Riverside Cemetery - Gouverneur NY
Inventory of Riverside Cemetery, Gouverneur NY (Last Names starting with M)

NOTE: Between the fall of 2000 and fall of 2001, I performed an extensive effort to perform a full inventory (with tombstone pictures) of Riverside Cemetery in Gouverneur. That results of that effort are shown below. At the end of each entry is a indication of what section of the cemetery the stone is located in. Locations of each section within the cemetery can be seen on the map on my Riverside Cemetery index page.
When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Last updated by Anne M. Cady, October 2001.

Joseph E. LaBeau, 1856-1943 (Section L)
Mary Joan, his wife, 1852-1926 (Section L)

John, son of Martin & Sophia Laberdee, died Feb 17, 1861, Aged 20 yrs, 4 mos, 15 dys. "He lived and died an advocate for the principles of Temperance. He was buried by the Order." (Section H)

Axie Storie Laberdee, 1891-1968 (Section A)
Martin Laberdee, 1851-1941 (Section A)
Alphonsia, wife of Martin Laberdee, 1855-1924 (Section A)

M. Leo Laberdee, 1888-1942 (Section A)
Eileen Storie Laberdee, 1917- (Section A)
Etta Ballou Laberdee, 1886-1961 (Section A)
Earl Adam, 1884-1950 (Section A)

LaBow Monument (Section M)
George W. Labow, 1873-1961 (Section M)
Bertha L., his wife, 1863-1944 (Section M)
Ray A., their son, 1901-1925 (Section M)

Andrew W. Lachine, Bat D 1 NY Lt Art, 1837-1920 (Section L)
L. Jane, his wife, 1833-1914 (Section L)

Lewis Lachine, died May 14, 1874, AE 75 yrs; Lachine Marker (Section H)
Elizabeth, his wife, died July 27, 1897, Aged 85 yrs (Section H)

Walter Clarke Lacks, 1901-1972, Father (Section Q)
Mary Hockey Lacks, 1904-1998, Mother (Section Q)
Charles Edwin Lacks, 1929-1967, Son (Section Q)

Ladd Marker (Section P)
Earnest R. Ladd, 1876-1963 (Section P)
Minnie A., 1877-1954 (Section P)
Gladys M. Ladd, 1915- (Section P)

Ladd Headstone (Section P)
Eugene F. Ladd, 1871-1944 (Section P)
Huldah, his wife, 1872-1948 (Section P)

John H. Ladue, 1896-19__ (Section P)
Clara M. Gardner, his wife, 1905-1949 (Section P)

LaDuke (See also: Blair, Keller)
Edward LaDuke, 1885-1964 (Section L)
Lela, 1885-1960 (Section L)

Charles LaDuke, 1850-1917 (Section G)
Alexandernia, his wife, 1859-1951 (Section G)
William LaDuke, New York PC Co H 345 Infanty World War I, April 2, 1889-July 24, 1954 (Section G)

LaForty (See also: Frawley, Merkley)
Timothy L., son of L.H. & B.R. LaForty, -1959- (Section D)
Patricia Ann, dau of Leon & Polly LaForty, 1949-1953 (Section D)

Leah M. Francis, 1964-1999, Leah Photo (Section L)
Catharine M. Downing, 1939- (Section L)

Gertrude LaForty, 1918- (Section Q)

Mary Orr, wife of Wm LaGrow, born Aug 20, 1868 - died July 21, 1895 (Section NF)

Laidlaw (See also: Clifford, Marshall, Whalen)
G. Wallace Laidlaw, 1867-1933, Headstone (Section K)
Gertrude M., his wife, 1873-1942 (Section K)

Stanley Laidlaw, 1916-1990 (Section D)
George E., 1890-1940 (Section D)
Nina M., 1888-1947 (Section D)

William E. Laidlaw, 1865-1905, Marker (Section I)
Lottie M., 1866-1953 (Section I)
Earl E. Brown, 1895-1932 (Section I)
Ethel C. Dimon, 1894- (Section I)

Alexander Laidlaw, Father, 1851-1914, Laidlaw Marker (Section H)
Maria, his wife, Mother, 1856-1889 (Section H)
Elenor, his wife, 1854-1941 (Section H)

Robert J., son of A.J. & M. M. Laidlaw, 1924-1927 (Section H)
Arthur J. Laidlaw, 1887-1977 (Section H)
Marjorie McNish, wife of A. J. Laidlaw, 1892-1988 (Section H)
Jane Laidlaw, wife of G. Wilson Dodds, 1890-1943 (Section H)
G. Wilson Dodds, 1889-1964 (Section H)
John W. Laidlaw, born Aug 4, 1856 - died May 28, 1900; Laidlaw Plot (Section H)
Iantha E. Storie, his wife, born Mar 13, 1860 - died Dec 24, 1949 (Section H)
Andrew K. Laidlaw, 1884-1956 (Section H)
Grace Randall, wife of A. K. Laidlaw, 1885-1939 (Section H)
Earl E. Laidlaw, 1882-1974 (Section H)
Bertha Dodds, wife of E. E. Laidlaw, 1884-1966 (Section H)
John Emery, son of Earl & Bertha Laidlaw, 1907-1992 (Section H)
Margaret Zilnik, wife of John E. Laidlaw (Section H)

John W. Laidlaw, Vet World War II; 1911-1995 (Section Q)
A. Fern, his wife, 1911-1990 (Section Q)

Laidlaw Headstone (Section P)
William R. Laidlaw, 1886-1963 (Section P)
Euphemia A., 1891-1980 (Section P)

McGrane-Laidlaw Monument (Shared with Bion McGrane) (Section P) Roy A. Laidlaw, 1886-1948 (Section P)
Nettie Whalen, his wife, 1890-1944 (Section P)

Earl E. Laidlaw, 1896-1972 (Section N)
Loretta M., 1903-1980 (Section N)

Lake (See also: Whalen)
Paul Lake, 1924-1937 (Section L)

Napolean F. Lalone, husband, 1873-1936 (Section B)
Bertha M., wife, 1887-1937, wife (Section B)

Zoy L. Lalone, 1846- (Section G)
Georgianna, 1886-1905 (Section G)

Judson H. Lalone, 1864-1924 (Section H)
Esther A., his wife, 1865-1922 (Section H)
Their children:
Stanley, 1888-1894 (Section H)
Marion, 1889-1908 (Section H)

Joseph P. Lamar, 1896-1961 (Section Q)
Mary M., 1906-1956 (Section Q)

Lamb (See also: Liscum)
Lionel W. Lamb, 1853-1917, Father, Headstone (Section K)
Sarah E., his wife, 1855-1926, Mother (Section K)
Celia P. K., Sister, 1849-1931 (Section K)
Charles H., 1882-1934, Father (Section K)
Mary D., his wife, 1882-1932, Mother (Section K)
Carlton L., 1906-1910 (Section K)
Celia E., 1908-1910 (Section K)

William Lamb, Co K, 2 Regt NY Vol Cav, 1831-1901 (Section L - CW)

Anna E. Lamb, 1872-1883 (Section H)

Jarvis G. Lamb, 1847-1933 (Section J)
Mary A., his wife, 1854-1941 (Section J)

George H. Lamb, 1881-1959, Father (Section A)
Mira B., 1904-1999, Mother (Section A)
Edna C., 1930 (Section A)

Augusta, wife of Geo Lamb, 1873-1924 (Section A)
Wesley, their son, 1915-1924 (Section A)
Fred, their son, 1912-1924 (Section A)

Muriel M. Lambton, 1897-1950 (Section K)

Lamon (See also: Loomis)

Richard A. Lamora, US Navy World War II; Apr 17, 1927-Oct 21, 1985 (Section M)
Mary O. Lamora, Mother, 1894-1957 (Section M)

Ephraim Landon, 1864-1951, Landon Headstone (Section L)
Catherine, wife of E. S. Landon, 1872-1936 (Section L)

Maria W. Lane, wife of Robert A. Cox, born in ?, Oct 29, 1816; died in Gouverneur Oct 23, 1874 (Section C)

Henry Lang, 1836-1916 (Section H)
Catharine, his wife, 1836-1892 (Section H)
Tena, his wife, 1835-1918 (Section H)

Arthur J. Langto, 1895-1978 (Section C)
Mae I. Smith, 1902-1996 (Section C)
Married Aug 14, 1923

Lanphear (See also: Newell)
Calvin C. Lanphear, died in Gouverneur, Sept 30, 1882; Aged 72 yrs 5 mos, Marker (Section B)
Elvira, wife of Calvin C. Lanphear, died in Chartemont Mass, Nov 21, 1863; Aged 48 yrs, 2 mos (Section B)

Oren Lanphear, died M** 18th, 1829 (Section H)
Stephen Lanphear, died Sept **, 1827 (Section H)
Fra*** Lanphear, died 1829, Age 25 yrs (?) (Section H)
Unreadable..., ...died 1822...the other died 1824... (Section H)

George D. Lanpheir, 1889-1950 (Section N)
Clara M., 1881-19__ (Section N)

James I. Lansing, 1807-1891 (Section H)
Katy, his wife, 1812-1889 (Section H)
James A., their son, 1856-1882 (Section H)

LaPierre (See also: Johnson)

Edmund LaPoint, 1858-1911 (Section G)
Anna, his wife, 1864-1934 (Section G)

LaReau (See also: Boprey)

Larock (See also: Dusharm, Parow)
Richard S. Larock, Sr, 1937- (Section K)
Linda L. Klock, 1943-1987 (Section K)

Hattie E. LaRock, died Feb 28, 1889; AE 26 yrs (Section H)

Louis L. Larson, 1893-1956 (Section Q)
Mary Cecelia, his wife, 1887-1970 (Section Q)

Lasalle (See also: Newell)

James Lashbrook, 1800-1878 (Section B)
Lydia A., his wife, 1814-1905 (Section B)
Gilbert T., 1852-1907 (Section B)

Lashbrooks (See also: Prashnaw)
Raymond J. Lashbrooks, 1905-1989 (Section L)
Gladys F., his wife, 1910-1960 (Section L)
Carl E., 1932 (Section L)
Betty J., 1934 (Section L)
Keith R., 1943 (Section L)
Rose M., 1946 (Section L)

Edwin C. Lashbrooks, Father, 1879-1950 (Section H)
Mary E., Mother, 1882-1966 (Section H)

Abraham Lashbrooks, 1856-1931 (Section H)
Fannie, his wife, 1859-1935 (Section H)
Freda, Granddaughter, 1920-1946 (Section H)
Mildred, Granddaughter, 1925-1932 (Section H)

Nelson Lee Lashbrooks, 1920-1984 (Section Q)
Emma Weckerly, 1926-1983 (Section Q)
Married June 5, 1948
Son Billy (Section Q)

Roy Lashbrooks, 1892-1967 (Section Q)
Julia, 1897-1964 (Section Q)

Kenneth W. Lashbrooks, Father, US Navy World War II; 1914-1992, Military Marker (Section P)
Marion A., Mother, 1914- (Section P)

Lashure (See also: Lasure)
Robert Lashure, 1907-1982 (Section N)
Ella A., 1879-1954 (Section N)

Lasure (See also: Lashure)
Bert H. Lasure, 1881-1932 (Section D)
Aline, his wife, 1880-1914 (Section D)
Paul, son of BH & A Lasure, Dec 8, 1907 - Apr 6, 1909 (Section D)

Mary E. Lasure, Mother, 1892-1964 (Section L)
Melvin M., son, 1911- (Section L)

Susan, infant of E & S Latham, Jan 7, 1932 (Section I)

Joseph J. Latham, Father, 1876-1970 (Section P)
Anna Lea, Mother, 1879-1966 (Section P)
Everett S., Son, 1904-1970 (Section P)
Susan M., his wife, 1906- (Section P)

Latta (See also: Yerdon)

Mortin T. Laundry, 1895-1957 (Section N)
Edna S. Laundry, his wife, 1898-1967 (Section N)

Lavack (See also: Welch)
Judson Lavack, 1871-1963, Lavack Headstone (Section H)
Cora Carswell, his wife, 1868-1935 (Section H)
Donald J. Lavack, TSGT US Army World War II, Oct 24, 1910-Mar 24, 1988 (Section H)

Lavack-Morgan Monument (Shared with George H. Morgan) (Section H)
Fred W. Lavack, 1867-1950 (Section H)
Flora Dier, his wife, 1878-1953 (Section H)

Thomas Lavack, born Jan 6, 1830-died Nov 16, 1914, Footstone (Section H)
Maryetta Force, his wife, born May 29, 1940 - 1930, Footstone (Section H)
Martha A. Lavack, their dau, born Jan 27, 1857 - died Mar 27, 1890, Second Stone (Section H)
Anyce S., their dau, 1865-1932 (Section H)

Fred C. Lavack, 1900-1967 (Section Q)
Doris P., 1907-1988 (Section Q)

Katherine, "Our Baby", daughter of Robert Norine LaVack (Section M)

Robert K. LaVack, 1929- (Section P)
Norine Lenahan, his wife, 1930- (Section P)

Napolian B. Lavar, 1848-1876 (Section H)
Sarah Lavar Cole, his wife, 1850-1932 (Section H)

Napolean B. Lavar, 1873-1951, Lavar Monument (Section J)
Anna E., wife of N.B. Lavar, 1869-1933 (Section J)
Mabel C., his wife, 1887-19__ (Section J)

Laveigh (See also: Allen)

Law (See also: Church, Morrow)

Lawrence (See also: Facey, Van Buren)
Bethany Mae Lawrence, 1924-1925 (Section K)

James Edward Lawrence, 1869-1928 (Section L)
Cora Jenne, his wife, 1867-1919 (Section L)

James Lawrence, 1838-1886 (Section A)
Franc M, his wife, 1841-1915 (Section A)
George M., their son, 1861-1901 (Section A)

Lawrence-Bigelow-Hall Headstone (Section P)
George D. Lawrence, 1865-1950 (Section P)
Harriet E. Lawrence, 1874-1949 (Section P)
Arnold R. Bigelow, 1910-1966 (Section P)
Alice L. Bigelow, 1909-1980 (Section P)
E.W. Hall, 1868-1930 (Section P)

William A. Lawton, 1887-1956 (Section D)
Edna L., 1893-19__ (Section D)
William H., 1838-1927 (Section D)
Jennie C., 1846-1924 (Section D)

William Lazenby, father, b. Aug 15, 1816 - d. Mar 4, 1899, Monument (Section B)
Ann E. Lazenby, b. Sept 8, 1852 - June 7, 1907 (Section B)
Janet, wife of Wm Lazenby, b. Aug 28, 1812 - (Section B)

Leach (See also: Storrin)
F. Judson Leach, 1833-1912 (Section C)
Julia E., his wife, 1837-1913 (Section C)
Maudie, dau of Judson & Julia Leach, d. Apr 23, 1887; AE 14 yrs, 1 d (Section C)
Louise A. Leach, 1876-1955 (Section C)
Nora G. Leach, 1860-1953 (Section C)

John Leach, died May 26, 1875, Ae 88 yrs (Section F)
Lucy, his wife, died Dec 16, 1878, Ae 87 yrs (Section F)
Their Children
Jennette, died June 10, 1859; Ae 37 yrs (Section F)
Julius, son of John & Lucy Leach, died April 4, 1850, AE 12 years (Section F)
Susan Eugenia, daughter of John & Lucy Leach, died May 4, 1844, Aged 20 yrs & 2 mos (Section F)

Leach Monument (Section A)
Clarence Leach, 1877-1901 (Section A)
Andrew M. Leach, Co C, 1 NY Light Art, Died Apr 21, 1898; AE 65 yrs (Section A)
Julia, Mother, wife of Andrew M. Leach, 1839-1872 (Section A)
Laura, wife of Andrew, 1855-1929 (Section A)
Fred, 1859-1936 (Section A)
Ida, wife of Fred, 1857-1901 (Section A)
Julia, 1890-1895 (Section A)
Baby, 1897-1897 (Section A)

Walter L. Leach, 1877-1963 (Section P)
Eva Fox, his wife, 1875-1959 (Section P)
J. Robert, 1901-1932 (Section P)
Harriet Sloan, his wife, 1903-1964 (Section P)
Sallie Paterson, 1912-1980 (Section P)

Julius C. Leach, 1872-1947 (Section P)

Robert J. Leader, Oct 14, 1933- (Section P)
Nancy M. Bruce, May 13, 1937-June 23, 1998 (Section P)

Leahy (See also: Taitt)
Leahy Headstone (Section P)
Edwin W. Leahy, Father, 1864-1931 (Section P)
Florence D., Mother, 1869-1936 (Section P)
Henry J., 1895-19, A.E.F. 1918 (Section P)
Mabel S., his wife, 1890-1973 (Section P)

Leavitt (See also: Parsons)
Benjamin Leavitt, d. Apr 5, 1875; AE 89 yrs, 7 mos, 18 dys (Section D)
Cynthia Ashley, 1877; 89 yrs (Section D)
Clarissa W. Taskett, wife of John A. Leavitt; d. Nov 1, 1887; AE 38 yrs, 9 dys (Section D)
Rev. Benj Leavitt, b. Aug 19, 1812 - d. Sept 23, 1891 (Section D)

H. Walter Lee, 1874-1941, Headstone (Section K)
Lewis M. Lee, 1839-1917 (Section K)
Mary Rose Lee, his wife, 1851-1927 (Section K)

Harold A. Lee, 1894-1966 (Section A)
Mabel F., 1892-1948 (Section A)

Frank J. Leeson, 1868-1960, Footstone (Section G)
Jennie, his wife, 1872-1946; Footstone-Jane Kinch, his wife, 1871-1946 (Section G)
Blanche I., their dau, 1884-1908, Footstone (Section G)
Raymond F. Leeson, son, 1896-1975 (Section G)
Alger D. Leeson, son, 1907-1964 (Section G)

Merris Y. Leeson, 1902-1989 (Section H)

Glenn Leeson, 1901-1916 (Section J)
Dora Leeson, 1890-1906 (Section J)
Milton Leeson, 1896-1908 (Section J)
Harry Leeson, 1887-1903 (Section J)
Agmon Leeson, 1862-1941 (Section J)
Tryphena, his wife, 1864-1957 (Section J)

Richard Leeson, 1849-1914 (Section J)
Virginia L., his wife, 1859-1896 (Section J)
Their Children:
Maude, 1875-1911 (Section J)
Richard, 1881-1907 (Section J)
Wilbur, 1883-1906 (Section J)
Susan, 1886-1907 (Section J)
Horton, 1888-1908 (Section J)

Howard C. Leeson, 1892-1965 (Section Q)
Gertrude H., 1895-1979 (Section Q)
Jack J. Leeson, US Army World War II, 1919-1993, Military Marker (Section Q)
Gladys I., 1914- (Section Q)

Legate (See also: Leggett, Newell, Turnbull)
Harvey P. Legate, 1844-1923, Co H., 20 NY G A V, Headstone, (Section K)
Cornelia E. Cross, 1848-1926, wife of H. P. Legate (Section K)

Hazel W. Legate, 1894-1940 (Section K)

William Lincoln Legate, Oct 8, 1868-Sept 27, 1937 (Section C)
Clara B. Whitney, Sept 27, 1873-Sept 22, 1934 (Section C)
Married Sept 30, 1891

Edward Legate, died Sept 19, 1894, Aged 60 yrs, Marker (Section B)
Sophronia V., wife of Edward Legate, d. Apr 9, 1900; Aged 59 yrs (Section B)
Apollos Legate, Father, died May 30, 1882; Aged 77 yrs (Section B)
Eunice B., wife of Apollos Legate, died Mar 29, 1888; Aged 77 yrs (Section B)
Bert E., 1872-1948 (Section B)

Murray Legate, 1889-1972 (buried next to Alza Wood) (Section Q)

George E. Legate, 1863-1954 (Section Q)
Lillian M., 1867-1952 (Section Q)

Leggett (See also: Legate)
Note: Back of Edward Legate stone:
Dexter A. Leggett, Father, 1847-1922, Marker (Section B)
Lilla H. Leggett, Mother, 1858-1938 (Section B)
Halstead H. Leggett, June 24, 1880 - May 6, 1898 (Section B)
Marion H. Leggett, Dec 3, 1887 - Sept 24, 1953 (Section B)

Lehigh (See also: Christian)
Malcolm E. Lehigh, 1862-1937 (Section P)
Ella Cranmer, his wife, 1872-1936 (Section P)
Faith Lehigh, 1903-1977 (Section P)

Lenahan (See also: LaVack, Ritter)
James Lenahan, 1868-1951 (Section M)
Nora A. Clark, his wife, 1873-1956 (Section M)
Lawrence C. Lenahan, 1894-1963 (Section M)
Harriett E. Fluno, his wife, 1899-1930; Footstone (Section M)

James L. Lenahan, 1926- (Section P)
Laura J., 1927- (Section P)
Married Nov 16, 1947

George W. Lent, Co D 1st NY L Art, 1847-1924 (Section A)
Ida M., his wife, 1857-19__ (Section A)

Leonard (See also: Hull, Poole)
Walter F. Leonard, 1868-1929, Headstone (Section K)
Edith H., 1868-1959 (Section K)

Note: On back of Amos Price Stone
Marvin Leonard, 1827-1895 (Section F)
Elvira T., his wife, 1831-1875 (Section F)

Clarence C. Leonard, 1852-1903 (Section G)
Hannah L., his wife, 1858-1931 (Section G)

F. Gerald Leonard, 1902-1953 (Section Q)
Miriam R., 1904-1985 (Section Q)

Leonhardt (See also, VanDuzee)

Alice Kane LeSuer, 1903-1971 (Section L)

Frank X. Levasseur, 1846-1917 (Section D)

Annie T. Leveille, 1886-1910 (Section K)

Peter W. Levey, Father, 1867-1950 (Section H)
Fannie L. Levey, Mother, 1871-1942 (Section H)
Robert M. Levey, Co 22 U.S.N., 1908-1930 (Section H)
Adalaide M., dau of Peter & Fannie Levey, June 17, 1903 - May 17, 1906 (Section H)

Hazel May Levin, Mother, 1888-1942 (Section J)

Levya (See also: Pickert)
Alice Hope, dau of Fred & Grace Levya, 1906-1929 (Section G)

Lewis (See also: Townsley)
Adelia, wife of M. H. Lewis, Mother, 1860-1901 (Section J)

Charles Lewis, 1884-1959 (Section J)
George Lewis, 1856-1926 (Section J)
Charles Lewis, 1849-1931 (Section J)
Eliza E., his wife, Jan 21, 1860-June 12, 1931 (Section J)

Z. F. Liberty, 1868-1900; "Frank" (Section H)
Carrie Liberty Hilts, his wife, 1867-1951; "Carrie" (Section H)
"Our Mother" (Section H)
"Our Father" (Section H)

Roma Licenski, 1879-1956 (Section A)

Carl E. Link, July 28, 1924- (Section P)
Mable M. Blackburn, May 1, 1926 - ; Married June 16, 1945 (Section P)
Jason C. Link, son of James & Diana, June 14, 1970-July 30, 1987 (Section P)

Charles D. Liscomb, 1866-1907 (Section F)
Grace Wood, his wife, 1870-1931 (Section F)

Liscum (See also: Dennis)
Liscum/Brown Marker (Section Q)
Fay M. Liscum, 1911-1978 (Section Q)
Betty E. Liscum, 1918-1984 (Section Q)
Eva M. Brown, 1900-1962 (Section Q)
Mary E. Kinsman, Mother, 1877-1956 (Section Q)

Willard Liscum, 1874-1963 (Section Q)
Lula, 1880-1958 (Section Q)

Thomsen/Liscum/Steele Monument (Section M)
Erwin B. Liscum, 1872-1931 (Section M)
Laura B. Liscum, 1874-1961 (Section M)
Nathan G. Liscum, 1913-1970 (Section M)
Harrison O. Liscum, 1862-1934 (Section M)
Harry C. Steele, 1876-1927 (Section M)
Nan Steele Coyette, 1900-1939 (Section M)
Rudolph O. Thomsen, Sr., 1901-1969 (Section M)
Belle L. Thomsen, 1903-1979 (Section M)

Liscum-Lamb Headstone (Section P)
Ashton E. Liscum, Sr., "Ted", 1899- (Section P)
Ruth L. Lamb, his wife, 1897-1984 (Section P)
Ashton E. Liscum Jr., US Army Korea; Feb 12, 1933-Nov 8, 1995 (Section P)
Alison E., dau of AE & RL Liscum, 1922-1926 (Section P)
Olive A. Lamb, Mother, 1874-1934 (Section P)

Charles S. Littebrant, 1863-1930, Headstone (Section K)
Charles W. Littebrant, 1883-1963 (Section K)
Emily B. Littebrant, 1884-1957 (Section K)
Everett J. Littebrant, 1909-1951 (Section K)
Dora M. Littebrant, 1922-1942 (Section K)
David H. Britton, 1844-1920 (Section K)
Emeline Potter, his wife, 1849-1930 (Section K)

Jerry Livada, 1891- (Section D)
Helen Hardie, his wife, 1889-1969 (Section D)

Wm A. Livingston, d. Sept 13, 1861; Aged 61 yrs, 3 mos, 3 dys (Section F)
Sacred to the memory of: Henry E., son of Wm & ? Livingston, 2 yrs, 5 mos, 20 dys (Section F)
Elizabeth, wife of W. A. Livingston, died Jan 25, 1867; Aged 66 yrs (Section F)
Emily A. Livingston, died Nov 22, 1898; AE 70 yrs (Section F)

Horatio H. Livingston, 1866-1904 (Section G)
Reatha B., his wife, 1872-1956 (Section G)

Livingston Monument (Section A)
Claude F. Livingston, 1891-1960 (Section A)
Ella B., his wife, 1893-1993 (Section A)
Frank P., 1872-1934 (Section A)
Minnie E., 1868-1961 (Section A)

James P. Livingston, Co H 20 Regt NY Cav, 1848-1901 (Section A)
Anna E., his wife, 1853-1913 (Section A)

Abraham Locker, US Army, Feb 9, 1906-Mar 11, 1978 (Section H)
Grace R. Locker, "Amazing Grace", Dec 15, 1897-Sept 7, 1990 (Section H)

Lockie (See also: Allen, Hosmer)
John D. Lockie, New York PFC Co H 345 INF 87 Div, World War I, Sept 29, 1892-Sept 22, 1969, Headstone (Section K)
Elva G., 1894- (Section K)

David Lockie, born in Scotland, Dec 16, 1809 (Section B)
Helen Lockie Tompkins, Dec 28, 1869 - Dec 7, 1936 (Section B)
Frederick L. Tompkins, Aug 2, 1873 - Dec 29, 1960 (Section B)
George A. Lockie, son of Colin & Janey, 1880-1957 (Section B)

George Lockie, 1810-1893, Monument (Section B)
Catharine, his wife, 1815-1857 (Section B)
George F., Bat L. 1st NY L Art, 1842-1914 (Section B)
Emma A., his wife, 1856-1944 (Section B)
Colin J., 1845-1925 (Section B)
Janey, his wife, 1850-1918 (Section B)

Ella B. Lockie, Oct 25, 1854-May 18, 1922; Brown/Lockie Monument (Section B)
John A. Lockie, May 22, 1849-Nov 24, 1900 (Section B)
Weldon G. Lockie, Jan 21, 1880 - Sept 14, 1910 (Section B)
John C. Brown, June 12, 1808 - May 24, 1870 (Section B)
Betsy W. Brown, May 24, 1814 - Oct 5, 1893 (Section B)

W. H. Lockie, 1855-1882 (Section B)
Alice, his wife, 1857-1945 (Section B)

Hermon J. Locklin, 1838-1914 (Section F)
Eugenia E., his wife, 1844-1926 (Section F)
Their children
Harry, -1885- (Section F)
William, 1863-1920 (Section F)
Alfred, 1870-1951 (Section F)
Cora, 1874-1955 (Section F)
Frederick B. Locklin, New York TEC 5 HQ & HQ Co 61 QM Dep World War II, Feb 1, 1912 - June 14, 1964 (Section F)

Marion M. Locklin, 1917-1992 (Section F)
Leslie D. Locklin, 1907-1962 (Section F)
Larry A., son of Marion & Leslie Locklin, Feb 23, 1951 - Oct 30, 1980 (Section F)

Herbert A. Locklin, 1875-1946 (Section L)
Jennie E., 1882-1959 (Section L)

J. Paul Lockwood, 1912 - (Section L)
Louise Merithew, his wife, 1922 - (Section L)

Henry Lockwood (Section P)
Dorothy F. (Section P)
Lohmiller (See also: Andrews)s
Fred Lohmiller, 1878-1978 (Section A)
Lena Price, his wife, 1888-1988 (Section A)

Lewis Loomis, 1824-1899 (Section D)
Julia A., his wife, 1827-1906 (Section D)
Harvey B., their son, 1855-1859 (Section D)
Cora Delano, their dau, 1863-1949 (Section D)
Frank L., 1852-1920 (Section D)
Lewis J., son of FL & AM Loomis, 1878-1885 (Section D)

Asahel Jr. son of Asahel & Adah Loomis, died June 3, 1847; AE 21 yrs (Section D)
Caroline A. dau of Asahel & Adah Loomis, died Nov 5, 1852: ae 22 yrs 8 mos (Section D)
Asahel Loomis, died Jan 21, 1863; AE 73 yrs (Section D)
Adah, wife of Asahel Loomis, d. July 5, 1855 (Section D)

George A. Loomis, PVT US Army World War II, May 21, 1907-Mar 3, 1988 (Section G)

Willis Henry Loomis, 1870-1944 (Section P)
Selma Lamon, his wife, 1879-1972 (Section P)

Benjamin Gaylord Loomis, 1866-1939 (Section P)
Amos Prescott Loomis, May 12, 1899-Jan 26, 1973 (Section P)
Gertrude Loveland Loomis, June 28, 1902-July 9, 1969 (Section P)

Loucks (See also: Overacker)
George E. Loucks (Section H)
L. E. Loucks (Section H)
Mary J. Loucks, also infant dau, family of E. C. Loucks (Section H)
Frances A. Loucks (Section H)

Love (See also: Cobb, Ferran, Lytle, Parker, Scott, Storie, Woodworth)
Robert Love, 1875-1960, Photo of Headstone (Section K)
Allie Hodgkin, his wife, 1877-1951 (Section K)
Carl Lee Brown, 1905-1977, "Husband" (Section K)
Minnetta Love Brown, wife of Carl L. Brown, 1909-1957 (Section K)

Lewis Robert Love, CPL US Army World War II, Oct 21, 1907-Nov 22, 1997, Military Marker (Section L)
Dorothy H., 1910-1992 (Section L)

Fred Love, 1868-1950, Love Headstone (Section L)
Adelia, his wie, 1870-1934 (Section L)
Ivan C. Love, 1904-1988 (Section L)
Prudence S., his wife, 1912- (Section L)
Thomas I., "Tommy", their son, 1944-1949 (Section L)

Love Monument (Section J)
"Mother", 1849-1930 (Section J)
"Father", 1844-1908 (Section J)
Mabel, 1886-1906 (Section J)
Richard, son of Wallace A & Pearl Love, 1922-1931 (Section J)
Birdella I. Love, 1893-1969 (Section J)
Bessie M., 1881-1937 (Section J)
Elmer J., 1879-1918 (Section J)
Harry, 1888-1937 (Section J)
Mary Neal, 1826-1909 (Section J)
Frederick J. Love, 1869-1944 (Section J)
Carrie Vannamee, his wife, 1871-1963 (Section J)

Don W. Love, 1913-1988 (Section Q)
Marjorie G., 1923- (Section Q)

Love Monument (Section M)
George Love, 1864-1929 (Section M)
Minnie W., his wife, 1867-193 (Section M)
Millard W. Love, 1905-1957 (Section M)
Helen H. Love, 1912- (Section M)

Love Monument (Section M)
Thomas L. Love, 1880-1924 (Section M)
Bertha A., his wife, 1883-1975 (Section M)
David W., their son, 1904-1920 (Section M)
Richard L., their son, 1917-1918 (Section M)
Edward I., their son, 1913-1913 (Section M)
Cyrena Love Chilton, 1906-1940 (Section M)

Loveland (See also: Fosgate, Loomis)
Morell E. Loveland, 1864-1930 (Section D)
Mary C., his wife, 1868-1953 (Section D)
Lyle C., son of ME & MC Loveland, 1888-1898 (Section D)

Edward J. Loveless, 1851-1920 (Section D)
Ida M. Loveless, 1855-1944 (Section D)
Ada V. Loveless (Section D)
Henry C. Loveless, 1875-1960 (Section D)
Robert E. Loveless, 1892-1923 (Section D)

Lucas (See also: Hills)

Moses Ludrick, Private Co K 142 Regt NY Inf, Died Feb 18, 1897; Ag 61 yrs, 1836-1897; Second Marker (Section J)
Mary, his wife, 1837-1906 (Section J)
Louise Ludrick, wife of John Rude, 1869-1900 (Section J)

Luecke (See also: Uphiff)

William H. Lumley, 1852-1918 (Section K)
Christeen, his wife, 1854-1936 (Section K)
Edith May, dau of Wm H & Christeen Lumley, d. May 23, 1898, AE 4 yr, 3 mo, 26 dys Back of stone (Section K)

Everett M. Lumley, 1882-1945 (Section K)
Delia M., 1884-1978 (Section K)
Hamilton C., 1912-1923, son of E M & Delia Lumley (Section K)
William E., 1916-1983 (Section K)
Charlotte, his wife, 1917-1983 (Section K)

William Lunderman, May 29, 1875 - Feb 12, 1904 (Section D)
Susan, wife of W. Lunderman, 1877-1939 (Section D)
Dollie A., wife of W. Lunderman, died Jan 30, 1901 (Section D)
Eliza, dau of W & D Lunderman, wife of A.B. Ducharm (Section D)
Ella M., wife of Alexander Adams, daughter of W & DA Lunderman (Section D)

Fannie A. Lunderman, 1869-1957 (Section H)

Oliver Luther, 1886-19__ (Section D)
Carrie, his wife, 1873-1947 (Section D)

Anna B. Luther, Mother, 1864-1904 (Section G)

Lynch (See also: Lynde)

Lynde (See also: Barnum, Bush, Jacot)
William E. Lynde, 1870-1945, Father, Headstone (Section K)
Alice Brown, Mother, 1871-1945 (Section K)
Gladys J., 1898-1988, daughter (Section K)
Kermit Dewey, 1915-1916 (Section K)

Elliott Lynde, 1832-1907, Lynde/Wilcox Headstone (Section G)
Nancy G. Lynde, 1834-1908 (Section G)
Charles M. Lynde, Father, 1868-1924 (Section G)
Amy F. Campbell, Mother, 1871-1940 (Section G)

John C. Lynde, 1862-1916 (Section G)

Weldon P. Lynde, 1900-1956 (Section Q)
Myrtle Stevenson, his wife, 1901-1980 (Section Q)
Charles S., their son, 1933-1952 (Section Q)
Helen E., his sister, 1905-1986 (Section Q)

Weldon "Philip" Lynde, 1923-1992 (Section Q)
Noreen Fowler, 1926- (Section Q)
Russell G. Lynch, 1922- (Section Q)
Alice Lynde, 1924-1995 (Section Q)

Lynde Headstone (Section P)
Robert C. Lynde, 1899-1989 (Section P)
Gladys T., his wife, 1900-1986 (Section P)
Clarence VanOrnum, 1872-1943 (Section P)

Lyon (See also: Brown)

Lytle Monument (Section A)
Ida, wife of Charles Lytle, died May 28, 1893 (Section A)
Charles A., 1860-1951 (Section A)
Jessie C. Lytle, 1893-1979 (Section A)
Blanche Goodison, 1893-1976 (Section A)
Married Jan 27, 1915
Walter G. Lytle, 1918-1986 (Section A)

Walter E. Lytle, 1865-1953 (Section P)
Sarah Love, his wife, 1873-1952 (Section P)

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