person found
Richard Jeffry 2 ex now William Dunstone Henry Herlles? 1 ex poor not rated etc.
John Creeby 1 ex   George Bray 1 ex  
Richard White 1 ex   Anthony Spurway 1 ex  
George Sarah 1 ex now William Cock owner and ret 1 short William James 1 ex  
William Bishopp 2 ex   John Oppey 1 ex  
Richard Pearse 2 ex   Ambrose Bray 1 ex  
John Antroue 1 ex   Richard Polsew 1 ex now Richard Polsue
Reynold Trangove 2 ex   Walter Bishopp 1 ex  
Henry Boulden 3 ex   James Kemp 1 no such person found
Francis Coode 2 ex   James Sparger 1 stopt up & Thomas Francis owner
Jane Martyn 1 no such person found Oliver Martyn 1 no such person found
Thomas Francis 3 ex now Walter Mitchell owner but a poor person Christopher Nicholls 1 ex now Henry Thomas
Humphrey Thomas 1 ex poor etc. but James Dunstone owner William Jenkyn 1 ex poor but Henry Pellows owner
Thomas Sparger 1 ex now Thomas Francis poor etc. but Jas Dunstone owner James Cowlinge 1 ex poor not rated etc.
Hugh Bishopp 2 ex   Mrs. Dorothy Killigrew 1 ex now Nich Polsew
Henry Thomas 1 ex        
          136 ex

Hearths not mentioned in the former returns:

Nicholas Borras 1 David Harris tenant to one Hickes 1
The owners of Trevally tenement 1 Francis Harris tenant to William Trewalloe  1
Jerom Jenkyn in Arcales Veales tenement 1 James Holstock tenant to Elizabeth Harris 1