Riverside Cemetery - Gouverneur NY
Inventory of Riverside Cemetery, Gouverneur NY (Last Names starting with Q-R)

NOTE: Between the fall of 2000 and fall of 2001, I performed an extensive effort to perform a full inventory (with tombstone pictures) of Riverside Cemetery in Gouverneur. That results of that effort are shown below. At the end of each entry is a indication of what section of the cemetery the stone is located in. Locations of each section within the cemetery can be seen on the map on my Riverside Cemetery index page.
When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Last updated by Anne M. Cady, October 2001.

Peter Quackenbush, 1834-1917 (Section B)
Mary Jones, his wife, 1861-1932 (Section B)

Henry S. Quackenbush, died May 14, 1883; Aged 24 yrs, 11 mos (Section B)
J.C. Quackenbush, 1832-1919, Father (Section B)
Jennie, his wife, 1833-1918, Mother (Section B)

Henry Quick, 1870-1957 (Section A)
Mother (Section A)

Quill (See also: Coller)
John Quill, died Apr 14, 1875, AE 63 yrs (Section F)
Alice, his wife, died Jan 14, 1888, Ae 73 yrs (Section F)
John, son of TJ & ME Quill, died July 24, 1877, Aged 7 wks (Section F)
Mary, wife of TJ Quill, died June 14, 1913, Aged 59 yrs (Section F)

Quinn (See also: Patterson)
Thomas Quinn, C** NY Infantry (rest unreadable) (Section C)

Race (See also: Hall, Harrington)

Mearl S. Radigan, 1899-1952 (Section Q)
Evelyn M., 1900-1972 (Section Q)

Randall (See also: Evans, Storie)
Rella James Randall, b. Jan 12, 1861 - d. Jan 23, 1943; son of Wilson W. Randall & Aldula Johnson (Section D)
Nora Morehouse, Sept 1, 1865 - Oct 20, 1940; dau of Loomis D> Morehouse & Hannah Thompson (Section D)

Hezakiah S. Randall, Father, 1824-1907, Randall Monument (Section F)
Diana, wife of H.S. Randall, Mother, 1830-1906 (Section F)
Elbert C., 1856-1879 (Section F)
Anna Bell, 1853-1874 (Section F)
Marvin W., 1851-1914 (Section F)
Eudocia, his wife, 1851-1907 (Section F)

Elbert C. Randall, 1877-1969 (Section Q)
Helena S., his wife, 1875-1953 (Section Q)
Arthur W., "Mike", 1916-1992 (Section Q)
May I., his wife, 1922- (Section Q)
Stephen E., "Steve", 1947- (Section Q)
Elizabeth J. Spillman, 1947- , Married Aug 27, 1966 (Section Q)

Randall Monument (Section M)
Carl M. Randall, 1875-1954 (Section M)
Carrie S., his wife, 1875-1966 (Section M)

Randall Headstone (Section P)
Levi M. Randall, 1912-1994 (Section P)
Doris W., 1922-1987 (Section P)
Myrtle, 1942-1948 (Section P)
Jennie C. Adams, 1871-19__ (Section P)
Madeline E. Randall, 1939- (Section P)
Charlotte M., 1944- (Section P)

Rathbun (See also: Grimshaw, Sims, Woodcock)
Albert F. Rathbun, 1870-1957 (Section K)
Ina M., his wife, 1877-1912 (Section K)
Clyde A. Rathburn, 1895-1921 (Section K)
Clyde Jr., son of C & M Rathbun, -1920- (Section K)
Franklyn, son of C & M Rathburn -1923- (Section K)

William E. Rathburn, 1879-1966 (Section K)
Mable E., his wife, 1885-1961 (Section K)
Hazel E., their daughter, -1913- (Section K)
Charles Albert Rathbun, US Army, World War II, Nov 12, 1918-Feb 28, 1995 (Section K)
Helen H., 1922-1998 (Section K)

Geo. H. Rathbun, 1866-1937, Headstone (Section K)
Mary U. Feeley Rathbun, 1874-1911 (Section K)
Harriet Shepard Rathbun, 1863-1934 (Section K)

Herman Rathburn, New York PVT 151 Depot Brig World War I, Aug 3, 1894-Feb 25, 1948 (Section K)
Hazel Rathbun, daughter (Section K)
Cynthia J. Woodcock, daughter of William & Eleanor, 1956-1958 (Section K)

Albert Rathbun, Father, 1845-1909 (Section B)
Emma, Mother, 1849-1933 (Section B)

L. Roy, son of George & Ella Rathbun, died July 14, 1889, age 14 years (Section NF)

Fred H. Rathbun, Father, 1869-19__ (Section Q)
Mary C., 1868-1952, Mother (Section Q)

Jesse H. Rathburn, 1882-1964 (Section J)
Alice S., his wife, 1882-1938 (Section J)

Raven (See also: Baldwin, Mills)
J. T. Raven, 1854-1930, Photo of Headstone (Section K)
Cleora L. Finley Raven, 1858-1926 (Section K)

D. Nelson Raven, 1873-1955 (Section L)
Lydia Raven, 1875-1944 (Section L)

Francis P. Raven, 1874-1946 (Section L)
Horatio S., 1868-1938 (Section L)
Elizabeth B., his wife, 1865-1930 (Section L)

Lee M. Raven, 1902-1970 (Section Q)
Adeline B., his wife, 1906-1988 (Section Q)
Alice E., their dau, 1930-1954 (Section Q)

Rawson (See also: Freeman, Gillespie)

Ray (See also: Cook)
Freddie, son of * & * Ray, d. * 9, 1861 (Section D)

Rayburn Headstone (Section P)
Walter W. Rayburn, 1915-1989 (Section P)
Erma G., 1911-1983 (Section P)

Charles Raymond, 1869-1912 (Section C)
Maloney Raymond, 1820-1883 (Section C)
Jane Raymond, 1840-1923 (Section C)
Fred Raymond, 1865-1941 (Section C)
Paul Davis, 1827-1871 (Section C)
Sam Raymond, 1867-1937 (Section C)

Mary A. Raymond, b. 1826; d. at Springfield Mass 1889 (Section D)

Ellogene M. Raymond, 1859-1941 (Section H)
Lulu L. Jenne, her daughter, 1881-1907 (Section H)

Raymond Monument (Section M)
William G. Raymond, 1880-1964 (Section M)
Agnes A., his wife, 1887-1965 (Section M)

James C. Read, 1809-1896 (Section E)
Sarah E., his wife, 1809-1885 (Section E)
William C. Read, 1775-1864 (Section E)
Lydia, his wife, 1776-1856 (Section E)
Children of Eli & Sarah Ayres:
John B., 1833-1834 (Section E)
William B., 1849-1850 (Section E)

Freeman T. Read, Father, 1871-1929 (Section E)
Georgeanna, wife of F.T. Read, 1871-1926 (Section E)

Rebyor Monument (Section A)
Peter Rebyor, 1836-1903 (Section A)
Matilda, his wife, 1840-1928 (Section A)
Guy A. Rebyor, 1873-1956 (Section A)
Lenora N., his wife, 1877-1951 (Section A)
Nellie E., their dau, 1909-1991 (Section A)

Elizabeth Rech, 1870-1959 (Section L)
Adam Rech, 1845-1934 (Section L)
Mary C. Deen, 1873-1941 (Section L)

William T. Reddick, 1897-1936, Reddick Headstone (Section L)
Lera H., his wife, 1898-1968 (Section L)
John R., 1941, Grandson (Section L)

Joey C. Redmond, beloved son of Pamelia K. Weaver, June 22, 1974-July 1, 1994 (Section N)

Frank L. Redmond, 1876-1948 (Section N)
Minnie D., 1873-1969 (Section N)
Earl N., 1899-1975 (Section N)

Reed (See also: Boscoe, Cole, Price)
Note: Back of Fred Coates Marker
Edward F. Reed, 1920-1996, Headstone (Section K)
Madeline C., his wife, 1923-1997 (Section K)

Franklin J. Reed., 1889-1930 (Section L)
Myrtle M. Reed, "My Beloved Grandmother", July 9, 1899 - Oct 23, 1985 (Section L)

Ward D. Reed, 1893-1984 (Section A)
Reta B. Dusharm, 1902-1983 (Section A)
Wed November 5, 1921
In Loving Memory of daughter Thelma (Section A)

Franklyn J. Reed, US Army, World War II; Feb 19, 1923-Dec 15, 1997; Military Marker (Section Q)
Geraldine M., 1925-1984 (Section Q)
Mary Lynn, daughter, -1956-; Second Marker (Section Q)

Reed/Johnson Monument (with Martin C. Johnson) (Section M)
J. Wesley Reed, 1875-1955 (Section M)
Iva E., his wife, 1877-1933 (Section M)

Leon H. Reed, 1887-1963 (Section M)
Agnes H., 1886-1972 (Section M)

Remp (See also: Hutton)

Fred G. Rendle, 1895-1918 (Section L)
Grace Ormsby, his wife, 1886-1918 (Section L)

Percy A. Renshaw, S Sgt US Army, World War II, July 4, 1898-June 29, 1976 (Section H)
Phyllis H. Renshaw, wife, 1903-1988 (Section H)

Reynolds (See also: Murphy, Williams)
Jennie Countryman Reynolds, 1891-1978 (Section L)

John W., son of Clair & Ruth Reynolds, Nov 8, 1947-Apr 19, 1948 (Section L)

Doris May, dau of G.F. & Mabel Reynolds, Sept 8, 1916-Oct 12, 1916, "Our Darling" (Section NF)

John H., son of J.S. & M.A. Reynolds, died Mar 3, 1887; AE 5 mos, 16 dys (Section H)

Charles Norman Reynolds, 1865-1936 (Section A)
Ada Pennock Reynolds, 1866-1946 (Section A)
Louise M. Reynolds, 1892-1984 (Section A)
Jesse T. Reynolds, 1834-1899 (Section A)
Martha C. Hunt, his wife, 1835-1911 (Section A)

Adelbert, son of Clair & Ruth Reynolds, Feb 27, 1940-Apr 6, 1950 (Section A)

Sarah Reynolds, 1853-19__ (Section A)

Ernest D. Reynolds, 1903-1973 (Section P)
Clara Belle Watson, his wife, 1912-1972, Footstone (Section P)
Paul R., their son, 1945 (Section P)
Douglas Joseph, their son, 1942-1943, Footstone (Section P)
James W., their son, 1932-2000 (Section P)
Bernard Walrath, 1932- (Section P)
Nina M. Reynolds, wife of Bernard W., married June 15, 1957; Mar 13, 1938-Aug 8, 1997, Footstone (Section P)

Christopher A. Rhodes, 1822-1857, Rhodes/Beardslee Monument (Section B)
Eliza C., his wife, 1824-1890 (Section B)
Infant son, of CA & EC Rhodes, died July 17, 1853 (Section B)

Phebe J. Weller, 1846-1917 (Section F)
Stella A. Rhodes Dow, 1849-1926 (Section F)
HS & SH Rhodes, infant sons, 1851-1851 (Section F)
Aaron S. Rhodes, d. Aug 3, 1897; AE 79 yrs (Section F)
Huldah Warren, his wife, d. Apr 12, 1889; AE 70 yrs (Section F)
Oliver L. Watson, 1858-1940 (Section F)
Emma Rhodes, his wife, 1861-1949 (Section F)

Sarah Lo*sa, daughter of J & Lucinda Rhodes, died Mar 4, 1849; Aged 1 y, 2 mo, 2 dys (Section F)
Unreadable, ... John & Lucinda Rhodes.... (Section F)
Nancy, daughter of John & Lucinda Rhodes, d. Aug 14, 1833, AE 4 yrs, 21 dys (Section F)

Two Unreadable Rhodes (Section H)

Wm W. Rhodes (Section H)
Nancy, wife of Wm W Rhodes, died April 25, 1868; AE 87 yrs (Section H)

Rice (See also: Orr)
In Memorium, Boy Scouts of America, Miles Herbert Rice, Gouverneur Second Class, Troup 20; April 9, 1919 - June 21, 1935 (Section L)

Raymond S. Rice, born March 30, 1920 - died Sept 30, 1933 (Stone number 244) (Section NF)

Cecil Rice, 1905-1979 (Section A)

Allen Rice, Nov 22, 1888 - Feb 16, 1956 (Section Q)
Mary Bassette, his wife, Aug 10, 1893 - Sept 7, 1972 (Section Q)

Charles Rice, 1916-1979 (Section P)
Bernice, 1917-1975 (Section P)
Wm Arthur, 1942-1943 (Section P)

Rich Headstone (Section P)
Lee C. Rich, 1906-1976 (Section P)
C. Louise Millard, his wife, 1911-1986 (Section P)

Richards (See also: Morris)
Jean Richards, 1914-1977 (Section L)

Richardson (See also: Clark, Fishbeck, Shaw, Smith, Sprague, Taggart, Wilson)
Mabel J. Richardson, 1890-1950 (Section C)
Emma F. Richardson, 1894-1982 (Section C)

Robert W. Richardson, 1859-1921 (Section D)
Hattie A., his wife, 1859-1904 (Section D)
Saphrona, his wife, 1859-1918 (Section D)
Thomas A. Richardson, 1856-1915 (Section D)
M. Lena, his wife, 1862-1946 (Section D)
Thomas Richardson, 1819-1905 (Section D)
Mary, his wife, 1824-1916 (Section D)
Mary A., their dau, wife of James Morrison, 1850-1901 (Section D)

In Memory of: Wm Richardson who died Jan 3, 1851; AE 70 yrs; A Native of Scotland (Section F)
Elizabeth, wife of Wm Richardson, d. Feb 7, 1853; AE 74 yrs (Section F)
John Richardson, 1818-1886 (Section F)
Ann, his wife, 1818-1903 (Section F)
Infant son of John & Ann Richardson, died Nov 21, 1844 (Section F)
Children of John & Ann Richardson:
William, 1844-1865 (Section F)
Libbie, 1846-1874 (Section F)
Frank, 1848-1883 (Section F)
James, 1850-1929 (Section F)

James H. Richardson, 1851-1905 (Section F)
Eliza A., his wife, 1858-1921 (Section F)
Their Children:
Frankie M., 1883-1885 (Section F)
Jessie M., 1880-1902 (Section F)

William Richardson, 1833-1901 (Section A)
Nancy E., his wife, 1844-1913 (Section A)
Orison D., 1873-1911 (Section A)

Fred A. Richardson, 1875-1956 (Section Q)
Isabel, 1876-1951 (Section Q)

Rickerson (See also: Dunkelberg)
Chas W. Rickerson, 1844-1906, Rickerson Monument (Section H)
Lydia A., his wife, 1845-1924 (Section H)
Bertha M., dau of C.W. & L.A. Rickerson, Died Dec 7, 1892 AE 15 yrs (Section H)

William G. Rickett, Father, 1856-1903 (Section G)

Howard K. Rickett, 1919- (Section P)
Mildred, his wife, 1924-1945 (Section P)
Loving Daughters of Richard and Evelyn:
Rose Marie Rickett, Jan 19, 1952-Feb 13, 1953 (Section P)
Joan Ann, -April 16, 1954- (Section P)

George F. Rickett, June 10, 1991-Dec 10, 1962; Second Marker (Section P)
Nina G., Feb 12, 1892-Nov 1, 1969 (Section P)
Married Feb 16, 1911

Coburn/Coughlin/Ridlespraker Monument (Section M)
Melvin Ridlespraker, 1895-1932 (Section M)
Helena Pearl Ridlespraker, "Nana", Aug 19, 1927-Sept 8, 1997 (Section M)

Ridsale Monument (Section M)
Cassius C. Ridsale, 1876-1937 (Section M)
Carrie A. Clark, his wife, 1888-1971 (Section M)
E. Jay Clark, 1873-1942 (Section M)
Mary C., his wife, 1875-1951 (Section M)

Riley (See also: Sipher)
Earl W. Riley, 1892-1956 (Section P)
Doris W., 1897-1966 (Section P)

Milo A. Rising, 1891-1914 (Section G)
Moses M. Rising, 1845-1930, Co E 123 Regt NYVI (Section G)
Lillian E., his wife, 1872-1940 (Section G)

Amelia, daughter of JB & B Risk(?), Died Feb 5, 1834, AE 2 yrs, 7 mos (Section H)

Note: Common Headstone with Albert Kitts family
George F. Risley, 1876-1966, Headstone (Section K)
Alice Kitts Risley, 1878-1953 (Section K)
A. Marguerite Risley, 1905-1990 (Section K)

Jeremiah Risley, Co I, 92 Regt, NY Vols; died Dec 8, 1893; Ae 77 yrs (Section B)
Espey, wife of Jeremiah Risley, died Feb ?, 1871 (Section B)

E. B. Risley, 1851-1927 (Section A)
Miranda N., his wife, 1854-1901 (Section A)
Archie E., 1880-1943 (Section A)
Ocena B., his wife, 1856-1913, Footstone (Section A)
Dane A. Risley, 1904-1943 (Section A)
Ruth Seaver, wife of Dane, Apr 27, 1907 - Aug 8, 1988 (Section A)
Joanne Risley, dau of Dane & Ruth, Feb 24-26, 1938 (Section A)
Vera M., 1882-1975 (Section A)

Risley/Morris Monument (Section A)
Leon C. Risley, 1875-1929 (Section A)

Ritchie (See also: Jackson, Parsons, Rogers, Smith)
Oratio N. Ritchie, Father, 1856-1943; Marker (Section I)
Estella F., Mother, 1861-1960 (Section I)
Ada L., daughter, 1887-1972 (Section I)

Clark E. Ritchie, 1926- (Section M)
Jeanne M., 1928-1992 (Section M)

Donald H. Ritchie, 1875-1954 (Section P)
Myrtle M. Graham, his wife, 1885-1963 (Section P)
Roland G., Son, 1904-1992 (Section P)
Mildred I. Powell, Daughter, 1907-1992 (Section P)
Francis T. McManus, Jr, Husband, 1933-1994 (Section P)

Steward E. Ritchie, 1905-1973, Gouverneur Police Dept (Section P)
Hilda E., 1906-1997 (Section P)

Robert E. Ritter, 1926-1996, Gouverneur Police (Section P)
Mavis Lenahan, 1923- (Section P)
Married June 30, 1947

John H. Rivers, 1844-1919, GAR Co G, 20th NY Cav, Headstone (Section K)
Minerva V., his wife, 1848-19__ (Section K)
Arthur G. Rivers, 1881-1918 (Section K)
Mary, wife of Arthur G. Rivers, 1881-1917 (Section K)
Priscilla Woodrow, 1827-1921 (Section K)
Lucinda Bennett, "Mother", 1823-1917 (Section K)

William M. Robar, 1864-1935 (Section H)
Esther M., 1869-1955 (Section H)
Earl M., 1890-1891 (Section H)

Robbins (See also: Coulthart)

Harry G. Roberts, New York PVT 1213 Reception Cen, World War II, July 12, 1919-June 16, 1971 (Section L)
Kathleen C. Roberts, Mother, May 29, 1924-Dec 27, 1941 (Section L)
Mary Ellen Roberts, 1972-1972 (Section L)
Mary A., Mother, 1926-1992 (Section L)
Ray H., Son, 1955-1984 (Section L)
Donnie, -1947- (Section L)
Duane, 1953-1954 (Section L)

Robertson (See also: Glasford, Hill)
John Robertson, died Jan 19, 1864, AE 66 yrs, 11 mo, 22 dys (Section D)
Sarah, wife of John Robertson, died Aug 6, 1833; AE 34 yrs, 8 mos, 14 dys (Section D)
Lucy Robertson, dau of ...(rest unreadable) (Section D)
Philo M. Robertson, died Apr 7, 1870; AE 34 yrs, 3 mo, 5 dys (Section D)
James H. Robertson, "A volunteer in the War for the Union, was mortally wounded in the battle of South Mountain in Maryland, 14 Sept 1862 and died in a hospital near the battle ground on the 7th of October following."; Aged 24 yrs, 5 mos, 16 dys (Section D)

Clara, age 74 yrs, wife of S. Robertson, after wife of I.P. Fisher (Section E)
G. Robertson, Age 31 yrs (Section E)
Henry C. Robertson, age 3 mos (Section E)

Robinson (See also: Brace, Graves)
A. Robinson, b. Sept 25, 1839; d. Jan 29, 1901 (Section C)
Mary, wife of A. A. Robinson, died Aug 18, 1907; Aged 64 years (Section C)

William H. Robinson, 1823-1907 (Section C)
Irene, his wife, 1828-1899 (Section C)

George H. Robinson, 1851-1917 (Section D)
Luella J. Gates, his wife, 1852-1927 (Section D)

Elmer J. Robinson, 1874-1949 (Section H)
Katherine E., 1892-1975 (Section H)
Jasper F. Robinson, 1846-1911, Robinson Monument (Section H)
Martha R., his wife, 1848-1929 (Section H)
Sylvia, 1915-1966 (Section H)

Benton F. Robinson, 1871-1901 (Section H)
Kate B., 1872-1952 (Section H)

Seeley J. Robinson, 1879-1936 (Section J)
Louise S., his wife, 1868-1955 (Section J)
John T. Robinson, 1837-1905 (Section J)
Frances A., his wife, 1853-1928 (Section J)

Milo Robinson, 1882-1951 (Section Q)

William T. Robinson, 1913-1975 (Section N)
Anna M., 1913-1985 (Section N)
Beulah M. Yerdon, 1904-1990 (Section N)

Ernest Rocheleau, 1893-1926 (Section H)
Lyla A., 1902-1981 (Section H)

Rodger (See Roger, Tait)
Rodger Monument (Section P)
Arthur A. Rodger, 1884-1945 (Section P)
Ethel Brown Rodger, 1887-1983 (Section P)
William Robert Rodger, Beloved Son, Husband and Father 1915-1991 (Section P)

Rodman (See also: Alkerton)

John Roe, Died Mar 9, 1889; AE 58 yrs (Section F)

Herbert G. Roemer, 1884-1940 (Section K)
Flora Smith, his wife, 1888-1921 (Section K)

Roger, Rodger, Rogers (See also: Storie)
James Rodger, d. June 12, 1869; Aged 65 yrs (Section B)
Elizabeth, wife of James Rogers, d. Nov 13, 1872; Aged 70 yrs (Section B)

Henry Sr., 1818-1841 (Section D)
Mary, 1818-1895 (Section D)
Marion Rogers, 1871-1872 (Section D)
Harry, 1869-1959 (Section D)
Elizabeth, 1871-1961 (Section D)
Anna, 1848-1922 (Section D)
Henry, 1841-1937 (Section D)

John Rodger, 1838-1908, Marker (Section D)
Mary A., his wife, 1840-1919 (Section D)
Herbert, 1869-19__ (Section D)
Grace, his wife, 1871-19__ (Section D)
William, 1832-1863 (Section D)
Margaret, his wife, 1833-1909 (Section D)
Jennie T., dau of Wm & M; 1862-1863 (Section D)
George, 1806-1876 (Section D)
Jennet, his wife, 1810-1858 (Section D)

Ione Washburn Rodger, 1891-1959, Rodger Monument (Section H)
Charles R. Rodger, 1876-1936 (Section H)
Lieut John R. Rodger, 1919-1943, US Army Air Corp (Section H)
George L. Rodger, 1856-1926 (Gouverneur Fire Dept) (Section H)
Anna D., his wife, 1864-1938 (Section H)

Rogers Monument (Section J)
Edward Rogers, 1867-1890 (Section J)
Isabelle, 1871-1947 (Section J)
Elva, 1889-1908 (Section J)
Lyman Quinn, 1870-1909 (Section J)
Mary, 1870-1909 (Section J)
Matilda Richie, 1810-1908 (Section J)

Rolph (See also: Cleveland)

Roode (See also: Bancroft)

Rose / Digirolamo
Michael 1868-1946 (Section NF)
Lucy, 1876-19__ (Section NF)

Minnie C. Rosenbarker, 1874-1937 (Section L)

Fred Rosenfeld, 1901-1994 (Section Q)
M. June Fuller, 1927- (Section Q)
Married Feb 19, 1977

James Ross, 1882-1943, born at Darvel Scotland (Section G)
Faye Miller, his wife, 1892-1987 (Section G)
Boswell W. Ross, 1884-1963 (Section G)

Rotundo (See also: Hendra)
Albert R. Rotundo, 1903-1972 (Section Q)
Leola B., 1905-1996 (Section Q)

Rotundo Monument (Section P)
Joseph D. Rotundo, 1877-1941 (Section P)
Mary J., his wife, 1879-1942 (Section P)
Louis James, son, killed in Action, 1907-1944 (Section P)
Thomas Lawrence, son, 1911-1979 (Section P)
Ina Reynolds Rotundo, 1911-1995 (Section P)
Arthur Ernest, son, 1914-1985 (Section P)
Lesa Pisolesi, his wife, 1919- (Section P)

Roulston (See also: Johnson)
Samuel L. Roulston, 1847-1915, Father, Headstone (Section K)
Eliza A., 1849-1917, Mother (Section K)

Robert J. Roulston, 1912-1938 (Section F)
Thelma I. Roulston, 1905-1906 (Section F)

Rounds (See also: Mills)

John Row, 1842- , Inscrition) (Section J)
Loana A., his wife, 1852-1903 (Section J)
Clarence A., their son, 1880-1903 (Section J)

Rowe (See also: Gates)
Jennie Rowe, 1867-1920, Headstone (Section K)
"Mother" Rowe, 1851-1931 (Section K)
"Father" Rowe, 1842-1921 (Section K)

Barbara M., 1925-1926, Daughter of JH & EB Rowe (Section G)

Henry M. Rowe, 1844-1890 (Section NF)
Nancy J. Holmes, his wife, 1846- (Section NF)
Rachel A., their dau, 1882-1886 (Section NF)

George W. Rowley, 1840-1925 (Section L)
Emily, 1841-1910 (Section L)
Laura A., daughter, 1881-1916 (Section L)

Rowley Monument (Section M)
Emery W. Rowley, 1841-1928 (Section M)
Florence M., his wife, 1848-1929 (Section M)
Nellie A., their dau, 1872-1935 (Section M)
Albert M., 1875-1942 (Section M)
William H., 1883-1953 (Section M)
Elva E>, his wife, 1892-1984 (Section M)

Geo G. Royce, 1866-1940 (Section K)
Nettie Cleveland, his wife, 1866-1931 (Section K)

Alton V. Royce, TEC 5 US Army, World War II, July 8, 1914 - Aug 14, 1982 Military Marker (Section J)
Jane L. Adamo, 1937- ; Married May 7, 1960 (Section J)
Baby Darrell, son of Alton & Jane Royce, March 6, 1962 (Section J)

Rubillard (See also: Austin)

Rude (See also: Ludrick)

Pvt Edwin E. Rudes, Killed in Action, 15th Div, 1923-1943 (Section L)

John M. Rumsey, died Aug 6, 1840, AE 29 yrs, 8 mo, 19 dys (Section H)

Rush (See also: Turnbull)

Russell (See also: Crossmon)
Zoe Morrison Russell, 1890-1946 (Section K)

James Russell, 1868-1930, Headstone (Section K)
Adelia, his wife, 1865-1932 (Section K)

Rutherford (See also: Barron, Jewett)
Robert O. Rutherford, 1875-1957 (Section K)
Carrie Jeffers, his wife, 1876-1961 (Section K)

Thomas E. Rutherford, died Mar 6, 1875; AE 43 yrs, Rutherford/Cornell Headstone (Section B)
Euphemia M., wife of T.E. Rutherford, d. Aug 29, 1907; Aged 69 yrs (Section B)
H. Mable, dau of TE & EM Rutherford, b. Nov 22, 1871; d. Dec 22, 1886 (Section B)

James Rutherford, 1805-1872, Marker (Section D)
Janet Rutherford, 1808-1890 (Section D)
Helen Rutherford, 1835-1898 (Section D)
Margaret Rutherford, 1830-1832, born in Galashiels Scotland (Section D)
Thomas R. Rutherford, 1844-1891 (Section D)
James H. Rutherford, 1837-1907 (Section D)
Margaret R. Brodie, 1852-1939, wife of James H. Rutherford (Section D)

Thomas L. Rutherford, 1867-1937 (Section D)
Lelia Fox Rutherford, 1869-1943 (Section D)

J. Ward Rutherford, died Feb 28, 1913, AE 35 yrs, Monument (Section D)
Ida M., wife of J. Ward Rutherford; died Apr 10, 1910; AE 30 yrs (Section D)
John Rutherford, died July 24, 1880; Ae 85 yrs (Section D)
Janet, wife of John Rutherford, died (Section D)
Wm G. Rutherford, our father, died June 6, 1898; AE 56 yrs (Section D)
Margaret B., his wife, Our mother, d. Sept 12, 1912; AE 63 yrs (Section D)
William L., son of WG & MB Rutherford, d. Apr 26, 1908; AE 26 yrs, 10 mos (Section D)
Robert M., son of WG & MB Rutherford, d. Nov 6, 1965, AE 82 yrs, 7 mos (Section D)
Emma L., daut of WG & MB Rutherford, d. Jan 26, 1892; AE 6 yrs, 7 mos (Section D)
Minnie B., daut of WG & MB Rutherford, d. Jan 2, 1892; AE 17 yrs, 4 mos (Section D)
John A., son of WG & MB Rutherford, d. Oct 12, 1873; AE 2 yrs, 9 mos (Section D)

James J. Rutherford, 1842-1905 (Section D)
Jane J., his wife, 1846-1914 (Section D)
Nettie E., 1880-1949 (Section D)
James, 1768-1846 (Section D)
Andrew H., 1801-1891 (Section D)
Betsey Brodie, his wife, 1810-1880 (Section D)
Margaret R., 1843-1845 (Section D)
William B., 1847-1861 (Section D)

Harvey J. Rutherford, 1883-1964 (Section D)
May C. Clark, his wife, 1889-19__ (Section D)

James O. Rutherford, 1836-1908 (Section D)
Margaret D., his wife, 1840-1886 (Section D)
N. Jane, his wife, 1849-1934 (Section D)
Jessie Rutherford, daughter, 1871-1957 (Section D)

Wm Garrett Rutherford, 1853-1896 (Section F)
Ida Adell, 1857-1917 (Section F)
Grace Bell, 1877-1888 (Section F)
Jessie Berdslee, 1886-1887 (Section F)

Emeline Louise, wife of Charles Rutledge, 1850-1927 (Section G)

Note: With Edward Fuller and Fred J. Jeffers families:
Gertrude A. Ruttan, 1891-1933 (Section I)
Dorothy, dau of GW & GA Ruttan, 1915-1927 (Section I)

Ryan (See also: Parker)

Ryder (See also: Cameron)

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