Riverside Cemetery - Gouverneur NY
Inventory of Riverside Cemetery, Gouverneur NY (Last names starting with B)

NOTE: Between the fall of 2000 and fall of 2001, I performed an extensive effort to perform a full inventory (with tombstone pictures) of Riverside Cemetery in Gouverneur. That results of that effort are shown below. At the end of each entry is a indication of what section of the cemetery the stone is located in. Locations of each section within the cemetery can be seen on the map on my Riverside Cemetery index page.
When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Last updated by Anne M. Cady, October 2001.

Babcock (See also: Brown, Coates, Murphy, Seavey, Streeter, Sullivan)
Note: Back of James Dickson Stone
Earl B. Babcock, 1893-1962, Headstone (Section K)
Helen J. Dickson, 1894-1986 (Section K)

In Memory of Pardon & Martha Babcock, erected by the Cemetery Association, 1839 (Section H)
Erminia, daughter of Pardon and Martha Babcock, she died March 21st, 1827, Aged 6 yrs (Section H)
Maria, daughter of Pardon and Maria Babcock, died July 14th (?), 1828, Age 18 yrs (?) (Section H)
Calvin Babcock, son of Pardon and Maria Babcock, died Dec 29, 1826, Ae 23 yrs (Section H)
Belona, daughter of Pardon and Maria Babcock, died Dec 19th, 1827, AE 15 yrs, 3 mos (Section H)
Unreadable (Section H)

Robert, son of Job & * Babcock, died Jan 4, 1836; AE 8 mos (Section H)

Harold M. Babcock, 1893-1965, Babcock Monument (Section H)
Florence B., his wife, 1889-1959 (Section H)
Harold M. Jr., 1920-1959 (Section H)
Manley J. Babcock, 1873-1929 (Section H)
Jennie Murphy, 1878-1969 (Section H)
Morton D. Babcock, 1865-1933, Babcock Monumont (Section H)
Martha Jacklin Babcock, 1881-1977 (Section H)
Pearl B. Denesha, 1889-1958 (Section H)
Addie A. Babcock, 1866-1959 (Section H)
Marvin W. Babcock, 1868-1939 (Section H)

Edwin C. Babcock, 1868-1939, Babcock Monument (Section H)
Mary L. Morris, his wife, 1866-1926 (Section H)
Mildred L., 1905-1974 (Section H)
Caroline, 1896-1976 (Section H)
Kate B. Graves, 1899-1940 (Section H)
Byron Babcock, 1842-1886 (Section H)
Emily Overacker, his wife, 1843-1931 (Section H)

Morris Babcock, 1893-1946 (Section H)
Jean McDonald Babcock, 1894-1930 (Section H)

John S. Babcock, 1866-1938 (Section H)
Grace Morris Babcock, 1868-1953 (Section H)

Leon M. Babcock, 1880-1949 (Section P)
Elma G., 1887-1974 (Section P)

Jonathan Bachelder, b. 1822 - d. 1904 (Section B)
Martha A., wife of Jonathan Bachelder, b. 1850 - d. 1902 (Section B)

Backus (See also: Cone, Moxley)
David G. Backus, 1861-1940 (Section K)
Margaret L. Webster, his wife, 1869-1940(54), Footstone (Section K)
Herbert W., their son, 1896-1924 (Section K)

Lloyd F. Backus, 1917-1917 (Section NF)
Mildred Backus, 1912-1918 (Section NF)

Judson C. Backus, 1854-1926 (Section H)
Julia Ett, 1853-1938 (Section H)
Leon, 1889-1950 (Section H)
Roscoe J. Backus, 1884-1980 (Section H)
Edith Weaver, 1887-1984 (Section H)
Diana, 1855-1936 (Section H)
Leonard (Section H)

Pauline R. Backus, June 14, 1898-Mar 3, 1976 (Section M)
Doris E. Mayne, Dec 11, 1936- (Section M)

Bacon (See also: Farmer)
Note: Back of Martin V. Burge Stone:
Wm E. Bacon, d. May 20, 1899; AE 71 yrs, Headstone (Section C)
Eliza A., wife of William Bacon, died Mar 14, 1915, AE 83 yrs (Section C)
Relief, wife of Marcellus W. Bacon, died May 28, 1892, AE 74 yrs (Section C)
M. W. Bacon, died July 25, 1896, AE 79 yrs (Section C)
James M., son of MW & R. Bacon, died at Washington DC, Dec 26, 1862; AE 22 yrs (Section C)

Albert Bacon, born April 20, 1825; died Dec 8, 1889 (Section F)
Angeline Bacon, his wife, born Nov 5, 1828; died Jan 10, 1881 (Section F)
Cora A., dau of A & A Bacon, born Oct 3, 1859; died Apr 4, 1877 (Section F)

Eli P. Bacon, 1866-1930 (Section A)
Sarah E., his wife, 1867-1900 (Section A)
Claude E., son, 1893-1898 (Section A)

Bacon/Sprague Marker (Section Q)
Roger Bacon, New York PVT 598 Tech Sch SQ AAF World War II; Nov 26, 1916-May 25, 1956 (Section Q)
Harry M. Bacon, Father, 1887-1968 (Section Q)
Hattie E. Hewitt Bacon, Mother, 1893-1965 (Section Q)

Roy E. Bacon, 1878-1945 (Section P)
Amber M., 1879- (Section P)
Gladys A. Bacon, 1902-1995 (Section P)
Leland A. Bacon, 1900-1961 (Section P)

Mills-Bacon Headstone (Section P)
Fred L. Bacon, 1882-1968 (Section P)
Grace A., wife of F.L. Bacon, 1885-1932 (Section P)
Gladys Bacon Clark, 1905-1930 (Section P)

Margaret S. Bacon, 1928-1997 (Section N)

Bailey (See also: Weir)
Oscar W. Bailey, 1854-1920(Section D)
Helen J., 1852-1903 (Section D)
Nettie B., Mother, 1873-1963 (Section D)
Eva E., 1879-1902 (Section D)

Claude B. Bailey, 1896-1897 (Section F)
Mabel E., 1901-1903 (Section F)
Charles, father, 1863-1932, Bailey Marker (Section F)
Ella, his wife, Mother, 1867-1930 (Section F)

Elijah Bailey, 1824-1918 (Section F)
Maria Miller, his wife, 1831-1884 (Section F)
Franklin C., son of Elijah & Maria Bailey, was drowned April 19, 1860; AE 7 yrs, 1 mo, 28 dys (Section F)
Frances E., dau of E & M Bailey, d. Apr 19, 1866; Ae 8 yrs (Section F)
Henry A. Bailey, b. Sept 2, 1849 - d. Dec 17, 1890 (Section F)

Edwin L. Bailey, 1859-1914 (Section F)
Nina A., his wife, 1858-1938 (Section F)
Little Henney, son of Edwin & Nina Bailey, b. May 9, 1883 - d. June 24, 1887 (Section F)
Benjamin Bailey, father, 1832-1905, Bailey Monument (Section F)
Emily, his wife, Mother, 1833-1863 (Section F)
Mary A., wife of B.L. Bailey, b. Aug 12, 1845; d. Feb 23, 1864 (Section F)
Martha H., wife of B.L. Bailey, b. Feb 14, 1838; d. Mar 30, 1875 (Section F)

Wilber B. Bailey, Nov 14, 1862 - Oct 27, 1933 (Section F)
Anna P. Bailey, Aug 23, 1860 - Mar 12, 1953 (Section F)

W. B. Bailey, "Our Children" (Section F)

Frederick E. Bailey, born Feb 14, 1858; died Feb 2, 1890 (Section H)

Gilbert B. Bailey, 1897-1972 (Section Q)
Grace Dodge, his wife, 1904-1951 (Section Q)

Clarence R. Bailey, 1877-1949 (Section Q)
Grace M., 1882-1955 (Section Q)

Clarence O. Bailey, 1912-1993 (Section Q)
Harriet Todd, 1910-1999 (Section Q)

Bailey Headstone (Section P)
Carl S. Bailey, 1883-1933 (Section P)
Agnes E., his wife, 1881-1978 (Section P)

Roger C. Bailey, 1909-1968 (Section P)
Dorothy M., 1912-1995 (Section P)
Fern E., 1941-1970 (Section P)
Linda Marie Bailey, 1946-197 (Section P)
Charles Roger Bailey, 1936-1938 (Section P)

Baird (See also: Patton)

Baker (See also: Beane, Marshall, Tamblin)
Walter G. Baker, 1918- (Section K)
Elaine L., 1921- (Section K)

Frank E., son of Daniel & Sarah Baker, d. Nov 15, 1896; Ae 27 yrs (Section B)

Baker Monument (Section J)
Wellington E. Baker, 1860-1938 (Section J)
Harriet I. Baker, 1867-1940 (Section J)
Helena, "Our Darling", 1900-1906 (Section J)

Baker Monument (Section J)
Reuben B. Baker, 1820-1908 (Section J)
Mary J., his wife, 1825-1900 (Section J)
Herbert B. Baker, 1863-1942 (Section J)
Addie G., wife of H.B. Baker, 1870-1919 (Section J)
William J. Goodnough, 1843-1922 (Section J)
Sarah J., wife of Wm Goodnough, 1845-1920 (Section J)

Guy F. Baker, 1891-1965 (Section Q)
Edith K., March 6, 1899 - November 18, 1977 (Section Q)
Johanna, Mother, 1871-1950 (Section Q)

Baker Monument (Section P)
Frank J. Baker, 1873-1941 (Section P)
Mabel L. his wife, 1886-1933 (Section P)
Mary Jean Baker, 1923-1936 (Section P)

Baldwin (See also: Sybrant)
Orvis C. Baldwin, 1875-1939, Headstone (Section K)
Susie Raven, his wife, 1886-1939 (Section K)

Baldwin Monument (Section M)
John L. Baldwin, 1864-1924 (Section M)
Nina Hyde, his wife, 1865-1940 (Section M)
Angeline Finley Hyde, 1839-1928 (Section M)
Orvis Baldwin, 1907-1940 (Section M)

Ballou (See also: Laberdee, Smith)

Balmat (See also: VanNamee)
Balmat Headstone, back of Adele Brayton Stone (no other markers)

Bame (See also: Aldrich)
Clyde W. Bame, 1888-1936 (Section D)
Ruth A., 1894-1977 (Section D)
Elizabeth Anne, dau of CW & RA Bame, 1920-1921 (Section D)

Harry J. Bancroft, father, 1886-1973 (Section I)
Carrie B., mother, 1887-1972 (Section I)
Franklin E., their son, 1912-1991 (Section I)
Helen M., his wife, 1912-____ (Section I)

George E. Bancroft, 1863-1945 (Section H)
Jennie H., 1867-1929 (Section H)

Philburt W. Bancroft, 1860-1936 (Section J)
Katherine O. Jones, his wife, 1849-1924 (Section J)
Leta M. Wiley, daughter (Section J)
George T. Bancroft, 1827-1866 (Section J)
Eliza J. Roode, his wife, 1827-1912 (Section J)
James T., 1851-1914 (Section J)
George Roode, 1855- (Section J)
Frances J., his wife, 1855- (Section J)

Burton R. Bancroft, 1890-1961 (Section Q)
Helen E., 1893-1985 (Section Q)

Barber (See also: Cyrus, Small)
Bennie, son of * Barber, d. Ma_, 184* (Section F)
Mother (Section F)

Frank A. Barber, 1854- (Section F)
Sarah, his wife, 1852-1887 (Section F)
Roy, their son, -1887- (Section F)
Randilla, his wife, 1854-1915 (Section F)
Ira Barber, 1852-1888 (Section F)

John H. Barber, 1857-1928 (Section G)

Nina May S. Barber, died Aug 7, 1912 (Section J)

George N. Barbery, 1880-1933 (Section L)
Blanche R. Burns, his wife, 1887-1968 (Section L)
Carl, their son, 1912-1918 (Section L)
Carolyn J., 1946-1980 (Section L)

Walter Barbery, 1843-1932 (Section G)
Mary E., his wife, 1861-1920 (Section G)

Eleanor R. Barbery, born Dec 4, 1914; died Dec 28, 1914 (Section G)

Joseph Barbery, Father, 1805-1888 (Section H)
Maria, his wife, Mother, 1821-1888 (Section H)
Our Baby (Section H)

Bariteau (See also: Overacker)

Barker (See also: Cook, Fergusson, Pierce)
Claude W. Barker, 1888-1963 (Section K)
Mabel E., 1888-1975 (Section K)

John Barker, b. Aug 11, 1824 - d. Oct 14, 1901 (Section B)
Melvina Gaige, his wife, b. Apr 3, 1835 - d. June 29, 1900 (Section B)

Barker Monument (Section A)
Charles A. Barker, 1862-1940 (Section A)
Carrie M., his wife, 1866-1953 (Section A)
Charles Barker, 1914-1935 (Section A)

James E. Barker Family Headstone (Section P)
James E. Barker, 1891-1965 (Section P)
Frances W., his wife, 1894- (Section P)
Corp. Raymond J., their son, 1918-1941, Co D 28th Inf, 8th Div; (Section P)
J. Evelyn Munch, 1913 (Section P)
Robert J. Munch, 1943- (Section P)
Eileen E. Haskins, 1944-1986 (Section P)
Benjamin A. Barker, Vet WW II, 1912- (Section P)
Mazie Storie, his wife, 1912- (Section P)

Barkley (See also: Grandy, Sullivan)
Arthur J. Barkley, 1872-1937, Headstone (Section K)
Mary L., 1872-1935 (Section K)
Malcolm D., 1899-1918 (Section K)
Mary A., 1908-1989 (Section K)
Alger G., 1896-1970 (Section K)
James Gibson, 1905-1935 (Section K)

William A., son of Wm & Bella Barkley, 1902-1903 (Section NF)

Ross H. Barkley, Vet WWI, 1895- (Section Q)
Velma R., his wife, 1908-1954 (Section Q)

George E. Barkley, 1890-1943 (Section P)
Charlotte M., 1904-1955 (Section P)

Barnard (See also: Parker)

Barnes (See also: Cox, Parsons)
Erwin H. Barnes, b. Nov 22, 1843 - d. Aug 12, 1862 at Philadelphia PA, from wounds...at the battle of Gains Hill VA(Section D)
Erwin S. Barnes, Father, b. Dec 24, 1814 - d. Mar 27, 1895 (Section D)
Lucretia Allen, wife of E. S. Barnes, Mother, b. 1823 - d. 1921 (Section D)

George B. Barnes, DDS, 1854-1919, Marker (Section I)
Anna M. Cushman, his wife, 1849-1923 (Section I)

Louisa Jane, wife of John L. Barnes, died Dec 6, 1871, Aged 66 years (Section F)
Harriet Barnes Galpin, 1829-1919 (Section F)
John Barnes, son of (rest unreadable) (Section F)
Aaron B. Cutting, born at Crarys Mills NY Feb 2, 1836; died at Montclair NJ Feb 28, 1919 (Section F)
Ellen M. Barnes, wife of Aaron B. Cutting, born Aug 5, 1836; d. Feb 13, 1913 (Section F)
Harriet Barnes, dau of (unreadable) born 1862, died 1889 (Section F)

Norman? Barnes, died Sept 27, 1838 (Section H)
In Memory of Asaph Barnes, who died May 4th, 1824; Aged 36 yrs (Section H)
? Barnes, May 17, 1827 (Section H)
Munson Barnes, died May 1822, AE 2 yrs (Section H)
Serve?, consort of Charles Barnes, who died ... 29th 1826, Aged 65 yrs (Section H)
In Memory of Benton Barnes, who died ...22, 1848, Aged 66 yrs (Section H)
Mamre, wife of Reuben Barnes, died Oct 6, 1845 in her 93 yr (Section H)
Nancy, wife of Rockwell Barnes, Dec 11, 1864; AE 77 yrs & 1 mo (Section H)
Rockwell Barnes, died July 4, 1869; AE 81 yrs, 5 mo, 12 dys (Section H)
Rockwell W., son of R. & N. Barnes, died 1841, AE 17 yrs, 3 mos (Section H)

Edwin Barnes, 1817-1861 (Section H)
Abigail R. Smith, his wife, 1816-1878 (Section H)

Barnes Monument (Section A)
Mary Thrall, wife of C. W. Barnes, 1845-1924 (Section A)
Bessie Abagail, daughter, 1878-1929 (Section A)

Edith Enslow Barnes, 1881-1937 (Section A)

Barney (See also: Winslow)
Note: Back of Andrew Hurlbut Stone:
James Barney, d. Jan 18, 1879; Aged 74 yrs, Headstone (Section C)
Addelaide E., wife of James Barney, d. Sept 26, 1871; Aged 64 yrs & 6 mos (Section C)

Albert M. Barney, b. Nov 19, 1837; d. Aug 24, 1886; Monument (Section B)
Lutie M. S. Barney, died April 12, 1883; Aged 34 yrs, Monument (Section B)
Milton Barney, b. May 1, 1808; d. July 3, 1895 (Section B)
Catharine S. VanBuren, wife of Milton Barney, b. Oct 27, 1807; d. Nov 29, 1881 (Section B)
Florella L. Barney, b. June 10, 1835; d. Feb 26, 1841 (Section B)
In memory of: Morris H.., son of Milton & Catherine Barney, b. Sept 28, 1842 (Section B)

Arnold S. Barney, New York PVT 301 AUX RMT Dep QMC World War I; Jan 29, 1887 - Apr 26, 1953 (Section A)

Don L. Barney, 1903-1984 (Section A)
Beulah Cook, his wife, 1913- (Section A)
Douglas C., brother, 1899-1971 (Section A)
Sally, -1950- (Section A)
Austin M., Father, 1866-1927 (Section A)
Arnold S., son, 1887-1953 (Section A)
Harry C., son, 1889-1947 (Section A)
Daniel Jr., -1954- (Section A)

Floyd R. Barney, New York PFC Co B 148 Inf World War I; May 6, 1892-Feb 20, 1965 (Section N)

William G. Barnhart, Pvt US Army, World War II, 1924-1975 (Section L)
Laurel E. Barnhart, Beloved Mother, 1918-1992 (Section L)

*lorell A. & Florence Barnum, on top of bench (Section B)
Oramel G. Barnum, 1819-1884 (Section B)
Daisy Barnum, 1871-1926 (Section B)
Harty F. Barnum, 1822-1901 (Section B)
Frank T. Damon, 1852-1927 (Section B)
Effie F., his wife, 1861-1916 (Section B)

Ossian D. Barnum, 1847-1908, Marker (Section D)
Ella Lynde, his wife, 1855-1922 (Section D)
Keren, 1854-1928 (Section D)
Amelia M., 1839-1899 (Section D)
Tabitha Waid, 1817-1898 (Section D)
O. Lagarva, 1815-1880 (Section D)
Martha L., 1842-1870 (Section D)
Nettie R., 1855-1856 (Section D)

Barr (See also: Johnson)
Charles E. Barr, 1895-1951, Headstone (Section K)
Frances C., 1896-1974 (Section K)
William M., 1919-1951 (Section K)
Fred F., 1921- (Section K)
Carmen A., 1925- (Section K)
Vevia May, 1889-1972 (Section K)
William J., 1865-1947 (Section K)
Minnie L., his wife, 1864-1934 (Section K)
Fred McM., 1898-1915 (Section K)

Barrell (See also: Chisholm, Morris)
Almon Barrell, died Nov 1, 1894; Aged 88 yrs (hard to read - felt with fingers rather than read) (Section C)
Sally Clark, wife of Almon Barrell, died Apr 3, 1871; Aged 62 yrs (Section C)

Robert M. Barrett, 1894-1953 (Section A)

Barron (See also: Ormiston)
William G. Barron, 1856-1933, Born in Dundee Scotland (Section A)
Emily Voysey, his wife, 1868-1936, Born in Swansea, Wales (Section A)
Helen Rutherford Barron, died in 1901 (Section A)

Edward D. Barry, died Jan 23, 1917, Marker (Section D)
Emogene A. Payne, his wife, d. Oct 21, 1908 (Section D)

Barter (See also: Orr)

Ruby J. Bartholomew, Mother, 1850-1940 (Section M)
Douglas R. Bartholomew, 1903- (Section M)
Sally W. Weaver, his wife, 1909- (Section M)
George H. Bartholomew, 1876-1956 (Section M)
Carrie Newell, wife of G. H. Bartholomew, 1863-1928 (Section M)

Donald A. Bartholomew, Vet WW II, 1922-1981 (Section M)
Jean D., his wife, 1928- (Section M)
Baby Brian, April - Sept 1960 (Section M)

Herbert O. Bartholomew, Corp Hdqts Co 303rd Field Art France, July 1918-April 1919; 1892-1975, Headstone (Section P)
Edna P., 1901-1991 (Section P)

Charles H. Bartlett, 1827-1906 (Section C)
Rhoda A., his wife, 1829-1890 (Section C)

Barton (See also: Stickney)
Sylvira A. Barton, died Aug 4, 1875, Sister (Section D)

Bassett, Bassette (See also: Rice)
H. A. Bassett, 1831-1912 (Section C)
Jennie A. Poole, his wife, 1839-1902 (Section C)
DeWitt Clinton, Co D 92 Regt NY Vol (on back of H.A. Bassett stone)

Bates (See also: Parsons, Turner)

Battersby Monument (Section P)
George W. Battersby, Vet WW II; 1914-1967 (Section P)
Margaret H., his wife, 1910- (Section P)

Arlettie, dau of EJ & E Baum, died June 11, 1877, Ae 16 yrs, 1 mo (Section F)
Captolia, ... Baum, died Oct 13, 1865, Ae 2 yrs (Section F)
Burty, son of EJ & E Baum, died Sept 3, 1877, Ae 2 yrs, 10 mos, ? dys (Section F)

Baxter (See also: Blandin, Parsons)
James D. Baxter, 1868-1945 (Section K)
Emma J., his wife, 1867-1916 (Section K)
Harold, their son, 1900-1949 (Section K)

John E. Baxter, 1872-1945 (Section K)
Edith P., his wife, 1884-1966 (Section K)
Euphemia A., their daughter, 1913-1954 (Section K)
William H., 1839-1915 (Section K)
Euphemia M., his wife, 1836-1925 (Section K)

William H. Baxter, 1870-1953 (Section K)
Ella S. Morrow, his wife, 1876-1930 (Section K)
Mabel E., daughter, 1911- (Section K)
Carl D., son, 1896- (Section K)
B. Wilma, his wife, 1902- (Section K)
AI B. Hutton, 1898-1957 (Section K)
Venitah Baxter, his wife, 1900-1944 (Section K)
William T. Hutton, son, 1939-1998 (Section K)

Sherd E. Bayne, 1887-1962 (Section N)
Dona M., his wife, 1897-1994 (Section N)
Leslie L., 1889-1967 (Section N)
Lester J., 1919-1986 (Section N)

Beaman (See also: Myers, Pitner, Wood)
George P. Beaman, 1839-1924, Father, Headstone (Section K)
Jennie A. Ormiston, 1840-1917, Mother (Section K)
L. Belle Beaman, 1865-1952 (Section K)

George Beaman, 1882-1953 (Section D)
Blanche Davis Beaman, 1879-1936 (Section D)

Albert O. Beaman, 1870-1953 (Section D)
Elma E., 1870-19__ (Section D)

Beamish (See also: Morris)

Peter Bean, Co C, 3 NY Art, Died Dec 19, 1898; AE 80 yrs (Section F - CW)

Clarance Bean (Section L)
Glade (Section L)

Harold G. Beane, Jr., New York PFC Co B 39 Inf 9 Inf Div; Vietnam, AM-PH; July 4, 1947-Mar 7(8?), 1968; Military Marker (Section P)
Harold G. Beane, Sr., Aug 29, 1924- (Section P)
Margaret Baker, Aug 16, 1928- (Section P)
Brenda L, Dau, Mar 29, 1959- (Section P)

Joseph Beane, 1890-1954 (Section P)
Beatrice A., 1906-1946, Second Marker (Section P)

Fred Beard, 1867-1904 (Section H)

Beardslee, Beardslie
Norman Beardslee, 1819-1899 (Section C)
Mary A., his wife, 1822-1907 (Section C)
Eben L., their son, 1856-1886 (Section C)
Lavina, his wife, 1859-1930 (Section C)
Their Children:
Emily J., 1846-1847 (Section C)
Harriet A., 1851-1858 (Section C)
Rosalia M., 1853-1858 (Section C)
Nettie M., 1864-1879 (Section C)

Orange H. Beardslee, 1849-1928, Rhodes/Beardslee Monument (Section B)
Olive Eliza, his wife, 1851-1938 (Section B)

Ezekiel Beardslee, died Oct 30, 1862, Aged 92 (Section F)
Charley, wife of Ezekiel Bearslie, died June 26, 1842, Ated ?1 yrs, 10 mo, 20 dys (Section F)
Eben Leavenworth Beardslee, born Dec 29, 1793; died in Gouverneur Nov 22, 1878 (Section F)
Nancy, wife of E. L. Beardslee, died June 8, 1868, Aged 62 yrs, 6 mo, 11 dys (Section F)
Sarah, wife of E. L. Beardslee, died July 19, 1841, Ae 50 yrs, 6 mo (Section F)
William H., son of EL & Sarah Beardslie, died Sept 14, 1834, Ae 1 yr, 29 dys (Section F)
Sarah E., daughter of EL & Sarah Bearslie, died Jan 28, 1834, AE 2 yrs, 8 mos, 19 dys (Section F)
Charles H. Beardslee, died Oct 25, 1826, Aged 17 months (Section F)
Henry Beardslee, died June 24, 1827, Aged 29 yrs (Section F)

Ezekiel F. Beardslee, b. Nov 27, 1843; d. Feb 9, 1886 (Section F)
Mary L. Winslow, wife of E. F. Beardslee, born June 25, 1840; died July 2, 1911 (Section F)

Francis M. Beardslee, 1816-1896, "Father", Beardslee Monument (Section F)
Julia S., wife of Francis M. Beardslee, 1819-1907 (Section F)
Lucy J., dau of Francis & Julia Beardslee, 1843-1897 (Section F)
Sarah A., dau of Francis & Julia Beardslee, 1845-1903 (Section F)
Julia A., dau of Francis & Julia Beardslee, 1853-1940 (Section F)

Elias Beardslee, "Father", born May 5, 1802; died Nov 12, 1883 (Section F)
Nancy, wife of E. S. Beardslee, "Mother", born Mar 8, 1805; died ? 1890 (Section F)
Isaac L. Beardslee, Co D 1st Regt NY Light Arty, Died Dec 26, 1899; Ae 66 yrs; GAR (Section F)
Louisania A., wife of I.L. Beardslee, died Dec 14, 1889; AE 55 Yrs (Section F)

Lewis E. Beardslee, 1858-1905, Beardslee Monument (Section H)
Alida A., his wife, 1857-1937 (Section H)
Roy L., their son, 1886-1895 (Section H)

Elizabeth Phillips Bearslee, 1851-1941, Beardslee Monument (Section J)

BeBee (See also: Bowne)
Donald A. Bebee, 1938-1939 (Section K)

Fred B. Becker, 1872-1944 (Section P)
Mabel Venton, his wife, 1879-1947 (Section P)
Irene J., their dau, 1900-1962 (Section P)

Rev. Barugh B. Beckwith, born at Lytle Conn, March 29, 1805; D. at Gouverneur NY, July 4, 1870; "For twenty three years pastor of the Presbyterian church in this place. A faithful watchman on the walls of Zion"; Monument (Section E)
Maria E.S., wife of Rev B.B. Beckwith, born at Lyme Conn, Oct 15, 1807 - Feb 25, 1881 (Section E)

Charles N. Bedell, Co K, 8 Ver Inf, 1848-1914 (Section L - CW)

Beecher (See also: Frazier)

Roy O. Beenfield, 1903-1953 (Section K)
Genevieve B., his wife, 1909-1983 (Section K)

Beers (See also: Hall)

Edwin Belgard, 1902-1959 (Section K)
Leta B, 1907- (Section K)

Belknap (See also: McAllister)

Bell (See also: Burge, Coates, Jackson, McKean, Tamblin, Woolworth)
Harold A. Bell, Apr 29, 1929-Dec 12, 1998 (Section Q)
Betty A., Mar 25, 1927- (Section Q)

Bell Headstone (Section P)
William S. Bell, 1885-1934 (Section P)
Hazel B. Graves, his wife, 1894-1960 (Section P)
James A. Bell, Sgt US Army; July 31, 1892-Mar 25, 1975 (Section P)
Pauline Campbell, his wife, 1893-1930 (Section P)

John A. Bell, 1905-1965 (Section N)
Helen S., 1906-1983 (Section N)
Robin Bell, 1961-1961 (Section N)

With Wm Miller:
Charles Bellinger, died June 19, 1885; Aged 52 yrs (Section B)

Eliza Bellinger, died Apr 17, 1882; Aged 70 yrs (Section B)

Bellinger Monument (Section J)
George H. Bellinger, 1895-1976 (Section J)
Ruth B., 1899-1981 (Section J)
Marguerite, 1903- (Section J)
Pauline E. Shaw, 1918- (Section J)
Fern F., 1891-1965 (Section J)
Hazel M. Flack, 1887-1932 (Section J)
Thomas P., 1860-1938 (Section J)
Ruth E., his wife, 1869-1929 (Section J)
Thomas P., their son, -1903- (Section J)
William, their son, 1897-1902 (Section J)

Ernest C. Belmore, 1879-1948 (Section G)
Maude M., 1879-1964 (Section G)

William M. Bence, 1879-1969 (Section P)
Inez W. Bence, 1883-1973 (Section P)

Bench Monument (Section M)
George Thomas Bench, 1894-1956 (Section M)
Jessie M. Bench, 1903-1975 (Section M)
James Raymond Roulston, 1884-1926 (Section M)

Benjamin (See also: Chapman)

Bennett (See also: Draper, Rivers)
Lyal R. Bennett, 1906-1968 (Section K)
Ruth B. Bennett, 1906-1989 (Section K)

Henry Bennett, 1837-1916 (Section K)
Harriet Connell, his wife, 1846-1917 (Section K)

George Bennett, 1881-1934 (Section L)
Marcia M., 1893-1957 (Section L)
George, 1922-1929 (Section L)
Donald, 1917-1929 (Section L)

James Austin Bennett, 1841-1920 (Section J)
Elizabeth O'Grady Bennett, 1849-1904 (Section J)
John Emerson Bennett, 1871-1938 (Section J)
William Bennett, 1869-1903 (Section J)

Floyd Benway, New York S. Sgt Co B., 643 Engr C BN World War II, Oct 15, 1909-May 9, 1956 (Section B)

Cleme Benway, 1873-1944 (Section L)
William Benway, 1872-1945 (Section L)
Mary, 1881-1948 (Section L)
George A. Benway, 1912-1943 (Section L)

Mae F. Benway, Mom, 1913-1980 (Section L)

William Bero, Battery D, 1st NY LA, 1842-1909 (Section F - CW)

Berry Monument (Section M)
John H. Berry, 1862-1923 (Section M)
Isabelle N. Tenney, 1870-1942 (Section M)
Bessie Lucile, 1895-1926, daughter of John H. and Isabelle T. Berry (Section M)
Doris Helen, 1903-1927, daughter of John H. and Isabelle T. Berry (Section M)

Annie A. Kirker, wife of F. D. Bertram, 1889-1987 (Section B)

Besaw (See also: Wood)
Frank J. Besaw, Father, 1890-1966 (Section L)
Mary A., Mother, 1893- (Section L)
Ralph E., Son, 1928- (Section L)

Clarence Besaw, 1888-19__ (Section Q)
Iva, 1894-1951 (Section Q)

Frank Besaw, 1879-1970 (Section Q)
Cora C., 1870-1953 (Section Q)

Charles A. Besaw, 1907-1955 (Section Q)
Dorothy A., his wife, 1910- (Section Q)

Clarence M. Besaw, 1904-1995 (Section P)
Mary E., 1916-1972 (Section P)

William J. Besaw, New York, PVT Co 152 Depot Brigade, World War I; Apr 3, 1897-Dec 22, 1963; Military Marker (Section P)
Catherine Dusharm, his wife, 1894-1966 (Section P)

Adalaide Best, 1920-1968 (Section L)

Elmer G. Best, New York PFC US Army World War II; June 8, 1914-Feb 1, 1973 (Section Q)

Arthur J. Best, 1869-1954 (Section P)
Bernice M., 1886-1979 (Section P)
William J. Best, 1929-1958 (Section P)
Esther, wife of Oakley Griffis, 1918-196 (Section P)

Julia Ann, daughter of Herman & I? Bice; b. Mar 2, 1842 - d. Nov 7, 1871 (Section E)

Bickford (See also: Abell)
John G. Bickford, 1857-1938 (Section B)
Anna E., his wife, 1865-1944 (Section B)
Fredrick W., their son, 1890-1910 (Section B)
Ivah A., 1892-1911 (Section B)
"Baby" (Section B)

Robert L. Bickford, 1887-1927 (Section G)

Charles A. Bickford, 1872-1921 (Section G)
Alice M., his wife, 1876-1908 (Section G)

Edna E. Bickford, died Jan 27, 1887, AE 3 yrs (Section NF)
Annie L., died Sept 11, 1888, AE 1 yr (Section NF)

Herbert A. Bickford, 1900-1925 (Section H)
Flossie B., 1896-1968 (Section H)

Bigarel (See also: Skinner, Soper)
Lewis G. Bigarel, 1864-1947, Headstone (Section K)
Adella J., 1869-1950 (Section K)
Floyd F., 1890-1971 (Section K)

Bigarel Headstone (Section P)
Charles E. Bigarel, 1867-1948, Father (Section P)
Mary J. Gosier, Mother, 1866-1958 (Section P)
Gladys M., 1913-1971, Daughter (Section P)
Clifton C., Son, 1898- (Section P)
Arnold D., Son, 1904- (Section P)

Unreadable, dau of ? Bigbey, died Mar 6, 1849 (Section F)

Bigelow (See also: Creighton, Lawrence)
Bigelow Headstone (Section P)
Allen K. Bigelow, 1915-1986 (Section P)
Ardis L., 1914-1990 (Section P)
Adrian K., 1941-1958 (Section P)

Helen M. Bignall, died Aug 11, 1871; Age 26 yrs (Section D)

George H. Bigness, 1884-1922, Footstone (Section G)
Nellie J., 1887-19__ (Section G)
Nellie Bigness Moran, 1886-1968 (Section G)
Helen Bigness Smith, 1915-1959 (Section G)

Billings (See also: Storie)
A. B. Billings, 1825-1905, Headstone (Section C)
Ann H., his wife, 1823-1904 (Section C)
A. F. Billings, 1860-1934 (Section C)
Ada Tyler, his wife, 1856-1936 (Section C)
Blanche, 1898-1918 (Section C)
Roger, 1916-1917, age 8 mo (Section C)
Edward N. Hill, 1849-1903 (Section C)

Charles H., son of DS & EP Billings, died Mar 29, 1857 (Section H)

Jennie Billings, Mother, 1884-1938 (Section M)

Byron T. Billings, 1887-1957 (Section P)
Mabel Frawley, 1907-1994 (Section P)

Birch (See also: Thompson)

Albert E. Birchenough, 1897- (Section G)
Lulu B., 1888-1946 (Section G)

Clifford W. Bishop, 1904-1971 (Section L)
Florence, wife of C. Bishop (Section L)
Robert, son of C.W. & Florence Bishop, May 28, 1933 - July 17, 1945 (Section L)

David Bishop Jr., born March 20, 1834; died Apr 1, 1879; 14 Reg Co K Heavy Art (Section G)
Margaret E., his wife, born Nov 6, 1837; died Mar 30, 1929 (Section G)
Edwin W., their son, Born Nov 15, 1860; died Feb 16, 1861 (Section G)

Ernest F. Bishop, "Pood", 1917-1994 (Section G)
Elizabeth H., "Ma", 1921- (Section G)

Catherine Ann Bishop, 1956-1956 (Section NF)

Alonzo H. Bishop, 1828-1916 (Section H)
Phebe A., his wife, 1830-1911 (Section H)
Their children:
Henry A., 1851-1851 (Section H)
Emma S., 1867-1883 (Section H)

George Bishop, 1842-1928 (Section A)
Susan E., his wife, 1848-1906 (Section A)

Bishop Headstone (Section P)
Garth A. Bishop, 1908-1974 (Section P)
Ruth E., 1917- (Section P)
Garth E. Bishop, 1938-1947 (Section P)
Philip F. Bishop, 1952-1953 (Section P)

Bishop-Ingram Tombstone (Section N)
John K. Ingram, Sept 10, 1889-June 15, 1953 (Section N)
Ella DeLair Bishop, 1890-1972 (Section N)
William H. Bishop, 1875-1953 (Section N)
Myrtle C. Bishop, 1885-1968 (Section N)

Black (See also: Gore)
Robert J. Black, 1870-1941 (Section K)
His wives:
Hattie, 1876-1910 (Section K)
Saide C. E. , 1890- (Section K)
Robbie, their son, 1901-1952 (Section K)
Hazel, 1906-1988 (Section K)
Laura, 1911- (Section K)
Lloyd (Section K)

Moses Black, 1876-19__ (Section L)
Louisa, 1885-19__ (Section L)
W. Erial Black, wife of C. Alrich, 1910-1932 (Section L)

Andrew D. Black, 1872-1920 (Section H)
Lena Mae, his wife, 1888-1947 (Section H)

Black Monument (Section J)
Moses W. Black, 1822-1896 (Section J)
Susan J., his wife, 1835-1912 (Section J)
Daniel S., their son, 1874-1932 (Section J)
Mary E., their dau, 1882-1962 (Section J)
Thomas W., their son, 1879-1937 (Section J)
Bertha May, his wife, 1894-1977 (Section J)

Lyle T. Black, New York CPL Army Service Forces World War II; Nov 13, 1916-June 26, 1947 (Section P)

Robert Blackburn, 1916-1975 (Section L)
Leo Blackburn, New York PVT HQ Regt 1 Army; June 4, 1894-Jan 11, 1924 (Section L)

Blackburn Headstone (Section P)
John W. Blackburn, 1880-1943 (Section P)
Myrtle I., his wife, 1896-1983 (Section P)

Edgar Blair, 1876-1904 (Section G)

Julia LaDuke Blair, 1848-1916 (Section G)
Edgar, her son, 1876-1904 (Section G)

Daniel Blair, 1870-1922 (Section H)
Mrs. F. Blair, age 77 (Section H)

Nelson Blair, 1840-1907 (Section J)
Harriet, his wife, 1840-1922 (Section J)
Lawrence, 1882-1958 (Section J)
Lottie, his wife, 1885-1901 (Section J)
Lettie, his wife, 1886-1960 (Section J)
Willie, 1899-1906 (Section J)
Leroy, 1904-1986 (Section J)
Eva E. Smith, his wife, 1906- , Married Sept 4, 1926 (Section J)
Their Children:
Lawrence A., 1930- (Section J)
Lorraine M., 1936-1937 (Section J)

William J. Blair, 1895-1978 (Section M)
Victoria M., 1902-1985 (Section M)

Lloyd J. Blair, 1908-1984 (Section N)
Jean Dodds, his wife, 1919- (Section N)
Paul J., 1939-1978 (Section N)

William J.H. Blance, 1905-1956 (Section N)
Agnes W., his wife, 1906-1983 (Section N)

Agnes M. (Suki) Blance, July 28, 1933-Aug 27, 1973 (Section N)

Note: Back of James D. Baxter Stone:
Frederic P. Blandin, 1896-1981, Headstone (Section K)
Ethel E., his wife, 1893-1996 (Section K)

Celia A., dau of LM & C Blandin (Section H)
Edna E. Blandin, died Aug 15, 1891; AE 26 yrs; Back of Stone (Section H)
A. J. Blandin, 1857-1925 (Section H)
William E. Blandin, 1863-1929 (Section H)

Samuel Blandin, 1794-1871 (Section H)
Eunice R. Burt, his wife, 1792-1879 (Section H)

Howard H. Blanding, 1884-1958 (Section H)
Hazle Dodds, 1886-1973 (Section H)

John Blevins, 1888-1939 (Section NF)

Bliss Monument (Section M)
John C. Bliss, 1868-1924 (Section M)
June McFerran, his wife, 1872-1958 (Section M)

Bloss Monument (Section M)
Bertram F. Bloss, 1874-1928 (Section M)
Grace R., his wife, 1888-1971 (Section M)

W. Boardman, 1823-1897, Boardman Monument (Section F)
Sarah E. Boardman, 1829-1904 (Section F)

Bockus (See also: Kinney)
Van D. Bockus, 1865-1936, Father, Bockus Marker (Section I)
Sarah Bockus, 1865-1949, Mother (Section I)
Lois B. Winters, 1886-1973, Daughter (Section I)
Harry N. Bockus, 1890-1963, Son (Section I)
Theresa D. Bockus, 1893-1977, wife of Harry N. Bockus (Section I)
Vincent D. Pita, 1863-1953, Father of Theresa D. Bockus (Section I)

John F. Bockus, 1865-1937 (Section J)
James, "Our Brother", 1861-1925 (could also be James Mallette) (Section J)

Francis C. Bodette, 1882-1944 (Section P)
Vera E. Durant, his wife, 1881-1973 (Section P)
Alice Durant Given, 1884-1949 (Section P)
Minnie Durant Planty, 1888-1944 (Section P)

Bodman, 1925 (Section J)

Bodman Stone (Section M)
C.S.B. Jr , 1882-1941 (Section M)

Bogardus (See also: Hutt)
Fred E. Bogardus, Father, 1869-1948 (Section P)
Amelia B., Mother, 1866-1937 (Section P)

Jennie Woodward Bogart, 1885-1945 (Section F)

Taylor O. Bogert, 1851-1901 (Section F)
Jeanette, wife of T.O. Bogert, 1857-1905 (Section F)
George Gleason Bogert, 1884-1977, son of Taylor & Jeanette, "Law Teacher & Author of Excellence" (Section F)

Larry M. Boice, New York PVT CO 152 Depot Brigade World War I; Dec 22, 1895-Oct 10, 1957 (Section N)

Bolton (See also: Fishbeck)
Sarah S., wife of Stephen H. Bolton, died Aug 28, 1852; AE 19 yrs, 2 mos, Bottom of stone (Section D)
Franklin M., died Aug 8, 1852; Ae 2 mos, 15 dys (Section D)

Luther C. Bolton, died Sept 28, 1879 (Section D)
Lydia S., wife of Luther Bolton, died Feb 16, 1867; Aged 46 yrs, 10 mos, 9 dys (Section D)
Lilla M., daughter of LE & Lydia Bolton, died July 21, 1857, Ae 1 mo, 5 dys (Section D)
Jane Ann, daughter of Luther C. & Lydia Bolton, d. Jan 24, 1854; Aged 7 yrs (Section D)
Susan, dau of Luther & Lydia Bolton (Section D)
John S., son of LC & Lydia Bolton, died May 17, 1873; Aged 9 yrs (?) (Section D)

John Bolton, b. Mar 2, 1805 - d. Dec 16, 1887, Monument (Section D)
Prudence, his wife, b. June 28, 1811 - d. Mar 25, 1887 (Section D)
Jennie C. Bolton, 1856-1945 (Section D)
Frederick J. Bolton, 1852-1933 (Section D)

Joseph K. Bolton, Co B 106 NYV, 1822-1909 (Section J)
Olive Foster, his wife, 1824-1917 (Section J)

Bond (See also: Jones, Smith)
Edwin P. Bond, 1813-1885 (Section D)
Matilda, wife of Edwin P. Bond, 1819-1904 (Section D)
Edwin P. Bond, 1882-1958 (Section D)
Etta M., his wife, 1887-1959 (Section D)
Clark E. Bond, 1848-1911 (Section D)
Emma Newman, wife of Clark E. Bond & Fred S. Hill, 1860-1941 (Section D)
Elma, daughter of CE & EN Bond, 1884-1889 (Section D)

Booher Monument (Section M)
Edgar N. Booher, Father, 1887-1933 (Section M)
Louise S., Mother, 1892-1975 (Section M)
Charles F., 1916-1924 (Section M)

Booth, Boothe
Elizabeth P. Booth, 1858-1915 (Section K)
J. Wesley Booth, 1854-1933 (Section K)
Leon G. Booth, 1887-1934 (Section K)

Roy Stanley Booth, New York PFC BTRY E 7 Field Arty, Aug 13, 1896-Nov 14, 1957 (Section L)
Isadora Booth, 1871-1949 (Section L)
William H., 1870-1931 (Section L)
George W. Booth, 1874-1926 (Section L)

Carrie Booth, 1842-1914 (Section NF)

Ethel M. Booth, 1923-1986 (Section NF)

Orvill Booth, died Apr 2, 1890, AE 63 yrs (Section H)
Elizabeth, his wife, died Aug 2, 1906, AE 80 yrs (Section H)
Emily J. Booth, 1836-1913 (Section H)
Benj. W. Booth, died *** 2, 1864 (Section H)
Emily J., daughter of Orvil and Eliza Booth, died Jan 12, 1867, Aged 12 yrs, 4 mos, 16 dys (Section H)
Hester A., dau of Orvil & Eliza Booth, died Jan 15, 1867, Aged 5 yrs, 6 mos, 9 dys (Section H)
Herbert O., son of Orvil & Eliza Booth, died Oct 25, 1885, AE 9 yrs, 1 mo, 14 dys (Section H)

Luther G. Boothe, 1832-1908 (Section H)
Mary A., his wife, 1846-1915 (Section H)
Earle, their son, 1880-1902 (Section H)

Vincent H. Boothe, 1822-1893 (Section H)
Elizabeth, his wife, 1822-1905 (Section H)
Their Children:
Elisha M., 1853-1874 (Section H)
Sabry, 1863-1875 (Section H)
Vincent H., 1849-1902 (Section H)
William L., 1851-1910 (Section H)
John G., 1913 (Section H)
Dorothy, 1926 (Section H)
Byron, 1844-1917 (Section H)

Frank J. Boprey, 1875-1911, Footstone (Section G)
Lillian M., his wife, 1880-1957, Footstone (Section G)
Joe LaReau, 1884-1945 (Section G)

Edward J. Boprey, 1854-1934 (Section H)
Eliza S., his wife, 1852-1931 (Section H)
Bertha, dau of Mrs. & Mr. E. D. Boprey, born Sept 7, 1877, Died Oct 3, 1866 (Section H)

Borland (See also: Corse, Smith)

Ellis M. Boscoe, US Army World War I, Aug 10, 1895-Nov 17, 1984 (Section D)
Anson A. Boscoe, 1885-1933 (Section D)
Levi C. Boscoe, 1857-1938 (Section D)
Alice Reed, his wife, 1858-1923 (Section D)

Peter Boscoe, 1829-1916, Co. C, 98 Reg NY Inf, Military Marker (Section L)
Sarah Jane, his wife, 1858-1946 (Section L)
Arthur A. their son, 1886-1912 (Section L)
David I. Boscoe, Father, New York Wagoner, 1 Pioneer Infanty, World War I, Feb 25, 1895-Aug 11, 1956 (Section L)
Ruth A. Brown Boscoe, Mother, his wife, Aug 12, 1895-Mar 8, 1978 (Section L)

Holton-Boscoe Headstone (Section P)
Edith, 1926-1944 (Section P)
Robert L. Boscoe, 1900-1977 (Section P)
Jessie L. Boscoe, 1902-1979 (Section P)
Richard L. Holton, 1923-1990 (Section P)
Elaine B. Holton, 1927-1971 (Section P)

Boshane,Boshaine, Bouchane (See also: McIntosh)
John Boshaine, Co E, 1 NY V LA, 1844 - 1907 (Section L - CW)
Joseph Boshane, Co L, 14 Reg, NY HA, 193 Reg, NYV 1841-1908 (Section L - CW)

Henry W. Boshane, 1882-1961 (Section L)
Hattie M., 1882-1946 (Section L)

Malinda D. Boshane, Mother, 1858-1944 (Section L)
Fred Boshane, Son, 1903-19__ (Section L)

Children of J & S Boshaine:
Francis W., died June 2, 1880, AE 7 yrs (Section NF)
Edith, died Aug 19, 1878, AE 20 mos (Section NF)
Emery D., died May 11, 1881, AE 15 mos (Section NF)
Milferd J., .. of J & S Boshane, died Apr 11, 1879; AE 9 mos (Section NF)
Milferd J., (second stone, unreadable), ... 1884 (Section NF)

Jeffrey L. Boshane, Jr, Beloved Nephew, June 27, 1997-July 4, 1997 (Section Q)

James F., youngest son of J & S Bostwick, b. July 15, 1859; drowned Nov 22, 1869 (Section D)

John M. Bouck, 1848-1015 (Section G)

Boughner (See also: Kelley)
Albert Edward Boughner, 1892-1972 (Section Q)
Amy Frosdick, 1901-1958 (Section Q)

Boutwell (See also: Smith)

Joseph Bowen, 1856-1933, Headstone (Section K)
Della, his wife, 1863-1932 (Section K)
Keitha A., 1901-1919 (Section K)
Leslie M.., 1879-1933 (Section K)

Hezekiah Bowen, 1st Maine Co D, 6 Corp., 1844- (Section L - CW)
Angeline, his wife, 1833-1926 (Section L - CW)

Nelson H. Bowers, 1883-1949 (Section H)
Mabel E., his wife, 1882-1968 (Section H)

Harold L. Bowhall, father, 1890-1954 (Section D)
Mae T., mother, 1891-19__ (Section D)

Edwin J. Bowhall, 1884-1963, Bowhall Headstone (Section L)
Helen E., his wife, 1885-1943 (Section L)
Doris H. Bowhall, 1909-1936 (Section L)

Martin W. Bowhall, 1858-1932 (Section A)
Cornelia G., his wife, 1857-1940 (Section A)
Winfield M. Bowhall, 1884-1965 (Section A)
Blanche B., his wife, 1899-1971 (Section A)

Merett Bowles, Father, 1850-1906 (Section D)
Clarence Bowles, son, b. Nov 13, 1876 - d. Aug 17, 1897 (Section D)

Bowman (See also: Woods)
Martha Bowman, 1840-1910 (Section L)

Clark J. Bowman, 1844-1913 (Section H)
Euretta A., his wife, 1850-1933 (Section H)
Earl A. Bowman, 1872-1941, Son (Section H)
Mary Anne, 1851-1937 (Section H)
Marian R. Bowman, 1878-1953 (Section H)

Lawson Bowman, 1854-1910, L.E. Bowman Monument (Section H)
Libbie E., his wife, 1855-1925 (Section H)
W. A. Bowman, 1839-1911, W.A. Bowman Monument (Section H)
Betsey, his wife, 1839-1892 (Section H)

Bowman Monument (Section A)
Leon C. Bowman, 1887-1973 (Section A)
Hattie E., his wife, 1861-1945 (Section A)
Charles E., 1856-1921 (Section A)

Fred E. Bowman, 1878-1946 (Section P)
Belvia Simmons, his wife, 1887-1960 (Section P)
Leo L. Kelly, 1892-198 (Section P)
Verna M., his wife, 1900- (Section P)

Chas H. Bowne, 1828-1905, Monument (Section E)
Mary Whitney Bowne, 1845-1922 (Section E)
Hannah H. Bowne, b. in Gouverneur Aug 26, 1816; d. in Gouverneur, Feb 4, 1886 (Section E)
Louisa W. Bowne, b. in Gouverneur Aug 26, 1816; d. in Gouverneur, June 22, 1879 (Section E)
Wilson, ...Gouverneur NY... (Section E)
Maria Bowne., b. in Gouverneur Aug 22, 1832; d. in Gouverneur, July 6, 1842 (Section D)
Caroline Hicks Bowne, b. in Setauket LI, Dec 11, 1811; d. in Gouverneur Dec 20, 1830 (Section E)
James Bowne, b. in Flushing LI, Oct 26, 1787; d. in Gouverneur, Apr 26, 1872 (Section E)
Eliza Wilson, wife of James Bowne, b. in Nassau New Providence Bahamas Islands Mar 15, 1792; d. in Gouverneur May 12, 1859 (Section E)
Alexander Bowne, b. in New York City, May 2*, 1810; d. in Flushing LI Apr 22, 1811 (Section E)
Willett Bowne, b. in Gouverneur May 11, 1818; d. in Gouverneur Nov 21, 1875 (Section E)
William M. Bowne, b. in Gouverneur Jan 14, 1824; d. in Gouverneur Feb 18, 1887 (Section E)
James Bowne Jr, b. In Gouverneur Mar 31, 1822; d. in Gouverneur Jan 6, 1882 (Section E)
Juliet Bowne, b. in Gouverneur Nov 5, 1823; d. June 20, 1891 (Section E)
Susan M. Bebee, b. Jan 23, 1820; d. Feb 28, 1894 (Section E)

Bowtell (See also: Johnson)

Boxdorfer (See also: Irish, Serviss)

Boyce (See also: Morgan)

Samuel J. Boyd Sr., 1828-1915 (Section B)
Minerva A., his wife, 1835-1880 (Section B)

Brace (See also: Patterson)
Edgar Brace, 1861-1936, Father, Headstone (Section C)
Edith, 1862-1918, wife of Edgar, Mother (Section C)
Earl R. Brace, 1892-1977 (Section C)
Elinor Robinson, 1893-1969 (Section C)
"Baby Edith", -1924- (Section C)

George A. Bracey, June 17, 1917 - Nov 4, 1988 (Section L)
Mary E. Griffis Washburn, Oct 10, 1920 - June 24, 1997 (Section L)

Bracy (See also: Smith)

Bradford (See also: Aldrich)

Bradish Headstone (Section P)
Ray F. Bradish, 1880-1973 (Section P)
Sue Jones, his wife, 1885-1946 (Section P)

Bradley (See also: Fullington)

Brainard (See also: Fosgate)
Isaac M. Brainard, 1827-1907 (Section I)
Harriet Calkin, wife of Isaac M. Brainard, 1830-1900 (Section I)
Emily E. Brainard, 1867-1948, their daughter, wife of George B. Johnson (Section I)
William G. Brainard, their son, 1863-1930 (Section I)

Mary Dyce Brant, 1856-1891 (Section H)
Mary Brant, 1891-1891 (Section H)

Brasie (See also: Mills)
Brasie-Curtis Marker (Shared with Elmer Curtis Family)(Section H)
Earl R. Braise, 1881-1962 (Section H)
Nina C. McLellan, his wife, 1877-1955 (Section H)
Velma C. Grapotte, daughter, 1903-1971 (Section H)

Brayton (See also: Balmat)
Stanley L. Brayton, 1904-1957 (Section K)

Adele Hartley Brayton, 1868-1913, Headstone (Section K)

Bertrand E. Brayton, 1875-1944 (Section J)
Bertha M., 1875-1946 (Section J)
Infant Dau of L & G Brayton, Mar 3, 1951 (Section J)
Rev. Henry A. Brayton, 1883-1940 (Section J)
Ethel Jewett Brayton, his wife, 1894-1952 (Section J)
Caleb Brayton, Father, 1852-1926 (Section J)
Minnie Moore, 1881-1928 (Section J)
Gladys Brayton Purcker, Grandmother, 1899-1952 (Section J)

Pauline J. Breaky, 1903-1995 (Section N)

Breckenridge (See also: Charter)

Brees (See also: Ayres)

Charles H. Breese, 1856-1940 (Section G)

Bresee (See also: Staplin)
Franklin H. Bresee, 1877-1931, Bresee Monument, Inscription (Section H)
Effie M., his wife, 1883-1966 (Section H)
Helena May, their dau, 1904-1904 (1905-1905) (Section H)

Benjamin W. Bresee, 1885-1966 (Section M)
Isabella H., 1887-1974 (Section M)

Willard E. Bresee, 1915-1988 (Section N)
Audrey F., 1914-1988 (Section N)
Lloyd H. Bresett, New York CPL Co C Engr C BN 2 INF Div, March 13, 1932-July 4, 1951 (Section L)
Leonard H. Bresett, 1903-1967 (Section L)
Georgina, -1978 (Section L)
Married Aug 25, 1925
Their Children Sally Ann, -1951- (Section L)
Richard C., 1938-1939 (Section L)

Harold E. Bresett, 1901-1949 (Section N)
Edith I., 1910- (Section N)
Robert Earl Dale, Baby, July 1965 (Section N)

Floyd J. Bresette, 1898-1949 (Section P)
Pauline A., 1910- (Section P)

George Perley Brewster, 1875-19__ (Section F)
Olive Myers, his wife, 1896-1941 (Section F)
Thelma Fairbanks, 1916-1974 (Section F)

Briggs (See also: Durant, Porter, Smith, Wood)
Francis D. Briggs, 1937-, Headstone (Section K)
Denelda C., wife of Francis D. Briggs, 1937- (Section K)
Grandma Gen Solon, 1920- (Section K)

Darius Briggs, 1847-1923, Marker (Section D)
Maria, his wife, 1845-1931 (Section D)
Frank G., their son, 1873-1935 (Section D)
Merton, 1898-1905 (Section D)
Harlow, -1899- (Section D)

James S., infant son of F. H. & A. M. Briggs, 1943 (Section F)

Lula R. Briggs, 1891-1970 (Section L)

John H. Briggs, 1884-1940 (Section A)
Maudie Grandy Briggs, 1884-1924 (Section A)
Bernard, son of JH & M Briggs, 1906-1906 (Section A)

Rowland E. Briggs, 1848-1927 (Section M)
Abi Hanson Briggs, 1844-1936 (Section M)

Frederick H. Briggs, 1918-1980 (Section P)
Alice Wall, his wife, 1916- (Section P)
Rodger F., 1942-1961 (Section P)

Britton (See also: Burnham, Littebrant)

Brodie (See also: Rutherford, Van Buren)
James Brodie, 1815-1901, Headstone (Section C)
Helen, wife of James Brodie, 1819-1854 (Section C)
Eliza A., wife of James Brodie, 1836-1873 (Section C)
Hattie M., dau of J. & E. A. Brodie, 1869-1870 (Section C)
Katherine, dau of J & H Brodie, 1843-1924 (Section C)

Elizabeth Harris Brodie, b. Woodstock Vt, Apr 7, 1883 - d. Bryn Mawr PA, Dec 20, 1900, Brodie Marker (Section I)
Helena Gleason Brodie, b. Pitcairn, NY Sept 20, 1854 - d. Salem, Mass Nov 24, 1936 (Section I)
James Fairbairn Brodie, b. Hammond, NY Sept 24, 1854 - d. Boston, Mass Aug 16, 1910 (Section I)
Elizabeth Fairbairn, wife of William Brodie, b. in Rossie June 1820 - d. in Gouverneur Dec 1894 (Section I)
William Brodie, b. at Yetholn, Rocharghshire Scotland July 9, 1812 - d. Dec 25, 1873 (Section I)
William Brodie, b. at Hammond, NY Aug 6, 1850 - d. Nov 6, 1876 (Section I)
Mary Bell Brodie, b. at Hammond, NY Mch 12, 1848 - d. in Gouverneur Aug 2, 1920 (Section I)
Robert G. Brodie, b. at Hammond, NY July 10, 1857 - d. Feb 28, 1946 (Section I)

Lina Brodt, Mother, 1862-1927 (Section L)

Brogger (See also: Taggart)

T. H. Brooke, 1866-1916 (Section L)

Brooks (See also: McKean, Tulley)
Clara, wife of Joseph Brooks (rest buried) (Section F)

Bross (See also: Kelly)

Nathan Brotherton, Co C, 10 Reg NY H Art, 1832-1903 (Section F - CW)

Nahum Brotherton, 1827-1882 (Section NF)
Nancy J., his wife, 1840-1902 (Section NF)

Howard J. Brotherton, New York PVT 39 Co 157 Depot Brig World War I; July 22, 1888 - Oct 28, 1959, Military Marker (Section P)
Ella S. House Brotherton, his wife, "Devoted to her family", April 5, 1905-Dec 29, 1973, Second Marker (Section P)
James E. Gordon, MM1 US Navy World War II; Aug 18, 1922 - Sept 14, 1990, Military Marker (Section P)
Lela L. Gordon, his wife, Feb 14, 1924-June 12, 1994, Second Marker (Section P)

Joseph Brouse, 1890-1926 (Section NF)

George R. Brouse, 1888-1950 (Section Q)
Lydia B., 1886-1952 (Section Q)

Brouse Headstone (Section P)
Cresson A. Brouse, Vet World War II; 1921-1987 (Section P)
Janet A., his wife, 1922-1985 (Section P)

Brown (See also: Boscoe, Clifton, Conger, Fuller, Hill, Laidlaw, Liscum, Lockie, Love, Lynde, McQuade, Mills, Moore, Morrison, Ormiston, Parker, Parsons, Pernice, Pete, Rodger, Serviss, Sprague, Tyler, VanDuzee, Whalen)
Wallace Brown, 1879-1916 (Section K)
Ethel Haydon, his wife, 1884-1950 (Section K)

Cornelius Brown, 1851-1918, Headstone (Section K)
Elizabeth, 1851-1928 (Section K)
Ala, "Our Darling", 1907-1915 (Section K)
Royal S., -1917- (Section K)

Note: On back of Edward Henderson Stone
Rev. Frank J. Brown, 1879-1967 (Section K)
Essie A., his wife, 1879-1980 (Section K)

C. Rea Brown, 1876-1958, Headstone (Section K)
Maude Kitts, his wife, 1880-1959 (Section K)
Arthur, son of CR & MK Brown, 1911-1911 (Section K)

James T. Brown, 1875-1937, Father, Headstone (Section K)
Mable E., 1878-1930, Mother (Section K)
Worth E., 1913-1919 (Section K)
James, 1916- (Section K)
Aileen E., 1915- (Section K)

Charles Frederick Brown, 1884-1962 (Section K)
Lulu L. Davis, 1886-1948 (Section K)

Michael I. Brown, 1860-1918 (Section K)
Nellie, his wife, 1866-1926 (Section K)
Joseph Cairnes, brother (Section K)
William Brown, brother (Section K)

Note: Back of Hiram Nichols Stone:
Francis L. Brown, 1861-1915 (Section C)
Electa A., his wife, 1854-1943 (Section C)
Earl Herbert Brown, father, 1883-1963 (Section C)
Alice E. Price Brown, mother, 1882-1949 (Section C)
Harry, 107 Inf 27 Div World War (Section C)
Mary Jean, dau of NE & SL Brown, Aug 17, 1944 (Section C)

Robert R. Brown, 1891-1941 (Section B)
Sarah E., 1892-1978 (Section B)

Floyd S. Brown, 1880-1943 (Section B)
Bertha Brown, 1879-1953 (Section B)
Philinda A. Babcock, wife of R. M. Brown, died Feb 28, 1883, AE 27 yrs, Monument (Section B)
Infant Son of RM & PA Brown, died Apr 18, 1882, AE 2 mos, 1 dy (Section B)
Robert M. Brown, 1851-1940 (Section B)
Sarah E., 1865-1958 (Section B)

Robert C. Brown, 1920 - (Section B)
Lucille M., 1926 - (Section B)

Natives of Scotland:
James Brown, b. May 20, 1821 - d. Oct 8, 1900 (Section B)
Jennett, his wife, b. Oct 14, 1821 - d. Jan 2, 1913 (Section B)
Archibald, 1846-1864 (Section B)
Marcy L., dau of JR & AE Brown, died (Section B)

Albert Brown, 1875-1947 (Section B)
Erma, his wife, 1877-1909 (Section B)
hattie E., their dau, 1909-1909 (Section B)

Rose Ann Brown, 1807-1904, Next to Anna McEwen stone (Section D)

Alvin Brown, 1875-1942 (Section D)
Mildred, wife of Alvin Brown, 1878-1930 (Section D)

Nathan E. Brown, 1851-1933, Marker (Section D)
His wives:
Leaphy, 1836-1919 (Section D)
Sarah, 1857-1930 (Section D)
Laura E. White, died Sept 13, 1893; AE 42 yrs (Section D)
Esther A. Lyon, died Aug 17, 1901: AE 63 yrs (Section D)
Wm Martin, Bat D, 1st Light Art, died Mar 27, 1910: Aged 73 yrs (Section D)
Emily, wife of Harvey Martin, died May 22, 1856; AE 45 yrs (Section D)
Levi Crawford, died Mar 22, 1865; AE 34 yrs (Section D)

Christopher Brown, Father, Dec 17, 1819-Sept 19, 1907; Marker (Section D)
Dian, wife of Christopher Brown, Sept 21, 1819-Mar 6, 1846 (Section D)
Roxana, wife of Christopher Brown, Feb 11, 1817-Dec 17, 1860 (Section D)
Jane, wife of Christopher Brown, Feb 24, 1830-Sept 28, 1902 (Section D)
James G. Brown, Dec 29, 1849 - Oct 19, 1883 (Section D)
Ida S. Brown, wife of Adelbert Willis, Mar 30, 1854-Jan 18, 1884 (Section D)
Jean F., wife of B.F. Brown, July 15, 1861 - Apr 11, 1889 (Section D)
Benjamin F. Brown, 1856-1938, Marker (Section E)
Agnes Fife, his wife, 1867-1951 (Section E)
Anna S., his wife, 1862-1921 (Section E)
Marion R., dau of BF & JF Brown, 1888-1919 (Section E)

Henry, ... Catherine Brown...(rest unreadable) (Section D)

In memory of Cyrus, son of Job & Martha Brown, died 28th Nov 1811; Aged 8 days. Also an infant daughter who died June 28th, 1817 (Section F)
Unreadable (Section F)

Amos W. Brown, 1819-1904 (Section F)
Mary M., his wife, 1824-1899 (Section F)
William H. Merriman, 1852-1890 (Section F)
Amelia A., his wife, 1848-1906 (Section F)
C. L. Brown, 1858-1905 (Section F)
Mattie L., his wife, 1862-1933 (Section F)
N. M. Pike, 1837-1906 (Section F)

Ray W. Brown, 1882-1944 (Section L)
Mattie M., his wife, 1888-1959 (Section L)
Their Children:
Anna M., 1912-1981 (Section L)
Henry Joseph, son of RW & MM Brown, 1914 - 1917 (Section L)

Byron B. Brown, son of Robert & Margaret Brown, 1857-1913 (Section G)

Fredrick H. Brown, 1869-1946 (Section H)
Hattie Taylor, 1873-1959 (Section H)
Leon R., 1898-1946 (Section H)
Thelma Smith, his wife, 1899-1986 (Section H)
Russel D. Brown, New York, AMM1 USNR World War II, Nov 7, 1923 - March 15, 1965 (Section H)
James Cronk, 1869-1921 (Section H)
Emma Taylor, 1879-19__ (Section H)

George E. Brown, 1874-1921 (Section J)
Alice L. VanOrnum, 1879-1931 (Section J)
Married Sept 6, 1899

Charles H. Brown, 1903-1967 (Section A)
Edna S. Brown, 1904-1979 (Section A)

John Brown, 1876- (Section A)
Nellie E., his wife, 1870- (Section A)
Their Children: (next two names)
Minnie M., 1894-1914 (Section A)
Frances R., 1900 (Section A)
Sarah (Section A)
Mother (Section A)
Father (Section A)
James W. Brown, 1874-1942 (Section A)
Dyke (Section A)

Eva Stevens, wife of Karl Brown, 1907-1924 (Section A)

Maria Brownell< 1855-1922 (Section G)

Jed Brozzo, Soldier of the late Rebellion, died Jan 30, 1897; AE 89 yrs (Section F - CW)

Henry William Brozzo, 1897-1957 (Section G)

Adaline, wife of J. Brozzo, 1828-1916 (Section G)
Judson, her son, 1852-1916 (Section G)

Bruce (See also: Leader)

Bryan (See also: Gardner)

Bryant (See also: Taitt)

Buck (See also: Chase)
Henry K. Buck, 1845-1918, Father (Section F)
Martena A., his wife, 1849-1918 (Section F)
Lee Roy, son of HK & MA Buck, died June 6, ????; Age 3 (?) Yrs (Section F)

In Memory of Elizabeth, wife of Roger Buck, died Oct 6th, 1833; AE 25 yrs (Section H)
Lucy(?), daughter of Roger & Elizabeth Buck, died Feb 9, 1834, AE 1 yr, 2 mos, 14 dys (Section H)

Buck Monument (Section M)
Anthony D. Buck, 1848-1933 (Section M)
Emma A. Patterson, his wife, 1851-1930 (Section M)
Lynn H. Buck, 1884-1964 (Section M)
Vera B. Hurlbut, his wife, 1883-1957 (Section M)

Bucklin (See also: Sprague)

Budd (See also: Mosher)

Bulger (See also: Forsythe)
Aurilla W. Bulger, 1853-1939 (Section K)
John D. Bulger, FLT O Army Air Force, World War II, 1914-1971 (Section K)
William J. Bulger Sr., 1849-1926 (Section K)
William J. Jr, 1872-1940 (Section K)
Mary Shea Bulger, 1886-1976 (Section K)

Merrill A. Bulger, 1882-1952 (Section Q)
Virginia G., his wife, 1888-1961 (Section Q)
Merrill A., Jr., 1914-1982 (Section Q)
Grace A., his wife, 1912-1994 (Section Q)

Douglas N. Bull, 1920- (Section J)
Helen M., 1921-1973 (Section J)

Bullard (See also: Spencer)
Ezekiel Bullard, Age 79 years (rest unreadable) (Section F)
Eunice B., wife of Ezekiel Bullard, born Jan 15, 1800, died Nov 10, 1889 (Section F)
William E., son of ? & ? Bullard, died Dec 25, 1816?, AE 6 yrs, 11 mo, 28 d (Section F)

Henry Bullard, died Oct ?, 1878, Aged 66(?) yrs, 3 mos (Section F)

Dr. W. B. Bullard, died ... (rest unreadable) (Section F)
Lucy Knapp, wife of W. B. Bullard, MD; died ? 1871 (Section F)

Burch (See also: Miller)
Clinton O. Burch, Father, 1855-1919 (Section H)
Helen M., his wife, Mother, 1867-1930 (Section H)
Curtis W., son of C.O. & H.M. Burch, died Feb 22, 1890, AE 10 mos, 11 dys (Section H)
Mildred H., dau of C.O. & H.M. Burch, died Nov 12, 1897; AE 6 yrs, 10 mos, 9 dys (Section H)

Frank M. Burdick, Father, Mar 5, 1842-July 28, 1917, Marker (Section D)
Lucy White Burdick, Mother, Sept 14, 1845- Aug 3, 1919 (Section D)
Nellie C. Burdick, duaghter, Apr 27, 1877 0 May 2, 1944 (Section D)

Burge (See also: Bacon)
Milon L. Burge, Aug 27, 1880-Jan 10, 1955, Headstone (Section K)
Grace M. Adams, his wife, Oct 9, 1889-Aug 11, 1955 (Section K)
Mary Bell, their daughter, 1903-1910, Footstone (Section K)
Helen Burge, daughter, Aug 21, 1912-Mar 7, 1998 (Section K)
June B. Headon, daughter, June 19, 1919 - (Section K)
George M. Burge, son, Jul 29, 1910-Nov 28, 1992 (Section K)
Milon W. Burge, 1830-1908 (Section K)
Mary L, his wife, 1840-1918 (Section K)

Martin V. Burge, died Mar 21, 1886(?), AE 65 yrs, Headstone (Section C)
Oelia A., wife of M.V. Burge, died Dec 20, 1887, AE 40 yrs (Section C)
Julia S. Stalbird, died Aug 5, 1924, AE 68 yrs (Section C)

Burge Monument (Section A)
Andrew M. Burge, 1861-1937 (Section A)
Jennie A., his wife, 1886-1924 (Section A)
Perley M. Burge, 1868-1959 (Section A)
Alice M., his wife, 1877-1969 (Section A)

Burgess (See also: Johnson)

Burleigh (See also: Webb)
George H. Burleigh, 1873-1948 (Section L)
Katherine Peet, 1866-1950 (Section L)
John Wm Peet, 1872-1940 (Section L)
Ordasa Burleigh, 1849-1939 (Section L)
Goldie M. Burleigh, 1907- (Section L)
Garfield Burleigh, 1882-1957 (Section L)

James C. Burlingame, 1907-1953 (Section L)

Burnett (See also: Dains)

M. P. Burney, 1847-1943 (Section H)
Sabra J., his wife, 1851-1898 (Section H)
Maud, 1872-1872, Infant dau of M.P. & S. Burney (Section H)
Grace D., 1874-1875 (Section H)
Edna M., 1877-1877 (Section H)
Mattie, 1879-1879 (Section H)
Lizzie M., 1882-1882 (Section H)
Myrtle, 1888-1889 (Section H)
Frank, 1891-1892 (Section H)

Burnham (See also: Corse)
Guy Burnham, 1859- (Section J)
Cynthia Britton, his wife, 1860-1928 (Section J)
Children of Guy C. & Cynthia Burnham:
Earl C., 1895-1900 (Section J)
Mabel J., 1886-1887 (Section J)
Clarance C., 1887-1887 (Section J)

Burns (See also: Barbery, Dusharm)
John A. Burns, 1869-1928 (Section A)

Burns-Frazier Headstone (Section P) A. Pearly, 1873-1938 (Section P)
Mayne E., his wife, 1879-1939 (Section P)

Burr (See also: Hurlbut)

Burt (See also: Blanding, Fuller, Henderson)
Darius Burt, died May 28, 1874, AE 45 years (Section C)
Sally, his wife, died July 13, 1890, AE 48 yrs (Section C)
? Burt, died Sept 14, 1872, age almost 2 mo, Back of Stone (Section C)

Griswold E. Burt, 1832-1893 (Section F)
Fidelia E. Burt, his wife, 1839-1923 (Section F)
Bruce E. Burt, their son, 1862-1918 (Section F)
Julia Burt, 1863-1941 (Section F)
Mary F. Burt, 1868-1928 (Section F)

Francis R. Burt, died April 28, 1865; Ae 38 yrs (Section F)

Wm T. Burt, 1835-1874, Burt Monument (Section F)
Susan Morse, his wife, 1835-1908 (Section F)
Alfred Burt, 1800-1887 (Section F)
Polly Conant, his wife, 1805-1881 (Section F)
Laurentine, daughter of WT & S Burt, died June 10, 1864, AE 3(?) yrs & 6 mos (Section F)
Ella A., daughter of WT & SB Burt, died Mar 23, 1865 (age unreadable) (Section F)

Elizabeth E., dau of CW & EM Burt, died Sept 6, 1870, Aged 4 mos (Section F)
Nettie B., dau of CW & EM Burt, died Dec 18, 1871, Aged 5 yrs & 7 mos (Section F)

Rachel, wife of Solomon Burt, Died Nov 22, 1833; 21 yrs, 9 mos, 22 dys (Section H)

Preston H. Burton, Sept 17, 1836 - Jan 21, 1878; Second Inscription (Section D)
Maria B., his wife, 1840-1928 (Section D)

Bush (See also: Campbell)
Roy W. Bush, Father, 1877-1959, Headstone (Section K)
Mary J. Lynde, Mother, 1876-1948 (Section K)
Marion N., Daughter, 1916-1917 (Section K)
George E., 1911-1997 (Section K)
Kathryn E., 1911-1980 (Section K)

Nancy E., infant daughter of GE and KE Bush, -1937- (Section K)

Note: Henry A. Dillabaugh on back of stone:
George A. Bush, Co B 142 Reg NY Vol Inf, 1841-1923 (Section A)
Laura, his wife, 1848-1916 (Section A)
Nellie M. Bush, 1866-1939 (Section A)
George R. Bush, 1882-1940 (Section A)

Charles A. Bush, 1880-1936 (Section A)
Mabel A., his wife, 1883-1972 (Section A)
Dolan A., their son, 1905-1957 (Section A)
Emery G., 1907-1980 (Section A)
Hildred Gotham, 1912-1976 (Section A)
Herbert, 1932-1936, son of E & H Bush (Section A)

Bush Monument (Section M)
Anderson H. Bush, 1866-1940 (Section M)
Louise Bush, his wife, 1867-1939 (Section M)

In Loving Memory of our son, Herbert, Missing In Action (Section M)
Gerald D. Bush 1893-1963 (Section M)
Josephine, 1897-1979 (Section M)
James P. Coffey, 1893-1971 (Section M)

Alton S. Bush, 1910-1987 (Section P)
Margaret L., 1917-1999 (Section P)
Married May 3, 1941

Carl A. Bush, 1912-1993 (Section P)
Alice M., his wife, 1918-1991 (Section P)

Butcher (See also: Price)
Milbern G. Butcher, Bat D 1st NY LA, 1838-1917 (Section K)
Maria H. Butcher, Nov 8, 1841-Aug 11, 1934 (Section K)

Butler (See also: Hill)
Joel Butler, d. Aug 4, 1875; Aged 49; Monument (Section B)
Polly, his wife, d. Oct 24, 1907; Aged 80 yrs (Section B)

Robert F. Butler, 1892-1969 (Section L)
Orpha M., his wife, 1892-1918 (Section L)
Dorothy, his wife, 1909-1956 (Section L)

Nancy E. Butler, Mother, 1868-1948 (Section L)
Gordon J. Butler, 1912-1980 (Section L)
Jessie Chilton, his wife, 1907-1953 (Section L)

Lura A. Butman, 1830-1913 (Section D)
Mary S. Parks, 1836-1911 (Section D)

Fred R. Butters, 1871-1947 (Section K)
Helena A., 1874-1911 (Section K)
John F., 1894-1981, PVT US Army World War I, 1894-1981, Military Marker (Section K)
Josephine K., 1902-1981 (Section K)

Butts (See also: Gaddis)
Note: Back of Albert White Stone:
Wesley Joseph Butts, 1894-1972, Headstone (Section K)
Blanche W., 1890-1958 (Section K)
Lillian White, 1892-1965 (Section K)

S. E. Butts, died Nov 19, 1909; AE 68 yrs; Butts Monument (Section H)
Jennie Wright, his wife, 1851-1933 (Section H)
Ruth O., daughter of S.E. & Jennie Butts, died Feb 23, 1890, AE 5 mo, 8 dys (Section H)

Buxton (See also: Gaddis)

Bylow (See also: Phelps)

Bruce E. Byrns, Sgt US Army, World War II; Aug 24, 1916-May 22, 1996; Military Marker (Section Q)
Concordia H., his wife, 1920-1952 (Section Q)
Marjorie W., his wife, 1918-1995 (Section Q)
Merrit E. Byrns, 1883-1954 (Section Q)
Nellie M., his wife, 1890-1951 (Section Q)

Frank L. Byrns, 1873-1949 (Section N)
Carrie S., his wife, 1876-1958 (Section N)
Maurice A. Byrns, 1918-1993 (Section N)
Robert L. Byrns, infant son of LF & VI Byrns, -1951- (Section N)

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