Riverside Cemetery - Gouverneur NY
Inventory of Riverside Cemetery, Gouverneur NY (Last names starting with H)

NOTE: Between the fall of 2000 and fall of 2001, I performed an extensive effort to perform a full inventory (with tombstone pictures) of Riverside Cemetery in Gouverneur. That results of that effort are shown below. At the end of each entry is a indication of what section of the cemetery the stone is located in. Locations of each section within the cemetery can be seen on the map on my Riverside Cemetery index page.
When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Last updated by Anne M. Cady, October 2001.

Albert Hacker, 1868-1898 (Section F)
Truman F., son of A & D Hacker, 1896-1918, Co. H 305 N.Y. Inf, 77 Div, Killed in Action in France (Section F)
Della Wood Hacker, 1873-1954 (Section F)

Clare M. Hackett, died June 14, 1891 (Section F)

Walter H. Hadfield, 1907-1915 (Section G)
Annie G. Hadfield, 1910-1925 (Section G)
James Hadfield, 1884-1961 (Section G)
Grace V. Hadfield, 1890-1970 (Section G)

Hagar (See also: York)

Haile (See also: Aldrich, Gardner)
Sarah Ann, wife of Nathan Haile, b. July 14, 1809; d. June 8, 1841; Marker (Section D)

Charles V. Haile, 1823-1891 (Section J)
Caroline M. Haile, 1822-1898 (Section J)

Haile Monument (Section A)
Our Father, James Haile, died March 15, 1861; Aged 79 yrs (Section A)
Our Mother, Tabitha, his wife, died Aug 28, 1852, Aged 73 yrs, 7 mos, 18 dys (Section A)
Louis J. Haile, died Apr 15, 1880, Aged 56 yrs (Section A)
Lucy A., his wife, Died Apr 13, 1907; Aged 77 yrs (Section A)
Baby, son of Louis & Lucy Haile (Section A)

Haile Headstone (Section N)
Jessie R. Haile, 1881-1956 (Section N)

Haley (See also: Fuller)

Halford (See also: Sulzer)
Muriel L. Halford, Mother, 1914-1991 (Section L)
James W., son, 1954- (Section L)

Thomas Halford, 1884-1937 (Section L)
Pauline F., 1888-1956 (Section L)
Robert (Section L)
Gloria (Section L)

Ralph T. Halford, Father, 1911-1984 (Section L)
Flossie May, Mother, 1913-1975 (Section L)

Hall (See also: Fuller, Gleason, Lawrence, Marshall, Sharpe)
Eugene F. Murphy, 1882-1971 (Section K)
C. Arthur Hall, Nov 15, 1890-Dec 30, 1989 (Section K)
Leona Storie, wife of A. Hall, Apr 4, 1897-Dec 2, 1971 (Section K)

John L. Hall, 1898-1964 (Section K)
Ann, his wife, 1903-1981 (Section K)

Landon J. Hall, 1861-1934 (Section K)
Mary E. Martin Hall, 1859-1951 (Section K)
Leta H. Hall, "Our Darling", Mar 1, 1915 - ?, 1915 (Section K)

T. A. Hall, died June 14, 1903; AE 68 yrs; Monument (Section B)
Mary M., his wife, died Sept 6, 1913 (Section B)
Edwin K., Father, 1868-1924 (Section B)
Eleanor M., Mother, 1868-1934 (Section B)
Claud M., 1894-1956 (Section B)
Vesta C., 1898-1972 (Section B)

Barnabus Hall, born to a higher life, Oct 1867; AE 70(?) yrs, 2 mo, 8 dys (Section D)
Eddie (Section D)
Ellen I, .... Hall (Section D)
Barnabus Hall, died June 20, 1891, Aged 62 yrs (Section D)
Ann, wife of Barnabus Hall, passed to spirit life, June 30, 1881; Aged 47 yrs (Section D)
Fredric R., son of Barnabus & Ann Hall, past to other life, Oct 15, 1890, AE 27 yrs (Section D)

Daniel H. Hall, Jan 11, 1923 - Dec 6, 1966 (Section H)
Christena Hay, July 2, 1928-Aug 25, 1995 (Section H)

Hall Monument (Section A)
Edward S. Hall, Father, 1821-1912 (Section A)
Catharine M., Mother, wife of Edward Hall, 1819-1897 (Section A)
Lott Hall, 1844-1932 (Section A)
Ella M. Hall, 1846-1941 (Section A)
Walter W. Hall, 1849-1910 (Section A)
Emily M. Hall, wife of Walter W. Hall, 1850-1940 (Section A)
Ruth Marion Hall, 1880-1929, Dau of Walter W & Emily M Hall (Section A)
Clarence L. Hall, 1878-1955, son of Walter W & Emily M Hall (Section A)
Jean L. Hall, 1873-1973, Dau of Walter W & Emily M Hall (Section A)
Katherine, infant dau of CL & ES Hall, -1916- (Section A)
Achsah Fuller, Mother of Edward & Joseph Hall, Grandmother, 1796-1885 (Section A)

Hall Monument (Section M)
Lewis Hall, 1870-1942 (Section M)
Margaret Crary Hall, 1867-1959 (Section M)

Robert Hall, Father, 1838-1903, Civil War Vet, Footstone (Section M)
Jane J. Race, his wife, Mother, 1842-1931, Footstone (Section M)
Oscar Beers, 1868-1942 (Section M)
Bessie Hall, his wife, 1869-1937 (Section M)
Eugene P. Gray, 1892-1946 (Section M)
Katie J. Beers, his wife, 1893-1955 (Section M)
Edna Hall Wood, 1919- (Section M)
Milton R. Wood, 1914-1971 (Section M)
Darlene C., daughter of M & E Wood, Jan 1943, Age 3 months (Section M)
George R. Hall, 1880-1962 (Section M)
Celia A., 1888-1965 (Section M)

George S. "Jiggs" Hall, 1917-1964 (Section P)
Frances Morrow, his wife, 1918-1999 (Section P)

Hall Headstone (Section P)
A. Raymond Hall, 1897-1968 (Section P)
June Hill, his wife, 1906-19__ (Section P)
Betsy A., their daughter, 1928-1985 (Section P)

Murray C. Halpin, 1908-1952 (Section M)
Audrey E., 1908-1966 (Section M)

Hamann (See also: Casselman)

Hamilton (See also: Shampine)
Raymond A. Hamilton, 1934-1993 (Section Q)
Frances E., 1940- (Section Q)

Henry Hammekin, 1861-1935 (Section F)
Susan (Section F)

William Hammond, CPL US Army World War II; May 26, 1920-Feb 1, 1983; Military Marker (Section Q)
Dorothy M., his wife, 1923- (Section Q)
William J., "Our Baby", William & Dorothy Hammond, Aug 15, 1958 (Section Q)

Hampton Monument(Section M)
Edward M. Hampton, 1862-1934 (Section M)
Agnes Hately, his wife, 1866-1961 (Section M)
George M., 1889-1956 (Section M)
Ethel M., 1890-1939 (Section M)

Hance (See also: Dier, Parker)

John M. Hannratty, Jr, US Navy Vietnam, May 19, 1940 - Aug 24, 1998 (Section L)
John M. Hanratty, New York Pvt MG CO 348 Infantry World War I, Aug 22, 1889-Oct 30, 1958 (Section L)
Elsie Walrath, his wife, May 28, 1901-June 20, 1988 (Section L)

Thomas W. Hansford, 1905-1984 (Section M)
Gertrude V., 1898-1973 (Section M)

Charles H. Hanson, 1923-1988 (Section L)
Gertrude F., 1911-1983 (Section L)

Kenneth H. Hanson, 1913- (Section Q)
Sylvia M., 1914-1970 (Section Q)

Hardie (See also: Livada, Merriman)
Jannet, wife of Wm Hardie, 1787-1876 (Section D)

Note: Back of Henry Fuller stone:
George R. Hardie, 1859-1947, Marker (Section D)
Jennie L., wief of Geo R. Hardie, 1859-1908 (Section D)
Henry Hardie, Father, 1830-1869 (Section D)
Helen I. Hardie, Mother, 1830-1917 (Section D)
Infant son of R & G Hardie, -1936- (Section D)

Hardy (See also: Campbell, Martin)
Albert J. Hardy, 1871-1913, Headstone (Section K)
Norman H., 1873-1946 (Section K)
Wesley E., 1869-1947 (Section K)

Lottie, wife of John Hardy, 1885-1918 (Section NF)
Their infant son, -1918- (Section NF)

Hardy Headstone (Section P)
William H. Hardy, 1918-1993 (Section P)
Agnes Marie Hardy, 1922-1971 (Section P)

Haring (See also: Webster)

Henry Harland, 1832-1911, Headstone (Section K)
Sophie, his wife, 1847-1918 (Section K)

Daniel J. Harmer, 1869-1935 (Section C)
Clara A., his wife, 1876-1961 (Section C)

Harmon Monument (Section M)
Rolla C. Harmon, 1876-1927 (Section M)
Clara A., his wife, 1875-1965 (Section M)

Frank Harper, 1875-1922 (Section A)
Bertha, his wife, 1882-1928 (Section A)
Sarah Morrow, 1852-1946 (Section A)
Henry, 1910-1952 (Section A)
Rollin, 1897-1979 (Section A)
Florence, his wife, 1922- (Section A)

Note: Back of L. D. Taylor Stone
J. Percy Harper, 1885-1956 (Section A)
June T., 1897-1961 (Section A)

Charles C. Harrington, 1882-1951 (Section P)
Sarah L., 1890-1970 (Section P)
Fred H. Race, 1883-190 (Section P)
Alfred McIntosh, 1873-1937 (Section P)

Harris (See also: Brodie, Foster, Freeman)
Lydia Harris, wife of H.B. Welton, died Jan 29, 1877; Aged 86 yrs, Monument (Section C)

Luther Harris, d. June 2, 1840; Age 73 yrs (Section F)
Mahala, his wife, died Nov 30, 1835; Ae 46 yrs (Section F)
Jefferson Draper, died Oct 31, 1827, AE 20 yrs (Section F)
Maryett P. Draper, d. Sept 12, 1840; AE 31 yrs (Section F)
Freddie E., infant son of Evan & Mary Harris, b. July 23, 1877; d. Sept 30, 1877 (Section F)

Phebe, wife of Joshua Harris, died Feb 3, 1841, AE 32 y, 2 mos, 15 dys (Section F)

Harrison (See also: Murdock)
Betsey Harrison, died July 25, 1872; Aged 77 yrs (Section B)

Nellie Hart, 1870-1930 (Section A)

Harry James Hart, New York PVT BTRY C88 ABN AAA NB; Dec 19, 1932 - Feb 4, 1957 (Section P)

Harry J. Hart, New York WAGR 1 CORPS ARTY PARK CAC World War I; Aug 24, 1896-Sept 3, 1949 (Section P)
Belle J. Hart, his wife, 1903-1964 (Section P)
Michael M. Hart, New York FR US Navy, May 16, 1943-Oct 21, 1963 (Section P)

James B. Hart, 1914-1994 (Section N)
Leola E., 1914- (Section N)

Thomas Harten, 1844-1926 (Section K)
Margaret C., his wife, 1847-1926 (Section K)
Robert Johnstone, 1864-1939 (Section K)
Mabel H., his wife, 1876-1955 (Section K)

Robert Markwick Harten, 1904-1949 (Section K)
George H. Harten, 1873-1941 (Section K)
Eva M., his wife, 1875-1949 (Section K)

Hartle (See also: Hutton, Tharrett)
Jessie James Hartle, 9-18-79 to 10-4-79 (Section L)

Justin M. Hartle, Vet World War II; 1920-1947 (Section P)

Jenne T., Grandmother, 1806-1882, Hartley Marker (Section F)
Edward, Grandfather, 1807-1890 (Section F)
Sylvester F., Father, 1838-1919 (Section F)
Agnes W., Mother, 1848-1916 (Section F)
Wilbur W., Oct 15, 1877; AE 3 yrs, 4 mos (Section F)
Leslie P., Apr 4, 1877; AE 6 mos, 22 dys (Section F)
Laurie S.., Daughter, d. Apr 3, 1871 (Section F)
Edward T., died June 19, 1862; AE 20 yrs, 10 mos (Section F)

Wm H. Hartley, 1824-1895, Marker (Section F)
Harriet, his wife, 1836-1860 (Section F)
Anna, 2nd wife, 1836-1914 (Section F)
George W., son of Wm & Harrit Hartley, 1856-1861 (Section F)
Helen R., dau of Wm & Anna Hartley, 1867-1921 (Section F)
Henry G. Hartley, 1858-1931 (Section F)

Chester Arthur Hartley, 1881-1956, Edgar/Harltey Headstone (Section G)
Blanche Edgar, wie, 1888-1955 (Section G)
Eva Marion, daughter, 1914-1995 (Section G)
Elmer S. Walsh, 1910-1974 (Section G)
Doris Hartley, his wife, 1916- (Section G)

Hartwick (See also: Clark)
James Hartwick, Father (Section L)
Elizabeth, Mother (Section L)
Howard, Son (Section L)

Tacy M. Hartwick, 1899-1986 (Section L)
Leon S. Hartwick, New York PFC 47 Inf World War II, July 2, 1921-Dec 10, 1944 (Section L)
Frank Hartwick, 1889-1935 (Section L)

Warren W. Harvey, 1866-1936, Marker (Section I)
Anna M., 1869-1956 (Section I)
Murray M., 1895 - 1941 (Section I)
S/Sgt Warren W. Harvey, 1919-1945 (Section I)

William Harvey, July 12, 1832 - Oct 29, 1902 (Section J)
Lorinda, his wife, July 3, 1835-Jan 29, 1911 (Section J)

Harvey Monument (Section M)
Harry G. Harvey, 1895-1970 (Section M)
Florence M., his wife, 1893-1964 (Section M)
George C. Harvey, 1862-1954 (Section M)
Addie C., his wife, 1861-1929 (Section M)

Haskins (See also: Dodds, Storrin)
Hiram H. Haskins, died Aug 19, 1869; Aged 42 yrs, 9 mo, 29 d (Section D)
Angeline, died ?, age 36 yrs, Bottom of stone (Section D)
Atta L,, dau of HM & AM Haskins, died 1865, Aged 11 yrs (Section D)

Hastings (See also: Sprague)
Zebina W. Hastings, died Jan 29, 1850; AE 25 yrs (Section H)

Earl R. Hatch, US Army, 1923-1976 (Section M)
Helen McCartha, his wife, 1930- (Section M)

Hately (See also: Hampton)

George L. Hatline, New York PFC 580 Signal AW BN World War II; March 25, 1922 - Feb 25, 1966 (Section P)

Hannah Haven, b. Aug 14, 1809; died May 1, 1894 (Section B)
Newell Haven, b. Mar 2, 1808; d. Jan 30, 1882 (Section B)

Ira G. Haven, Co G. 83 Reg, NYVI; 1842-1913 (Section D)
Lydia M., his wife, 1832-1902 (Section D)

Allen Haverstock, 1882-1939 (Section L)
Mary Edith, his wife, 1878-1960 (Section L)

Erskine G. Hawn, 1896-1936 (Section K)
Gladys P. Hawn, d. Oct 24, 1963 (Section K)

Barney Hawn, 1876-, Hawn Headstone (Section L)
Alice Jane, his wife, 1878-1947 (Section L)

William F. Hawn, 1906-1975 (Section L)
Mary Belle Mills, his wife, 1905-2000 (Section L)
William M. Hawn, 1935- (Section L)
Margaret Cole, his wife, 1937- (Section L)

Hay (See also: Hall)
Bain L. Hay, 1916-1998 (Section J)
Muriel L. Evans, 1920- (Sectino J)
Married Nov 30, 1944

Gordon S. Hay, 1921-1995, CPL US Army World War II; Military Marker (Section Q)
Maxine L., US Navy World War II; 1919- (Section Q)
Clifford G. Hay, US Army World War II, 1918 - (Section Q)
Henrietta M., 1919- ; Wed Jan 6, 1945 (Section Q)

George G. Hay, 1886-1966 (Section Q)
Sarah Jones, his wife, 1894-1986 (Section Q)

Robert G. Hay, 1914-1986 (Section P)
Dorothy D., 1919- (Section P)
Wed June 24, 1939

Hayden (See also: Brown)
Virginia M. Hayden, 1894-1951 (Section K)
Clifford J. Hayden, US Navy, World War II, Feb 7, 1918-Dec 17, 1984 (Section K)

Thomas S. Hayden, private Co B., 142 Regt, b. Mar 13, 1840-Jan 2, 1882; Second marker (Section F)
Elizabeth, his wife, b. Sept 16, 1837 - d. Feb 18, 1867 (Section F)

Henry Hayden, 1846-1922 (Section G)
Sarah, his wife, 1858-1934 (Section G)

William L. Hayden, 1873-1948 (Section G)
Lillian A., his wife, 1879-1964 (Section G)
Wesley I., son of Mr. & Mrs. Wm Hayden, Born Dec 28, 1901; died 1903 (Section G)
Ada and Lottie (Note: May not belong with this family) (Section G)

Robert D. Hayden, US Army World War II, Aug 6, 1917-May 3, 1998, Military Marker (Section G)
Midred E., his wife, 1917- (Section G)

Floyd H. Hayden, 1912-1997 (Section N)
A. Louise, 1913-1994 (Section N)
Married Oct 31, 1933

Hayes (See also: VanBuren)

Nina R. Haynes, 1913-1972 (Section J)

Hayward (See also: Church)
"Among these unknown, here lies the body of Calvin Howard Hayward, son of Benjamin Hayward of Jamaca Vt. Born in Milford, Mass, Sept 1762 - died in Gouverneur NY May 1850. He was one of the first deacons in the Ogdensburg Baptist Church"; Erected by his grandaughter Mrs. W. L. Proctor (Section NF)

Laura M., dau of Giles & Mary Haywood, died Apr 1, 1873; Aged 23 yrs (Section C)

Hazelton (See also: Fosgate)
Donald Taitt Hazelton, Sept 15, 1909-Jan 2, 1974, "Beloved Husband & Father", Hazelton/Sanders Marker (Section C)
Nina Jeffers Hazelton, 1885-1966 (Section C)
Dallas M. Hazelton, 1878-1934 (Member Gouverneur Fire Dept) (Section C)
Ethel Taitt Hazelton, 1880-1920 (Section C)
Mary C. Hazelton, 1856-1915 (Section C)
George D. Hazelton, 1849-1921 (Section C)
Ellen A. Hazelton, 1850-1904 (Section C)
Fanny H., 1819-1881 (Section C)
Thomas J. Hazelton, 1816-1902 (Section C)
Fidelia H., 1827-1908 (Section C)
James Sanders, 1800-1873, Footstone (Section C)
Hannah S., 1800-1873 (Section C)
George S., 1843-1866 (Section C)

Earl W. Hazelton, 1872-1947 (Section B)
Everette W. Hazelton, 1871-1946 (Section B)
Carl W., son of E.W. & E.L. Hazelton, d. Nov 9, 1907; AE 13 mos (Section B)
Dale W., son of E.W. & E.L. Hazelton, d. Oct 6, 1900; AE 10 mos (Section B)

Lyman Gilett Hazelton, 1844-1924, Hazelton Monument (Section H)
Luella Austin, his wife, 1854-1926 (Section H)
Maurice C., "Our Baby", son of LG & Ella Hazelton, died Mar 13, 1882, Aged 1 mo, 8 dys (Section H)
Mortimer James Hazelton, Father, 1876-1960 (Section H)
Martha Plant, Mother, 1879-1964 (Section H)
Mortimer James Jr., Son, 1916-1991 (Section H)

Mother (name unreadable), Wife of W. H. Hazelton; born Aug 19, 1843 - died Sept 23, 1887 (Section H)
Retta M., daughter of Wm H & M Hazelton, born Oct **, 1868 - died July 1, 1896 (Section H)
Wm H. Hazelton, Lieut Co K, 142 Regt NYS Vol, 1842-1941 (Section H)
Hattie Hazelton, Mother, 1868-1963 (Section H)
Vivian P. Osborne, Mother, 1897-1969 (Section H)
Flossie, daughter of Wm & HA Hazelton, born Oct 14, 1890 - died Mar 21, 1892 ( Other side of Stone) (Section H)

Head Headstone (Section N)
Arthur E. Head, Father, 1907-1981 (Section N)
Lillian H., Mother, 1909-1983 (Section N)

Headon (See also: Burge)

Healy Headstone (Section P)
Michael C. Healy, 1851-1930 (Section P)
Bridget M., his wife, 1860-1931 (Section P)
Thomas A,, 1898-1951 (Section P)

Raymond P. Heh, 1916-1988 (Section P)
DeEtta M., 1925- (Section P)

Mack R. Helvie Sr., Jan 24, 1923- (Section P)
Maryann Newell, Nov 4, 1918-Mar 1, 2001 (Section P)
Married July 26, 1946
Born of our Marriage:
Mack R. Jr, Sept 5, 1947 (Section P)
Linda L., Aug 6, 1948 (Section P)
Newell A., Feb 15, 1953 (Section P)
Forrest A., Jan 6, 1955 (Section P)

Henderson (See also: Brown, Davis, Mosher)
Edward E. Henderson, b. Oct 12, 1832, d. May 18, 1901 (Section K)
Mary A., his wife, 1842-1929 (Section K)
Celia, b. Mar 19, 1882, d. Oct 14, 1882 (Section K)

Mary A. Tooke Henderson, 1837-19__ (Section F)

John Wesley Henderson, 1859-1946, Henderson Monument (Section F)
Zelma Polly Burt, his wife, 1863-1940 (Section F)
Frank E. Sutton, 1882-1957 (Section F)
Ruth H., his wife, 1885-1956 (Section F)

In Memory of: Walter D. Henderson, 1864-1962 (Section L)

Charles T. Henderson, MD, 1879-1934, Henderson Marker (Section H)
Blanche A., his wife, 1881-1942 (Section H)

Hendra Headstone (Section N)
Alfred E. Hendra, Father, 1881-1952 (Section N)
Lulu B., Mother, 1883-1973 (Section N)
Frederick R., son, 1907-1985 (Section N)
Irene J. Rotundo, his wife (Section N)

Hendrick (See also: Goodison, Woodward)

Henry (See also: Fuller)

Herheim (See also: Curtis)

Herrick (See also: Holbrook)

Herring (See also: Johnson)
Wm Herring, born in Wilkshire Eng; May 26, 1782; died Aug 12, 1870; Monument (Section D)
Cynthia Herring, wife of Wm Herring, b. May 20, 1797 - d. Nov 3, 1855 (Section D)

Margaret Herring, wife of Harvey L. Gleason, 1907-1994 (Section D)
Herbert H., son of Wm Jr, 1855-1958 (Section D)
Margaret R., his wife, 1861-1945 (Section D)
Sally Ann, wife of Wm Herring Jr, b. Apr 13, 1832; d. Aug 24, 1870 (Section D)
William Herring Jr., born Nov 17, 1832 - d. Mar 16, 1888 (Section D)
Anna J., wife of Wm Herring Jr., 1841-1928 (Section D)
Susan Herring, born Dec 30, 1828 - d. Mar 5, 1843 (Section D)
Emerson Herring, born Nov 7, 1842 - d. Dec 25, 1859 (Section D)
Lovina Herring, b. Nov 14, 1833 - d. June 10, 1893 (Section D)

Herron (See also: VanDuzee)

In loving memory of Elsie, daugher of Wm & Hannah Hestleford, died Apr 25, 1886, aged 19 yrs (Section F)

Hewitt (See also: Bacon)
Cyrus W. Hewitt, 1846-1929, Marker (Section I)
Mary T., his wife, 1854-1934 (Section I)
Ryland H. Hewitt, 1889-1967 (Section I)
Marion S. Hewitt, 1898-1995 (Section I)
Florence Hewitt Jones, 1881-1943 (Section I)
Sons of W.H. & F.H. Jones:
Morgan T. -1911- (Section I)
Robert T., 1914-1916 (Section I)

Donald L. Hewitt, 1924-1998 (Section Q)
Mary Turnbull, his wife, 1923- (Section Q)
Married Sept 4, 1949

Charles E. Heydt, Jr, TEC5 US Army World War II, Aug 28, 1918-May 20, 1993 (Section K)

Hibbard (See also: Draper, Manson)

Hicks Monument (Section A)
Alexander Hicks, 1868-1930 (Section A)
Permilla J. Hicks, 1866-1940 (Section A)
Stella J., 1889-1979 (Section A)

Higgins (See also: Taylor)
Thomas M. Higgins, 1892-1956 (Section Q)
Ruby M., 1904-1983 (Section Q)

Alfred Hildreth, 1823-1900 (Section H)
Talitha, his wife, 1832-1914 (Section H)

A. T. Hildreth, 1825-1902 (Section A)
Maria D., his wife, 1836-1908 (Section A)
W. Hildreth, 1829-190 (Section A)
Betsey A., his wife, 1842-1916 (Section A)
Evelyn A., 186-1907 (Section A)
A. A. Hildreth, 1860-1908 (Section A)

Walter F. Hildreth, 1899-1980 (Section Q)
Emma A. Hildreth, 1899-1953 (Section Q)

Hill, Hills (See also: Billings, Hall, Smith, Storie, Thompson, Toon)
Note: Back of Charles Conkey Stone:
John Hill, b. Dec 12, 1832 - d. ?, Headstone (Section K)
Metilda (Section K)

Andrew Hill, 1828-1904 (Section C)
Margaret Thomson, his wife, 1833-1910 (Section C)
Albert W. Hill, 1858-1934 (Section C)
Jennie Sartwell Hill, 1854-1933 (Section C)
Unreadable Hill, son of A & M Hill (Section C)

Jesse Hills, died Mar 30, 1892, Ae 78 yrs (Section B)
Helen M. Hills, died Feb 28, 1899, Ae 72 yrs (Section B)
Nathan Hills, died Nov 5, 1867: Ae 80 yrs, 11 mos, 20 dys (Section B)
Lovina, wife of Nathan Hills, died ? , 18*9: Ae 71 yrs, 7 mos, 10 dys (Section B)

Robert J. Hill, 1895-1976 (Section D)
Mildred M., his wife, 1900-1966 (Section D)
Lois Ellen Hill, May 4 - Dec 26, 1926 (Section D)
Bradley Kennedy, 1937-1948 (Section D)

David Hill, Father, 1832-1919 (Section D)
Jane Brown, Mother, wife of David Hill, 1838-1900 (Section D)
Lella A., their dau, 1868-1917 (Section D)
Frances, dau of FA & MA Butler, Aug 3, 1894-Sept 12, 1895, "Our Baby" (Section D)

James Hill, died Feb 25, 1871; Aged 77 yrs (Section D)
Jannett, wife of James Hill, died Mar 26, 1884; AE 89 yrs (Section D)
GM & AJ, infants of D & J Hill, died Mar 6, 1866; Ages 4 mos (Section D)
Stuart S. Hill, May 17, 1893 - Oct 17, 1893 (Section D)

Alexander D. Hill, 1848-1943 (Section D)

David Hill, 1806-1881 (Section D)
Catharine Hill, wife of David Hill, 1808-1859 (Section D)
James A. Hill, 1835-1857 (Section D)
Jane, wife of Archibald Robertson, 1833-1860 (Section D)
Helen, wife of Archibald Robertson, 1837-1869 (Section D)
Chloe K., wife of David Hill, 1837-1920 (Section D)
In Memory of: Andrew G. Hill, 1837-1920 (Section D)
Henry B., son of David & Chloe Hill, 1863-1889 (Section D)
Flora G., dau of David & Catharine Hill, 1849-1860 (Section D)

James Hill, 1821-1908, Hill Monument (Section F)
Jane Storie, his wife, 1832-1864 (Section F)
Jane Markwick, his wife, 1826-1895 (Section F)
William Arthur, 1858-1860 (Section F)
Mary E. Hill, 1856-1930 (Section F)
Lena W. Hill, 1862-1932 (Section F)
J. Edwin Hill, 1860-1942 (Section F)

Flossie M., infant dau of Frank & Anna Hill, died Oct 20, 1892, AE 4 mos (Section NF)

Alzina, wife of Nathan R. Hills, born June 26, 1816, died June 24, 1871 (Section H)
Charles, son of NR & A Hills, born Mar 7, 1862, died April 7, 1862 (Section H)

Margaret, wife of Henry Hill,, died May 26, 1895; "Mother" (Section A)

Hill Monument, Backside: Force/Jackson Monument (Section A)
George Hill, 1834-1918, GAR Co D, 16th Reg, NY Vol (Section A)
Mary E., his wife, 1843-1926 (Section A)
George S. Hill, 1881-1903 (Section A)
Charles H. Force, 1871-1946 (Section A)
Mary E. Hill, his wife, 1871-1954 (Section A)
Ernest W. Jackson, 1873-1954 (Section A)
Nellie J. Hill, his wife, 1874-1974 (Section A)

Hill Headstone (Section P)
Clarence A. Hill, 1884-1956 (Section P)
Erdine Charter, his wife, 1887-1968 (Section P)

Albert J. Hills, Vermont, PVT 3 Machine Gun BN World War I; March 5, 1892-Dec 23, 1952; Military Marker (Section N)
Vivian Lucas, his wife, 1902-1993 (Section N)

Hilts (See also: Farmer, Olds, Scott, Thomson, Witters)
William J. Hilts, 1828-1906, Hilts Marker (Section I)
Susan A., his wife, 1833-1916 (Section I)
Susan E., 1862-1871 (Section I)

Thomas Hilts, d. Apr 19, 1886; Aged 76 yrs (Section F)
Elizabeth, wife of G.G. Hilts, died Oct 10, 1878; Aged 81 yrs (Section F)
George G. Hilts, d. Feb 11, 1872; AE 80 yrs (Section F)

George H. Hilts, 1864-1936, Hilts Monument (Section F)
Minnie C. Peterson, his wife, 1867-1915 (Section F)
Ruth M. Hilts, their daughter, 1897-1898 (Section F)

Albert M. Hilts, 1879-1923 (Section L)
Blanche Ormsby, his wife, 1890- (Section L)

Leon C. Hilts, 1873- (Section J)
Rachel C., his wife, 1878-1924 (Section J)
Paul Hilts, 1904-1990 (Section J)

H. Herbert Hilts, 1882-1962 (Section A)

Roy E. Hilts, 1886-1964 (Section Q)
Ada C., his wife, 1886-1953 (Section Q)

William G. Hilts, 1890-1955 (Section M)
Edith S., 1893-1986 (Section M)
S. Hilts Monument (Section M)
Sumner Hilts, 1856-1940 (Section M)
Rosella Thompson Hilts, 1852-1926 (Section M)

John S. Hilts, 1869-1932 (Section P)
Minnie Dygert Hilts, 1868-1952 (Section P)
Gladys Hilts Johnson, 1897-1985 (Section P)

Ellen Hitchcock, 1858-1941 (Section F)

Henry S. Hitchcock, Co C, 146 Reg Ill Vol Inf, 1844-1911 (Section L)
Ella, Mother, wife of Henry S. Hitchcock, 1860-1921 (Section L)
Allen R. Hitchcock, 1890-1918 (Section L)

William T. Hitchcock, 1857-1911 (Section J)
Matie Hitchcock, 1855-1930 (Section J)

C. Hitchman, Mother, 1872-1935 (Section K)
L. Hitchman, Father, 1863-1943 (Section K)
Eugene R. Hitchman, 1959-1983 (Section K)

Mae E. Hitchman, Oct 17, 1914-Oct 6, 1995 (Section Q)

Pearl Hitchman, 1895-1962 (Section P)

Hockey (See also: Goodison, Homer)
William N. Hockey, 1902-1959 (Section L)
James E. Hockey, 1866-1954 (Section L)
Anna K., 1871-1962 (Section L)

Lawrence Hockey, June 19, 1945-May 23, 1999 (Section P)
George A. Hockey, 1891-1955 (Section P)
Bernice I., 1894-1974 (Section P)
Rhoda J. Hockey, daughter, 1917-2000 (Section P)

Hodge (See also: Overacker)
James A. Hodge, 1873-1946 (Section P)
Evva M., 1879-1961 (Section P)
Donald, their son, 1899-1901 (Section P)

Hodgkin (See also: Love)
Damy A. Hodgkin, 1849-1920, Second photo of Headstone (Section K)
Rush F., 1848-1923 (Section K)

Harry H. Hodgkin, 1879-1958 (Section K)
Berniece Lehigh, his wife, 1891-1967 (Section K)
Jay M., 1927, Age 7 mo (Section K)

Gilbert H. Hodgkin, 1838-1911, Headstone (Section K)
Elizabeth, his wife, 1843-1916 (Section K)
Grace H. Anthony, 1868-1952 (Section K)

Hodgkin Monument (Section A)
Jay F. Hodgkin, 1845-1903, Co K 18 NY Cav (Section A)
Della A. Cleveland, 1847-1936, wife of J. F. Hodgkin (Section A)
Nora M. Hodgkin, 1872-1897 (Section A)
Blanche A. Hodgkin, 1875-1966 (Section A)

Hoffmeister (See also: Morehouse)
Edward F. Hoffmeister, 1904-1985 (Section H)
Alta K., 1909-1994 (Section H)

Hogenboon (See also: VanDuzee)

Charlie B., son of L. & JA Holbrook, died Sept 3, 1861 (Section D)

Francis M. Holbrook, Father, 1823-1906; Monument (Section D)
Arlena M., wife of F. M. Holbrook, Mother, 1830-1903 (Section D)
Fannie M. Holbrook, wife of E.T. Herrick, 1853-1881 (Section D)
"Fannie's Little Boy", 1881-1881 (Section D)
Henry R., son of ? Holbrook; d. Sept 9, 18*2; Aged 7 yrs (Section D)
James R. Holbrook, died Apr *, 18**; (Section D)

Frank Holl, 1851-1903 (Section B)
Mary E. Wiggins, 1838-1905 (Section B)

Fred A. Holland, 1862-19__, Holland Headstone (Section G)
Ella M., 1871-1948 (Section G)
Clare M.< 1899-1916 (Section G)

Holland Headstone (Section P)
Edwin P. Holland, 1887-1971 (Section P)
Gertrude S., 1892-1980 (Section P)
Worth W., 1924-1945 (Section P)

Michael E. Holley, born in Ireland, 1854-1928 (Section L)
Alice M., his wife, 1857-1919; Second Marker, Mother - In Memory of Mrs. M.E. Holley, died Feb 16, 1919, Age 62 yrs, Close-up of Inscription (Section L)
Mary, their dau, 1890-1915 (Section L)
Leslie H., theis son, 1894-1918 (Section L)
Alice T. Holley, 1884-1953 (Section L)
Mary, dau of ME & Alice Holley, 1890-1915 (Section L)
In Memory of Private Leslie H. Holley, United States Army, Co B, 312 Military Police who died Oct 29, 1918, Close-up of Inscription (Section L)

John W. Holly, 1880-1950 (Section K)
Ethel Hurlbut, his wife, 1890-1960 (Section K)

Holmes (See also: Rowe)
Wm Holmes, 1819-1881 (Section B)
Carolina, his wife, 1831-1887 (Section B)
Albina, dau of *, died * 23, 185* (Section B)

Elijah Holmes, Grandfather, Marker (Section D)
Eliza Holmes, Grandmother (Section D)
Nellie McVean Holmes (Section D)
George Murray Holmes (Section D)

Herbert Holmes, 1880-1949 (Section D)

Note: Back of Fremont Fuller Stone:
Adam J. Holmes, 1844-1919 (Section D)
Edith Fuller, his wife, 1853-1933 (Section D)
Infant dau, of AJ & E Holmes, AE 12 wks (Section D)

Gertrude Holmes, 1879-1959 (Section D)

Joseph Holmes, Co H, 20 NY V C 1829-1911 (Section L - CW)

Frederick S. Holmes, Father, 1876-1963 (Section G)
Emma Duquette, Mother, 1887-1956 (Section G)

Charlotte Holmes, 1924-1995 (Section G)
Mary L. Wilhelmy, 1912-1997 (Section G)
Ethel E. Holmes, 1918-1918 (Section G)

Frank D. Holmes, Father, 1837-1924 (Section H)
Ora Campbell Holmes, Mother, 1866-1946 (Section H)
Kenneth Holmes, 1897-1908 (Section H)

Glenn E. Holmes, New York PVT 37 Mess SQ AAF World War II; May 7, 1905-June 19, 1964 (Section P)
Olive C. Holmes, 1912-1979 (Section P)
Herbert H. Holmes, 1921-1950 (Section P)
Violet R., 1924- (Section P)

Robert A. Holmes, New York PFC Co B 3 Tank BN World War II; July 23, 1915-May 13, 1955; USA 43-45; Military Marker(Section N)
Doris S., his wife, 1919- (Section N)

M. J. Holt, 1824-1865 (Section C)
Ardelia Holt, dau of M & ?, died ? 25, 1857 (Section C)
Unreadable (Section C)

Captain N. Holt, 1859-1928 (Section G)

Holton (See also: Boscoe)

Homer (See also: Farmer)
Charles E. Homer, 1873-1959 (Section L)
Edith Mae, his wife, 1878-1938 (Section L)

Donald S. Homer, 1907-1986, Homer Stone (Section G)
Ruth Hockey, his wife (Section G)

Homer Headstone (Section P)
Keith E. Homer, US Army World War II; July 29, 1905-Dec 31, 1990; Military Marker (Section P)
Ena T., his wife, 1905-1965 (Section P)
Lloyd, 1907-1986 (Section P)
Everett R., Father, 1878-1946 (Section P)
Dora L., Mother, 1883-1939 (Section P)
Vernon R., 1908-1967 (Section P)
Doris I. McDonald, 1910-1986 (Section P)

Honeycomb, Honeycombe
John S. Honeycombe, 1832-1923 (Section C)
Fidelia, his wife, 1837-1894 (Section C)
John W. Honeycomb, 1868-1918 (Section C)
Helen E., his wife (Section C)
Virgil F. Honeycomb, 1861-1938 (Section C)
John Howard, son of JW & ME Honeycomb, 1893-1899 (Section C)

Samuel Honeycomb, b. Oct 12, 1809; died July 5, 1882, Monument (Section C)
Lucinda, his wife, b. Feb 26, 1826; died June 13, 1905 (Section C)
Florence, dau of S. & L. Honeycomb, b. July 30, 1851; d. Sept 25, 1862 (Section C)
Sarah J. Honeycomb, wife of Clark R. Dodds, Dec 15, 1857 - Sept 29, 1887 (Section C)
Clark R. Dodds, Jan 3, 1854-Dec 5, 1905 (Section C)
Harold Smith, infant, -1893- (Section C)
Blanche J. Dodds, wife of Joseph A. Dibley, Feb 2, 1877 - May 28, 1960 (Section C)
Iva L. Dodds, daughter of Clark & Sarah Dodds, Aug 10, 1880-Mar 25, 1976 (Section C)

Welton C. Hooper, 1885-1959 (Section B)
Beulah Taylor, his wife, 1902-1997 (Section B)
Edmond, infant son, 1928-1929 (Section B)

Hoover (See also: Cannoy, Klock)
Adolphus F. Hoover, 1855-1930 (Section B)
Jennie Powell Hoover, 1861-1912 (Section B)

Byron E. Hoover, 1861-1924 (Section D)
Theodosia, his wife, 1865-1939 (Section D)
Robert D., son of BE & TE Hoover, 1894-1899 (Section D)
Roswell H., son of BE & TE Hoover, 1892-1899 (Section D)

Frank B. Hoover, 1859-1904 (Section D)

Wm Hoover, 1863-1939 (Section H)
Anna Hoover, his wife, 1869-1955 (Section H)

Joseph Hopkins, d. Dec 13, 1875; Aged 79 yrs (Section F)
Pamelia, wife of Joseph Hopkins, d. Feb 21, 1860; Aged 43 yrs (Section F)
Emily Hopkins, died March 2, 1856; AE 14 yrs, 11 mos (Section F)
Wm Arthur Hopkins, d. April 4, 1859, AE 13 mo, 15 dys (Section F)

Hopper (See also: O'Donnel)

Horgan (See also: Thrall)

Emma Jane D., daut of John H. & Jane J. Hornbrook, died Mar 16, 1871; AE 1 yr, 10 mos, 20 dys (Section H)

Gilpin/Hornbrook Monument (Section M)
John B. Hornbrook, 1879-1940 (Section M)
Virginia M., his wife, 1882-1966 (Section M)

Horr (See also: Whitney)
Peter Horr, died Dec 24, 1871, Aged 82 yrs, 1 mo, 21 days, Horr Marker (Section F)
Matilda Graves, wife of Peter Horr, died Mar 12, 1887; Ae 87 years (Section F)

Blanche Tait Horton, 1905- (Section L)
Milton A. Horton, Father, 1910-1969 (Section L)
Carolyn I., 1943-1958 (Section L)

Caroline Irene Horton, 1943-1958 (Section L)

Fred A. Horton, 1889-1969 (Section Q)
Lucy I., 1889-1957 (Section Q)

Mrs. Ruth Hosmer, d. June 22, 1854, Aged 73 yrs (Section F)

Martha, wife of Manson Hosmer of Gloversville, d. Jan 14, 1839 while on a visit at her fathers, Aged 26 yrs, 2 mos, 1 dy (Section F)

Churchill/Hosmer Monument (Section H)
Christine C. Hosmer, 1892-1983 (Section H)
Doris E. Howe Hosmer, 1895-1971 (Section H)
Forrest C. Hosmer, 1895-1968 (Section H)
Noahdiah H. Churchill, 1861-1921 (Section H)
Vanburen Churchill, 1856-1929 (Section H)
Marget Lockie Churchill, 1854-1936 (Section H)
Alson M. Hosmer, 1858-1935 (Section H)
Jennie A., his wife, 1864-1940 (Section H)

Bela Hough, died Dec 28, 1881; Age 81 yrs, Monument (Section B)
Amos Hough, died Aug 15, 1813; AE 41 yrs (Section B)
Hannah, his wife, died Apr 1, 1840; Aged 68 yrs (Section B)
Mary, wife of E. Hough (Section B)
Almeda Hough, d. Feb 22, 1858; Aged 51 yrs (Section B)
Amanda, wife of Anson Temple, died Mar 22, 1856; AE 43 y, 3 mos, 16 dys (Section B)
Alanson Hough, d. Dec 10, 1876; Aged 78 yrs, 6 mos, 29 dys (Section B)

Houghton (See also: Fox)

House (See also: Simmons, Taylor)
Lawrence House, 1904-1967 (Section L)
Samuel E. House, 1861-1932 (Section L)
Almira House, 1867-1940 (Section L)
Elda House, 1889-1963 (Section L)

Edna House, 1920-1991 (Section L)
Joyce J. House, 1946-1995 (Section L)
Earl H. House, New York PVT US Army, World War I, June 4, 1897-Oct 8, 1966 (Section L)
Howard R. House, PVT Co F 18 Infantry, World War II, Oct 25, 1928-June 24, 1972 (Section L)

J. House, died July 10, 1900 (Section NF)

Annie C. House, 1911-1947 (Section A)
Charles E. House, 1874-1940 (Section A)
Angeline F., 1883-1963 (Section A)
Charles Elda House, 1874-1940 (Section A)

House Monument (Section A)
Claude E. House, 1894-1965 (Section A)
Elizabeth B., his wife, 1900-1924 (Section A)
Ruth H. House, 2nd wife, 1903-1979 (Section A)

House-Spinner Headstone (Section P)
Ernest S. House, 1891-1970 (Section P)
Mildred A., his wife, 1902- (Section P)
Bessie B. Mousaw, 1907-1977 (Section P)
Alphonso Howard, 1854-1910 (Section B)
Ellen Sellers, his wife, 1854-1937 (Section B)

Harry T. Howard, 1895-19__ (Section L)
Mary E., 1894-1934, Bench Monument, "In Memory of my Darling wife Mary" (Section L)

Wesley M. Howard, 1902-1946 (Section P)
Gladys A., 1904-1978 (Section P)

Ward I. Howard, 1907-1995 (Section N)
Vera J., 1905-1993 (Section N)

Glenn E. Howard, New York CPL 1208 Service Unit, World War II; Nov 24, 1913-Oct 29, 1956 (Section N)

Howe (See also: Hosmer, Wallace)
Skean S. Howe, 1830-1899; Footstone (Section J)
Elizabeth McLaren, his wife, 1827-1899; Footstone (Section J)
Anna S. Howe, 1861-1921 (Section J)
J. Colin Howe, 1856-1932 (Section J)
Lillian H., his wife, 1867-1952 (Section J)

Charles R. Howe, 1882-1945 (Section P)
Vera Potter, his wife, 1883-1966 (Section P)

****la Howes, died July 25, 1845; 30 yrs (Section B)
Hepzibah Howes, wife of Joshua Howes, b. Mar 15, 1781; d. Feb 15, 1869 (Section B)
Joshua Howes, b. July 21, 1781; d. Mar 10, 1864; (Section B)
Anna M. Stephens< wife of Joseph Howes, b. Oct 10, 1810; d. Sep 9, 1864 (Section B)
Joseph Howes, Father, b. Sept 3, 1809; d. Sept 8, 1884, Howes Monument (Section B)
Hannah Sanders, Mother, wife of Joseph Howes, b. May 19, 1834; d. Mar 31, 1885 (Section B)

John Barnard Howland, 1898- (Section C)
Jessie Elliott Howland, 1895-1976 (Section C)

Hubbard (See also: Morgan)
Lydia Hubbard, 1847-1918 (Section L)

Calvin W., son of ? & Mary Hubbard, died March 17, 1840; Aged 19 yrs, 7 mo, 1 day (Section H)

Huckle (See also: Gardner)
Adelbert Huckle, 1863-1939 (Section J)
Abra V., his wife, 1872-1954 (Section J)

Royal H. Huddleston, 1843-1908 (Section C)
Jane, his wife, 1844-1871 (Section C)

Henry Hudson, died Mar 18, 1853; Aged 52 yrs (Section D)
James H. Hudson, died Mar 1, 1847; 6 yrs, 10 mos (Section D)
"Mother", b. 1805 - d. 1884 (Section D)

Hull (See also: Farmer)
Leslie H. Hull, 1916-1975, Hull/Woodward Headstone (Section L)
Lula Thayer Hull, 1916-1981 (Section L)

Hull Monument (Section M)
William W. Hull, 1862-19__ (Section M)
Sophia C. Leonard, his wife, 1867-1927 (Section M)
Harrison M. Hull, 1888-1957 (Section M)
Pansy M. Cleland, his wife, 1896-1944 (Section M)

Orvis Hull, 1874-1962 (Section P)
Nellie M., 1869-1948 (Section P)
Gladys M., 1903-1988 (Section P)
T. Worth, 1906-1967 (Section P)
Isabelle, 1911-1999 (Section P)
Carlton, 1932- (Section P)

Humes (See also: Sprague)

Humphrey, Humphreys (See also: Wall)
Edwin Humphreys, Co. K, 22 Vol Cav, 1843-1931(Section K)
Anna Kempel, his wife, 1863-1919 (Section K)

George R. Humphrey, 1882-1950 (Section L)

William Humphrey, born in North Wales, 1836-1904 (Section G)
Julia, his wife, 1843-1922 (Section G)

Hunt (See also: Pennock)
Emily Conant, wife of S. G. Hunt, died Aug 21 1872, Ae 41 yrs (Section F)
Abbie, dau of SG & E Hunt, died Jan 8, 1875 in her 7 yr (Section F)

Cathrine Hunt, 1823-1897 (Section NF)
Elikiam Hunt, 1814-1891 (Section NF)

Ethel Mae Hunter, 1914-1969 (Section NF)

Myron A. Huntley, 1865-1943 (Section L)
Nettie E. Kelly Huntley, 1870-1932 (Section L)
Murray S. E. Huntley, 1904-1916 (Section L)
J. Phillip Huntley, 1924-1990 (Section L)
John E. Huntley, 1899-1972 (Section L)
Wylma T. Huntley, 1899-1990 (Section L)

George F. Hurd, Sr (Section L)

Hurlbut (See also: Barney, Buck, Holly, Overacker, Pinner, Streeter)
T. Levi Hurlbut, 1851-1936 (Section K)
Almira J., his wife, 1855-1931 (Section K)
Bert E., 1884-1946 (Section K)

Fred E. Hurlbut, 1876-1964 (Section K)
Pauline Gore, his wife, 1876-1950 (Section K)

William A. Hurlbut, 1861-1923, Headstone (Section K)
Elmira Paddock, his wife, 1859-1930 (Section K)
Orela H. Kenyon, 1895-1946 (Section K)
Beulah Hurlbut, his wife, 1894-1962 (Section K)

Andrew Hurlbut, d. Oct 10, 1904; Aged 75 yrs, Headstone
Julia, wife of A. J. Hurlbut, d. July 30, 1926; Aged 81 yrs (Section C)
Clarissa S., wife of Andrew Hurlbut, d. Sept 3, 1872; Aged 38 yrs, 5 mo (Section C)
Fannie, wife of Joseph Kinney & daughter of A & C Hurlbut, d. Dec 19, 1883 AE 20 yrs, 8 mos (Section C)
Joseph Kinney, b. Aug 12, 1855 - d. Mar 16, 1903 (Section C)
Olive, wife of J. Kinney, dau of A & C Hurlbut, b. May 2, 1865 - d. May 10, 1938 (Section C)

Horace Hurlbut, 1870-1951, Headstone (Section C)
Anna E., 1864-1942 (Section C)
M. Ruth, 1901-1991 (Section C)
E. Burr, 1899-1992 (Section C)

Erwin B. Hurlbut, 1856-1920, Hurlbut Monument (Section H)
Hattie R., his wife, 1859-1933 (Section H)

Wallace K. Hurlbut, 1924- (Section P)
Dorothy J., 1924- ; Married April 20, 1946 (Section P)
Dale C., -1954- (Section P)

Daniel S. Hurley, 1852-1892 (Section F)
Allen S. Hurley, 1889-1915 (Section F)

Raymond S. Hurst, 1879-1959 (Section P)
Marion W., 1891-1984 (Section P)
Eloise L., 1924- (Section P)
George R., 1922- (Section P)
Carline E., dau of K & K Hurst, -1976- (Section P)

Hutchison (See also: Kingston)

Hutt (See also: Colburn)
Herbert J. Hutt, 1881-1957 (Section G)
Nellie L., his wife, 1882-1951 (Section G)
Their sons:
Herbert E., -1913- (Section G)
Hugal R., 1902-1921 (Section G)
Audrey L., 1915-1918 (Section G)

Clarence M. Hutt, 1886-1967, Father (Section A)
Beulah Bogardus, his wife, 1889-1965 (Section A)
Benson G. Hutt, 1857-1924 (Section A)
Annie L., his wife, 1864-1930 (Section A)

Lloyd F. Hutt, 1902-1970 (Section Q)
Marion I., his wife, 1912-1950 (Section Q)

Hutt-Wallace Headstone (See John Joseph Wallace) (Section P)
Ernest J. Hutt, USAF World War II; Jan 16, 1924- (Section P)
Marylou Trerise Hutt, Apr 23, 1924-Jan 31, 1994 (Section P)

Hutton (See also: Baxter, Truax)
Lillian Boyce Hutton, 1870-1940 (Section H)

Hutton Headstone (Section P)
AI Hutton, Jr., -1948- (Section P)
Donald Hutton, -1951- (Section P)
Venitah Hutton, 1945-1946 (Section P)

Maurice N. Hutton, US Army World War II; Nov 17, 1920-Apr 8, 1990; Military Marker (Section N)
Iris E. Emerson, 1935-1997 (Section N)
Robert H. Hutton, 1919-1985 (Section N)
Ira, 1897-1970 (Section N)
Ethel Devendorf, his wife, 1893-1956 (Section N)
Gerald D., their son, 1923-1951; 2nd Marker "Son of Ira & Hazel" (Section N)
Son of Albert & Iris Hutton Remp, -1954- (Section N)
Harold Hartle (Section N)

Hyde (See also: Baldwin)
Abraham V. Hyde, 1837-1922, Co. C 50th Reg NY Engineers, Member Barnes Post, Dept 156, NY GAR (Section C)
Zeruah F., his wife, 1841-19__ (Section C)

Claude P. Hyde, 1907- (Section P)
Mary Flo, 1910-1993 (Section P)

George R. Hydorn, 1884-1968 (Section P)
Emma J., 1884-1980 (Section P)

Isabella Allan Hymers, 1881-1945 (Section L)

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