Riverside Cemetery - Gouverneur NY
Inventory of Riverside Cemetery, Gouverneur NY (Last names starting with I-K)

NOTE: Between the fall of 2000 and fall of 2001, I performed an extensive effort to perform a full inventory (with tombstone pictures) of Riverside Cemetery in Gouverneur. That results of that effort are shown below. At the end of each entry is a indication of what section of the cemetery the stone is located in. Locations of each section within the cemetery can be seen on the map on my Riverside Cemetery index page.
When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Last updated by Anne M. Cady, October 2001.

Thomas Ierlan, 1845-1886 (Section F)
Betsey D., his wife, 1848-1930 (Section F)
Mother, 1809-1886 (Section F)

Ing (See also: Mellen)

John U. Inghem, 1856-1928 (Section A)
Jennie, his wife, 1874- (Section A)
W. Floyd, their son, 1894-1930 (Section A)
Roy M., their son, 1891-1933 (Section A)

Ingram (See also: Bishop)
Paul V. Ingram, 1924-1954 (Section Q)
Paul H. Ingram, "Skipper", 1952-1958 (Section Q)

Note: Back of Alfred Sayers stone:
Amelia Irish, 1874-1933, Headstone (Section K)
John Boxdorfer, 1893-1965 (Section K)
Margaret Sayers, wife of John Boxdorfer, 1886-1955 (Section K)

Tabitha, wife of Isaac Irish, died Aug 28, 1831 (Section C)
Unreadable, next to Tabitha Irish (Section B)
Eliza T., dau of (unreadable)(Section B)

David Miles Irish, Vet World War II, 1926- (Section A)
Marjorie Mear, his wife, 1926- (Section A)

Irving (See also: Carpenter)

Ives (See also: Kinney, Smith)
Harold A. Ives, PVT 336 Field Arty 87 Div, Jan 31, 1891-Oct 7, 1974 (Section K)

Ambrose Ives, 1822-1895 (Section C)
Maria A., his wife, 1828-1899 (Section C)
Adelaide J., their dau, 1857-1901 (Section C)

Frederick V. Ives, 1871-1933 (Section C)
Charles A. Ives, 1850-1900 (Section C)

Edgar A. Ives, died June 15, 1885, AE 32 yrs (Section H)

Byron Henry Ives, 1859-1921, Monument (Section M)
Julia Louise Ives, 1860-1922 (Section M)

Jacklin (See also: Babcock)

Jackson (See also: Dodds, Hill, O'Hara, Smith, Soper)
John Jackson, Our Father, 1814-1897 (Section H)
2 Unreadable (Section H)
Ida May, dau of JL & R. Jackson, died Sept 27, 1887, Aged 7 yrs, 6 mos (Section H)
Anna May, wife of Wm. A. Harris, 1885-1924 (Section H)
Rosa C., wife of James L. Jackson, died May 29, 1890, AE 29 yrs (Section H)
James L. Jackson, 1860-1903 (Section H)

Andrew Jackson, 1888-1958 (Section A)
Hannah Klock, his wife, 1894-1923 (Section A)
Iva Speers, his wife, 1886-1959 (Section A)

Jackson Headstone (Section P)
Ernest W. Jackson, 1877-1943 (Section P)
Harriett Bell, his wife, 1882-1942 (Section P)
Margaret J. Ritchie, 1909-1979 (Section P)
Richard H. Jackson, 1907-1957 (Section P)
Rosalyn Storrin, his wife, 1909-1994 (Section P)

Ida, dau of GB & J Jacobs, died Apr 2, 1870; AE 13 yrs, 8 mos, 2 dys (Section H)
Eula, dau of GB & J Jacobs, died Apr 5, 1870: AE 11 yrs, 3 mos, 5 dys (Section H)
Unreadable (Section H)

H. W. Jacot, 1868- (Section J)
Clara E. Lynde, his wife, 1865-1901 (Section J)

Jarvis (See also: Wall)

Jeffers (See also: Hazelton, Rutherford, Shaw)
Note: with Robert O. Rutherford and wife
Jason Jeffers, 1844-1927, Father, Headstone (Section K)
Margaret C. Jeffers, 1843-1918, Mother (Section K)

Walter Jeffers, 1853-1936 (Section D)
Lavinia Corbin, his wife, 1853-1922 (Section D)
V. Maude, their dau, 1879-1894 (Section D)
Kenneth Alan Jones, 1957-1957 (Section D)
Vivian Jeffers Matty, 1894-1968 (Section D)
Hubert H., son of HB & VJ Matty, 1921 - 1922 (Section D)

Note: With Edward Fuller family:
Jennie B. Jeffers, 1871-1945 (Section I)
Fred J. Jeffers, 1867-1944 (Section I)

David Melrose Jeffers, 1890- (Section J)
Lillian Scott, 1889-1948 (Section J)

Amasa F. Jeffers, 1883-1957 (Section P)
Henrietta B., 1883-1948 (Section P)

Jefferson (See also: Sprague)
Frank A. Jefferson, 1918- (Section P)
Ella L., 1923- (Section P)
Lydia Rose, infant dau, May 24, 1946 (Section P)

Percy M. Jefferson, Jan 10, 1885-Sept 11, 1972 (Section N)
Mary V., Dec 2, 1888-May 7, 1973 (Section N)

Jemison (See also: Wheater)

Eugene A. Jenkins, died July 3, 1871, Aged 21 yrs (Section H)

Jenne (See also: Lawrence, Raymond)
Ezra A. Jenne, 1840-1911 (Section I)
Lavilla E. Moody, his wife, 1850-1931 (Section I)
Hazele P. Jenne (Section I)
Mabelle R. Jenne, 1876-1904 (Section I)

Jenne Headstone (Section P)
Gerald O. Jenne, 1912-1998 (Section P)
Myrah D., 1914- (Section P)
Jenne Headstone (Section P)
Earl R. Jenne, 1886-1947 (Section P)
Cecil Peacock, his wife, 1887-1967 (Section P)
Raymond E., 1920-1998 (Section P)
Martha A., his wife, 1924-1991 (Section P)

Jenne Headstone (Section N)
Oscar Jenne, Feb 6, 1918-Mar 15, 1990 (Section N)
Virginia Davis, his wife, July 29, 1918-May 11, 1966 (Section N)
Cleve H. Jenne, Nov 24, 1883-Aug 3, 1959 (Section N)
Gertrude Sibley, his wife, Oct 29, 1896-Apr 9, 1960 (Section N)
Donald C. Jenne, son of E. Jenne Mantle & Jas H. Jenne Sr., 1956-1978 (Section N)
Elaine G. Mantle, In Loving Memory, Feb 12, 1931-Oct 18, 1988 (Section N)
Bruce Leon, son of J & E Jenne, 1961-1962 (Section N)
Vicki Lynn, dau of J & E Jenne, 1952-1953 (Section N)

Norton F. Jennings, 1873-1911 (Section K)
Pearl L, his wife, 1878-1967 (Section K)
Glenn M. Jennings, 1903-1958 (Section K)
Dorothy V., his wife, 1908-1984 (Section K)

William B. Jennings, 1884-1920 (Section I)
Marion S., 1888-1978 (Section I)

Reuben J. Jennings, 1874-1939 (Section A)
Clarissa E., his wife, 1880-1922 (Section A)

Merton F. Jennings, 1901-1964 (Section A)
Helen A., 1912- (Section A)
Richard R., 1938-1944 (Section A)

Alfred K. Jepson, June 21, 1842 - Jan 31, 1882, Headstone (Section D)
Helen M., his wife, Aug 28, 1844 - Sept 8, 1926 (Section D)
Albert Morris Jepson, Jan 9, 1870 - Jan 7, 1944 (Section D)
Nellie Pierce Jepson, June 9, 1872 - Dec 26, 1943 (Section D)
Alfred Massey Jepson, Nov 3, 1903-Apr 22, 1904 (Section D)

Clifford C. Jesmer, US Army World War II; 1922-1995 (Section P)
Dorothy M. Jesmer, 1916-1989 (Section P)

Jesmore (See also: Wells)

Jewett (See also: Brayton)
Protor Jewett, 1842-1911, Co K 14 Reg NY HA, 1842-1911, Military Marker (Section F)
Lucy A., his wife, 1842-1927 (Section F)
William Rutherford, 1813-1889 (Section F)
Jane S., his wife, 1812-1894 (Section F)

Frank E. Jewett, Father, 1866-1938 (Section L)
Anna M., Mother, 1876-1974 (Section L)

Jobin Monument (Section M)
Raymond E. Jobin, Sr, 1921-1999 (Section M)
Dorothy M. Jobin, 1921- (Section M)
Raymond E. Jobin, Jr, 1950- (Section M)
Joseph Jobin, 1865-1938 (Section M)
Simeon J. Jobin, 1887-1942 (Section M)
Helen F. Jobin, 1889-1973 (Section M)
Laurel Jobin Towne, 1919-1998, Daughter (Section M)
Albert R. Towne, 1915-1994, Husband of Laurel (Section M)

Eldred M. Jolly, PFC US Army World War II, Dec 1, 1916 - May 29, 1986 (Section J)

Johnson (See also: Andrews, Dygert, Gates, Randall, VanPelt, Wight)
Arthur T. Johnson, 1859-1938, Photo of Headstone, Photo of Footstone (Section K)
Caroline M. Gleason, 1864-1933, Photo of Footstone (Section K)
Robert Arthur, their son, 1890-1919 Photo of Footstone (Section K)
Adelaide A. Johnson, 1870-1964 (Section K)

Maurice T. Johnson, 1879-1968, Headstone (Section K)
Ermina E. Roulston, wife of Maurice T. Johnson, 1876-1913 (Section K)
Leta Williams, wife of Maurice T. Johnson, 1891-1977 (Section K)
Vaughn E., daughter of MT & EE Johnson, 1903-1927 (Section K)

Acil Comfort Johnson, Co K 106 Reg NY Vol Inf, 1838-1918 (Section K)
Mary Ann, his wife, 1852-1924 (Section K)
Earl S., 1878-1942 (Section K)
Manie E., 1879-1965 (Section K)

W. W. Johnson, 1847-1901, Civil War Vet (Section K)

Leon Darcy Johnson, 1899-1901 (Section C)
Eram Johnson Barr, 1888-1919 (Section C)
Harry L. Johnson, 1875-1918 (Section C)
Harriet A. Johnson, 1873-1913 (Section C)
Anna I. Johnson, 1855-1937 (Section C)
James H. Johnson, 1853-1921 (Section C)

D. D. Johnson, Capt. Co. B, 142 Regt; NYSV; 1816-1884 (Section D)
Caroline M., his wife, 1821 - 1887 (Section D)
Maria J. Wallace, 1842-1902 (Section D)
Emma Johnson, 1845-1902 (Section D)
Dexter A. Johnson, 1847-1880, Second Inscription (Section D)
Harriet A. Herring, his wife, 1839-1887 (Section D)

Ansel Johnson, died Aug 7, 1865; AE 71 yrs, 5 mos, 2 dys (Section D)
Lovisa, wife of Ansel Johnson, died Nov 30, 1889; AE 90 yrs, 9 mos (Section D)
Caleb Johnson, died Jan 12, 1834; Age 88; Revolutionary War Soldier, Second Marker (Section D)
Naomi, wife of Caleb Johnson, died * 2, 1831 (Section D)
John Johnson, died Dec 15, 1878; AE 77 yrs, 7 mos (Section D)
Sally, wife of John Johnson, died Sept 28, 1898; AE 84 yrs, 4 mos (Section D)

Ward D. Johnson, Private Co D, 16 Regt NY Vols, born Jan 26, 1835; died in Hospital VA, Jan 4, 1862 (Section F)
Almira Johnson, born ?, died ?, 1875 (Section F)

Rev. Stephen Johnson, born in Griswold CT, April 15, 1803; died in Gouverneur, Jan 15, 1886 (Section F)
Caroline M. Selmer, his wife, born in Stockholm Sweden, Dec 8, 1809; died in Binghamton NY, Dec 22, 1889 (Section F)
Stephen, son of Rev. Stephen Johnson, born in ?, 1836; died in Gouverneur, Sept 23, 1839 (Section F)

Epaphroditus Johnson, Co G, 16 PA Cav, 1814-1891 (Section F - CW)

James Johnson, 1826-1905, Father (Section H)
Betsey, his wife, 1830-1903, Mother (Section H)
Helen, their daughter, 1860-1896 (Section H)

Charles Johnson, born at Putney Vt, Feb 3, 1820. Died Dec 3, 1893; Johnson Monument (Section H)
Olive M., his wife, died Apr 13, 1876; AE 52 yrs (Section H)
Willie, son of C.B. & M Johnson, August **, 1883 (Section H)

Carlton P. Johnson, 1884-1956, Johnson Monument (Section J)
James H. Elliott, 1848-1925 (Section J)
Ellagene Johnson, wofe of J.H. Elliott, 1860-1939 (Section J)
Edith F., daughter of D.C. & M.H., 1889-1890 (Section J)
D. Clinton Johnson, 1856-1934 (Section J)
Minnie H., wife of D.C. Johnson, 1859-1952 (Section H)
Paulina, wife of A.H. Johnson, 1839-1903 (Section J)
Abner H. Johnson, 1831-1906 (Section J)
Lydia S., wife of A.H. Johnson, 1835-1866 (Section J)
Grace B. Johnson, 1878-1949 (Section J)
Elsie A. Johnson, 1873-1944 (Section J)
Maude Perry, wife of L.A. Johnson, 1873-1964 (Section J)

Johnson Monument (Section A)
J. B. Johnson, 1850-1906 (Section A)
Elizabeth J. Bowtell, 1851-1921, wife of J.B. Johnson (Section A)
John B. Johnson, Jr, born Sept 16, 1878 - died Sept 16, 1899 (Section A)
H. D. Johnson, 1893-1951 (Section A)
Martha Priest, 1890-1970 (Section A)
Glenn T. Priest, 1891-1952 (Section A)

Andrew Johnson, 1855-1923 (Section A)

Kermit W. Johnson, Husband, 1914-1967 (Section Q)
Vivalene G., Wife, 1918- (Section Q)
Hilbert F. LaPierre, PFC US Army, Oct 8, 1907-Sept 6, 1984; "Curly", Husband of Vivalene; Military Marker (Section Q)

Johnson Marker (Section M)
Paul B. Johnson, New York PHM2 USNR World War II; April 24, 1925-June 20, 1945 (Section M)
Benjamin T. Johnson, 1864-1940 (Section M)
Jerodeen, his wife, 1864-1937 (Section M)
Ceylon J. Johnson, 1895-1930 (Section M)
Grace P. Johnson, his wife, 1892-1978 (Section M)

Reed/Johnson Monument (With J. Wesley Reed) (Section M)
Martin C. Johnson, 1876-1944 (Section M)
Ava E., 1877-1937 (Section M)

Earl D. Johnson, 1922-1997 (Section M)
Olive J. Johnson, 1927- (Section M)
Paul J. Johnson, 1948- (Section M)
Judy Ann Johnson, 1947-1961 (Section M)

Earl D. Johnson, "Sandy", 1954- (Section M)
Penny L. Johnson, 1951- (Section M)

Johnson Monument (Section M)
Glenn B. Johnson, 1913-1980 (Section M)
Gertrude M., 1913-2000 (Section M)

Truelove H. Johnson, 1866-1941 (Section P)
Effie Burgess, his wife, 1883-1964 (Section P)
Acil H. Johnson, 1906-1950 (Section P)
Ina Davis, his wife, 1899-1968 (Section P)
Jane Elizabeth, Daughter, 1935-1936 (Section P)
Janet Lee, Daughter (Section P)

Johnston (See also: Brainard)
George B. Johnston, born April 1, 1845, Masham Prov, Que; died Sept 11, 1923 Gouverneur NY; Johnston Monument (Section H)
Helena C. Johnston, born Sept 3, 1878 Ottawa, Ont; died Feb 20, 1967 Syracuse, NY (Section H)
Mollie Fairbairn Johnston, born Aug 7, 1858, No. Wakefield Prov, Que; died Sept 10, 1891 Gouverneur, NY (Section H)

Johnston Monument (Section A)
Thomas H. Johnston, Father, 1871-1938 (Section A)
Mabel M., Mother, 1878-1951 (Section A)

Geo F. Johnston, Aug 20, 1908-July 17, 1946 (Section P)
Barbara M. Johnston, 1944-1961 (Section P)

Johnstone See also: Harten

Jones (See also: Ackerman, Bancroft, Bradish, Davis, Evans, Frawley, Grimshaw, Hay, Hewitt, Jeffers, Phillips, Poole, Quackenbush, Spicer)
John A. Jones, 1858-1930, Marker (Section D)
Frank L. Morgan, his wife, 1863-1914 (Section D)
Solomon Jones, died July 3, 1889; Aged 84 yrs (Section D)
Rebecca Jane, his wife, died May 12, 1898; Age 71 yrs (Section D)
M. R. Morgan, died May 21, 1895; Age 41 yrs (Section D)

Note: On back of David W. VanDuzee stone:
David C. Jones, 1865-1926 (Section D)
Phebe J., his wife, 1856-1937 (Section D)

Robert E. Jones, 1847-1917, Marker (Section D)
Adelaide V., 1846-1922 (Section D)
Gracie A., dau of Robert & Adeline Jones, 1885 - Dec 7, 1888; in her 4 year, Footstone (Section D)
Don P. Jones, 1874-1943 (Section D)
Mary L. Jones, 1874-1924 (Section D)
Harold S. Jones, 1903-1935 (Section D)

Thomas W. Jones, Father, 1866-1943 (Section H)
Nettie E., Mother, 1868-1947 (Section H)

Jones-Griffith Marker (With Walter O. Griffith Family) (Section H)
Evan Jones, 1816-1894 (Section H)
Ann, his wife, 1820-1889 (Section H)

Annie E. Jones, died Mar 17, 1873; Aged 1* yrs, 6 mos (Section H)

Howard Frank Jones, 1887-1983 (Section J)
Mildred Maxiner, his wife, 1884-1968 (Section J)
Frank W. Jones, 1861-1942 (Section J)
Lillian E., his wife, 1864-1954 (Section J)

Thomas Jones, Mar 15, 1832-Feb 15, 1903 (Section J)
Julia, his wife, Aug 10, 1832-Oct 21, 1912 (Section J)

Note: Back of Ernest H. Tuttle Stone
William A. Jones, 1869-1948 (Section A)
Anna M., his wife, 1872-1946 (Section A)
Their Children:
Harris D., 1897-1898 (Section A)
Thomas J., 1894-1907 (Section A)

Henry A. Jones, Co F 10 NY H A, 1838-1910 (Section A)

Paul D. Jones, 1912- (Section Q)
Beulah M., 1913-1997 (Section Q)

Jones Headstone (Section P)
Charles Albert Jones, 1927-1963 (Section P)
Frances Simons, 1925-1963 (Section P)
Stuart David Jones, Aug 29-Oct 25, 195 (Section P)

Comer E. Jones, 1892-1967 (Section P)
Bernice Smith, his wife, 1893-1982 (Section P)
Irving W., their son, 1922-1940 (Section P)

Claude A. Jones, 1887-1946 (Section P)
Alice Wood Jones, 1895-1952 (Section P)

Daniel R. Jones, 1889-1939 (Section P)
Ruth Bond, his wife, 1887-1979 (Section P)

Jordan (See also: Peterson)
Hilda L., dau of LC & EJ Jordan, 1906-1909 (Section D)

Frank H. Jordan, 1863-1921 (Section H)
Mary Knapp, his wife, 1865-1943 (Section H)
Georgia, daughter, 1890-1892 (Section H)

Judd (See also: VanBuren)

Harry A. June, 1894-1968 (Section Q)
Elizabeth S., 1908-1992 (Section Q)

Nelson G. June, 1886-1945 (Section P)
Etta M., his wife, 1880-1958 (Section P)
Lyle D., son, 1925-1996 (Section P)

Kaley (See also: Kinney)

Kane (See also: LeSuer)

Kealey (See also: Smith)

Keech (See also: Draper)
George M. Keech, 1870-1912 (Section C)
Lenora B. Keech, 1873-1941 (Section C)
Milton Keech, 1830-1915 (Section C)
Mary, his wife, died Apr 1896; Aged 58 yrs (Section C)
Elinor, 1898-1922 (Section C)
Irene, wife of M.G. Keech, 1912-1934 (Section C)

Keeler (See also: McCrea)

Keene (See also: Clark)

Rufus S. Keiser, 1876-1963 (Section Q)
Mildred B., 1883-1954 (Section Q)
Frieda K. Webb, beloved daughter, Aug 29, 1909-Mar 25, 1972 (Section Q)

Back of Edward LaDuke Stone
George Keller, 1908-1985 (Section L)
Elgreta, 1913-1998 (Section L)
Glenrose, -1937- (Section L)
Lorinda, -1938- (Section L)

Frank Kelley, 1880-1959 (Section Q)
Nellie V., 1892-1959 (Section Q)

Martin Howard Kelley, Vet World War II, 1925-1981 (Section Q)
Jane Boughner, his wife, 1932- (Section Q)

Kellock Monument (Section M)
Dr. David Kellock, 1863-1929 (Section M)
Mabel Austin, his wife, 1871-1946 (Section M)
Grace R., daughter, 1898-1961 (Section M)
Jean M., daughter, 1903-1985 (Section M)

Kellogg (See also: Murphy)
Lucy Yerdon Kellogg, 1872-1938 (Section L)

Erastus H. Kellogg, 1835-1918 (Section L)
Emeline N., 1838-1923 (Section L)

Leslie G. Kellogg, 1874-1955 (Section L)
Maude A., his wife, 1874-1962 (Section L)
Lyndon (Section L)

Philander Kellogg, died Jan 20, 1856, AE 34 yrs (Section H)

Abner L. Kellogg, 1887- (Section Q)
Bessie M., 1914-1960 (Section Q)

Nellie Kellogg, 1886-1955 (Section Q)

Kelly (See also: Bowman, Huntley)
Peter J. Kelly, Sgt US Army, World War I; Nov 19, 1893-Jan 13, 1977; Military Marker (Section P)
Maud Bross, 1887-1976 (Section P)

Leo Lester Kelly, Ohio, ..rest unreadable.. (Section P)

Kempel See also: Humphreys

Kendrick (See also: Sellers)

Kennedy (See also: Macaulay)
Ida Washburn Kennedy, 1894-1947 (Section K)
Beryl, 1913- (Section K)

Hannah Kent, (rest unreadable) (Section F)
Unreadable (Section F)

Jannet, wife of M.E. Kentfield; 1870-1903 (Section B)
Mattie, 1867-1938 (Section B)
Harry, 1866-1948 (Section B)
Margaret E., "Lizzie", 1871-1904 (Section B)

John H. Kentfield, 1887-1964 (Section M)
Ada P., 1893-1945 (Section M)

Kentfield Monument, No names or stones (Section M)

Kenyon (See also: Easton, Hurlbut, Peterson)
Lyal Kenyon, New York, MUS 2 CL 32 FLD ARTY Band, World War I, Sept 7, 1898-Mar 10, 1971 (Section K)
Florence Laidlaw Kenyon, Dec 24, 1901-Oct 17, 1962 (Section K)

Earl C. Kenyon, 1875-1956 (Section D)
Nancy C., 1873-1957 (Section D)
Wallace H., 1851-1930 (Section D)
Almeda N., 1851-1927 (Section D)
Homer D., son of WH & Almeda Kenyon, died Sept 25, 1910; AE 37 yrs, 8 mos (Section D)
Minard H., son of WH & Almeda Kenyon, died July 5, 1889; AE 4 yrs, 3 mos (Section D)

John H. Kenyon, died Nov 8, 1859; AE 42 years (Section F)

Kenyon , (rest unreadable) (Section F)
George M. Kenyon (rest unreadable) (Section F)
Unreadable (believed to be Kenyon)

Henry Kenyon, born 1827, died 1894; Co B 142 Regt NY Vol (Section H)

Kenyon Headstone (Section P)
Ralph T. Kenyon, 1897-1947 (Section P)

Edwin Aloysius Kerwin, New York Sea US Navy, World War I; Jan 22, 1894-Nov 7, 1956 (Section Q)
Grace Kerwin Seaman, 1898-1965 (Section Q)

Sarah, wife of Daniel Keyes, died Apr 1, 1862, AE 76 yrs; Keyes Marker (Section F)

Calvin Keyes, Aged 53 yrs, 2 mos (Section F)
Rebecca, wife of Calvin Keyes, d. Jan 12, 1870; Aged 64 yrs (Section F)
George F. Keyes, ? 26, 1857; AE 20 yrs, 10 mos, 16 dys (Section F)

Susan K., wife of Joel(?) Keyes, died July 15, 1849; Aged 53 yrs (Section F)
Elton, son of * & Susan Keyes, d. May 3, 1832; Age 1 yr, 5 mos, 10 dys (Section F)

Henry M. Keyes, 1857-1940 (Back of Wilber McMullin Stone), Footstone (Section L)
Eliza J., his wife, 1860-1941 (Section L)
Iva Keyes Temple, Daughter, 1888-1977 (Section L)
Eliza McMullin Keyes, 1860-1941 (Section L)

Wm H. Kibbe, MD, died June 14, 1843; AE 24 yrs, 11 mos; Born at South Her***, Vt (Section H)

Killmer (See also: Gates)
William Killmer, died May 17, 1871; Aged 73 yrs, 5 mos, 2 dys, Killmer Monument (Section H)
Easter, wife of Wm Killmer, died June 7, 1876; Aged 84 yrs, 11 mos, 27 dys (Section H)
Thomas J. Killmer, died June 5, 1843, AE 41 yrs (Section H)
Eliza Sweet, wife of Thomas J. Killmer, died Aug 7, 1864; AE 60 yrs (Section H)

Killmer/Coates Monument (Section H)
John P. Killmer, 1855-1932 (Section H)
Ellen W. Killmer, wife of A. I Coates, 1859-1945 (Section H)
Arthur F. Coates, 1857-1926 (Section H)
John Killmer, 1824-1902, "Father" (Section H)
Sarah, his wife, 1829-191, "Mother" (Section H)
William H., their son, 1866-1881 (Section H)
William R., their son, 1853-1865 (Section H)
Francis W., their son, 1865-1865 (Section H)

Kilmer (See also: Preston)

Nancy Kimball, Oct 9, 1783 - Nov 3, 1820 (Section H)
Richard Kimball, May 19, 1775-Apr 10, 1837 (Section H)

William H. Kimball, 1876-1955 (Section P)
Emogene Turnbull, his wife, 1877-1951 (Section P)

Jane Ann, Erected by James Kincaid of his beloved wife, died Aug 26, 1884 in her 48 year (Section C)

Asman L. Kinch, 1842-1898 (Section F)
Lizzie A., his wife, 1857-1899 (Section F)
John Kinch, their son, 1874-1895 (Section F)

King (See also: Yerdon)
Isaac King, Father, 1810-1890 (Section B)
J. H. King, Mother, 1808-1875 (Section B)
Cora J. Austin, 1859-1880 (Section B)
Mary Ann, dau of Isaac & Jane King, d. Sept 15, 1841; AE 9 yrs, 9 mos (Section B)
Sarah Jane, dau of Isaac & Jane King, d. Feb 15, 1843; AE 5 yrs (Section B)

Isaac A. King, Father, 1838-1919 (Section H)
Violetta A., his wife, Mother, 1843-1912 (Section H)

J. Raymond King, 1882-1963 (Section Q)
Mayta S., 1883-1952 (Section Q)
Emerson, their son, died in World War II (Section Q)

John D. Kingsbury, d. Oct 4, 1896; Ae 66 yrs (Section D)
Charlotte, his wife, died Oct 11, 1895; AE 64 yrs (Section D)

William H. Kingsbury, 1872-1952 (Section L)
Lillian C., 1876-1958 (Section L)
Fern L., 1901-1985 (Section L)
Charles M., 1899-1981 (Section L)

Ziba Kingsbury, born Oct 11, 1792; died Jan 3, 1878, Close-up (Section H)
Johanna, his wife, born Sept 17, 1804, died Apr 17, 1872 (Section H)
Adaline, wife of W. Blanden, daughter of Z & J Kingsbury, died July 20, 1869, Aged 38 yrs (Section H)
David, son of Z & J Kinsbury, died Oct 30, 1845; Aged 20 yrs & 6 mos (Section H)

Kingston (See also: Tremlett)
Kingston Headstone (Section P)
John S. Kingston, 1883-1961 (Section P)
Ruth Hutchison, his wife, 1890-1968 (Section P)

Kinne Headstone (Section P)
Claudia Carlyon Kinne, Mother, Apr 25, 1870 - May 5, 1964 (Section P)
Frances I., Mar 28, 1891 - Jan 1, 1974 (Section P)
Richard G., June 6, 1902-April 13, 1960 (Section P)
Bernadette Z., August 13, 1904-December 22, 1994 (Section P)
Don A., July 18, 1894-Jan 14, 1973 (Section P)

Kinney (See also: Hurlbut, Whitney)
"Father", 1848-1914, A. Kinney Headstone (Section K)
"Mother", 1850-1946 (Section K)
Joan Elaine, dau of Carl & Alice Finley, 1931-1933 (Section K)
Floy A. Bartholomew, 1879-1948 (Section K)
Henry E. Miller, 1876-1928 (Section K)
Leslie A. Kinney, 1891-1944 (Section K)
Cora E. Kinney, 1874-1943 (Section K)
Robert L. Kinney, 1870-1940 (Section K)
C. I. "Dot" Bockus, 1892-1949 (Section K)
Edith Kinney Bockus, 1892-1965 (Section K)
Robert K. Bockus, New York Sgt Co A 609 TD BN World War II, Sept 2, 1917-May 19, 1971 (Section K)
Robert K. Bockus, US Air Force Vietnam, Mar 19, 1947-Aug 26, 1993 (Section K)

Orrin Kinney, 1824-1904 (Section D)
Electa A., his wife, 1837-1928 (Section D)
Louisa, wife of Orrin Kinne, died Mar 30, 1854, AE 22 yrs 6 mos (Section D)
Austin J., son of Orrin Kinney, 1866-1906 (Section D)
Charles M. Kinney, 1846-1898 (Section D)
Liveria Cole, his wife, 1848-1918 (Section D)
Benjamin Kinney, 1820-1866 (Section D)
Selina F., his wife, 1828-1906 (Section D)
Jennie Kinney Ives, 1857-1897 (Section D)

Burt O. Kinney, 1873-1966 (Section I)
Kathleen G., wife of Burt O. Kinney, 1877-1962 (Section I)
Bessie F., 1899-1903, Dau of BO & KG Kinney (Section I)
Harold D. Kinney, 1897-1979 (Section I)
Mary Kaley, 1901-1990, wife of H. D. Kinney (Section I)

Kinney Monument (Section A)
William Kinney, 1852-1924 (Section A)
Anna J., his wife, 1864-1923 (Section A)
Clara E. Morris, wife of Wm Kinney, 1859-1909 (Section A)
Lettie J., 1889-1966 (Section A)

1st Lt Kenneth E. Kinney, Bombardier, 493 Bomb Sq, 7th G AAF, 1919-1943 (Section Q)

Lovell J. Kinney, 1889-1963, Father (Section Q)
Eliza V. Chapin, 1892-1980, Mother (Section Q)

Kenneth E. Kinney, June 25, 1942-Feb 3, 1993 (Section Q)
Ivan H. Kinney, 1913-1986 (Section Q)
Esther L., 1915-1957, Second Marker (Section Q)

Grace M. Kinney, Mother, 1893-1979 (Section M)

Kinsman (See also: Liscum)

James Kirkbride, Father, 1863-1930 (Section E)
Emma D., his wife, Mother, 1870-1947 (Section E)

Kirker (See also: Bertram)
Samuel B. Kirker, 1893-1963 (Section L)
Mary J. Strate, his wife, 1907-1974 (Section L)
Ronnie F., son of S.B. & M.J. Kirker, 1940-1942 (Section L)

Kirkland (See also: Smith)
Wm Kirkland, 1862- (Section J)
Anna, his wife, 1865- (Section J)
Gertie, their dau, 1887-1904 (Section J)
Joseph S. McQuade, 1880-1968 (Section J)
Belle Shannon, his wife, 1887-1957 (Section J)

Kirkpatrick (See also: Venton)

Delbert D. Kittle, New York, Pvt HQ Co 346 Infantry, World War I, June 23, 1893-Oct 27, 1923 (Section L)

Willis E. Kittle, Pvt US Army World War I, Jan 24, 1891 - Oct 27, 1984; Second Marker (Section L)
Nellie L. Kittle, 1891-1968 (Section L)
George H. Turnbull, 1869-1939, Kittle/Turnbull Headstone (Section L)
Fannie Starks, his wife, 1880-1947 (Section L)
Edgar L. Kittle, 1866-1937 (Section L)
Laura B. Kittle, 1872-1959 (Section L)

See also: Brown, Risley
William Kitts, 1843-1921, Headstone (Section K)
Mary J., Wife of Wm Kitts, 1853-1912 (Section K)

Note: Common Headstone with George Risley Family
Albert H. Kitts, 1872-1952, Headstone (Section K)
Lala Day Kitts, 1873-1952 (Section K)

Lucinda E. Kitts, 1829-1906; Kitts Marker (Section B)
Henry L. Kitts, d. Sept 8, 1885; Aged 60 yrs 6 mos (Section B)
Clara Kitts Peck, 1882-1904 (Section B)
Frank H. Kitts, died June 29, 1883; Ae 27 yrs, 11 mos, 13 dys (Section B)
Frank H., son of H.L. & L.E. Kits, died Oct 6, 1854; Ae 1 yrs, 7 mos, 21 d (Section B)

Abner W. Kitts, 1837-1907 (Section B)
Electa L., his wife, 1842-1920 (Section B)

John Kitts, died Dec 5, 1869; Ae 71 yrs (Section F)
Mary, wife of John Kitts, died June 7, 1873; Aged 65 years (Section F)
John W. Kitts, 1870-1887 (Section F)
In Memory of Henry, son of John & Mary Kitts, died July 30, 1844, aged 3 yrs (Section F)

Eugene B., son of H.H. & A. L. Kitts, died Oct 13, 187? (Section F)
Julia B., dau of H.H. & ? Kitts, died Feb 20, 1881, Aged 4 mos (Section F)
Henry H. Kitts, died 1883, aged 31 years (Section F)

Ralph W. Kitts, 1907-1972 (Section L)
Eva Carvey, wie of Howard L., 1899-1949 (Section L)
Lester W. Kitts, 1875-1959 (Section L)
Carrie M. Walker, his wife, 1879-1943 (Section L)
Edwin L., son, 1910-1976 (Section L)

Mattison A. Kitts, 1864-1930 (Section J)
Esther M., his wife, 1867-1956 (Section J)

Klock (See also: Jackson, Larock)
Adam Klock, died Mar 14, 1862 in his 81 yr (Section D)
Lydia, wife of Adam Klock, d. June 24, 1875; Aged 83 yrs, Also wife of David Hoover (Section D)

William J. Klock, Father, 1880-1963 (Section L)
Minnie M., Mother, 1897-1986 (Section L)
Charles A., Son, 1924-1941 (Section L)
Earl F. Klock, Son, 1922- (Section L)
Audrey I., his wife, 1928- (Section L)

George Klock, 1891-1956, Klock Headstone (Section G)
Edna, 1901-1976 (Section G)
Basil O. Klock, "Dear Dad", Oct 23, 1917-Sept 245, 1973 (Section G)
Norma A., dau of GH & EM Klock, -1926- (Section G)
Vonnie, dau of GH & EM Klock, 1929-1949 (Section G)

Knapp (See also: Bullard, Jordan)

Horatio H. Kneeland, died May 23rd, 1833, Aged 36 yrs & 6 months (Section H)
Two small Unreadable + Ann (Section H)

Knight (See also: Savage)
Charles K. Knight, father, 1848-1927, Marker (Section C)
Henrietta, his wife, Mother, 1853- (Section C)
Frances, daughter, 1906-1922 (Section C)
Georgiana, daughter, 1873-1900 (Section C)
Mabel A., wife of John Conger, Mother, 1880-1909 (Section C)

Arthur Knight, 1883-1963 (Section P)
Jessie M., 1885-19__ (Section P)

Lyle B. Knowlton, 1904-1945, Father (Section D)

Roy E. Knowlton, 1900-1986 (Section Q)
Marian A., 1906-1998 (Section Q)
Edwin R., 1926- (Section Q)
Jean C., 1924- (Section Q)
Alan M., 1951-1966 (Section Q)

Victor Kondra, New York, 2nd Lt HQ & HQ Co 2 Inf Regt, World War II, BSM; Nov 12, 1906-March 8, 1954 (Section B)

Philip F., 1894-1971 (Section L)
Florence Daniels< his wife, 1894-1953 (Section L)
Weldon J. Kousch, New York PFC 3502 Base Unit AAF World War II, June 4, 1915-May 7, 1954 (Section L)

Althea Dodds Kraker, 1955-1981 (Section P)

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