Riverside Cemetery - Gouverneur NY
Inventory of Riverside Cemetery, Gouverneur NY (Last Names starting with N-P)

NOTE: Between the fall of 2000 and fall of 2001, I performed an extensive effort to perform a full inventory (with tombstone pictures) of Riverside Cemetery in Gouverneur. That results of that effort are shown below. At the end of each entry is a indication of what section of the cemetery the stone is located in. Locations of each section within the cemetery can be seen on the map on my Riverside Cemetery index page.
When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Last updated by Anne M. Cady, October 2001.

Edward F. Narrow, 1906-1958 (Section K)
Hazel L., 1912-1998 (Section K)

Sydney L. Nash, 1847-1913, Second Stone (Section G)
Jane M., 1846-1908, Second Stone (Section G)

Neal (See also: Love)

Edward H. Neary, died Dec 17, 1918; AE 84 yrs, 1 mo, 7 dys, Neary Monument (Section F)
Margaret C., wife of E. H. Neary, died Aug 9, 1883, AE 52 yrs, 8 mos, 10 dys (Section F)
Jessie, dau of EH & MC Neary, died May 5, 1863, AE 8 mos, 5 days (Section F)
Jennie, dau of EH & MC Neary, died July 4, 1879, AE 10 yrs, 2 mos, 22 dys (Section F)
Julia S., wife of E. H. Neary, d. July 12, 1920, AE 68 yrs, 10 mo, 13 dys (Section F)

Needham (See also: Orford)

M**re* Neddo, Slot 278, born 1909, died 1938 (Section NF)

Andrew I. Negus, 1856-1914, Headstone (Section K)
Anna E., his wife, 1859-1956 (Section K)
Mary A., his wife, 1862-1924 (Section K)

Andrew, son of J & S Negus, Jan 10, 1902-Feb 8, 1903(?) (Section H)
Sina Lansing, Mother, wife of John Negus, 1882-1903 (Section H)

Neil Monument (Section A)
George Neil, 1866-1927 (Section A)
Mary E., his wife, 1870-1938 (Section A)

Nelson (See also: Clifton, Miller)
Pr***, wife of Isaac Nelson, died feb 25, 1854; Aged 58 yrs (Section H)
Ruth, wife of Isaac Nelson, died Nov 25, 18__; Ae 65 yrs (Section H)
In Memory of Isaac Nelson, who died April ... (rest unreadable) (Section H)

Philip H. Nelson, 1899- (Section Q)
Laura Sprague, 1902- (Section Q)

Nettles (See also: Mashaw)

Herbert J. Newcomb, NY Sgt 34 Infantry, 7 Div World War I; Sept 23, 1895 - May 25, 1950 (Section D)

Florence L. Newcomb, 1903-1961 (Section P)

Newell (See also: Bartholomew, Cox, Draper, Smith)
Newell Monument (Section H)
James H. Newell, 1819-1910, Father (Section H)
Mary A., 1826-1899, Mother (Section H)
John F., 1859-1907 (Section H)
Frank, 1854-1855, son of James & Mary A. Newell, died Oct 26, 1855, Second Stone (Section H)
Isabella, 1861-1869 (Section H)
Bouten, 1852-1889 (Section H)
James B., 1851-1895 (Section H)

John D. Newell, died Oct 22, 1902, Aged 91 yrs, 3 mos, 3 dys (Section H)
Mary, wife of * Newell, *3 yrs, 7 mo, 2 dys; Bottom of Stone (Section H)
Olive, wife of John D. Newell, died May 23, 1876; Aged 63 yrs, 7 mos, 22 dys (Section H)
Henry O. Newell, 1826-1884 (Section H)
Caroline Lasalle, his wife, 1836-1901 (Section H)
Ardell Newell, 1855-1921 (Section H)
Stella, wife of B. E. Legate (Section H)
Lora A. Newell, 1829-1902 (Section H)
Lucinda Lanphear, his wife, 1835-1924 (Section H)
Nora Newell, 1870-1922 (Section H)

Arthur Newell, 1865-1941 (Section M)
Gertrude B., 1882-1963 (Section M)

Newman (See also: Simons)

Newton (See also: Scott)
Adelert A. Newton, 1858-1915 (Section L)
Rena H., his wife, 1865-1938 (Section L)

Martha R. Newton, 1874-1936 (Section A)

Charles J. Newvine, 1889-1970 (Section N)
Anna Toomey, his wife, 1891-1968 (Section N)

George L. Newvine, 1893-1967 (Section N)
Mary A., 1896-1978 (Section N)

Frederick J. Nicholl, 1913-1985 (Section M)
Lois Campbell, his wife, 1923- (Section M)

Nichols (See also: Brown, Downing, McGrane, Smith, Sterling, Wright)
Hiram Nichols, 1808-1899 (Section C)
Abra, his wife, 1816-1872 (Section C)
Their Children:
Eunice A., 1841-1896 (Section C)
Alice W., 1844-1856 (Section C)
Frances A., 1844-1916 (Section C)

William H. Nichols, 1841-1925, Monument (Section C)
Mary, his wife, 1844-1922 (Section C)
Emma L., wife of W. H. Nichols, Nov 13, 1867; Aged 22 yrs (Section C)
George W. Nichols, died Oct 2, 1891: Ae 80 yrs (Section C)
Lydia, wife of G.W. Nichols, died Mar 19, 1894; Ae 79 yrs (Section C)
Charles A. Nichols, died Mar 25, 1881; Aged 25 yrs (Section C)

George E. Nichols, 1847-1921 (Section D)
Mary J. Woodward, his wife, 1849-1925 (Section D)
Eliza L. Nichols, their dau, 1875-1925 (Section D)
George Nichols, their son, 1887-1893 (Section D)
William H. Cameron, 1875-1953 (Section D)
Martha Nichols, his wife, 1881-1942 (Section D)
Their Children:
Lorenzo O., 1900-1921 (Section D)
Gertrude F., 1904-1904 (Section D)

Delilah S., wife of James N. Nichols, died Oct 13, 1895; Age 65 yrs (Section F)

Charles B. Nichols, 1888-1962 (Section J)
Amanda E., his wife, 1850- (Section J)
Dora N. Spooner, his daughter, 1876-1948 (Section J)

Nichols Monument (Section A)
G. Mason Nichols, 1872-1944 (Section A)
Bertha E., his wife, 1878-1951 (Section A)
Ralph W., their son, 1909-1924 (Section A)

Everett Nichols, 1902-1974 (Section A)
Anne G. Crowley, his wife, 1905-1993 (Section A)

Nichols Headstone (Section P)
Ernest M. Nichols, 1877-1940, Father (Section P)
Bessie M. Nichols, 1893-1963, Mother (Section P)

Nicholson-Tresidder Headstone (Section P)
Albert John Nicholson, 1888-1958 (Section P)
Mary Elizabeth Nicholson, 1878-1941 (Section P)
Lawrence Tresidder, 1908-1932 (Section P)

C. Nickelson, born Sept 5, 1817; d. Jan 20, 1901; Aged 83 yrs; Nickelson Marker (Section F)
Martha S., his wife, b. Oct 11, 1824; d. Mar 5, 1885; AE 60 yrs (Section F)
Charles, 1893-1931 (Section F)
Raymond, 1896-1944 (Section F)
Horace S. Whitmarsh, 1859-1941 (Section F)
Cynthia, his wife, 1864-1844 (Section F)
Clara J., dau of C & M Nickelson, d. Feb 12, 1878, Aged 13 yrs, 6 mos (Section F)
Children of Charles & Martha Nickelson:
Charles E., died Mar 20, 1863; Ae 9 yrs, 6 mos (Section F)
Cyntha J., died Mar 25, 1863; Ae 3 yrs, 3 mos (Section F)
Olive H. Wilcox, died June 22, 1846, AE 26 yrs, 8 mos (Section F)

Charles Nickerson, Co K, 106th NY Regt, 1836-1916 (Section K)
Athelda, his wife, 1842-1926 (Section K)
Charlie J, 1907-1917 (Section K)

Charles D. Nightengale, Father, 1885-1946 (Section P)
Bertha D., Mother, 1890-1951 (Section P)
Douglas H., Son, 1913-1971 (Section P)
James W., Son, 1918-1987 (Section P)

Noble (See also: Conger, Thayer)
Harvey H. Noble, 1847-1925, Noble Marker (Section I)
Edna L., his wife, 1855-1932 (Section I)

Anna May, dau of FK & N Noble, died Aug 7, 1885, Aged 6 yrs, 9 mos, 24 days (Section F)

Reuben Noble, died Oct 28, 1856, Ae 84 yrs, Noble Marker (Section F)
Mary, wife of Reuben Noble, died March 13, 1843, Aged 71 yrs (Section F)
In memory of Diana, wife of Zudock Day, Jr., who died June 23, 1830; Aged 27 yrs, 6 mo, 23 dys (Section F)
Albert H., son of Henry J. and ? H. Noble, died July 20, 1840, Ae 2 yrs, 6 mos (Section F)
William H. Noble, died July 26, 1857, Ae 15 yrs (Section F)

Lyman H. Nobles, died Apr 12, 1871; Aged 64 yrs, 3 mos, 26 dys; Nobles Monument(Section F)
"Earth grounds, oh how tempting,
their flowers and their fruits
How we love their sweet shadow
But a worms at the root
When the arm thou hast leaned on
Is laid in the dust
On the arm of thy God
Lean with faiths cheerful trust"
Nina J. Ford, wife of Lyman H. Nobles, born in Woodbridge Conn, Apr 28, 1803; Died Setp 2, 1879 (Section F)
Celestia A., dau of LM & NJ (Section F)

Norton (See also: Patterson, Webster)
Fred H. Norton, US ENC S.S. Colorado, Civil War, 1842-1911, Monument, Footstone (Section C)
Matilda Gray, wife of Fred H. Norton, 1849-1921 (Section C)
Sacred to the memory of: Elbert(?) Marvin, son of Milton & Marilla Norton; who died Mary 8, 1847; Aged 14 mos (Section C)
Sacred to the memory of: Melissa Helen, dau of Milton & Marilla Norton; who died Apr 8, 1838; Aged 17 mos (Section C)
Milton F. Norton, drowned Aug 19, 1867; Aged 17 yrs (Section C)
Milton G. Norton, Father, died June 12, 1882; Aged 77 yrs, 6 mos (Section C)
Marilla E., wife of M.G. Norton, Mother, died Feb 19, 1881; Age 73 yrs (Section C)

A.E. Norton, b. Feb 20, 1817 - d. Jan 27, 1878; Marker (Section E)
Mary Ann, wife of A.E. Norton, b. Oct 19, 1819; d. Mar 16, 1879 (Section E)
Minnie A., wife of Geo R. Ormiston, b. Oct 29, 1853; d. June 23, 1881 (Section E)
G.P. Ormiston, b. Feb 1850 - D. Nov 28, 1903 (Section E)

Mary L. Norton, 1900-1968 (Section H)

Edna S., wife of D. J. Notazio, 1896-1918 (Section G)

Noyes (See also: Dodge)
Henry Noyes, New York PFC Co L 305 Infantry, World War I, Sept 7, 1890-Dec 23, 1971, Military Marker (Section L)
Irene M., 1897-1965 (Section L)
Owen Rowe, 1894-1933 (Section L)

Francis Oakley, Co E, 1 Light Art, 1824-1901 (Section F - CW)

Josiah Oaks, 1841- , Photo of Headstone (Section K)
Mary E., his wife, 1844- (Section K)
Ella M. Oaks, 1875-1945 (Section K)
Bruce Oaks, 1866-1921 (Section K)
Kenneth A. Oaks, New York, PFC Co B 1 MTR REP BN MTC, World War I, June 8, 19** - **** (Section K)

Ceylon A. O'Brian, 1911-1964 (Section B)
Clara M., his wife, 1917- (Section B)

O'Brien (See also: Mills)
O'Brien Stone, no other markers (Section K)

John C. O'Brien, Co H 20 Reg Int USA, 1842-1928 (Section L)
Hannah, his wife, 1852 - (Section L)

Obrist (See also: Gossman)

O'Connor (See also: Whalen)

O'Donnel/Hopper Headstone (Section P)
Harold J. O'Donnel, US Army, 1929-1997 (Section P)
Harold E. O'Donnel, 1897-1972 (Section P)
Edytha E. O'Donnel, 1906-1987 (Section P)
Donald J. Hopper, 1898-1962 (Section P)
Irma E. Hopper, 1904-1964 (Section P)

O'Grady (See also: Bennett)

Mary, wife of M. O'Hara, Mother, 1849-1900 (Section H)
Margaret, wife of S. J. Jackson, Sister, 1867-1891 (Section H)
Henry Fitzgerald, Brother, 1869-1900 (Section H)

Willie, son of John & Eva O'Herion, died Feb 18, 1885, 4 yrs, 6 mos, 9 dys (Section H)

Benjamin Olds, b. Nov 28, 1818 - d. Apr 15, 1890 (Section C)
Jane M., his wife, b. Aug 25, 1835 - d. June 23, 1915 (Section C)
Mary I. Olds, b. June 25, 1864 - d. Feb 23, 1896 (Section C)
Charles B. Olds, b. June 25, 1874 - d. Oct 3, 1874 (Section C)

Minnie Miller Olds, Aug 18, 1869-Jan 9, 1899 (Section D)

Olds Monument (Section M)
George E. Olds, Father, 1862-1949 (Section M)
Stella M. Hilts, Mother, 1862-1937 (Section M)
Sue Jane, Daughter, 1887-1977 (Section M)

George F. Olmstead, 1856- (Section A)
Jane, his wife, 1857-1905 (Section A)

Linden Erwin O'Neil, 1892-1960 (Section P)
Gladys Duryea, 1891-1985 (Section P)

Mary H. Collins, wife of Horace E. Orford, 1848-1927 (Section B)
Nellie M. Orford, 1887-1891 (Section B)
Millie C. Ardner, wife of Wm T. Orford, 1872-1917 (Section B)

Charles E. Orford, 1840-1857, Ormond Monument (Section F)
Louis, 1829-1896 (Section F)
Robert, 1800-1885 (Section F)
Ruth, his wife, 1800-1878 (Section F)
Horace E. Orford, Co D & F 1st NY Art, 1834-1913 (Section F)
Ada, his wife, 1839-1863 (Section F)
Nellie M., their dau, 1887-1891 (Section F)
Adeline P., wife of Horace E. Orford, Adaline, daughter of AL & Betsey Shattuck, died June 29, 186?, Aged 24 yrs (Section F)
Arthur N. Orford, son of Louis Needham, died Feb 22, 1874, Aged 21 yrs, 6 mos, 22 dys (Section F)

Charles H. Orford, 1892-1948, Orford Headstone (Section L)
Rena K., 1893-1976 (Section L)
Vern E., 1921-1943 (Section L)
Bethany R., 1928-1952 (Section L)

Ray E. Orford, 1897-1971 (Section L)
Isabel Y., 1901-1986 (Section L)
Nellie M. Young, 1876-1966 (Section L)

George O'Riley, 1894-1948 (Section G)
Clara, his wife, 1896-1981 (Section G)

Ormasen (See also: Wilson)

Ormiston (See also: Beaman, Davis, Norton)
William W. Ormiston, 1859-1930, Monument (Section D)
Grace M. Ormiston, 1874-1959 (Section D)
Robert Ormiston, Father, Died Apr 3, 1871; Age 65 yrs (Section D)
Annette Ormiston, Mother, died Nov 24, 1885; Age 52 (Section D)
Charles Ormiston, Father, 1854-1918 (Section D)
Minnie Barron, Mother, wife of Chas Ormiston, 1855-1939 (Section D)
Infant Child, of ? & ? Ormiston, died May 17, 1862; Age 2 mos (Section D)

In Memorium: James Ormiston, born in Scotland, Aug 30, 1805; died at Fonddu Lac, Wis July 4, 1865; Monument (Section D)
Isabella, his wife, born in Scotland, Jan 1, 1813; died Apr 5, 1868 (Section D)
Erwin H., son of James & Isabella Ormiston, d. Mar 15, 1856; Aged 1 mo, 22 dys (Section D)
John H., son of James & Isabella Ormiston, 1849-1922 (Section D)
Robert F. Brown, 1836-1924 (Section D)
Mary J. Ormiston, his wife, 1839-1926 (Section D)

James W> Ormiston, d. July 7, 1924; Webster/Ormiston Marker (Section I)
Winnifred M., wife of J. W. Ormiston; d. Feb 18, 1903 (Section I)
Thomas D. Ormiston, d. Dec 28, 1936 (Section I)
Arvilla W. Ormiston, d. Dec 16, 1958 (Section I)
James W. Ormiston, TEC5 US Army World War II, Jan 26, 1908 - Mar 5, 1978 (Section I)
Dr. Clarence E. Webster, 1876-1940 (Section I)
Grace M. Allen, wife of C.E. Webster, 1883-1965 (Section I)
Elizabeth C. Ormiston, wife of Dr. C.E. Webster, died May 12, 1925 (Section I)

Robert D. Ormiston, 1841-1895 (Section F)
Josette Wait, his wife, 1843- (Section F)
Maryette, their daut, 1864-1885 (Section F)

Ormsby (See also: Hilts, Rendle)
Gertrude Parker Orsmby, Mother, 1856-1935 (Section L)

Orr (See also: LaGrow)
Orr Monument (Section J)
Elizabeth Rice Orr, 1865-1953 (Section J)
Silas Orr, 1862-1900 (Section J)
Bess Rice, dau of Silas Orr, 1891-1961 (Section J)
Helen, wife of Silas Orr, 1863-1945 (Section J)
Isabel Barter, dau of Silas Orr, 1889-1956 (Section J)
Cora Bella, dau of CW & ER Orr, 1889-1963 (Section J)
Grace May Orr, 1891-1908 (Section J)

Arthur W. Orvis, Feb 18, 1859-Nov 6, 1942 (Section F)
Hattie Church, his wife, Feb 21, 1855 - Dec 11, 1932 (Section F)

Kenneth R. Orvis, New York 1st Lt 177 Mil Police Co. World War BSM-PH; June 21, 1913-March 7, 1958 (Section Q)

Osborne (See also: Hazelton)

Ephraim E. Osler, 1849-1936 (Section H)
Ida A. Conklin, his wife, 1854-1926 (Section H)
Freddie, son of E.E. & I.A. Osler, died May 14, 1885, Aged 8 yrs, 1 mos (Section H)

Overacker (See also: Babcock, Mott)
George H. Overacker, 1858-1932, Headstone (Section K)
Mina L. Loucks, his wife, 1861-1944 (Section K)
Myrtle, daughter, 1894-19__ (Section K)

Note: Back of Horace Hurlbut Stone:
Alfred B. Overacker, 1866-1937, Headstone (Section C)
Avis L. Hurlbut, his wife, 1872-1958 (Section C)

Chas. W. Overacker, 1848-1924, Headstone (Section B)
Lovina A., 1848-1940 (Section B)
Sarah, wife of Palmer Hodge, 1806-1878 (Section B)
Ray W., 1880-1941 (Section B)
Blanche M., wife of Ray W., 1881-1969 (Section B)
Florence, wife of Edward F. Demo, 1915-1949 (Section B)
Dr. Douglas M., 1907-1973 (Section B)
Elizabeth Bariteau, his wife, 1910-1995 (Section B)

William D. Overacker, 1906-1985 (Section L)
Dorothy I., 1904-1974 (Section L)
Roy D., 1887-1960 (Section L)
Mabelle L., 1885-1975 (Section L)

Albert W. Overacker, 1864-1930, Griffith-Overacker Monument (Section H)
Maria M., his wife, 1868-1943 (Section H)
John W. Overacker, 1905-1971 (Section H)

Joseph H. Overacker, Father, born Jan 29, 1851 - died Aug 4, 1911; Overacker Monument (Section H)
Ella M., wife of Joseph H. Overacker, died Dec 12, 1886; AE 24 yrs (Section H)
Steward M., son of JH & EM Overacker, died Apr 5, 1887; AE 8 mos, 21 dys (Section H)

Packard (See also: Farmer)
George Packard, 1827-1897 (Section F)

Paddock (See also: Hurlbut)

Page, Paige (See also: Smith)
Cecil Joseph Page, New York PVT BTRY D 1 PROV DEV BRIC World War I, July 24, 1896-Dec 6, 1948 (Section A)
John F. Paige, 1890-1963 (Section A)
Mannie M., 1891-1978 (Section A)
Howard R. Paige, 1916-1973 (Section A)
Annie M. Davidson, 1902-1983 (Section A)

Paige Headstone (Section P)
Dorothy M., wife, 1914-1945 (wife of Maurice Paige) (Section P)
Erwin W. Gruneisen, June 29, 1920-May 9, 1994 (brother of Dorothy)(Section P)

Henry Pair, 1857- (Section K)

Palmer (See also: Draper, Monier, Wood)
George A. Palmer, 1857-1937, Headstone (Section K)
Ida J., 1860-1934 (Section K)
Norah M., 1883-1910 (Section K)

A. D. Palmer, Father, 1839-1884 (Section C)
Lucy A., his wife, Mother, 1840-1917 (Section C)
Louise, 1861-1943 (Section C)

James Lee Pangle, 1891-1976 (Section M)
Helen L. Pangle, 1906-1976 (Section M)

Papinaw, Papineau (See also: Young)
Charles E. Papinaw, 1863-1943, Second Stone (Section J)
Anna, his wife, 1865-1907 (Section J)
Harlow, 1892-1892 (Section J)
Pauline A. Papineau, 1912-1945 (Section J)
Illian A. Papineau, 1875-1968 (Section J)

Paquette (See also: Stillman)
William W. Paquette, New York MSGT Army Air Forces, World War II, Aug 4, 1913-Jan 3, 1973 (Section J)

Park (See also: Force)

Pare (See also: Webster)

Parker (See also: Aldridge, Cramer, Mead)
George W. Parker, 1865-1942 (Section K)
Leonora Chase, his wife, 1868-1949 (Section K)

Cornelius A. Parker, 1821-1898, Marker (Section E)
Jane A.W. Parker, 1827-1912 (Section E)
Jeannie O.W. Parker, 1850-1883 (Section E)
C. Arthur Parker, 1851-1935 (Section E)
Sarah H.A. Parker, 1856-1946 (Section E)

George Parker, 1826-1883, Capt Co D. 16th Regt, NY Vols; Marker (Section E)
Helen R. Barnard, wife of George Parker, 1822-1909 (Section E)
Helen I. Parker, 1860-1945 (Section E)
Barnard G. Parker, 1858-1927 (Section E)
Dora L. Pike, wife of Barnard G. Parker, 1868-1954 (Section E)

Betty Parker, died Mar 10, 1916 (Section F)

Augustus S. Parker, b. Oct 11, 1810; Killed in stage coach near Virginia City, Montana; July 13, 1865; Buried near Gibson's Ferry, Monument (Section F)
Origen D. Parker, born Feb 15, 1823; A member of Batt D, 1st NY A; Died in hospital near Petersburg, VA, July 20, 1864 (Section F)
Joshua Parker, Died Oct 10, 1831 in his 82 year (Section F)
Mary Parker, died April 1, 1816 in her 78 year (Section F)

M. Sabin Parker, 1830-1930 (Section F)
Achsah, wife of W. P. Brown, 1832-1915 (Section F)
Walter P. Brown, 1827-1898 (Section F)
Lovina Parker, born Apr 6, 1836; d. Feb 15, 1889 (Section F)
Rosamund Parker, born Feb 9, 1825; died Aug 13, 1890 (Section F)
James Parker, born Apr 1, 1782, d. Mar 14, 1875 (Section F)
Ermina, born Dec 11, 1796; d. Apr 22, 1876 (Section F)
James B. Parker, born May 8, 1840; d. July 10, 1904 (Section F)
Helene, wife of James B. (Section F)
Charilla, d. Mar 16, 1827 (Section F)
Lovicia, died Apr 7, 1836, Infant Daughters of James & Erminia Parker (Section F)
In Memory of Elijah Sackett, who died April 1, 1813, in the 46 year of his age, Monument (Section F)
Dorothy Sackett, "Consort of Elijah Sackett", departed this life, July 31, 1828, Aged 62 years (Section F)
In Memory of Mary, wife of Joshua Parker, died April 1, 1816 in the 78th year of her age (Section F)
In memory of Joshua Parker (Section F)
Lucine E., daughter of John & Elizabeth Parker, died July 1, 1831, Aged 9 yrs, 6 mos (Section F)
John Parker, died May 26, 1866; Aged 83 yrs, "Father" (Section F)
Elizabeth, wife of John Parker, died Jan _2, 1866(?), "Mother" (Section F)

Oscar T. Parker, 1817-1907, "Father" (Section F)
Almira Parker, 1837-1920, "Mother" (Section F)
Elizabeth Parker, wife of W. H. Selkirk, 1863-1949 (Section F)

Delbert L. Parker, 1847- (Section F)
Rachel L., his wife, 1853-1913 (Section F)
Karl J. Parker, 1908-1939 (Section F)
Charles S., son of ES & CF Fuller, Oct 6, 1913 - Feb 1, 1914 (Section F)
Adelaide Lillian, dau of ES & CF Fuller, -1914- (Section F)
Ina, dau of JL & C Parker, died Mar 22, 1881, Aged 18 yrs, 6 mos, 20 dys (Section F)
Ina, (Section F)
Lena B. Parker, 1886-1938 (Section F)
Harry L. Parker, 1886-1946 (Section F)
Frank Parker, S Sgt US Army, World War II, Aug 30, 1915-May 3, 1989 (Section F)
Lillian Parker Bleau, beloved mother, Jan 16, 1917-Mar 10, 1941 (Section F)

Robert L. Parker, 1925- (Section L)
Arleen Morris, 1923- (Section L)

Parker Monument (Section M)
James H. Parker, 1862-1953 (Section M)
Anna McCargar, his wife, 1865-1952 (Section M)
Mollie Parker Ryan, 1895-1974 (Section M)

Harold C. Parker, 1889-1971 (Section M)
Lena Love, 1889-1972 (Section M)

Charles L. Parker, 1882-1943 (Section P)
Bertha D., his wife, 1883-1945 (Section P)
Charles W. Parker, New York, CPL 13 Troop CA RR SQ AF World War II; Feb 22, 1914-Dec 3, 1959 (Section P)
Walter E. Parker, 1918-1987 (Section P)
Grace Hance, his wife, 1922- , Married Feb 4, 1940 (Section P)
Leland H. Parker, 1903-1975, Father (Section P)
Pearl L., Mother, 1903-1971 (Section P)

James A. Parker, New York SGT Co B 11 Engineers World War I; July 12, 1897-Nov 18, 1968 (Section P)
Hazel L. Parker, his wife, 1906-1956 (Section P)

Nodiah H. Parker, 1839-1914 (Section P)
Betsey, his wife, 1838-1881 (Section P)
Willard Parker, 1868-1948 (Section P)
Ella, his wife, 1867-1937 (Section P)

Beth L. Parker, 1925- (Section N)

Parks (See also: Butman)
Francis C. Parks, 1863-1936 (Section K)
Ureta L., his wife, 1871-1940 (Section K)
Luava B., their daughter, 1901-1919 (Section K)
Lawrence B., New York Sgt 301 Aux Rmt Dep QMC World War I, Sept 19, 1893-Apr 23, 1950 (Section K)
Gladys W. Parks, Mar 25, 1894-Aug 11, 1975 (Section K)

Cassius Parks, 1832-1913 (Section D)
His wives:
Ellen M. Dailey, 1838-1866 (Section D)
Adaline Pooler, 1838-1900 (Section D)
Their Children:
Fanny May, 1862-1862 (Section D)
Willie H., 1861-1867 (Section D)
Charley N., 1864-1877 (Section D)

Nathan Parks, died at West Swanton Vt, Dec 24, 1842; Aged 47 yrs (Section D)
Susan, his wife, died at Gouverneur NY; Feb 7, 1879; Aged 83 yrs (Section D)

W. Worth Parks, 1912-1990 (Section A)
Helen J., 1916-1999 (Section A)

Parlow (See also: Smith)

Hitty Chapin, wife of Rev. Moses Parmelee, b. Dec 19, 1783; d. May 28, 1868; Bottom of stone; Inscription (Section E)
Simeon Parmelee, b. Feb 21, 1829 - d. Apr 17, 1881; Marker (Section E)

Parody Monument (back of Norman Matice Stone)
George H. Parody, 1886-1967 (Section A)
Nina Matice, his wife, 1885-1957 (Section A)
Helen A., their daughter, 1917-1951 (Section A)

Carl D. Parow, 1924- (Section L)
Patricia E. Larock, his wife, 1920-1999 (Section L)
Donald E. Jr, -1937- (Section L)

Parrigo (See also: Perrigo)
John E., son of Isaac H. & Asenath Parrigo, died April 8, 1842, Aged 7 yrs, 3 mos, 8 dys (Section H)

Parsons (See also: Sterling)
Horace Parsons, 1813-1883 (Section D)
Harriet Sheldon, his wife, 1816-1887 (Section D)
H. Clinton Parsons, 1844-1900 (Section D)
Jennie Baxter, his wife, 1844-1884 (Section D)
Mina Leavitt, his wife, 1849-1900 (Section D)
Israel R. Parsons, 1792-1853 (Section D)
Prudence, his wife, 1795-1851 (Section D)

Lucretia Parsons, d. Feb 26, 1869; Aged 70 yrs, 8 mos (Section D)

Lewis B. Parsons, b. at Williamstown Mass, Apr 30, 1796; d. at Detroit Mich, Dec 21, 1855; Footstone (Section E)
Lucina Hoar, his wife, b. at Munson Mass, Oct 31, 1790; died at Gouverneur NY Aug 30, 1873; Footstone (Section E)
Emily, dau of B & L Parsons (Section E)

George S. Parsons, 1843-1927, "George S. Parsons, 1843-1927, Life-long resident of the town of Gouverneur, Veteran of the civil war, serving in the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry 1861-'62, the 11th New York Calvalry, "Scott's 900", 1863-'64,'65, Loyal always to America and its Institutions, with a deep affection for his native town and its traditions, an assessor of the town of Gouverneur for forty years."Monument, Plaque (Section F)
Martha Dodds Parsons, 1851-1928 (Section F)
James Otis Parsons, 1888-1969 (Section F)
Hazel Brown Parsons, 1888-1963 (Section F)
Helen Snyder, "Amanda", 1877-1919 (Section F)
Myron Parsons, 1807-1891 (Section F)
Amanda Barnes Parsons, 1810-1893 (Section F)
Samantha Parsons Bates, 1834-1862 (Section F)

Oliver Parsons, d. Nov 15, 1855; AE 72 yrs, 5 mos (Section F)

Partridge (See also: Conger)

Alred E. Pascoe, Aug 5, 1913-Nov 23, 1991 (Section L)
Mildred Dawley, Mar 8, 1915-Aug 19, 1993 (Section L)
Edwin V. Dawley, 1889-1930 (Section L)
Barry O., 1942-1943, Second Stone-Barry A., "Our Darling Son" (Section L)

Ernest Pascoe, 1882-1951, Father (Section Q)
Annie, 1884-1974, Mother (Section Q)

Patch (See also: Sayer)

Patterson (See also: Buck, Leach, Marshall)
Note: Back of Edgar Brace Stone
James Patterson, Co F 92 Regt NY Vol, died Aug 4, 1899, AE 69 yrs, Headstone (Section C)
Emily J. Sisco, Wife of James, Mother, 1841-1916 (Section C)
Rollin, 1860-1864, son of James & Emily (Section C)

Thomas Patterson, 1862-1919, Footstone (Section C)
Sophia Welch, his wife, 1862-1921, Footstone (Section C)
Mary Norton, d. Jan 2, 1889, Aged 97 years (Section C)
Sophia Quinn, 1837-1909, Footstone (Section C)
William Norton, d. Dec 22, 1879; AE 70 yrs (Section C)
Mary Patterson, 1828-1908 (Section C)

James M. Patterson, 1884-1916 (Section F)
Myrtle A., his wife, 1888-1963 (Section F)

Alexander Patterson, 1851-1913 (Section L)
Sarah M., his wife, 1861-1936 (Section L)
Floyd Patterson, 1885-1966 (Section L)

James Patterson, 1886-1963 (Section Q)
Annie, 1888-1951 (Section Q)

Abner T. Patton, 1879-1950 (Section F)
Rachel A., 1901-1960 (Section F)

Rebecca, wife of James Patton, Died June 13, 1886; Ae 71 yrs (Section F)

Harley R. Patton, 1874-1938 (Section F)
Lela Farr, his wife, 1872-1960 (Section F)
Mabel M. Patton, their daughter, 1898-1968 (Section F)
Alwin H. Patton, their son, 1906-1977 (Section F)
Evelyn J. Patton, his wife, 1911-1996 (Section F)
Eula M. Patton, their dau, 1899-1978 (Section F)

Abner Patton, 1847-1915, Patton Plot (Section F)
Ann Jane, his wife, 1851-1890 (Section F)
Charley R., their son, 1878-1893 (Section F)

Henry S. Patton, New York Corp 309 Inf 78 Div, Dec 11, 1941 (Section G)
Blanche S. Mariea, his wife, 1900-1984 (Section G)

Charles A. Patton, 1902-1949 (Section Q)
Marie B., 1912- (Section Q)

Arthur A. Patton, Sr, 1897-1955 (Section Q)
Nellie Baird, his wife, 1905-1993 (Section Q)

Jessie E. Paul, 1836-1912, "Mother" (Section K)

Rhoda C.R., wife of W.A. Paul, died Jan 21, 1843; AE 21 yrs; Also infant son (Section D)
William, son of Wm A & R.C. Paul; died Feb 6, 1843; Aged 12 dys (Section D)
Rhoda C., dau of Wm J & R P. Paul; d. Mar 18, 1848; Aged 1 yr (Section D)

Payne (See also: Andrews, Barry, Wood)
Payne Monument (Section A)
Addison L. Payne, 1848-1919 (Section A)
Alice A., his wife, 1860-1953 (Section A)
Ella May, their dau, 1889-1918, "She gave her life for the sick poor at the time of the first flue epidemic" (Section A)
In Memory of "Little Willis" who died Mar 19, 1905, AE 7 yrs, 9 mo, 27 dys (Section A)

Payne Monument (Section M)
Jerome F., 1874-19__ (Section M)
Bertha S., 1874-1945 (Section M)
Almerin H. Payne, 1841-1920 (Section M)
Phoebe A., his wife, 1842-1923 (Section M)

Albert A. Payne, 1900-1980 (Section M)
Mayfred B. Payne, 1897-1977 (Section M)

Peabody (See also: Poole)
Maurice J., 1906-1981 (Section H)
Gertrude E., 1915-1981 (Section H)

Sylvester Peabody, Father, 1832-1893, Peabody Monument (Section H)
Allison, his wife, Mother, 1840-1915 (Section H)
Charles H., son of S & A Peabody, 1868-1942 (Section H)
Alice M., his wife, 1872-1954 (Section H)
S. Leon, 1893-1970, Vet World War I (Section H)
Iva F., his wife, 1897-1965 (Section H)

Peacock (See also: Jenne)
Nelson T. Peacock, 1866-1942 (Section P)
Blanche C., 1881-1942 (Section P)
Garland M. Peacock, 1905-1985 (Section P)
Frances E. DeLavergne, his wife, 1915-1987 (Section P)

Peck (See also: Facey, Gaddis, Kitts, McDonald, Savage, Scott)
Everett J. Peck, 1860-1935, Peck Marker (Section B)
Eva C. Peck, wife of Everett, 1863-1940 (Section B)
Dan E., son of EJ & EC Peck, 1880-1897 (Section B)
Mildred C., dau of EJ & EC Peck, 1898-1900 (Section B)
Daniel Peck, Father, 1st Lieut, Co K 106 NY Vol Inft, 1822-1903 (Section B)
Martha, Mother, wife of Daniel Peck, 1826-1905 (Section B)

Roy, son of L & O Peck, 1910(?) - 1926 (Section L)

Stephen Peck, 1884-1918 (Section L)
Sarah R., his wie, 1876-1960 (Section L)
William H. Gardner, 1883-1970 (Section L)

Hiram Peck, 1845-1930 (Section G)
Emma Jane, 1869-1943 (Section G)

Margaret Peck, Mother, Feb 17, 1896 - Apr 13, 1941 (Section NF)

Annis, wife of Luther Peck, died Oct 23, 1839(?) (Section H)

Alfreda, wife of Samuel Peck, died Aug 11, 1886; Aged 82 yrs, 4 mos, 23 dys (Section H)
Mary A. Peck, 1838-1919 (Section H)
Luther Peck, Private, Co C 83 Regt NY Vols; Killed in the battle of the Wilderness, May 10, 1864; Aged 29 yrs (Section H)

James K. Peck, 1923- (Section J)
S. Grace, 1923- (Section J)
Russell N. Peck, 1873-1931 (Section J)
V. Belle, 1889-1974 (Section J)

Calvin Peck, 1830- (Section J)
Sophia, his wife, 1839-1899 (Section J)
Royal (Section J)
Fred (Section J)

James D. Peck,1880- (Section Q)
Florence A., his wife, 1893-1951 (Section Q)

Berton Peck, 190-1987 (Section Q)
Frances Mathous, his wife, 1918-1999 (Section Q)

Peck Headstone (Section P)
Everett C. Peck, 1905-1946 (Section P)
Bessie S., his wife, 1907-1996 (Section P)
Kenley J. Jr, Grandson, -1955- (Section P)
Irving H., 1906-1956 (Section P)
Muriel H. Stone, 1890-1962 (Section P)
Richard E. Peck, S1 US Navy World War II; Dec 8, 1926-Dec 4, 1997 (Section P)

Peckham (See also: Wade)

Peet (See also: Burleigh)

Pennock (See also: Reynolds)

Peo/Pettis Monument (Section A)
Oscar E. Peo, 1882-1952 (Section A)
Jessie M. Peo, 1881-1962 (Section A)

Percival (See also: Aldrich)
Ransom M. Percival, 1862-1944 (Section C)
Olive L. Percival, 1863-1932 (Section C)

W. Herman Pernice, 1876-1950 (Section L)
Jennie Brown, his wife, 1876-1943 (Section L)
Kenneth W., 1894-1963 (Section L)
Florence A., his wife, 1904-1981 (Section L)

Phillip C. Pernice, 1919-1982 (Section H)
Thelma C., 1926- (Section H)

Charles S. Pernice, 1879-1962 (Section J)
Cora A., 1888-1955 (Section J)

Perrault (See also: Clark)

Perrigo (See also: Parrigo)
Almerta, ??? ... John Perrigo of Burlingh** ?.., died Feb 22, 1835 (Section H)

Perry (See also: Johnson)
Helen Perry, 1877-1944 (Section D)

Thomas W. Perry, 1896-1948 (Section P)
Marion R., his wife, 1898-1967 (Section P)

Peryer (See also: Mazuroski)

Front of Pete Headstone Emery A. Pete, 1896-1939 (Section P)
Eva M., his wife, 1899-1986 (Section P)
Guy M. Brown, 1895-1976 (Section P)

Peters (See also: Fields)
Vernice L. Peters, 1889-1963 (Section Q)

Peterson (See also: Hilts)
Mary J., Mother, wife of I.H. Peterson, 1848-1897 (Section D)
Emma Peterson, wife of Chas. Kenyon, 1866-1932 (JORDAN) (Section D)
Emma L., dau of ...unreadable (Section D)

Edmund Peterson, 1824- (Section F)
Ann Jane, his wife, 1830-1899 (Section F)

Maggie M., wife of F. A. Peterson, died Dec 21, 1885, Aged 22 yrs, 6 mo, 25 dys (Section F)
Vimmie, son of Frank & Maud Peterson, died Sept 1, 1875, Age ? (Section F)

Frederick W. Peterson, Father, 1856-1930, Peterson Marker (Section H)
Sophia Eddy Peterson, Mother, 1860-1929 (Section H)
Pauline L., daughter of FW & S Peterson, 1883-1886 (Section H)
Danforth Peterson, Father, 1817-1889 (Section H)

Isaac N. Peterson, 1842-1922 (Section A)
Mary J., his wife, 1858-1925 (Section A)

Petrie (See also: Facey)
Leo P. Petrie, 1878-1955 (Section K)

Abraham Petrie, Co I 92 Reg, NYVI, 1834-1903 (Section F - CW)

Floyd E. Petrie, 1914-1953 (Section L)
Catherine Petrie, 1905-1977 (Section L)

William M. Petrie, Aug 21, 1878-May 7, 1944 (Section G)
Maud VanAlstyne, May 19, 1896-Nov 11, 1967 (Section G)

Brenda Lou Petrie, Oct 7, 1952-Sept 11, 1970 (Section NF)
Daniel Robert Petrie, Aug 3, 1970-Sept 11, 1970 (Section NF)

Hiram Petrie, Father, 1847- (Section H)
Mary M., Mother, his wife, 1851-1925 (Section H)

Arthur O. Petry, 1900-1954 (Section P)
Lena M., 1906-1943, Wed Mune 1, 1926 (Section P)
Gedion J. Pitre, 1892-1942 (Section P)
Edith M. Pitre, 1893-1976 (Section P)
Peo/Pettis Monument (Section A)
Eli Pettis, 1852-1931 (Section A)
Phebe, his wife, 1855-1928 (Section A)

Pfohl (See also: Tyler)

Phair (See also: Cross)
Phair Monument (Section H)
Elva E. Phair, 1889-1956 (Section H)
William Phair, 1838-1915 (Section H)
Harriet Phair, 1845-1927 (Section H)
Edith O. Phair, 1878-1951 (Section H)
Archie, their son, 1887-1888 (Section H)
Emmett N., son of W & H Phair, died Sept 5, 1871, Aged 1 yrs, 1 dy (Section H)
Gertrude Phair, 1872- (Section H)
Edna H. Phair, 1875-1956 (Section H)

Phalen (See also: Mills)

Alvin T. "Pete" Phelps, US Army World War II, May 25, 1921-July 24, 1997, Military Marker (Section K)
Dorothy Whitmore, his wife, 1920-2000 (Section K)
Robert C. Phelps, 1955-1955 (Section K)

Samuel W. Phelps, Co. D 106 NY V, 1842-1911, "Father" (Section F)
Onie I., his wife, 1848- (Section F)

Clarence C. Phelps, 1900-1971 (Section Q)
Gladys Facey Phelps, wife of Clarence, 1920-1960 (Section Q)
Raymond J. Phelps, "Jimmie", son of CC & GH, 1943-1999 (Section Q)
Melvin K. Phelps, 1927-1980 (Section Q)
Alice H., 1931- (Section Q)

Howard L. Phelps, 1903-1956 (Section N)
Orpha Bylow, 1905-1996 (Section N)

Glenn A. Phelps, Father, 1902-1951; 2nd Stone (Section N)
Frances M., Mother, 1910- (Section N)
Mary Louise, Daughter, -1947- (Section N)

Phillips (See also: Beardslee)
Silas Phillips, born in Cheshire Mass, May 30, 1805, died April 4, 1878, Aged 72 yrs, 10 mos, 5 dys (Section F)
Roselenda Barnes, wife of Silas Phillips, born in Granby, Conn, Apr 8, 1808; died May 30, 1886, Ae 78 yrs, 1 mo, 22 dys (Section F)

Thomas A. Phillips, 1852-1914 (Section F)
Hattie A., his wife, 1862-1939 (Section F)
George, 1891-1955 (Section F)

Merton M. Phillips, 1889-1955 (Section F)
Ruth E. Phillips, his wife, 1893-1978 (Section F)
Marguerite B., 1920-1930, Betty (Section F)
Ralph W. Vrooman, 1891-1936 (Section F)
Lydia P. Vrooman, 1897-1988 (Section F)
Z. Marcus Phillips, 1856-1937, Footstone (Section F)
Mary M., his wife, 1858-1939 (Section F)
Ziba M. Phillips, 1826-1910, Phillips Monument (Section F)
Elizabeth Jones, his wife, 1822-1897 (Section F)
George Phillips, 1854-1885 (Section F)
Ellen (footstone next to George) (Section F)
Edwin, infant son of Marcus & Maggie Phillips, born Sept 10, 1886, died Feb 18, 1887 (Section F)

Pickert (See also: Turnbull)
Eugene Pickert, 1882-1925, Headstone (Section K)
Etta, his wife, 1887-1953 (Section K)
Winogene, their daughter, 1907-1910 (Section K)

Grace Pickert, wife of Fred Leyva and Charles Simons, 1880-1976 (Section G)

Horace Pickit, 1841-1929, Lieutenant 106 NY Vol, GAR (Section B)
Celinda L. Pickit, b. 1849 - d. 1897 (Section B)
Myra, dau of Horace & Celinda Pickit; b. Apr 7, 1884 - d. Apr 12, 1884 (Section B)
Anna Lee, dau of Horace & Celinda Pickit; b. Aug 13, 1876 - d. June 19, 1877 (Section B)

Pierce (See also: Jepson, Webster)
Mial H. Pierce, 1852-1931, Marker (Section D)
Mary Barker, his wife, 1851-1926 (Section D)
Franklin E., their son, 1874-1877 (Section D)
Charles E., their son, 1873-1928 (Section D)
Everett D. Pierce, 1847-1933 (Section D)
Mary Truax, his wife, 1847-1927 (Section D)
Jennie B. Pierce, 1870-1896 (Section D)

In Loving Memory, Myrtle Pierce, May 22, 1915 (Section L)

Pike (See also: Brown, Cameron, Dewey, Parker, Sylvester)
George Pike, 1839-1873, Marker (Section D)
Hellenah Pike, 1837-1915 (Section D)
George E. Pike, 1865-1932 (Section D)
Eleanor Couper Pike, 1863-1928 (Section D)
Arthur E. Pike, 1871-1871 (Section D)
Carrie M. Pike, 1870-1944 (Section D)
Nina B. Pike, 1866-1959 (Section D)

Bert J. Pike, 1870-1936 (Section P)
Ella Carpenter, his wife, 1871-1959 (Section P)

Pinner-Carpenter-Hurlbut Headstone (Section N)
Leonard Pinner, 1875-1951 (Section N)
Raymond G. Pinner, 1909- (Section N)
Charlotte E. Pinner, his wife, 1919- (Section N)
William F. Carpenter, Vet WW II; 1918-1964 (Section N)
Audrey E. Carpenter, his wife, 1914- (Section N)
Archie H. Hurlbut, 1888-1952 (Section N)
Jean E. Hurlbut, 1893-1956 (Section N)
Robert A. Hurlbut, 1920-1950 (Section N)

In Loving Memory, Jonathan David, JW & DK Piro, Jan 23, 1981-Dec 3, 1982 (Section Q)

Pistolesi (See also: Rotundo)

Pita (See also: Bockus)

Dr. A. Pitcher, was born in Westfield Mass, Nov 14, 1798; died Nov 23, 1882 in his 85 year; Pitcher Monument (Section F)
Julia J., wife of Dr. A. Pitcher, born in Remsen, Oneida Co NY the 28th of May, 1806 and died the morning of the 13th of September 1876; AE 70 yrs, 3 mos, 15 dys (Section F)
Lavilla G., dau of Dr. A. & Julia Pitcher was born in Pinc*, Lewis Co NY the 11th day of April 1841 & died July 31, 1854 in the 14th year of her age, 2nd Stone (Section F)
Cecelia Ann, daughter of Dr. A. & Julia Pitcher, wife of Adam P. Kilmer, died Dec 20, 1907 in her 75 year (Section F)

Rev. L. P. Pitner, Warrington, M.D., 1853-1933 (Section K)
Mary L. Beaman, his wife, 1868-1960 (Section K)

Pitre (See also: Petry)

Plant (See also: Hazelton)

Planty (See also: Bodette)
Frank Planty, 1898-1973 (Section P)
Mary Dusharm, his wife, 1903-1970 (Section P)

Plunkett (See also: Farmer)

Smith Pollock, 1836-1905 (Section G)
Catherine, his wife, 1853-1920 (Section G)
Angus, 1888-1920, Co 17 Eng A.E.F., Footstone (Section G)

Morrison-Pollock Monument (with Henry Morrison Family)(Section M)
John E. Pollock, 1879-1936 (Section M)
Blanche L. Pollock, 1884-1961 (Section M)

Pond (See also: Pound)
Sarah T., died June 20, 1847; AE 20 yrs, 3 mos, 8 dys (Section H)
Anna A., died Aug 24, 1847, AE 9 yrs, 6 mo, 27 dys (Section H)
Daughters of Rev. Chas. B. Pond

Pool, Poole (See also: Bassett, Smith)
Note: On back of Charles H. Smith Stone:
Ezra Poole, 1796-1882 (Section C)
Roxana, his wife, 1807-1843 (Section C)
Prudence, his 2nd wife, 1811-1856 (Section C)
Elbridge, son of E & P Poole, 1848-1851 (Section C)

E. G. Pool, Soldier of the late rebellion (Section F - CW)

Lynn Poole, 1903-1938 (Section H)
Edwin, 1883-1975, Poole Marker (Section H)
Pearl, his wife, 1886-1975 (Section H)
Earl, 1881-1945 (Section H)
Flossie, his wife, 1882-1964 (Section H)
Vernon, 1908-1908 (Section H)
William, 1851-1924, Father (Section H)
Janet, 1857-1923, Mother, his wife (Section H)
Charles H. Ward, 1914- (Section H)
Doris M. Poole, his wife, 1918-1999, married Sept 16, 1936 (Section H)
Wellington, 1886-1959 (Section H)
Myrtle E., his wife, 1891-1966 (Section H)
Carl W., son of W & M Poole, 1913-1914 (Section H)

Sylvus H. Poole, 1823-1898, Poole Marker (Section H)
Abigail M. Leonard, his wife, 1821-1901 (Section H)
Mae L. Poole, 1882-1922 (Section H)
Elbert C. Poole, 1849-1912 (Section H)
Jane Peabody, wife of E. C. Poole, 1858-1928 (Section H)
Howard W. Poole, 1888-1915 (Section H)
Frank E. Jones, 1847-1930 (Section H)
Orpha Peabody, 1863-1909, wife of Frank E. Jones (Section H)

Pooler (See also: Parks)
Glenn J. Pooler, 1868-1904 (Section D)
Helen A., his wife, 1869-1918 (Section D)
John Pooler, 1826-1907, 2nd stone (Section D)
Charles T. Pooler, d. Feb 22, 1897; AE 34 yrs (Section D)
Eliza, wife of John Pooler, died Aug 30, 1880; Aged 47 yrs, 18 dys (Section D)
John Pooler Jr., died Mar 23, 1858; AE 26 yrs (Section D)

Pope (See also: Downey)
George E. Pope, 1846-1913 (Section K)
Elizabeth Soper, his wife, 1848-1941 (Section K)

Lell L., wife of W. R. Pope, Mother, 1883-1916 (Section NF)

Arnold C. Popple, 1891-1954 (Section M)
Eugenia M., his wife, 1896-1974 (Section M)

Porter (See also: Matthews, Prashnaw)
J. Verne Porter, 1876-1964 (Section K)
Maude L., 1879-1961 (Section K)

Porter Family (Section H)
Israel Porter, Esq, died **** in Wisconsin, Sept 16, 1836, AE 63 yrs; Porter Plot (Section H)
Hannah, his first wife, died July 2, 1810 (Section H)
Lucy, wife of *** Porter, died *** 12, 185(?)7 (Section H)
Elinor Church, her daughter, died Dec 31, 1820(?), AE 20 yrs; Footstone (Section H)
Diantha, wife of John Clark, ...(unreadable); In Memory of Dianthe, consort of John Clark, she died July 4th, 1823, Aged 28 yrs (Section H)
Adaline, wife of ... (unreadable) (Section H)
Jephthah Porter, died Aug 23, 1842, AE 31 yrs (Section H)
Sally Ann Porter, died Dec 19, 1826, AE 19 yrs (Section H)

Charles H. Porter, 1822-1903 (Section H)
Emily P., his wife, 1840-1882 (Section H)
Leta A., their daughter, 1874-1876 (Section H)
Sarah J., their daughter, 1858-1879 (Section H)

James Porter, Died June 20, 1862; Aged 60 yrs (Section H)
Polly, his wife, died Apr 16, 1871; AE 70 yrs (Section H)

Robert L., son of GW & LB Porter, 1917-1917, "Our Darling" (Section A)

Ernest D. Porter, 1898-1949 (Section Q)
Kenneth S. Porter, 1903-1967 (Section Q)

Fred J. Porter, 1866-1962 (Section Q)
Emily E., 1867-1962 (Section Q)

Kenneth E. Porter, 1915-1977 (Section Q)
Iva B., 1912-1993 (Section Q)

Arthur A. Porter, 1882-1950 (Section P)
Della L., 1887-1970 (Section P)

Porter Headstone (Section P)
George W. Porter, Father, 1876-1938 (Section P)
Lola B. Briggs Porter, Mother, 1881-1957 (Section P)
Elon V. Porter, 1899-1954 (Section P)

Jay Edgar Porter, 1904-1977 (Section P)
Beatrice M. Fergusson, his wife, 1908- (Section P)
John Andrew, Son, 1931- (Section P)
Agnes E., 1930- (Section P)

Porter Headstone (Section P)
Arnold W. Porter, New York AS US Navy, World War II; June 14, 1909-June 7, 1971; Gouverneur Police (Section P)
Gertrude H. Porter, May 15, 1913- (Section P)

Henry H. Post, 1854-1918, Headstone (Section K)
Harrison B. Post, 1900-1965 (Section K)
Vivian O., his wife, 1925- (Section K)
William Joseph, 1862-1936 (Section K)

G. W. Post, A.E.F. 79 F. Art (Section D)
Florence Traynor, dau of J & H Post, 1905-1982 (Section D)

Potter (See also: Howe, Moore, Sybrant)
Edward C. Potter, 1880-1969, Headstone (Section K)
Neva D., his wife, 1877-1952 (Section K)
Ella D., their Daughter, 1901-1926 (Section K)

George W. Potter, 1843-1919, Monument (Section B)
Adaline A., his wife, 1850-1892 (Section B)
Adelbert, 1851-1923 (Section B)
Charles A., 1862-1941 (Section B)
Elizabeth L., his wife, 1864-1938 (Section B)
Clarence, son of CA & EL, 1888-1889 (Section B)

Joseph Potter, d. June 1, 1864; AE 49 yrs, 1 mo, 9 dys (Section B)
Amos Potter, 1846-1890 (Section B)
Jane, his wife, 1856-1934 (Section B)
Henry (Section B)

John H., son of SC & CA Potter, died Dec 10, 1883; AE 25 yrs 2 mos (Section B)
Nellie, wife of John Potter, died Dec 6, 1882; AE 23 yrs 2 mos (Section B)
Edwin C., son of SC & CA Potter, died Sept 13, 1863; AE 10 mos, 20 dys (Section B)
Christy Ann, wife of S. C. Potter, died June 12, 1883; Aged 56 yrs, 4 mos (Section B)
Samuel Coy Potter, died Sept 27, 1908; Aged 72 yrs, 1 mo, 6 dys, Family Marker (Section B)
Nancy Fife, wife of S. C. Potter, d. Nov 30, 1920; Ae 87 yrs (Section B)
Anson A. Potter, Sept 30, 1855-Feb 28, 1917; Father (Section B)
Janet G. Potter, Oct 22, 1854-Aug 4, 1934; Mother (Section B)
Stanley, son of Anson & Nettie Potter; b. in Gouverneur Feb 12, 1884; Went home to Heaven, Sept 10, 1885 (Section B)

unreadable, son of G & M Potter, died Feb 25, 1881, Aged 1 yr, 6 mos (Section H)

Harold F. Potter, 1903-1995, Minister, Church of the Nazarene (Section N)
Florence M., 1902-1945 (Section N)
Ethel C., 1908-1995 (Section N)

Pound (See also: Pond)
Samuel A., son of Rev **** Pound, born Aug 24, 1834; died *** 22, 1843 (Section H)

Powell (See also: Hoover, Ritchie)
Alvah H. Powell, 1882-1926 (Section L)
Nina L., 1889-1955 (Section L)

Roger W. Powell, Sgt US Air Force World War II; Apr 4, 1920 - Oct 21, 1997 (Section P)

Powers (See also: Whalen)
C. Jerome Powers, 1855-1921, Powers Monument (Section H)
Mahitable N., his wife, 1858-1935 (Section H)

Claude W. Powers, 1899-1973 (Section A)
Anna C., his wife, 1895-1943 (Section A)

Robert L. Prashnaw, 1899-1954 (Section N)
Leta E., 1898-1976 (Section N)
Sandra M. Godfrey, 1941-1996 (Section N)
Phila I. Porter, 1921-1963 (Section N)
Laura Lashbrooks, 1964-1964 (Section N)

Premo (See also: McKinney)
David W. Premo, 1903-1987 (Section G)
Vivian S., 1900-1988 (Section G)
(Married) 1925
Frank D., Brother, 1907-1956, Footstone (Section G)
Lillian F. Grady, Daughter, 1926-1986, Footstone (Section G)
Wilber J. Premo, 1877-1975 (Section G)
Lilliamn Premo, wife of James Allen, 1901-1920 (Section G)

Wilfred K. Premo, 1891-1962 (Section G)
Corina L. Premo, 1900-1990 (Section G)
Paul, 1939 (Section G)
Kenneth, 1937 (Section G)

Michael J. Prescott, Jr., CPL US Marine Corps World War II; 1922-2000; Military Marker (Section N)
Grayce Graves, his wife, 1924-1990 (Section N)

Preston (See also: Fisher, Torrance, Wilson)
John Bower Preston, Maj 20 Reg NY Cav, July 18, 1832-Dec 26, 1898 (Section F)
Jennie G., his wife, Oct 15, 1835-June 13, 1894 (Section F)
Josephine E. Kilmer, daughter, died Nov 9, 1936 (Section F)

Price (See also: Brown, Lohmiller)
Edwin Price, 1874-1947, Headstone (Section K)
Kate, 1871-1946 (Section K)
Bert L., 1883-1939 (Section K)
Florence, his wife, 1886-19__ (Section K)

Amos Price, 1849-1940, Headstone (Section K)
Margaret B., 1846-1928 (Section K)

Ella I. Price, wife of Geo. Price, 1848-1931 (Section K)
? Price, 1873-19__ (Section K)

John A. Price, 1887-1973 (Section B)
Mabel L., his wife, 1887-1979 (Section B)

Charles A. Price, 1863-1936 (Section B)
Effie H., his wife, 1863-1946 (Section B)

John Price, d. Dec 20, 1904; Ae 84 yrs, 6 mos (Section B)
Cordelia, his wife, d. Aug 17, 1895; AE 69 yrs, 11 m os, 20 dys (Section B)
Emogene, their daughter, d. Nov 11, 1866; AE 10 mos, 6 dys (Section B)
Amelia Price McAllister, 1858-1934 (Section B)
Iva May Price, 1889-1964 (Section B)
Willard W. Price, 1862-1938 (Section B)
Flora I. Deans, wife of Willard W., 1866-1922 (Section B)
Unreadable (David?) (Section B)
Unreadable, wife of David Price, died Sept 17, 1862, Ae 79 yrs (Section B)

Alexander Price, 1856-1938, Price Marker (Section F)
Henrietta Wood, wife of Alexander Price, 1856-1935, daughter of Andrew Wood (Section F)
Andrew Wood, died Aug 10, 1870; AE 50 yrs (Section F)
Glenn A. Price, 1897-1971 (Section F)

Note: Marvin Leonard Stone on back:
Amos Price, 1848-1910 (Section F)
Martha P., his wife, 1856-1926 (Section F)
John M., their son, 1880-1881 (Section F)

David Price, 1817-1896, Price Monument (Section H)
Margaret, his wife, 1819-1898 (Section H)
Anna E. Reed, 1872-1893 (Section H)
David A. Reed, son of C & D Reed, 1874-April 22, 1878, Age 3 yrs, 7 mos (Section H)
Leonard L. Mitchell, 1850-1910 (Section H)

Samuel Price, 1852-1939 (Section H)
Carrie Price, 1871-1949 (Section H)

Jonas Price, died April 15, 1892, AE 68 yrs (Section H)
Abigail, his wife, died Jan 7, 1909, AE 88 yrs (Section H)
Amos J. Price, 1859-1934 (Section H)
Ellura F., his wife, 1861-1947 (Section H)
John E. Price, died Oct 18, 1895, AE 48 yrs (Section H)
Curtis M. Price, died April 1st, 1912, AE 66 yrs (Section H)
Harriet, his wife, died June 21, 1901, AE 56 yrs (Section H)
Webster W. Price, 1867-1945 (Section H)
Frank H., 1850-1933 (Section H)
Ellen N., his wife, 1855-1918 (Section H)

Note: with Fred Lohmiller
Price Monument (Section A)
Jay L. Price, 1853-1925 (Section A)
Ida A., his wife, 1855-1942 (Section A)

Wilbur E. Price, 1881-1949 (Section A)
Inez E., his wife, 1882-1950 (Section A)
Jessie Butcher sister of Inez, 1884-1965 (Section A)

Roy A. Price, 1887-1956 (Section M)
Lucy E., 1888-1956 (Section M)
Ellis Roy Price, 1918-1930 (Section M)
Ruth Price Frith, 1921-1952 (Section M)

Priest (See also: Johnson)

Walter Pringle, died July 17, 1888, AE 73 yrs, Monument (Section B)
Jeanie B., his wife, died Feb 2, 1901, AE 72 yrs (Section B)

George Pringle, d. Apr 8, 1900; AE 79 yrs (Section D)
Agnes, his wife, d. Feb 11, 1894; AE 64 yrs (Section D)
Jennett, wife of George Pringle, d. 186*; (Section D)
Margaret (Margaret Pringle Whitton, d. 6/7/1863; born 1794 Scotland) (Section D)

James Stanton Pritty, born June 12, 1868; died Aug 24, 1911 (Section H)
Mary Thompson Pritty, born Nov 1, 1869, Died Nov 12, 1929 (Section H)
Mildred Joan, daughter of W & L Pritty, 1933-1937 (Section H)

Wilbur F. Pritty, 1900-1968 (Section A)
Lucille M., 1908-1981 (Section A)

Probst (See also: Abbott)

Prouty (See also: Dobbs, Sherwin)
N. C. Prouty, Father; b. Sept 11, 1816 - d. July 23, 1894 (Section B)
Maria, Mother, his wife, 1823-1912 (Section B)

Hiram Prouty, 1854-1924 (Section F)
Jennie B., his wife, 1862-1957 (Section F)

Charles A. Puffer, 1889-1966 (Section K)
Nellie Wood, 1874-1958 (Section K)

Puffer Monument (Section M)
B. Frank Puffer, 1880-1964 (Section M)
Iva W., his wife, 1885-1959 (Section M)

Purcker (See also: Brayton)

Putman (See also: Mills)

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