Riverside Cemetery - Gouverneur NY
Inventory of Riverside Cemetery, Gouverneur NY (Last Names starting with M)

NOTE: Between the fall of 2000 and fall of 2001, I performed an extensive effort to perform a full inventory (with tombstone pictures) of Riverside Cemetery in Gouverneur. That results of that effort are shown below. At the end of each entry is a indication of what section of the cemetery the stone is located in. Locations of each section within the cemetery can be seen on the map on my Riverside Cemetery index page.
When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Last updated by Anne M. Cady, October 2001.

MacAllister (See also: McAllaster)
Melvin H. MacAllister, New York, CPL BTRY A 979 FLD ARTY BN, World War II, April 22, 1910-Dec 28, 1962 (Section K)
Marguerite A. MacAllister, 1910- (Section K)

Macaulay (See also: Tharrett)
James Macaulay, 1877-1953 (Section G)
Nellie, his wife, 1887-1977 (Section G)
Frances, their dau, 1916, Baby Frances (Section G)

Macaulay Monument (Section J)
Stephen Macaulay, 1861-1937 (Section J)
Jessie, his wife, 1876-1932 (Section J)
Hazel, daughter of Jesse-Stephen, 1908-1909 (Section J)
Sarah, 1858-1934 (Section J)
Mother, 1832-1901 (Section J)
Father, 1832-1901 (Section J)
Thomas, 1864-1935 (Section J)
Robert, 1871-1936 (Section J)
Robert Macaulay, New York CPL US Army World War I, Feb 28, 1896 - July 17, 1973 (Section J)
Elizabeth, wife of Robert Jr., 1904-1960 (Section J)
Anna M. Kennedy, 1895-1946 (Section J)
Macaulay Babies, 1970-1970 (Section J)

George B. Macaulay, 1899-1976; Footstone (Section Q)
Lena Belle Yerdon, his wife, 1902-1989; Footstone (Section Q)
Hazel E. Fenton, daughter, 1923-1997; Footstone (Section Q)
Heather L., "Our Darling", Granddaughter, Mr & Mrs Ernest Macaulay, 1970-1972; Footstone (Section Q)
Ernest S., 1922- (Section Q)
Marilyn P. Kousch, his wife, 1930- (Section Q)

MacGregor (See also: Dickson, Turnbull)
Note: Combined MacGregor/Dickson Memorial
David W. MacGregor, 1855-1916 (Section K)
Carrie MacGregor, 1852-1925 (Section K)

Note: Combined MacGregor/Turnbull Memorial - Reverse side of MacGregor/Dickson Memorial
Jessie B. MacGregor, 1863-1912 (Section K)
Mary E MacGregor, 1860-1932 (Section K)

Mack (See also: Stevens)

MacKenzie (See also: Whitney)

Clara Mackey, 1881-1959 (Section F)

Hugh Ross MacMillan, 1872-1940, MacMillan Plot (Section D)
Alice Christie MacMillan, daughter of Eugenia Smith & Hugh Ross MacMillan, 1911-1924 (Section D)
Eugenia Smith, wife of Hugh Ross MacMillan, 1883-1984 (Section D)

Macsween (See also: Easton)

James Maddock, died Sept 10, 1889, AE 85 yrs (Section F)
Adeline, his wife, died April 5, AE 91 yrs (no year given) (Section F)
Sarah J. Maddock Stokes, died Jan 12, 1917 (Section F)
Oramel Drake, died Apr 26, 1905; AE 74 yrs (Section F)
Julia Maddock, his wife, d. June 29, 1916; AE 85 yrs (Section F)
John H. Maddock, Co K, 96 N Y I, 1834-1903 (Section F)
Roger W., son of Edward and Sarah Maddock, died Aug 2, 1836(?), AE 2 yrs, 9 mo, 29 dys (Section F)
Roger H., son of Roger M. & Sarah Maddock, died June 13, 1819, in the 2 yr of his age (Section F)
Sarah, consort of Roger Maddock, died M__ 2, 1826 in the 59th year of her age (Section F)
Unreadable Maddock, ..son of John & Susan Maddock, died Feb 1811 (Section F)

Sarah, wife of Edward Maddock, died March 1, 1871, Aged 74 yrs, 4 mos, 12 dys (Section F)

In memory of: Deborah, wife of Almond Z. Madison, who died July 21, 1832; AE 31 yrs, 10 mos; also infant stillborn at same day (Section F)

Samuel E. Magaw, 1843-1906, Co M 35 Reg NY Inft, died 1906, Military Marker (Section G)
Lucinda, his wife, 1847-1915 (Section G)
Their children:
Allen W., 1873-1914 (Section G)
Ida E. Duffy, 1865 (Section G)

Magee Monument (Section P)
William E. Magee, 1879-1945 (Section P)
Clara B. Magee, 1883-1964 (Section P)

Malette (See also: Mallette, Mellette)
H. G. Malette, Age 19 (Section H)

Mallette (See also: Mellette, Malette)
John A. Mallette, 1868-1948 (Section L)
Catherine, wife of J. Mallette, 1874-1936 (Section L)
Pvt Gerrit, son of J. Mallette, 1898-1943 (Section L)

Victoria, wife of George Mallette, Mother, 1851-1902 (Section H)

George Mallette, 1832-1912, Inscription (Section J)
Margaret, his wife, 1825-1910, Inscription (Section J)
Edward, "Eddie", son of Geo & M. Mallette, 1873-1888 (Section J)
James, "Our Brother", 1861-1925 (Might also be James Bockus)(Section J)

Wilber Mallette, 1880-1929 (Section J)

Thomas H. Mallott, 1869-1919 (Section J)
Ada M. Mallott, 1877-1975 (Section J)
Lenore Mallott, 1907-1911 (Section J)

Maloney (See also: Thayer)

William F. Maloy, 1890-1953 (Section G)
Abigail E., his wife, 1892-1921 (Section G)
Hilda M., his wife, 1895-1962, Second Stone (Section G)

Maloy Monument (Section A)
John T. Maloy, 1859-1927 (Section A)
Elizabeth A., his wife, 1872-1931 (Section A)
Robert J., Son, 1930-1932 (Section A)
Thomas L., 1901-1948 (Section A)
Lillian M., 1900-1994 (Section A)
Donald R., 1933-1984 (Section A)
Delores A., 1933- (Section A)

Malterner (See also: Spalsbury)

Manley (See also: Fuller)
Rosemary Manley, 1951-1951 (Section Q)

Manson Headstone (Section P)
Alexander R. "Sandy" Manson, 1886-1944 (Section P)
Helen A. Cunningham, 1905-1995 (Section P)
Charles H. "Chuck" Hibbard, 1911-1954 (Section P)

Mantle (See also: Jenne)

Ross C. Marcellus, 1917-1969 (Section P)
Ruby Storie, his wife, 1920- (Section P)

Mariea (See also: Patton)

Markwick (See also: Anthony, Hill, Skinner)
Robert Markwick, Father, 1839-1905, Marker (Section I)
Agnes D., Mother, 1841-1929 (Section I)
Helen A., 1880-1969 (Section I)

Everett Markwick Jr., 1921-1997 (Section F)
Doris H., 1928- (Section F)
Wed Aug 3, 1947

Dorothy, infant dau of Stephen & Ina Markwick, 1913-1913 (Section G)

Everett J. Markwick, 1887-1956 (Section A)
Bertha Allen Markwick, 1889-1971 (Section A)

Erma Mae Marquardsen, 1888-1986 (Section Q)

Alva B. Marsales, 1866-1893 (Section H)
Adda, his wife, 1868-1939 (Section H)

Aaron Marsales, Father, 1831-1907, Marsales Monument (Section H)
Sarah, wife of Aaron Marsales, 1837-1892 (Section H)

Marsh (See also: McCoy)
H. F. Marsh, "Father", 1844-1913 (Section F)
Mary E. Marsh, "Mother", 1842-1926 (Section F)
Lula D., daught of H.F. & M. E. Marsh; b. May 22, 1882; d. Dec 22, 1884 (Section F)

In memory of Susan Marsh, 1840-1916 (Section G)

Norris E. Marsh, 1869-1944 (Section P)
Helen Seaman, his wife, 1871-1944 (Section P)
Chester J., their son, 1899-19__ (Section P)
Helen P. McCoy, wife of Wm M. McCoy, 1915-1956 (Section P)

William Marshall, 1864-1944 (Section K)
Lizzie J. McDougall, his wife, 1862-1912 (Section K)
Victoria Turnbull, wife of Wm Marshall, 1874-1941 (Section K)
John A. Marshall, 1871-1942 (Section K)
Mary Bell Mills, his wife, 1876-1958 (Section K)
Mary E. Baker, 1896-1928 (Section K)
Baby, Thomas Jr, their son, -1928- (Section K)
Gordon B. Marshall, 1924-1925, son (Section K)

Charles Marshall, 1835-1910, Marshall Monument (Section F)
Jean Patterson Marshall, 1833-1906 (Section F)
Agnes M., 1863-1892 (Section F)
Bella Marshall Hall, 1867-1906 (Section F)
Thomas P., 1866-1884 (Section F)
Robert L., 1915-1920 (Section F)
Jean I., 1912-1934 (Section F)
Alice Laidlaw Marshall, 1881-1937 (Section F)
Charles Jr., 1871-1946 (Section F)

Antwine Marshall, Private, Co I 120 Regt, NY Vols (Section F - CW)

J. W. Marshall, 1845-1905, Marshall Monument (Section H)
Delia I., his wife, 1846-1923 (Section H)
Harriet M., 1871-1943 (Section H)
Frank M., 1873-1958 (Section H)
M. Hope, dau of JW & DI Marshall, died July 29, 1891, AE 2 yrs, 9 mos (Section H)
W. Ivan, son of JW & DI Marshall, died Feb 9, 1887, AE 2 yrs, 10 mos (Section H)
Eugene, son of JW & DI Marshall, died May 7, 1883, Aged 5 yrs (Section H)
Nellie M., 1881-1957 (Section H)
Clark H., 1875-1950 (Section H)

Martin (See also: Brown, Cunningham, Grandy, Hall)
Harvey Martin, d. July 19, 1889; Monument (Section B)
Almira, his wife (Section B)
Almira Morehouse, d. July 28, 1878; Ae 73 yrs (Section B)
Harvey Jr., died July 6, 1878; Ae 19 yrs (Section B)
Minnie M.., died Aug 22, 1890; AE 23 yrs (Section B)

William Martin, 1845-1910 (Section B)
Mary E. Hardy, his wife, 1853-1930 (Section B)

Lydia, dau of Henry & Eunia Martin, died Dec 8, 1835, AE 25 yrs (Section H)
Sharlie, au of Henry & Eunia Martin, died Dec 10, 1834, AE 18 yrs (Section H)
Ezra R., son of Henry & Eunia Martin, died April 23, 1832, AE 18 yrs (Section H)
Luther, son of Henry & Eunia Martin, died Oct 11, 1829; AE 22 yrs (Section H)
Eunia E., wife of Henry Martin, died Oct ?, 1832 in the 48 yr of her age (Section H)
Henry Martin, died Dec 1, 1830 in the 49th yr of his age (Section H)

Andrew J. Martin, 1863-1928 (Section M)
Olive Armstrong, his wife, 1869-1942 (Section M)
Deuard D. Martin, 1898-1934 (Section M)
Lohvell H. Martin, 1894-1967 (Section M)

Martindale (See also: Sprague)

Martyn (See also: Mix)

James H. Mashaw, Dad, 1899-1961 (Section L)
Clara B., Mom, 1906-1967 (Section L)
CPL Maynard Mashaw, 1926-1948 (Section L)

Earl John Mashaw, 1895-1945 (Section P)
Mabel Elizabeth Nettles, 1895-1980 (Section P)

Cyrus H. Mason, 1885-1967, Headstone (Section K)
Alice Tripp, his wife, 1889-1972 (Section K)
Marjorie A. Mason, daughter, 1921- (Section K)
Donald L. Mason, son, 1913-1994 (Section K)

Jennie E. Mason, 1864-1922, Mason Headstone (Section G)

William P. Mason, New York PVT Sup Co 31 Infanty, World War I & II; Nov 20, 1896 - Dec 26, 1969 (Section NF)

Mason Headstone (Section P)
Cyrus L. Mason, 1896-1957 (Section P)
Lula D., 1916- (Section P)
Charles Dana, 1953-1977 (Section P)

Samuel Masters, Co A, 142 Regt NY Vols, 1833-1900 (Section F - CW)

Charles S. Masters, 1917-1957, Dekalb Jct Fire Dept; (Section N)
Katherine M., 1932- (Section N)

John J. Matejcik, 1883-1930 (Section A)
Mary Matejcik, 1890-1979 (Section A)

Matice (See also: Parody)
Norman Matice, 1853-1933, Inscription (Section A)
Sarah C., his wife, 1857-1913, Inscription (Section A)

Tho Mathewson, of Broome Co. died in Gouverneur, Aug 13, 1847, Aged 26 yrs (Section H)

Mathous (See also: Peck)

Matteson (See also: Draper)
John P. Matteson, b. Feb 28, 1834 - d. Dec 17, 1887, Marker (Section D)
Mary E., his iwfe, b. Nov 14, 1833 - d. May 4, 1881 (Section D)
Adelle Matteson, b. Feb 26, 1868 - d. July 11, 1886 (Section D)
Wm M. Wright, 1821-1912 (Section D)
Sarah P. Matteson, his wife, 1831-1893 (Section D)
Estelle Wright, their dau, 1861-1903 (Section D)

Matthews (See also: Spicer)
Albert W. Matthews, New York PFC US Army, Co H 305th Inf, 77 Div World War I, PH; Nov 16, 1895-May 13, 1966; Military Marker (Section P)
Vera Porter, his wife, 1902-1998 (Section P)

Matty (See also: Jeffers)

F.A. Maxiner, 1853-1915 (Section F)
Marie E., his wife, 1854-1914 (Section F)
Sarah, dau of FA & Marie Maxiner, born June 7, 1877; died May 30, 1886 (Section F)
Beatrix, dau of FA & Marie Maxiner, born Aug 2, 1885; died Dec 17, 1886 (Section F)
Cora M. Daley Maxiner, 1859-1906 (Section F)
C.J. Maxiner, 1861-1929, Maxiner Monument (Section F)
Luella M., his wife, 1866-1898 (Section F)
Charles S., son of Charles J. & Luella Maxiner, died July 31, 1887, AE 1 yr, 8 mos, 7 dys (Section F)

Maxton (See also: Webster)

Maxwell (See also: Allen)

Emma Maybee, 1855-1885 (Section H)
Unreadable (Section H)

Amos H. Mayette, 1891-1939 (Section P)
Emma Savage, his wife, ..rest unreadable.. (Section P)

Mayhew (See also: Seavey)
Edward Mayhew, 1853-1932, Monument (Section B)
Helen, Mother, Father (Section B)
Cora, wife of Edward Mayhew, 1855-1926 (Section B)
James L. Mayhew, 1843-1900, Co C. 1 NY Light Art (Section B)
Anna S., wife of James L. Mayhew, Mother, (date buried) (Section B)
Jessie, Wellington (Section B)

Mayne (See also: Backus, Stowell, Sullivan)
Frank Mayne, 1865-1948 (Section K)
Mattie, his wife, 1868-1911 (Section K)
Iona L. Schofell, 1926-1976 (Section K)

Joseph W. Mazuroski, 1912-1984 (Section P)
Eveleen D. Dennis, his wife, 1918-2001 (Section P)
Karen Griffith, daughter, 1943-1997 (Section P)
Richard V., son, 1937- (Section P)
Elaine Peryer, wife of Richard, 1942- (Section P)

Donald A. McAdam, Vet World War II, 1927-1984 (Section A)
Ruth V., his wife, 1934- (Section A)

Charles S. McAdam, 1894-1967, Boy Scouts of America, In Memoriam, Charles S. McAdam, Gouverneur NY, Cubmaster Pack 21 (Section M)
Mary B., 1899-1981 (Section M)
Betty Jane, 1924-1925 (Section M)
Baby Seaman, -1950- (Section M)

Charles E. McAdam, 1921-2001 (Section N)
Ercile I. Mills, his wife, 1921-2000; Married May 28, 1941 (Section N)
James Leonard McAdam, "Our Drimmie", died May 24, 1954; Age 18 mos (Section N)

McAllaster (See also: Graves, Price, Skinner)
Joseph F. McAllaster, Sr, 1900-1987 (Section Q)
Virginia Sprague, 1903-1974 (Section Q)

Archie F. McAllaster, 1865-1951, Headstone (Section K)
Lena Cook, his wife, 1870-1946 (Section K)
Josephine M., 1895-1951 (Section K)
Adelaide McA. Caten Belknap, 1891-1992 (Section K)
W. Leonard Caten, 1894-1939, 1st Lieut 309th Inf (Section K)
John B. Belknap, 1908-1998 (Section K)
Robert M. Caten, 1916-1978, Beloved husband of Dorothy A. Caten (Section K)
Betsey C. Deuval, 1920-1997 (Section K)
Ernest J. Deuval, 1913-1991 (Section K)
Caroline M. Gunnison, 1893-1983 (Section K)
Foster Gunnison Jr, 1925-1994 (Section K)

Emerson McAllaster, 1804-1866, McAllaster Monument, (Section F)
Caroline, 1809-1893 (Section F)
Fred E., 1862-1901 (Section F)
Hellen M., 1828-1872 (Section F)
Julia M., 1842-1878 (Section F)
Robert T. Allen, 1859-1909 (Section F)
Joseph E., 1833-1919, "Father" (Section F)
Maria S., 1835-1867, "Mother" (Section F)

McAughey Monument (Section M)
Samuel G. McAughey, 1863-1941 (Section M)
Anna M., his wife, 1863-1947 (Section M)

McCargar (See also: Parker)
Olive McCargar, born 1822, died 1904, Our Mother (Section H)
Peter McCargar, 1866-1900 (Section H)
A. W. McCargar, died Jan 9, 1893; Age 37 yrs, 10 mos (Section H)

McCartha (See also: Countryman, Hatch)
Joseph R. McCartha, 1884-1951 (Section L)
Charles T. McCartha, 1885-1938 (Section L)
David T. McCartha, 1871-1961 (Section L)
Minnie J. McCartha, 1881-1974 (Section L)

McCartha (nothing else) (Section NF)

David R. McCartha, New York PFC 98 Base HQ & AB SQ AAF, World War II; Jan 17, 1900-July 6, 1966 (Section Q)

Michael T. McCarthy, 1890-1972 (Section H)
Frances D. McCarthy, 1902-1981 (Section H)
Little Lena, AE 3 mos, 20 dys (Section H)

William McCartney, b. Aug 12, 1811 - d. May 15, 1901; Monument (Section B)
Mary, wife of Wm McCartney, b. Apr 13, 1814 - d. Apr 6, 1887 (Section B)
Alexander M. McCartney, b. Dec 17, 1844 - d. Jan 18, 1904 (Section B)
Joseph M. McCartney, b. Aug 27, 1852 - d. Sept 5, 1910 (Section B)

McCarty (See also: Elliott)
Charles McCarty, 1852-1945 (Section C)

John McCarty, 1838-1902 (Section C)
Nannie Lane Cox, wife, 1846-1914 (Section C)
Charles Robert, son, 1884-1913 (Section C)
Sarah Benedict, dau, 1883-1926 (Section C)

McCaughey (See also: Chisholm)

John McClear, died Apr 2, 1895; AE 73 yrs; McClear Monument (Section H)
Sarah A. McClear, 1823-1912 (Section H)
J.T. McClear, died Feb 2, 1890; AE 27 yrs (Section H)

Catherine McCloy, wife of L. A. Swett, 1834-1888, Swett Marker (Section F)
Jennie McCloy, 1854-1938 (Section F)
William McCloy, 1825-1890, Father, McCloy Monument (Section F)
Sarah Chisholm McCloy, 1822-1915, Mother (Section F)
Hannah M. Mitchell, 1861-1929 (Section F)
Herbert E. Mitchell, 1859-1915 (Section F)

McCombs (See also: Corbin)

McCoy (See also: Marsh)
Charles S. McCoy, DVM, 1899-1944 (Section P)
Elinor Marsh, his wife, 1903-1981 (Section P)
William M., their son, 1924- (Section P)
Rosemary E., their dau, 1926- (Section P)

Charles W. McCracken, 1918-1982 (Section P)
Louise M., 1922- (Section P)
Nancy Jane, dau of C & L McCracken, Infant, -1944- (Section P)

Walter A. McCrea, 1924- (Section F)
Marjorie Trowbridge, his wife, 1921- (Section F)

Daniel W. McCrea, 1883-1936 (Section M)
Carrie J. McCrea, 1863-1938 (Section M)
Caroline M. Keeler, 1881-1968 (Section M)
Harriett VanPelt, 1858-1955 (Section M)

Stewart F. McCulloch Jr., 1922-1995, US Army Worl War II, Purple Heart (Section L)

Mytrie McCullouch, Mother, 1865-1954 (Section L)

Flora E. McCullouch, 1894-1914 (Section L)

Harry W. McCulloch, 1889-1957 (Section L)
Florence M., 1891-1964 (Section L)

Stewart F. McCullouch, 1896-1971 (Section P)
Hazel M., 1897-1962 (Section P)

Joseph McDermott, 1891-1983 (Section Q)
Mildred L., 1894-1957 (Section Q)

McDonald (See also: Babcock, Homer)
Augustine James McDonald, 1856-1931 (Section H)
Helen VanBuren McDonald, 1865-1953 (Section H)
Louis P. VanBuren, 1868-1910 (Section H)
Philip Bayaud McDonald, 1888-1959 (Section H)
Helen McDonald Peck, 1898-1976 (Section H)

Frederick J. McDonald, New York PVT US Army World War I, April 24, 1895 - July 18, 1953 (Section J)
Daniel D. McDonald, 1870-1935 (Section J)
Laura A., his wife, 1877-1945 (Section J)

McDougall (See also: Gardner, Marshall)

John T. McEathron, Father, 1855-1910, McEathron/Gibbons Marker (Section D)
Ida L., Mother, 1858-1921 (Section D)
Ray H., son of JT & Ida L. McEathron, d. Aug 19, 1891; Ae 1 mo (Section D)
Lottie Gibbins, daughter, 1879-1936 (Section D)
Arthur Gibbins, husband, 1878-1959 (Section D)

McEwen (See also: Merritt)
Note: Next to Rose Ann Brown Stone:
Anna McEwen, 1854-1917 (Section D)

Zellih, dau of A & A McEwen; d. Nov 10, 1887; Ae 1 yr, 7 mos, 18 dys (Section D)

McFerran (See also: Bliss, Frazier)
Frank L., son of JE & ME McFerran, Feb 6, 1880-Nov 28, 1959 (Section F)
James McFerran, 1843-1891 (Section F)
Mary J., 1853-1939 (Section F)
Maud, dau of J & M McFerran, born Feb 8, 1876; went home, Apr 25, 1882 (Section F)
Caroline, dau of J & M McFerran, born Feb 12, 1880; died June 7, 1950 (Section F)

John E. McFerran, 1845-1906 (Section F)
Marcia E., his wife, 1850-1930 (Section F)
Freddie, (rest unreadable) (Section F)
May, (rest unreadable) (Section F)

Charles Anson McGrane, 1883-1931 (Section A)

McGrane-Laidlaw Monument (Shared with Roy A. Laidlaw) (Section P)
Bion J. McGrane, 1879-1944 (Section P)
Mary Nichols, his wife, 1881-1944 (Section P)

Winston A. McHeffey, US Marine Corps, World War II, Nov 18, 1923 - May 28, 1981 (Section A)
Jean E. McHeffey, his wife, Feb 8, 1924 - (Section A)

McHenry (See also: Campbell)

McIlwee (See also: Taylor)

McIntosh (See also: Harrington)
Eugene McIntosh, 1871-1932 (Section L)
Lillian Savage McIntosh, 1873- (Section L)

Harvey J. McIntosh, 1897-1964 (Section L)
Hazel V., 1899-1964 (Section L)
Kenneth A. McIntosh, 1935-1983 (Section L)

Frank H. McIntosh, 1856-1894 (Section H)
Amanda, his wife, 1865-1954 (Section H)

David A. McIntosh, Jan 18, 1840-May 12, 1934; Civil War Veteran, Co A, 142nd Reg, NY Inf Vol (Section H)
His wives:
Sarah Bouchane, died 1899 (Section H)
Lydia Swartzfigure, July 12, 1865-June 13, 1934 (Section H)

Milbourn R. McIntosh, New York S1 USNR World War II; May 26, 1915-Nov 18, 1954; Military Marker (Section N)
Eleanor, his wife (Section N)

McIntyre (See also: Whitton)
Christeen E., wife of S. McIntyre, died Mar 11, 1896, Age 64 yrs, 8 mos (Section F)

William McIntyre, 1841-1938, "Father", McIntyre Monument (Section F)
Adella, his wife, 1851-1932, "Mother" (Section F)
Florence McIntyre, 1886-1939, "Daughter" (Section F)
Charlie W., son of Wm & A McIntyre, died May 27, 1883, AE 5 yrs, 2 mo, 22 dys (Section F)

William McIntrye, 1873-1911 (Section G)

McKean (See also: Gingras, Whitney)
Wm McKean, 1826-1902, Monument (Section C)
Mary E., his wife, 1829-1955 (Section C)
Sarah, his wife, 1837-1910 (Section C)
Robt McKean, 1787-1874 (Section C)
Ellen E., his wife, 1797-1883 (Section C)
Vicie, 1891-1918 (Section C)
In Memory of George & Della McKean (Section C)

Robert McKean, b. 1847 - d. 1890; Co D. Light Art NYSV (Section C)
Robert Miller McKean, 1885-1950 (Section C)

McKean Monument (Section A)
Wallace McKean, 1833-1918 (Section A)
Anna Bell, wife of W. W. McKean, 1868-1922 (Section A)
Mary A., his wife, 1842-1925 (Section A)
Elizabeth Turnbull, 1828-1911 (Section A)
G. Roy Allen, 1881-1949 (Section A)
Mary McKean Allen, 1872-1958 (Section A)
Baby Ruth Ellen Allen (Section A)
Archie Jay Brooks, 1878-1953 (Section A)
Eleanor McKean Brooks, 1875-1941 (Section A)

McKenney (See also: Campbell)

Earl J. McKinney, 1892-1933 (Section L)
Stacy Lee, Granddaughter, July 16, 1980 (Section L)

Arthur H. McKinney, 1908-1996 (Section G)
Berdella K. Premo, 1909-1999 (Section G)
Married Oct 24, 1929

McKinon (See also: Easton)

Alexander McLaren, 1821-1894 (Section K)
Mary A., his wife, 1833-1908 (Section K)
Elmer G. Campbell, 1864-1908 (Section K)
Anna McLaren Reed, 1868-1932 (Section K)
Effie McLaren Reed, 1874-1942 (Section K)

Caten McLean, 1878-1943 (Section P)
Otie Seavey, his wife, 1879-1949 (Section P)

McLear (See also: Smith)
J. Hermon McLear, 1876-1944 (Section A)
E. Lillian, 1873-1956 (Section A)

Victor J. McLear, 1901-1959; McLear Stone (Section Q)

McLellan (See also: Brasie)

McLeod (See also: Chase)

Archibald McLintock, 1877-1926 (Section D)
Nannette B. McLintock, his wife, 1876-1933 (Section D)
Archibald McLintock, son, 1911-1964 (Section D)

McManus (See also: Ritchie)

William J., 1897-1976 (Section L)
Nina L., 1904-1958 (Section L)
Donald James McMillan, New York PC Field Arty, Jan 8, 1929 - 1953 (Section L)

McMullin (See also: Keyes)
Wilber McMullin, 1859-1918 (Section L)
Nettie J., his wife, 1862-1931 (Section L)

Mary McNamara, Jan 7, 1908 - Sept 21, 1994 (Section A)

John H. McNeil, Father, 1828-1898, McNeil/Fleetham Marker (Section D)
Eveline, his wife, Mother, 1833-1907 (Section D)
Eliza J., wife of Fred E. Fleetham (Section D)
Fred E. Fleetham, 1854-1885 (Section D)
George H. McNeil, 1850-1897 (Section D)
Esther, wife of Geo McNeil, 1850-1897 (Section D)

McNish (See also: Laidlaw)
William J. McNish, 1881- (Section NF)
Jennie R., his wife, 1880-1921 (Section NF)

Myron McOmber, D.D.S., 1887-1957 (Section P)
Frances A., 1892- (Section P)

McPherson (See also: White)
Percy J. McPherson, 1916-1992 (Section L)
Nellie Yerdon, his wie, 1908- (Section L)

John McPherson, 1885-1945 (Section L)
Flossie May White, 1886-1957 (Section L)
Ethel McPherson, 1893-1961, Wife (Section L)

William, son of T & M McPherson, died Mar 9, 1885; AE 2 yrs, 4 mos (Section NF)

Florence E. McPherson, Mother, 1869-1950 (Section Q)
Wm R. McPherson, son, 1903-19__ (Section Q)

James McPherson, 1881-1960 (Section M)
Susie A., 1892-1959 (Section M)
Robert A. McPherson, their son, 1918-1980 (Section M)

McQuade (See also: Kirkland)
William McQuade, 1843-1927 (Section H)
Nancy Brown, his wife, 1852-1923 (Section H)
Unreadable, son of Wm & Nancy McQuade, died *** 1887, AE 14 yrs, 1 mo, 20 dys (Section H)

Dorothy M. Zeller McQuade, 1919-1937 (Section J)
Emerson McQuade, 1912-1976 (Section J)
Lyle James McQuade, New York PFT 1475 SV COMD Unit, World War II, May 28, 1906 - August 11, 1946 (Section J)

McQuade Monument - Backside: Sprague (Section A)
J. A. McQuade, 1873-1958 (Section A)
Lizzie J. McQuade, 1878-1956 (Section A)
James A. Goff, 1859-1901 (Section A)
Belva Goff, 1899-1899 (Section A)

McRobbie Monument (Section M)
William E. McRobbie, 1865-1945 (Section M)
Jennie A., his wife, 1863-1930 (Section M)

McVean (See also: Holmes)

Henry J. McVey, 1883-1951 (Section P)
Beatrice Soule, his wife, 1890-1950 (Section P)
Lawrence V., their son, 1916-1939; Footstone (Section P)
Norman B., their son, New York Tech Sgt 30 Inf 3 Div; Jan 22, 1919-Dec 31, 1944; Military Marker (Section P)

McWilliams (See also: Corbin)

Mead (See also: Starbuck)
Earl Willis, 1894-1971 (Section K)
Deborah Parker, his wife, 1902-1958 (Section K)

Mear (See also: Irish, Tuttle)
Percy L. Mear, PVT US Army Dec 21, 1893-Apr 9, 1975 (Section A)
Muriel A. Mear, wife of Percy L., Aug 20, 1899-Jan 12, 1995 (Section A)
Ernest L. Mear, 1859-1911 (Section A)
Miranda S., his wife, 1858-1925 (Section A)
Merton E., 1885-1902 (Section A)
Gladys, 1899-1901 (Section A)

Mellen (See also: Taylor)
Note: Back of George Dillabaugh Stone
Lewis S. Mellen, 1862-1942 (Section K)
Ella F., his wife, 1866-1959 (Section K)
Adaline C., daughter, 1893-1990 (Section K)
Retha Dillabaugh, 1888-1973 (Section K)

Note: Back of Chester Ackerman Stone
Curtis G. Mellen, 1889-1966, Marker (Section F)
Agnes Ritchie Mellen, 1886-1933 (Section F)
Mildred Morrison Mellen, 1894-1967 (Section F)
Margretta, wife of Alfred Ing, Sister, 1861-1929 (Section F)

Mellen Headstone (Section P)
Nathan E. Mellen, 1882-1955 (Section P)
Jennie Willard, his wife, 1883-1951 (Section P)

Mellette (See also: Malette, Mallette)
Louisa Mellette, Age 35, born July 9, 1851; died Sept 16, 1889 (Section H)

Delbert Mellette (Section H)

Mellon (See also: Ethridge)

Melrose (See also: Whalen)
Lyla J. Melrose, born May 29, 1883 - died May 21, 1975 (Section H)
Phoebe Elizabeth, daughter of James A. & Lyla J. Melrose, Oct 26, 1914-Jan 5, 1931; Decatur, Ill (Section H)

Thaddeus R. Melrose, 1877-1960 (Section J)
Elizabeth M., his wife, 1889-1952 (Section J)

Merithew (See also: Lockwood)
Clark H. Merithew, 1898-1931, Merithew Marker (Section L)
Ethel M., his wife, 1900-1969 (Section L)

Arthur B. Merkley, 1899-1967 (Section A)
Gladys R., 1900-1992 (Section A)

Leona LaForty Merkley, 1888-1970 (Section Q)

Edgar H. Merrick, M.D., born in Merrickville on Apr 23, 1838; died in Toronto Ont, May 21, 1890, Marker (Section D)
Sarah Elizabeth Carpenter, wife of E.H. Merrick, died in Gouverneur NY, March 15, 1927 (Section D)

Edgar H. Merrick, Father, 1883-1934 (Section P)
Florence E. Merrick, Mother, 1886-1985 (Section P)
Frances C. Merrick, Daughter, 1918- (Section P)
Edgar H. Jr, Baby, son of EH & FE Merrick, 1922-1923 (Section P)

Merrill (See also: Smith)

Merriman (See also: Brown)
Note:Back of Samuel Giles Marker
Giles L. Merriman, died Aug 8, 1887; Ae 46 years, Monument (Section B)
Adelaide Hardie, his wife, d. May 14, 1918, Ae 74 yrs (Section B)

Note: Combined monument with Orin Freeman
Lyman Merriman, died Dec 18, 1893; Ae 70 yrs, 9 mos, 20 dys, Marker (Section D)
Caroline H., wife of Lyman Merriman (Section D)
Minnie A., dau of Lyman & Caroline H. Merriman, d. July 28, 1870; Ae 11 yrs, 4 mos (Section D)
Frances, dau of Wm & Mary Freeman; d. Nov 15, 1894; Ae 16 yrs (Section D)

Hudson B. Merriman, 1885-1968 (Section F)
Maude Raymond, his wife, 1882-1946 (Section F)

Children of FE & MC Merritt:
B. Sherbie, died Aug 16, 1862; Aged 1 yr, 9 mos (Section B)
Freddie M., died Sept 17, 1872; Aged 6 dys, Second Marker (Section B)
Lulie Bell, died Oct 5, 1875; Aged 7 yrs, 8 mos, 10 dys, Second Marker (Section B)

George Merritt, 1856-1924 (Section B)
Mary Gormley Merritt, 1845-1924 (Section B)
Ruth Belle Merritt, 1890-1971 (Section B)

Geneva Merritt, wife of George Meyer, 1893-1928 (Section H)
Howard E., son of Charles & Jennie Merritt, 1897-1951 (Section H)

Caroline Merritt, wife of Benjamin Woodhull, 1887-1924 (Section H)
Lillian Merritt McEwen, 1883-1913 (Section H)
Charles B. Merritt, 1862-1913 (Section H)
Jennie B., his wife, 1862-1939 (Section H)
Charles B., son of Chas B. & Jennie Merritt, died Mar 23, 1890, AE 1 yr, 12 dys (Section H)

Merritt Monument (Section J)
William H. Merritt, 1856-1928 (Section J)
Susan J., his wife, 1863- (Section J)
S.C. Merritt, 1830-1906 (Section J)
Caroline, his wife, 1830-1907 (Section J)
William H. Jr., 1881-1927 (Section J)

Meyer (See also: Merritt)

Walter J. Mickens, 1898-1967 (Section Q)
Joan H., daughter, 1934-1953 (Section Q)

Micklas (See also: Graves)

Millard (See also: Rich)
Millard Headstone (Section P)
Al J. Millard, 1874-1945 (Section P)
Sarah Turnbull Millard, 1879-1939 (Section P)

Miller (See also: Austin, Bailey, Bellinger, Kinney, Mosher, Olds, Ross, Storie)
Jeremy Fairbanks Miller, b. Dec 10, 1836 - d. Jan 5, 1912 (Section K)
Harriet Melvina Nelson, his beloved wife, b. Oct 16, 1839 - d. Apr 14, 1911 (Section K)

Glenn E. Miller, US Army, Vietnam, Feb 18, 1943-July 12, 1993 (Section K)
Glenn W. Miller, Aug 23, 1908-Sept 2, 1982 (Section K)
Frances C., Apr 23, 1917-Aug 29, 1995 (Section K)

Wm Miller, died April 25, 1889; Aged 68 yrs, Monument (Section B)

James Miller, 1833-1910 (Section B)
Mariette, his wife, 1834-1909 (Section B)
Sherman, their son, 1869-1931 (Section B)

Anna O. Miller, 1861-1953 (Section D)
Charles A. Miller, 1862-1922 (Section D)
Alton W. & Grace Miller, June 23, 1894 (Section D)
Mary Turnbull, "Mother", consort of James Miller, died Sept 22, 1870 in her 78 yr (Section D)
Thomas Miller, died June 18, 1883, in his 57 yr (Section D)
Charles C., son of John & Minerva Miller, d. Apr 2, 1855, Ae 2 yrs, 9 mos (Section D)
John Miller, "Father", 1825-1899, Monument (Section D)
Minerva Burch, "Mother", his wife, 1827-1899 (Section D)
Nellie, wife of J.R. Miller, 1850-1893 (Section D)

Warner H. Miller, 1892-1983, Marker (Section D)
Beulah A. Miller, 1894-1975 (Section D)

William Miller, d. Oct 13, 1901; AE 87 yrs (Section D)
Matilda E., his wife, d. April 1889 in her 72 year (Section D)
Wm T. Miller, Sergt Co H, 26; d. may 3, 1882; Ae 48 yrs, 4 mos, 3 dys (Section D)

Father, 1844-1939 (Benjamin Miller)(Section D)
Mother, 1850-1903 (Hattie Miller) (Section D)
Ernest, 1883-1915 (Section D)
Helena, 1886-1906 (Section D)
Jennie, 1871-1903 (Section D)
Robert, 1890-1909 (Section D)

George S. Miller, 1824-1900 (Section E)
Clarie E., his wife, 1836-1872 (Section E)
Frankie J., only child of GS & CE Miller, d. Sept 20, 1861, AE 1 yr, 2 mos (Section E)
Lillian C., ..., d. Aug 1863; ** & 26 dys (Section E)

Horace Miller, d. May 25, 1869; Aged 68 yrs (Section F)
Prutia, wife of Horace Miller, d. Aug 11, 1862; AE 50 yrs (Section F)

Sarah J. Miller, "Mother", 1838-1918 (Section F)
Ida M. Miller, 1862-1903 (Section F)

Benjamin Miller, 1875-1953 (Section F)
Louella M. Miller, 1874-1951 (Section F)
Gerald E., born 1909, died 1913, son of BG & LE Miller (Section F)

Charles D. Miller, 1857-1922 (Section G)
Addie A., his wife, 1865-1935 (Section G)
Clifton F., their son, 1887-1903 (Section G)

Milo A. Miller, 1912-1913 (Section NF)

Darrell E. Miller Sr., 1924-1972 (Section P)
Helena L. Miller, 1928-1984 (Section P)

Mills (See also: Cook, Gardner, Hawn, Marshall, McAdam)
James A. Mills, 1866-1922 (Section F)
Jessie E., his wife, 1866-1929 (Section F)

Walter William Mills, 1904-1956 (Section L)
Sally Corrine, 1926-1935 (Section L)
Eleanor Brown, 1906- (Section L)
William T., 1861-1940 (Section L)
Nancy Fleming, 1886-19__ (Section L)

Ernest L. Mills, 1868-1945 (Section H)
Mattie M., wife of E. L. Mills, 1867-1904 (Section H)
Maggie, their dau, 1893-1895 (Section H)
Grace Rounds, his wife, 1872- (Section H)

Note: Back of Pike/Simonet Stone - See Cameron:
Hilton E. Mills, 1879-1950 (Section A)
Effie C., 1879-1914 (Section A)
Florence O., 1891-1945 (Section A)
Milford M., 1905-1948 (Section A)
Gertrude S., 1924-1971 (Section A)

Clive R. Mills, 1896-1975 (Section Q)
Emily Raven, his wife, 1903-1976 (Section Q)
Arleen M. Spencer, daughter, 1926-1998 (Section Q)

Mills Monument (Section M)
David M. Mills, MD, 1871-1949 (Section M)
Grace L. Brasie, his wife, 1875-1942 (Section M)
Doris Mills Wood, their daughter, 1901-1972 (Section M)
Grace M. Wood, -1925- (Section M)

Mills Monument (Section P)
Harry L. Mills, MD, Vet WW II, 1904-1965 (Section P)
Margaret E., his wife, 1910-1988 (Section P)

Thomas E. Mills, 1874-1956 (Section P)
Nellie Putman, his wife, 1885-1966 (Section P)
Murray P. Mills, 1903-2000 (Section P)
Mary Phalen, his wife, 1901-1957 (Section P)

Mills Headstone (Section P)
John A. Mills, 1896-1978 (Section P)
Helen E., 1901-1986 (Section P)
John J. O'Brien, 1865-1940 (Section P)

Mills-Bacon Headstone (Section P)
Martin Mills, 1852-1932 (Section P)
Jenny, his wife, 1856-1940 (Section P)

Floyd L. Mills, Father, 1895-1954 (Section N)
Vera E. Youngs, Mother, 1898-1985 (Section N)
Laurence G. Milss, son, 1917- (Section N)
Beverly J. Van Hyning, his wife, 1930- (Section N)

Peter E. Miner, 1883-1963 (Section P)

Mitchell (See also: McCloy, Price, Sayer)
Lewis H. Mitchell, Co. C. 26 Ny Cav; 1834-1909 (Section D)
Cora Hewlett, his wife, 1859- (Section D)
Mary J. Mitchell, 1858-1931 (Section D)
Ernest E., her son, 1880-1936 (Section D)

Paul P. Mitchell, 1st Lt US Army, World War I, Dec 27, 1894 - Mar 1, 1977, Military Marker (Section J)
Willabel C. 1901-1992 (Section J)

Mix (See also: Sprague)
E. Davis Mix, 1851-1921 (Section B)
Clara L., his wife, 1859-1907 (Section B)

Electa Allen, wife of Eli Mix, b. Dec 12, 1808; d. Mar 20, 1890 (Section D)
Eli Mix, d. July 3, 1879; AE 75 yrs (Section D)
Unreadable Mix, (Section D)
Hannah (Section D)
Mary C., died 1830, dau of Eli & * Mix, Aged ? (Section D)
Clarissa (Section D)
Sarah (Section D)
Henry O. Mix, 1823-1908 (Section D)
Hannah, his wife, 1823-1880 (Section D)
Mary E., dau of H.O. & H. Mix, died Feb 2, 1879; Aged 29 yrs, 1 mo, 17 dys (Section D)

Hiram A. Mix, 1825-1901 (Section F)
Betsey B. Phelps, his wife, 1831-1919 (Section F)

Webster Lynde Mix, 1863-1944 (Section F)
Tillie Martyn, 1868-1941 (Section F)

Vere R. Mix, 1889-1975 (Section F)
Emma L., 1890-1983 (Section F)

Thomas R. Mix, 1924- (Section F)
Helen R., 1926-1985 (Section F)

Gustave E. Moe, 1897-1961 (Section A)
Bell A., 1910- (Section A)

Moffatt (See also: Collins)

Theodore J. Jr, Infant son of TJ & SJ Molthen, -1961- (Section K)

Monier (See also: Castleman)
Frank E. Monier, 1878-1919 (Section L)
Debbie M., his wife, 1874- (Section L)
Alred D. Palmer, 1872-1941 (Section L)

Herbert J. Monier, 1874-1907 (Section G)
Katherine Gill, his wife, 1881-1959 (Section G)

William Monroe, 1902-1944 (Section P)
Hilda R., 1903-1982 (Section P)

Monterville Headstone (Section N)
Thomas E. Monterville, 1885-1964, Gouverneur Police (Section N)
Merle I., 1886-1964 (Section N)
Ethel M., 1908-1971 (Section N)
Gladys K., 1910-1981 (Section N)

"Montreville" Monument (Section M)
Edward Monterville, 1853-1930 (Section M)
Anna C., his wife, 1863-1930 (Section M)

Montgomery (See also: Downing)
William J. Montgomery, 1876-1936, Headstone (Section K)
Joseph E., 1882-1907 (Section K)
Nancy, "Mother", 1842-1923 (Section K)
Robert, "Father", 1842-1919 (Section K)
Wilson, 1880-1951 (Section K)
Della M. Tudo, 1884-1947 (Section K)

Moody (See also: Jenne)

Moore (See also: Brayton, Thayer)
Robert L. Moore, 1910-1970 (Section L)
Dorothy M., 1915- (Section L)

Carl E. Moore, New York PFC TRP F, 11 Cavalry Regt, May 29, 1892-Sept 6, 1971 (Section L)
Helen V. Moore, his wife, 1900-1971 (Section L)

Ruby R. Moore, 1886-1962 (Section NF)
Lyman F. Moore, 1884-1965 (Section NF)

Murray Moore Jr, Cpl US Army World War II, Sept 24, 1928 - Jan 18, 1983, Military Marker (Section J)
Katherine Y., 1928- (Section J)
Murray A. Moore, 1897-1969 (Section J)
I. Pauline, his wife, 1901-1992 (Section J)
Marion & Mae, twin daughters of C & Z Moore, -1899- (Section J)
Charles Elmer Moore, New York TEC 5 Quartermaster Corps, World War II, April 17, 1919-Nov 18, 1970 (Section J)
Charles Moore, 1872-1957 (Section J)
Zelma Potter, his wife, 1880-1961 (Section J)
Daniel, 1835-1901 (Section J)
Margaret Brown, his wife, 1846-1913 (Section J)

Moran (See also: Bigness)
Electa S., wife of Francis Moran, died Feb 20, 1831; AE 23 yrs, 3 mos, 17 dys (Section D)

Morehouse (See also: Martin, Randall)
H.L. Morehouse, no other markers (Section D)

Loomis Delevan Morehouse, 1833-1901 (Section D)
Hannah Thompson, his wife, 1835-1903 (Section D)

Fred Edison Morehouse, Husband, 1855-1942 (Section H)
Phoebe Ann Morehouse, Wife, 1860-1930 (Section H)
Anna Mae Hoffmeister, Granddaughter, 1905-1931 (Section H)

Theron G. Morehouse, 1872-1959 (Section H)
Leta H., 1875-1965 (Section H)
Infant Dau, 1905 (Section H)
H. L. Morehouse, 1862-1917, Morehouse Stone (Section H)
Helen, his wife, 1850-1931 (Section H)

Morehouse Monument (Section H)
Carl E., son of F.E. & A. Morehouse, died Apr 1, 1890, Age 9 mos (Section H)
Charles Morehouse, died Feb 19, 1887, AE 27 yrs (Section H)
Earl E. son of CE & NF Morehouse, died Apr 3, 1890, AE 4 yrs, 8 mos, 19 dys (Section H)
Nettie, wife of Charles Morehouse, 1861-1918 (Section H)
Ida (Section H)
Etta (Section H)
F.E. Morehouse Inscription (Section H)

L.C. Morehouse, 1831-1908, Monument (Section H)
Semira, his wife, 1823-1911 (Section H)
Ella (Section H)

Pauline, daughter of Wilber & Hattie Morehouse, born Setp 14, 1889; died Mar 12, 1893; Monument (Section H)

Oliver W. Morehouse, died April 3, 1892; AE 23 yrs, "Ollie" Footstone (Section H)
Lucinda (Section H)
Albert Morehouse, Father, 1838-1908 (Section H)
Eliza D. Morehouse, 1843-1917 (Section H)

Jerome B. Morey, died Aug 5, 1865; Aged 26 yrs (Section D)

Morfogenis (See also: Constantikes)

Morgan (See also: Jones, Smith)
Lavack-Morgan Monument (Shared with Fred W. Lavack) (Section H)
George H. Morgan, 1854-1932 (Section H)
Flora A., his wife, 1855-1924 (Section H)

George C. Morgan, 1875-1934 (Section H)
Louise A. Morgan, 1877-1950 (Section H)
Burton Morgan, 1896-1913 (Section H)
Grace Morgan Hubbard, 1912-1943 (Section H)
Dorothy Morgan, April 24, 1910 - August 3, 1929 (Section H) (Information supplied by family. No stone.)

William I. Morgan, 1897-1960 (Section J)
Glenna F., 1895-1973 (Section J)

Anson J. Morgan, 1864-1904 (Section A)
Ida M., his wife, 1866-1952 (Section A)
Eugene C. Clark, 1868-1929 (Section A)
Baby, son of I & R Clifton, Apr 18, 1927 (Section A)
Abram Boyce, Brother, 1860-1946 (Section A)
John A., 1886-1911 (Section A)
Ellar, his wife, 1890- (Section A)
Elbert E., 1894-1919 (Section A)

Morgan Monument (Section A)
Roy Q. Morgan, Father, 1891-1970 (Section A)
Emma T., Mother, 1890-1973 (Section A)
Anson R. Morgan, 1914-1997 (Section A)
Dorothy A. Morgan, 1913-1990 (Section A)
Lillian L. Morgan, 1918-1930 (Section A)
Phylis Morgan, -1926- (Section A)
Leo P., son of R & E Morgan, -1924- (Section A)
Mary E., dau of R & E Morgon, -1924- (Section A)
Emma V. Vrooman, 1911-1982 (Section A)
Kenneth C. Vrooman, 1913-1993 (Section A)

Abey H. Morgan, 1888-1951 (Section N)
Bertha J., his wife, 1888-1959 (Section N)

Nelson B. Morgan, 1897-19__ (Section N)
Fannie E. Gagnon, his wife, 1894-1951 (Section N)
Elbert E. Morgan, PFC US Army World War II; Apr 30, 1918-Feb 23, 1980 (Section N)

Morris (See also: Babcock, Kinney, Parker, Smith)
Volney Morris, 1825-1894 (Section C)
Olive A. Barrett, his wife, 1828-1903 (Section C)
Frankie J. Morris, son of Volney & Olive A. Morris, d. Apr 19, 1885; Aged 28 yrs (Section C)
Walter S., son of ? Morris, died Feb 26, 1856; Ae 8 mos, 22 dys (Section C)

James R. Morris, 1914-2000, Marker (Section D)
Margaret Beamish, his wife, 1916-1980 (Section D)
Married Aug 2, 1941

Dora A., dau of Lewis & Calista Morris; died Aug 16, 1868; Aged 12(?) yrs (Section D)

Charles Morris, 1853-1925 (Section L)
Sarah J., his wife, 1859-1915 (Section L)

Jay S. Morris, PVT US Army, WW I, April 8, 1888-Sept 4, 1976 (Section L)

Bower J. Morris, 1852-1942, Morris Headstone (Section L)
Sarah A., his wife, 1864-1942 (Section L)
Guy Turner Morris, 1889-19__ (Section L)
Lora Richards, his wife, 1889-1958 (Section L)

Kenneth E. Morris, 1917-1964 (Section L)
Evelyn E., 1908-1967 (Section L)

Frank H. Morris, Father, 1887-1938 (Section L)
Pearl E., Mother, 1896-1954 (Section L)

M. D. Morris, 1830-1891 (Section H)
Maria Sheldon, his wife, 1832-1917 (Section H)
May Morris, their daughter, 1871-1897 (Section H)

Morris Monument (Section A)
Walter G. Morris, 1860-1942 (Section A)
Helen M., wife of W. G. Morris, 1861-1919 (Section A)
George L. Morris, 1830-1905 (Section A)
Frances Austin, his wife, 1839-1916 (Section A)

Risley/Morris Monument (Section A)
Earl A. Morris, 1889-1978 (Section A)
Edith J., 1891-1960 (Section A)

Morrison (See also: Abell, Mellen, Richardson, Russell)
Isaac Newton Morrison, 1851-1927, Headstone (Section K)
Louise Morrison, his wife, 1863-1924 (Section K)
Irene Morrison Coder, 1852-1919 (Section K)
Walter L. Coder, 1852-1933 (Section K)

Maggie C. Brown, wife of Bert A. Morrison, Died Feb 4, 1892, AE 24 yrs, 23 dys (Section H)

Morrison-Pollock (with John E. Pollock) (Section M)
Henry Morrison, 1845-1927 (Section M)
Mary, his wife, 1857-1933 (Section M)

Morrison Headstone (Section P)
Bertram W. Morrison, 1869-1947 (Section P)
Ona G., 1869-1955 (Section P)

Morrow (See also: Baxter, Hall, Harper, Smith)
Seaborn D. Morrow, 1876-1945 (Section P)
Nellie Law, his wife, 1883-1960 (Section P)

Morse (See also: Burt)
Horace Morse, ... unreadable.. (Section D)
James Morse, died July ?; AE 74 yrs, 1 mo, 1 dy, Bottom of stone(Section D)
Sarah Morse, died Aug 16, 1865; Aged 34 yrs (Section D)

Royal Morse, Father, Died Jan 11, 1904, Age 83 yrs (Section H)
Jane E., wife of Royal Morse, died April 11, 1890; Age 56 yrs (Section H)
Hattie C., daut of Royal & Jane Morse, died Nov 23, 1874; AE 2 yrs 5 mos (Section H)
Carrie A., daut of Royal & Jane Morse, died Oct 19, 1884; Ae 19 yrs (Section H)

Addie A., wife of G.L. Mosher, 1856-1906, Marker (Section I)

Norman Mosher, Co. D 186 Reg NY V In, b. 1829-d.1877 (Section F)
Julia A. Snow, his wife, b. 1836 - d. 1906 (Section F)
Cassius D., b. 1862 - d. 1865 (Section F)
Gustavus N., b. 1872-1876 (Section F)
George F. Mosher, 1854-1931 (Section F)
Evelyn Miller, 1852-1932 (Section F)
Eli C. Mosher, 1863-1934 (Section F)
Florence Henderson, 1872-1944 (Section F)
Evadel Mosher Budd, 1894-1980, 2nd Stone (Section F)
Evadel J., 1874-1884 (Section F)

Anna, dau of E & C Mosher, died Nov 23, 1884, Aged 11 yrs, 6 mos (Section F)
Lenny, son of E & C Mosher, died Jan 20, 1877, Ae 1(?) yrs (Section F)

In Memory of the departed worth of Nabby(?), Consort of Stephen Mosher who died Feb 24th, 1828, AE 35 yrs, 15 dys (Section NF)

Archie E. Mosher, 1881-1938 (Section P)
Hannah J., 1886-1964 (Section P)

Fred W. Mott, 1865-1944, Stevens-Mott Monument (with Ervin J. Stevens) (Section H)
Cora Overacker, his wife, 1865-1950 (Section H)
Fred L. Mott, 1903-1964 (Section H)
Frances G. Mott, his wife, 1905-1986 (Section H)

Lewis Mouck, Father, 1851-1918 (Section L)
Lucina, his wife, 1856- (Section L)

Olga P. Moulton, 1891-1980 (Section B)
Doris E. Moulton, 1912- (Section B)

Hazel Elizabeth, "Betty", 1927-1932, Daughter of John & Venita M. Mouriski (Back of Carlos & Ercile Griffith Stone) (Section L)

Mousaw (See also: House)

Gladys Moxley, 1904-1914 (Section L)
Samuel Moxley, 1851-1933 (Section L)
Cora J. Moxley, 1862-1939 (Section L)

Glen V. Moxley, 1901-1972, Moxley/Backus Headstone (Section L)
Leon E. Moxley, 1893-1946 (Section L)
Alice M. Backus, 1895-1965 (Section L)
Delbert Backus, 1896-1939 (Section L)
Bruce E., 1920-1927, Son of Delbert & Alice Backus (Section L)
Howard Moxley, 1891-1943 (Section L)

Moxon (See also: Cole)

John R. Mullady, 1892-1946 (Section H)
Edythe S., his wife, 1894-1965 (Section H)

Mike O. Mullen, 1883-1958 (Section P)
Theresa, 1889-1962 (Section P)

Daniel G. Mullin, 1880-1955 (Section Q)
Ada W., 1896-1973 (Section Q)
Marjorie E. Mullin, dau, 1922-1987 (Section Q)

Raymond J. Mullin, 1924-1952 (Section Q)
Mary S., his wife, 1924- (Section Q)

Mundy (See also: Dodds)

Frank P. Muranyi, TEC5 6 Field Arty BN, World War II, April 5, 1919 - April 2, 1966 (Section F)

Allen C. Murdock, 1862-1938 (Section K)
Estelle M., his wife, 1868-1915 (Section K)
Ralph, their son, 1907-1916 (Section K)
Don A. C., son, 1887-1961 (Section K)
Reba K., wife, 1888-1959 (Section K)
Leslie E. Coller, 1911-1965 (Section K)
Vera Harrison Murdock, 1915-1980 (Section K)

Murphy, Murphey (See also: Babcock, Coughlin, Easton, Hall)
Josiah E. Murphy, 1849-1924 (Section K)
Ellen Hill, his wife, 1848-1935 (Section K)
Isabel Hill Taylor, 1840-1932 (Section K)

William N. Murphy, 1874-1960 (Section K)
Hattie L., his wife, 1874-1925 (Section K)
Carl S., their son, 1916-1916 (Section K)
Claude A., son, 1910-1994 (Section K)
Louise M. Babcock, his wife, 1912-1984 (Section K)
Izetta M. Murphy Youngs, 1899-1930 (Section K)
Randolph C. Youngs, New York, PVT 4 Co 152 Depot Brigade, World War I, Dec 21, 1892-Feb 10, 1962 (Section K)
Jay E. Seeley, 1898-1944 (Section K)
Irene E. Murphy, his wife, 1902- (Section K)

M. Eugene Murphy, 1877-1938 (Section L)
Laura M., 1888-1963 (Section L)

Murphey Monument (Section J)
James E. Murphey, 1867-1936 (Section J)
Martha J., his wife, 1863-1940 (Section J)
Dorothy J., daughter, 1906-1974 (Section J)
Howard, their son, 1896-1898 (Section J)
S. Anna, 1892-1956 (Section J)

Murphy Monument (Section A)
Frank J. Murphy, 1855-1915 (Section A)
Martha, his wife, 1860-1922 (Section A)
Frank Murphy, 1891-1951 (Section A)
Cora Kellogg, 1896-1954 (Section A)
George Murphy, 1876-1885 (Section A)
Matie, 1889-1958 (Section A)

Merton L. Murphy, New York Mech 107 Inf 27 Div World War I; May 11, 1890-Mar 30, 1948; Military Marker (Section P)
Donna Reynolds, his wife, Feb 2, 1898-Nov 8, 1978 (Section P)
Dorothy Murphy, Dau of Merton & Donna, Jan 10, 1933-Mar 7, 1995 (Section P)
Edith M. Reynolds, June 12, 1912-Jan 22, 1999 (Section P)

Murray (See also: Sheldon)
Merrill A. Murray, 1899-1960 (Section K)
Eva T., 1899-1988 (Section K)

Andrew A. Murray, 1857-1942, Headstone (Section K)
May Stacy, his wife, 1859-1956 (Section K)
Gerald T., 1891-1918 (Section K)
Bruce M., 1887-1970 (Section K)
Jennie C., his wife, 1889-1963 (Section K)
Victor, 1930-1993 (Section K)

John Franklin Murray, Nov 13, 1906-Feb 21, 1992 (Section C)
Marian Chisholm, his wife, Feb 14, 1908-Feb 5, 1982 (Section C)

Andrew Murray, Father, 1830-1917, Marker (Section I)
Susan Gates Murray, Mother, 1833-1924 (Section I)
Emma Gates Williams, 1842-1920 (Section I)
Leon B. Murray, 1869-1951 (Section I)
Susanna Dixon, wife of Leon B. Murray, 1874-1954 (Section I)

Jeffrey D. Murray, 1958-1958 (Section NF)

James Asa Murton, 1889-1952 (Section Q)
Eva Leora, 1891-1953 (Section Q)

Myers (See also: Brewster, Gates)
Eugene C. Myers, 1884-1931 (Section K)
Alice Beaman, his wife, 1884-1957 (Section K)

Albert M. Myers, 1845-1876 (Section F)
Olive A., 1849-1940 (Section F)

Myers Monument (Section M)
Harold J. Myers, 1878-1946 (Section M)
Matie A. Tenney Myers, 1877-1937 (Section M)

Donald D. Myers, 1913-1998 (Section N)
Vivan V., 1920- (Section N)

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