Riverside Cemetery - Gouverneur NY
Inventory of Riverside Cemetery, Gouverneur NY (General Cemetery Photos and Last names starting with A)

NOTE: Between the fall of 2000 and fall of 2001, I performed an extensive effort to perform a full inventory (with tombstone pictures) of Riverside Cemetery in Gouverneur. That results of that effort are shown below. At the end of each entry is a indication of what section of the cemetery the stone is located in. Locations of each section within the cemetery can be seen on the map on my Riverside Cemetery index page.
When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Last updated by Anne M. Cady, October 2001.

Riverside Cemetery Views
Soldier's Marker
Gouverneur Fire Dept Stone
Fraternal Memory Stone
Lodge Stone
Rev Soldiers Marker
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Civil War Stones (Section F)
Civil War Monument (Section F)
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View of Chamber under Hill

Vasco P. Abbott, Father, 1847-1918, Marker (Section I)
Anna F., Mother, 1851-1932 (Section I)
Ross Abbott, 1873-1875 (Section I)
"Pansy", 1886-1901 (Section I)
Worth P., 1879-1906 (Section I)
Helen Probst, wife of W. P. Abbott, 1879-1970 (Section I)
Hugh, 1884-1920 (Section I)

J. H. Abbott, 1840-1923, Marker (Section I)
Harriet R., wife of J.H. Abbott, 1839-1906 (Section I)
Moreton P. Abbott, 1866-1933 (Section I)
Maud Graves Abbott, 1865-1934 (Section I)
Bertha M., wife of A.H. Abbott, 1882-1942 (Section I)

Wight V. Abbott, 1877-1910, Abbott Marker (Section F)
Frances Elizabeth Abbott, "Daughter", 1909-1984 (Section F)
J. Brayton Abbott, "Father", 1842-1925 (Section F)
Franes Wight Abbott, "Mother", 1841-1922 (Section F)
Allan Abbott, born & died April 17, 1929 (Section F)

Emery W. Abbott, 1819-1909 (Section F)
Hannah S., his wife, 1819-1878 (Section F)

Madelyn I. Abbott, Mother, 1914-1988 (Section A)

Frank B. Abell, 1861-1910, Morrison/Abell Headstone (Section K)
Charlotte Abell Morrison, 1864-1942 (Section K)
William T. Morrision, 1849-1934 (Section K)
Gertrude L. Abell, 1891-1912 (Section K)
Ethel D. Abell, 1885-1956 (Section K)

Grover C. Abell, 1885-1956, Footstone (Section F)
Mabel K. Adams, his wife, 1892-1954, Footstone (Section F)
Kenneth E. Abell, 1918-1996, US Army, World War II, Apr 13, 1918 - Sep 19, 1996 (Section F)
Theresa Apple, his wife, 1917- (Section F)

Charles C. Abell, NY HA, 1836-1909 (Section F)
Serene E., his wife, 1841-1919 (Section F)
Eugene C. Abell, 1876-1897 (Section F)

Sydney C. Abell, PFC US Army World War I, July 21, 1897-May 28, 1970, Military Marker (Section G)
Freda E., 1896-1992, Second Stone (Section G)

Charles H. Abell, 1912-1995 (Section G)
Gladys M. Bickford, his wife, 1907-1951 (Section G)

Ackerman (See also: Mellen, Drury)
Fred E. Ackerman, 1869-1945, Father, Headstone (Section K)
Eva F., 1865-1933, Mother (Section K)
Edna L., 1892-1986, Daughter (Section K)

Jane, dau of ? Ackerman; died Feb 16, 1851; AE 2 yrs 5 dys (Section B)

Lucy E., wife of G. E. Ackerman, died Oct 25, 1865; Aged 49 yrs, 11 mos (Section B)

Silas A. Ackerman, Father, 1840-1924, Marker (Section D)
Mary J., mother, 1842-1934 (Section D)
Estella M., 1864-1953 (Section D)
Frank Avery, 1876-1902 (Section D)
Lucretia A. Jones, 1835-1903 (Section D)

Chester S. Ackerman, 1894-1976, Ackerman Marker (Section F)
Elizabeth A., 1890-1967 (Section F)
Baby son of CS & EA Ackerman, -1918- (Section F)

Lodency H., only daughter of Francis & Sarah Ackerman, died *** 2, 1852, AE 6 yrs, 8 mos (Section H)

Adamo (See also: Royce)

Adams (See also: Abell, Burge, Lunderman, Randall)
Nathaniel Adams, died Apr 26, 1861 in his 78 yr (Section C)
Clarissa, wife of Nathaniel Adams, d. Apr 26, 1849 in her 66 yr (Section C)

Amanda, wife of Morgan Adams, died June 7, 1850; AE 26 yrs, 21 dys (Section C)

Adell (See also: Rutherford)

Abner S. Adkins, Co D 186 Regt NY Infty, 1814-1901 (Section F - CW)

Alderman (See also: Tait)

Stephen Aldous, born in Wilby England; March 10, 1793; died in Gouverneur, Apr 8, 1888 (Section D)
Margaret, wife of Stephen Aldous, died Jan 16, 1842; Aged 43 yrs (Section D)
Lydia Ann, 3rd wife of Stephen Aldous, died Apr 16, 1858, AE 58 yrs (Section D)
Mary, dau of Stephen & Margaret Aldous; died Sept 16, 1826, Ae 9 mos, 19 dys (Section D)
Margaret A., daut of HG & Z Aldous, died June 17, 1862; AE 6 yrs, 10 mos, 27 dys (Section D)

Fred R. Aldous, Age 27 yrs (Section H)
Stephen Aldous born 1828, died 1895, Co G 14 NY Art (Section H)
Eddy, son of Stephen & Mariah Aldous, Apr 10, 1878; AE 1 yrs, 8 mos, 3 dys (Section H)
Elizabeth M., dau of S & M Aldous, died Mar 11, 1870, AE 8 mos, 18 dys (Section H)

Lawrence "Larry" Aldous, 1919-2000 (Section N)
Margaret "Peg", 1922-1993 (Section N)

Aldrich (See also: Black, Dean)
Burton W. Aldrich, 1874-1926, Marker (Section D)

Newton A. Aldrich, Father, June 6, 1830-July 23, 1909, Marker (Section D)
Katharine Griffins Aldrich, Mother, Aug 10, 1832 - Sept 2, 1917 (Section D)
Helen Bradford Percival, Mother, 1838-1895 (Section D)
Agnes Haile, dau of Floyd R. & Louise H. Case, Nov 16, 1905-Sept 17, 1907 (Section D)
Agnes Percival, wife of Fred H. Haile, Apr 18, 1855 - June 24, 1914 (Section D)
Fred H. Haile, Mar 7, 1843 - Nov 24, 1929 (Section D)
Henry H. Haile, 1876-1934 (Section D)
Herbert G. Aldrich, Dec 3, 1860 - Jan 24, 1926 (Section D)
Jennie A., wife of H.G. Aldrich, May 17, 1863 - Feb 3, 1900 (Section D)
Newton Harald, infant son of Herbert G. & Jennie A. Aldrich, b. Sept 4, 1891 - d. Aug 14, 1892 (Section D)
Robert Aldrich, 1906- (Section D)
Florence Woodcock, 1900-1972 (Section D)

Rose Parker Aldridge, 1918-1954, mother of Gail, Roger, Keith, Lillian, Larry, Debra; Footstone (Section L)

Constantin Alexief, 1882-1972 (Section L)
Dorothy, daughter, 1926- (Section L)
Dolly, daughter, 1920-1980 (Section L)

Alegie (See also: Shaw)

Alkerton Monument (Section M)
William Alkerton, 1861-1936 (Section M)
Anna L. White, his wife, 1864-1952 (Section M)
Edna Rodman, their daughter, 1887-1951 (Section M)

Allen (See also: Barnes, Cole, Foy, McAllister, McKean, Ormiston, Premo)
W. Clyde Allen, 1876-1949 (Section B)
Jessie Lockie, his wife, 1878-1966 (Section B)

Philenda G. Allen, b. May 17, 1821; d. Aug 26, 1891 (Section D)
Horace J., b. Feb 24, 1816; d. July 9, 1895 (Section D)
Erastus Allen., b. May 16, 1782; d. Feb 6, 1858 (Section D)
Paulina Wilder, his wife, b. Aug 29, 1787; d. Aug 3, 1864 (Section D)
Katharine, dau of Erastus & Pauline Allen, died March 2, 1842; Aged 23 yrs, 5 mos, 21 dys (Section D)

Marion M., wife of H.M. Allen, died * 1878, AE 26 yrs (Section D)
Robert M., son of HM & * Allen; died 1875 (Section D)
Carrie N., ... Allen... (rest unreadable) (Section D)

Sarah P. Allen, b. Feb 7, 1851; died Aug 1, 1875 (Section D)

Charles Allen, Prv Co D, 1 NY LA Vol, 1845-1903 (Section F - CW)

Gilbert A. Allen, 1863-1919 (Section G)
Margaret Whalen, his wife, 1866-1942 (Section G)

Frank J. Allen, 1858-1914 (Section G)
Jennie E., his wife, 1855-1933 (Section G)

Andrew H. Allen, MD, 1855-1924 (Section H)
Libbie Cheney, his wife, 1858-1910 (Section H)
Anna L. Allen, 1878-1956 (Section H)
L.D. Allen (Section H)

Wilber, son of Mrs. Nellie Allen, died Apr 6, 1903, AE 20 yrs (Section J)
Mother (Section J)
William Allen, 1859-1927 (Section J)
Matilda, wife, 1868-1951 (Section J)
Agatha Laveigh, 1770-1877 (Section J)
Virginia M. Maxwell, 1847-1869 (Section J)
Eliza E. Wooster, 1853-1885 (Section J)
Peter Wells, 1785-1851 (Section J)
Margaret Wells Allen, 1821-1898 (Section J)
Peter Wells, born 1841, died 1866, Co D, 1 Regt NY Light Art (Section J)

Allen Monument (Section M)
Charles B. Allen, Father, 1851-1922 (Section M)
Margaret A., Mother, 1860-1931 (Section M)
W. Homer, their son, 1891-1956 (Section M)
Helen A. Fleming, 1909-1992 (Section M)

Allen Headstone (Section N)
Leland N. Allen, 1885-1953 (Section N)
Lena M. Gladle, his wife, 1892-1977 (Section N)
Ceylon E., "Lefty", 1913-1985 (Section N)
Frances Coffey, his wife, 1915- (Section N)
Joyce E. Allen, daughter of Ceylon & Frances, 1936 (Section N)
Charles N. Allen, US Army World War II; Mar 20, 1916-Jan 29, 1999; Military Marker (Section N)
Betty G. White, his wife, 1925- (Section N)

Althouse (See also: Spaulding)
Zeruah S., dau of R & EA Althouse; died May 23, 1864 (Section D)

Ames (See also: Fullington, Whitton)
Herbert M. Ames, 1854-1934, Headstone (Section K)
Dora S. Eggleston, his wife, 1861-1943 (Section K)

Anderson (See also: Fordham, Freeman)
Ruth, dau of JM & Maud Anderson; 1902-1904 (Section D)
Minnie, dau of J & M Anderson; died Feb 12, 1863; Age 3 yrs, 1 mo, 6 dys (Section D)

Charles M. Anderson, Capt Corps of Eng, Aug 5, 1885-Sept 21, 1955, Military Marker (Section J)
Louise F., Teacher, Feb 1, 1902-June 18, 1986 (Section J)

Thomas S. Anderson, 1855-1947 (Section P)
Carrie L., his wife, 1861-1946 (Section P)
Edward F. Anderson, 1883-1940, Member Gouverneur Fire Department (Section P)
Lillian Easton, 1888-1956 (Section P)

Andrew, Andrews
John B. Andrews, 1846-19__ (Section K)
Ida A., his wife, 1857-19__ (Section K)

Children of ?:
Albert Andrew, d. March ? (Section B)
Ambrose , died Aug 20, 18** (Section B)

H. Andrews, Dec 8, 1824 - Apr 9, 1905 (Section D)
Anna S. Payne, his wife, Jan 30, 1831 - Dec 5, 1891 (Section D)
William Payne Andrews, 1868-1934 (Section D)
Anna Belle Wolfe, 1858-1916 (Section D)
Wiliam Peter Wolfe, 1848-1898 (Section D)

James L. Andrews, son of ? & ? Andrews, born ?, died 1862 (Section F)

Raymond T. Andrews, 1919 - (Section A)
Dorothy I. Lohmiller, 1913 - (Section A)

Thomas L. Andrews, 1924-1983 (Section Q)
Carol A. Johnson, his wife, 1940- (Section Q)
Married Aug 29, 1964

John M. Andrews, 1910-1972 (Section P)
Marion D., his wife, 1908-1996 (Section P)
Thomas A. Andrews, 1880-1935 (Section P)
Celia M., his wife, 1884-1946 (Section P)
George E., 1902-1977 (Section P)
Margaret M., his wife, 1902-1969 (Section P)

Anthony (See also: Hodgkin)
Frederic Anthony, 1859-1931 (Section K)
Elizabeth, his wife, 1863-1920 (Section K)
Weston D., 1893-1924 (Section K)

Maurice R., 1893-1972 (Section K)
Helena W., his wife, 1903-1996 (Section K)

Sarah Anthony, Died Feb 4, 1858; Ae 54 yrs; Anthony Marker (Section F)
Charles Anthony, d. May 12, 1892; AE 76 yrs (Section F)
Emilia C. Anthony, d. Mar 17, 1904; AE 70 yrs (Section F)
Louisa L. Anthony, d. Oct 14, 1858; AE 39 yrs (Section F)
Marjorie Anthony Markwick, d. June 18, 1966; AE 71 yrs (Section F)
Constance E. Anthony, d. Dec 12, 1918; AE 22 yrs (Section F)
Marion Anthony Eustis, d. Dec 6, 1983, AE 85 yrs (Section F)
Charles H. Anthony, d. Oct 7, 1986; AE 83 yrs (Section F)
Chas D. Anthony, d. Sept 3, 1865; AE 21 yrs (Section F)
Adelaide Anthony Smith, d. May 29, 1943; AE 74 yrs (Section F)
Charles H. Anthony, died June 2, 1912; AE 44 yrs (Section F)

Anthony Monument (Section M)
Adam L. Anthony, 1885-1948 (Section M)
Millicent R., 1881-1961 (Section M)

Apple (See also: Abell, Towne)
Claude M. Apple, 1895-1976 (Section K)
Edith H., 1900-1983 (Section K)

Children of Orville & Christy Apple:
Nancy E., died Dec 1871 (Section B)
Birom O., died Oct 31, 1876; AE 2 yrs, 6 mos, 8 dys (Section B)

Alice Yerdon Apple, 1904-1972 (Section L)

Hiram Apple, Co K 14 NY H Art 1848-1908 (Section G)
Anis, his wife, 1844-1925 (Section G)
Loretta M., 1879-1909 (Section G)
Charles A. Stowell, 1858-1947 (Section G)
Hiram N., their son, 1866-1915 (Section G)

Apple Headstone (Section P)
Maurice H. Apple, 1900-1979 (Section P)
Iva M., his wife, 1913- (Section P)
Myron O. Apple, 1876-1948 (Section P)
Julia Force, his wife, 1876-1945 (Section P)
Harold D., son, 1913-1977 (Sectoin P)

Beulah C. Appleby, Sept 22, 1914 - (Section L)
William E. Appleby, TEC 5 US Army, World War II, Nov 28, 1915 - Nov 1, 1986 (Section L)
William E. Appleby, Jr., Beloved son, brother & friend, July 27, 1947 - Feb 18, 2000 (Section L)

Alexander Aravantinos, 1940-1989 (Section Q)
Angelina Aravantinos, 1942- (Section Q)
Erato K. Aravantinos, 1912-1988 (Section Q)
Christos S. Aravantinos, 1891-1955 (Section Q)

Ardner (See also: Orford)

Eliza M., daut of Wm P & Malinda Armitage, died June 39, 1853, AE 19 yrs (Section H)

Armstrong (See also: Martin)
Adah S., wife of Rev. John W. Armstrong, died Aug 11, 1847 in the 25 year of her age (Section H)

Lawrence D. Armstrong, 1906-1994 (Section A)
Sarah M., 1910-1989 (Section A)

Dell Arnold, 1859-1944 (Section L)
Frances, 1857-1920 (Section L)

William R. Arnold, New York PVT Co G 345 Infantry World War I; March 29, 1894-June 1, 1957; Military Marker (Section N)
Mary Yerdon, his wife, 1904- (Section N)
Mary Arlene, daughter, 1942-1954 (Section N)

Ashworth (See also: Cooper)

Atkinson Marker (no names) (Section L)

Atwood (See also: Walling)
Rev. Henry T. Atwood, 1902-1944 (Section A)
Blanche Tait, his wife, 1905-1998 (Section A)

Eugenia June Auborn, July 30, 1924-July 29, 1994 (Section F)

Austin (See also: Hazelton, Kellock, King, Morris, Waid)
C. B. Austin, 1838-1915 (Section K)
Frances M., his wife, 1839-1919 (Section K)

Leander Austin, 11th NY Cav 1862-1865, born 1839 - died 1911 (Section K)
Sarah V. Miller, his wife, born 1854 - died 1926 (Section K)

Murray A. Austin, 1881-1953 (Section K)
Meda A. Hilty, his wife, 1884-1966 (Section K)

William J. Austin, 1895-1959 (Section C)
Flora S., his wife, 1893-1981 (Section C)

Simeon H. Austin, 1844-1887, Monument (Section B)
Ella Sterling, wife of Simeon H., 1848-1937 (Section B)
Murray (Section B)
Altha H., his wife, 1843-1883 (Section B)
Clarence J., 1872-1954 (Section B)
Mabel J., wife of C J Austin, 1882-1935 (Section B)

Raymond Austin, born Aug 6, 1792; Died Mar 4, 1883 (Section H)
Raymond Austin, died April 7, 1861, Aged 71 yrs, 6 mos (Section H)
Rodman Austin, died July 30, 1843, Aged 76 yrs (Section H)
Polly, wife of Raymond Austin, died May 1841, AE 5* Yrs (Section H)
Alvira M., dau of Raymond Austin, died Nov 28, 18**, AE 22 yrs (Section H)
Saloma A., dau of Raymond Austin, died Nov 16, 1845, AE 23 yrs (Section H)

Gustavus Austin, soldier of the Late Rebellion (Section H)

Austin Monument (Section M)
Lyman L. Austin, 1848-1927 (Section M)
Helen P., 1850-1944 (Section M)
Bessie E., 1884-1956 (Section M)

Grant Austin, Sr., 1890-1970 (Section N)
Nora Linn, his wife, 1890-1952 (Section N)
Arthur Joseph Rubillard, 1917-1981 (Section N)
Marie Helen Austin, Married Dec 18, 1954; 1929-; (Section N)

Ayers (See also: Ayres, Van Buren)
In Memory of John Ayers, who died Sept 12, 1820; Revolutionary War Vet (Section H)
Diantha, wife of John Ayres, died Aug 18, 1813, AE 82 yrs, 8 mos, "My flesh shall rest in hope my redeemer livith" (Section H)

Roy L., son of E & LA Ayers, died Jan 22, 18*0, AE 5 mos (Section H)

Orville Ayers, died May 31, 1893, AE 48 yrs, Co H 20 NYS Cav (Section H)

Ayres (See also: Ayers, Read)
William H. Ayres., 1835-1856 (Section D)
Watts Ayres, 1837-1871 (Section D)
Alden Ayres, 1830-1835 (Section D)
William Ayres, 1797-1850 (Section D)
Jemima, his wife, 1795-1888 (Section D)
Abner Brees, 1821-1884 (Section D)
Matilda C., his wife, 1819-1909 (Section D)
Stephen Ayres, 1824-1906 (Section D)
Samantha A., his wife, 1831-1857 (Section D)
Mary E., his 2nd wife, 1840- (Section D)

Ebenezer Ayres, 1801-1875 (Section F)
Laura Smith Ayres, 1807-1887 (Section F)
Lucius Ayres, 1830-1893, Co. D 16 Regt NYSV (Section F)

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