Riverside Cemetery - Gouverneur NY
Inventory of Riverside Cemetery, Gouverneur NY (Last Names starting with T-V)

NOTE: Between the fall of 2000 and fall of 2001, I performed an extensive effort to perform a full inventory (with tombstone pictures) of Riverside Cemetery in Gouverneur. That results of that effort are shown below. At the end of each entry is a indication of what section of the cemetery the stone is located in. Locations of each section within the cemetery can be seen on the map on my Riverside Cemetery index page.
When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Last updated by Anne M. Cady, October 2001.

Robert C. Taber, US Army World War II; May 20, 1925-Dec 6, 1992 (Section Q)
William A. Taber, 1897-1951, Husband of Chrintina Rogers (Section Q)

John Taggart, 1854-1909, Family Marker (Section B)
Margaret Richardson Taggart, 1857-1933 (Section B)
Ida E. Taggart, 1884-1892 (Section B)
Lula B. Taggart, 1886-1932 (Section B)
Zina B., 1887-1919 (Section B)
Anna T. Brogger, 1882-1950 (Section B)

Tait, Taitt (See also: Atwood, Carpenter, Hazelton, Horton, Sheldon)
Edward Douglas Taitt, 1869-1912 (Section K)
Adelaide Taitt Leahy, 1859-1946 (Section K)

Letitia S. Taitt, 1830-1892, Taitt Marker (Section D)
Lucretia Barnes Taitt, 1846-1887 (Section D)
George P. Taitt, 1839-1916 (Section D)
Helen C. Taitt, 1854-1937 (Section D)

James D. Taitt, 1848-1922 (Section D)
Mary E. Bryant, his wife, 1851-1894 (Section D)
Minnie Allison, their dau, 1877-1878 (Section D)

George G. Tait, 1844-1910 (Section D)
Mary A. Tait, 1839-1912 (Section D)

John P. Tait, 1837-1899 (Section A)
Jane Lockie John R. Tait, New York PFC Co I 41st Armed Inf World War II, Mar 1, 1907-May 17, 1962 (Section A)
John A. Tait, 1866-1947 (Section A)
Louisa Connolly, his wife, 1873-1956 (Section A)

Earl J. Tait, 1884-1951 (Section M)
Ethel Sayer, his wife, 1885-1968 (Section M)
William H. Tait, 1886-1956 (Section M)
Elizabeth M., his wife, 1890-1949 (Section M)

Tait Monument (Section P)
Charles M. Tait, 1873-1950 (Section P)
Mary Rodger Tait, 1882-1956 (Section P)

George L. Tait, 1868-190 (Section P)
Amelia H., 1868-1939 (Section P)
Sterling Lockie Tait, New York PVT US Army World War I; Nov 1, 1899-Jan 28, 1973; Military Marker (Section P)
Ruth Alderman Tait, Mar 2, 1901-Oct 3, 1998 (Section P)

Tallman (See also: Scott)

Tamblin (See also: Edwards)
Wesley A. Tamblin, 1892-1932 (Section K)
Inez Baker, his wife, 1890-1978 (Section K)

Robert H. Tamblin, 1861-1918 (Section K)
Clara Bell, his wife, 1863-1924 (Section K)

George W. Tamblin, 1862-1929, Tamblin Monument (Section F)
H. Maria, wife of Wm Tamblin, 1843-1912 (Section F)
William Tamblin, died April 24, 1888, Ae 49 yrs (Section F)
Willie A., son of Wm & Maria Tamblin, died Sept 26, 1883 (Section F)

John Tamblin, 1864-1936 (Section F)
Nancy M. Gates, his wife, 1878-1968 (Section F)

Sarah Tarbox, 1904-1936 (Section F)

Taskett (See also: Leavitt)

Taylor (See also: Brown, Cole, Graves, Harper, Hooper, Murphy, Vannamee)
Robert D. Taylor, 1869-1955, Photo of Headstone (Section K)
Carrie A. Taylor Taylor, 1870-1943 (Section K)
Gertrude McIlwee, wife of Allen Taylor, 1886-1919 (Section K)

Wm Henry Taylor, 1867-1955 (Section K)
Minnie E,, his wife, 1872-1917 (Section K)

Reuben H. Taylor, 1902-1975 (Section K)
Beatrice A., 1907-1970 (Section K)

Wm Edward Taylor (Section K)

Edmond M. Taylor, 1880-1951, Taylor Monument (Section B)
Amelia Smith, his wife, 1880-1953 (Section B)
Daniel R. Taylor, 1853-1923 (Section B)
Clarissa House, his wife, 1856-1935 (Section B)

Earl M. Taylor, 1878-1932 (Section L)
Amanda M., 1888-1953 (Section L)
Kenneth E., 1918-1964 (Section L)
Betty L., 1932- (Section L)

Alson B., 1885-1952 (Section L)
Inez A., 1890-1962 (Section L)
Glen Laquier, 1905-1930 (Section L)

M. Warren Taylor, 1891-1953 (Section H)
Jessie R., 1889-1960 (Section H)

Harold C. Taylor, 1903-1982 (Section J)
Edith M., 1904-1970 (Section J)

Rufus E. Taylor (Section A)
Edna B., his wife (Section A)
Emma Higgins (Section A)

L. D. Taylor, 1864-1927 (Section A)
Charlotte, his wife, 1870-1958 (Section A)

Alvin J. Taylor, 1862-1924 (Section A)
Martha J., 1864-1926 (Section A)

Kate Taylor., 1867-1927 (Section A)

Taylor Monument (Section A)
Samuel Taylor, Father, Feb 28, 1849-Apr 4, 1927 (Section A)
Sarah A. Taylor, Mother, Oct 7, 1850-Feb 28, 1932 (Section A)

Francis M. Taylor, New York SSGT 603 QM GR REG CO World War II, PH; June 7, 1909-Aug 26, 1964 (Section A)
Francis M. Sr., 1885-1970 (Section A)
M. Louise, his wife, 1885-1975 (Section A)

Ivan R. Taylor, 1882-1964 (Section P)
Mabel I., 1891- (Section P)

Taylor Headstone (Section P)
Sherman H. Taylor, 1905-1988 (Section P)
Irene Mellen, his wife, 1916-1997 (Section P)

Teall Monument (Section M)
Charles E> Teall, 1860-1926 (Section M)
Euphemia S., his wife, 1860-1953 (Section M)

Iva Mae Tekautz, 1887-1948 (Section P)

Temple (See also: Hough, Keyes)
Anson Temple, died June 5, 1878; Aged 64 yrs, 3 mos (Section C)
Asa Temple, died Aug 4, 1867; Aged 77 yrs, 5 mos (Section C)
Olive, wife of Asa Temple, died Sept 14, 1871; Aged 83 yrs, 9 mos (Section C)

Asa W. Temple, 1821-1892 (Section A)
Maria S., his wife, 1842-1922 (Section A)
Asa W. Temple, 1866-1948 (Section A)
Emma S., his wife, 1863-1950 (Section A)
Hiram L., 1875-1956 (Section A)
Jeanette, his wife, 1879-1956 (Section A)
Merton C. Temple, New York PVT 165 Infantry World War I; June 24, 1889-Feb 18, 1973 (Section A)
Venita M. Temple, Sept 5, 1907 - June 6, 1988 (Section A)

Ethel M. Temple, Oct 5, 1902-Feb 13, 1983 (Section A)

Tenney (See also: Berry, Myers)

Tennien (See also: Callahan)

Edward A. Tew, died Sept 21, ****; AE 23 yrs (Section H)
Edward A. Jr., only child of Edward and Holly Tew, died *** 20, 1852; Aged 2 yrs, 8 mos (Section H)

Milton H. Tharrett, New York PVT 34 Inf 7 Div; June 2, 1897-Mar 3, 1940 (Section B)

John N. Tharrett, 1894-1942 (Section L)
Martha J., his wife, 1896-1967 (Section L)
Vaughn Tharrett Campany, daughter, 1924-1967 (Section L)

Bernard Tharrett, Husband, 10/7/1931- (Section L)
Patricia Gardner Tharrett, Wife/Mother, 3/17/1934-3/6/1989 (Section L)

Joseph W. Tharrett, 1898-1987 (Section L)
Otta E. Simmons, 1900-1983 (Section L)
Married Feb 26, 1917

Roland L. Tharrett, SP5 US Army, Oct 23, 1936-Jan 17, 1980; Military Marker (Section L)
Patricia Macaulay, 1942- (Section L)
Married April 2, 1960

Samuel W. Tharrett, US Army, 1906-1977 (Section L)

Charles O. Tharrett, 1913-1992 (Section G)
Hazel E. Hartle, 1911-1993 (Section G)

John Tharrett, 1864-19__ (Section G)
Esther, his wife, 1871-1949 (Section G)

Martin Thatcher, Father, b. Sept 23, 1811 - d. Feb 5, 1882, Thatcher/Waite Monument (Section D)
Almira Thatcher, Mother, b. Nov 12, 1811 - Apr 25, 1882 (Section D)
Charles Waite, 1842-1918 (Section D)
Cynthia Thatcher, his wife, 1846-1922 (Section D)
Cythina A. Thatcher, b. Apr 17, 1837 - d. Apr 28, 1839 (Section D)
Charles E. Thatcher, b. Apr 17, 1844 - d. Oct 4, 1844 (Section D)

Thayer (See also: Crossman, Hull, Woodward)
William Thayer, 1840-1898, Monument (Section B)
Lydia D., his wife, 1845-1928 (Section B)
May Thayer Malone, 1881-1936 (Section B)
Charles, their son, 1868-1873 (Section B)
Wallace, son, 1875-1958 (Section B)

Joseph Thayer, d. Jan 8, 1859; Ae 41 yrs, 6 mos (Section D)

Alfred F. Thayer, 1863-1907 (Section D)
Earl H., "Our baby", son of AF & AH Thayer, died Aug 20, 1893; AE 1 yr, 10 mos, 2 dys, Back of stone (Section D)

Our Darling, Lila M. Thayer, wife of Rev. John K. Hubbard, 1879-1911 (Section F)
O. G. Thayer, 1846-1913, "Father" (Section F)
Catherine, his wife, 1848-1923, "Mother" (Section F)

Dea T. M. Thayer, born July 31, 1812; died July 3, 1885, Thayer Monument (Section F)
Melinda Moore, his wife, 1811-1889, "at rest" (Section F)
George D. Thayer, born April 17, 1842; died Aug 30, 1861

Stephen M. Thayer, 1838-1920, Bat D 1st NY Light Art (Section F)
Abbie M., wife of S. M. Thayer, died May 24, 1895, Age 50 yrs (Section F)
H. H. Gerner, May 1881-Aug 1936 (Section F)

Newell B. Thayer, 1840-1920, Thayer Monument (Section F)
Lucelia E. Noble, his wife, 1849-1884 (Section F)
Luella M., their daughter, 1870-1872 (Section F)

Bert Thayer, 1866-1938 (Section L)
Viola, his wife, 1869-1941 (Section L)

Adelbert W. Thayer, 1887-1965 (Section L)
Henrietta, his wife, 1886-1969 (Section L)
Henry W., 1914-1016 (Section L)

Esther Thayer, 1841-1919 (Section H)

Benj Thayer, Co C 1 NY Light Art (Section H)

Rose E. Thomas, 1862-1950 (Section K)
Maud W., 1895-1923 (Section K)

Glendon J. Thomas, New York PVT 1464 SVC Comd Unit, World War II, Sept 7, 1923-Aug 17, 1964, Military Marker (Section K)
Gladys S., 1923- (Section K)

Perley Thomas, 1883-1964 (Section K)
Harriet L., 1897-1970 (Section K)

Arthur Thomas, 1881-1918 (Section K)

Elizabeth Thomas, d. Feb 16, 1865; Aged 7 yrs (Section F)

Orville Thomas, 1886-1932 (Section L)
Lottie Thomas, Mother, 1898-1981 (Section L)

Mary B. Thomas, Mother, 1887-1956 (Section L)
Kathleen R. Thomas, 1925-1938 (Section L)

Henry C. Thomas, 1868-1933, Thomas Monument (back of David E. Davis Monument)
Jennie A., his wife, 1870-1951 (Section H)

Natalie S. D. C. Thomas, "In Memory of Mother", 1876-1966 (Section P)

Thomas Headstone (Section P)
Ellis L. Thomas, 1897-1957 (Section P)
Loella S., his wife, 1898-1982 (Section P)
John L., 1872-1948 (Section P)
Mary E., his wife, 1874-1968 (Section P)

Harry J. Thomas, 1898-1942 (Section P)
Anna S., 1899-1981 (Section P)

Lyle Kenneth Thomas, F1 US Navy, PFC US Army World War II; Jan 25, 1929-Feb 1, 2000; Military Marker (Section N)
Marion Opal, 1930- (Section N)
Kenneth Lyle, 1952-1954; Second Marker (Section N)

Thompson (See also: Campbell, Hilts, Morehouse, Pritty, Randall, Walling)
John P. Thompson, 1896-1984 (Section B)
Neva C., 1895-2000 (Section B)

Thompson Marker, "First & Last 5 generations of the family from 1807 - James, James H., Emma C., James B. & James Hubert, last owner of the Thompson Farm in Gouverneur" (Section F)
James Thompson, died Apr 11, 1846; Aged 63 yrs (Section F)
Betsey, wife of James Thompson, died Aug 28, 1865, Aged 75 yrs, 6 mos (Section F)
Unreadable, dau of James & Betsey Thompson, d. April 17, 1811, aged 26 *s (Section F)
James B. Thompson, 1875-1917 (Section F)
Lela M., wife of J.B. Thompson, 1875-1907 (Section F)
Grace, wife of J.B. Thompson, 1885-1948 (Section F)
Emma C. Thompson, 1848-1928 (Section F)
Frank M. Thompson, 1877-1921 (Section F)
Jane M. Thompson, 1845-1918 (Section F)
George C., son of JB & LM Thompson, 1902-1904 (Section F)
James Harvey Thompson, 1820-1910 (Section F)
Eliza Birch Thompson, 1823-1898 (Section F)

Abram D. Thompson, died March 30, 1849; AE 41 yrs (Section F)
Deborah Columbia, wife of Abram D. Thompson, and dau of Wolcott Griffin, died Mar 2, 1848; Aged 29 yrs (Section F)
Unreadable, * of AD & DC Thompson, died Nov 4, 1847; age * mos (Section F)
Jane S., dau of AD & DC Thompson (Section F)
Our sister Mary, died July 24, 1854; Aged 17 yrs (Section F)

Dea Wm Thompson, died April 11, 1873; Aged ? Yrs (Section H)
Polly, his wife, died May 11, 18??, aged 53 yrs (Section H)

Lucy A. Thompson, 1859-1957 (Section H)

George W. Thompson, New York PVT 20 Engineers, Feb 17, 1889-Oct 21, 1951 (Section Q)

Wallace H. Thompson, 1892-1959 (Section M)
Florence Hill, his wife, 1891-1991 (Section M)

Thomson, Thomsen (See also: Hill, Liscum)
Andrew Thomson, died Nov 19, 1868, Aged 26 yrs (Section C)
John Thomson, died Dec 1, 1861, Aged 56 yrs (Section C)
Margaret Dodds, wife of John Thomson, died Oct 26, 1862, aged 52 yrs (Section C)

George R. Thomson, 1851-1921 (Section D)
Agnes M., his wife, 1854-1895 (Section D)
Catherine Thompson, 1848-1924 (Section D)

William Thomson, Dumfries Scotland 1854 - Manila S. S. Persia 1908 (Section A)
Ruth Thomson Scott, 1897-1918 (Section A)
Harriet Hilts Thomson, 1860-1934 (Section A)
Norman Thomson, 1879-1902, Soldier of US (Section A)

Thornhill Monument (Section M)
Edward H. Thornhill, 1869-1930 (Section M)
Elizabeth S., 1876-1937 (Section M)
John, 1894-1913 (Section M)

Thrall (See also: Barnes)
Alanson Thrall, died Mar 24, 1889; AE 83 yrs (Section D)
Lydia, wife of Alanson Thrall, died Sept 22, 1862; Age 51 yrs (Section D)
Isaac Thrall, died July 16, 1859; Aged 77 yrs, 9 mos, 22 dys (Section D)
Sarah, wife of Isaac Thrall, died Dec 18, 1863; Aged 79 yrs, 4 mos, 15 dys (Section D)

Hannah A., wife of Joseph Thrall, Mar 30, 18__ (Section D)
PIRT?, dau of ? (Section D)

Melville H., Father, Sept 21, 1814 -Sept 19, 1884; Thrall Marker (Section F)
Esther M., Mother, Oct 1, 1813 - Apr 28, 1903 (Section F)
Melville H. Thrall, 1888-1977 (Section F)
H.G. Thrall, MD, 1877-1911 (Section F)
Alice Thrall Fishbeck, 1897-1939 (Section F)
James M. Thrall, Father, Oct 20, 1841 - Nov 9, 1916 (Section F)
Alice, wife of J.M. Thrall, June 14, 1853 - Apr 29, 1892 (Section F)
Ella Rodger Thrall, 1855-1938 (Section F)

Isaac Thrall, b. May 3, 1818; d. Apr 6, 1889; "Father" (Section F)
Margaret Horgan, his wife, b. Mar 15, 1832; d. Apr 4, 1887; "Mother" (Section F)
Nellie L., dau of Isaac & Margaret Thrall, died May 21, 1869 (Section F)

Wm Tibbles, 1888-1953 (Section NF)

Richard W. Tibbles, 1949-51 (Section NF)

Elizabeth A., wife of W. H. Tilley, died Aug 10, 1861, Aged 25 yrs (Section F)
Walla, died June 27, 1862, Ged ? yr, 3 mos (Section F)

John Tinney, died May 18, 1887; AE 66 yrs (Section D)
Jane, his wife, died Aug 13, 1889; Ae 74 yrs (Section D)

Todd (See also: Bailey)
Margaret Neil Todd, 1872-1950 (Section Q)

Ceylon J. Todd, 1890-1965 (Section M)
Clara J., 1893-1966 (Section M)

Tompkins (See also: Lockie)
Samuel Tompkins, 1776-1869, Veteran of War of 1812 (Section C)
Margaret Tompkins, 1800-1884 (Section C)
Griffin Tompkins, 1823-1914 (Section C)
Lydia Tompkins, 1823-1914 (Section C)

Toomey (See also: Newvine)
Donald J. Toomey, Father, 1902-1952 (Section L)
Agatha B., his wife, Mother, 1905- (Section L)
Carlton L. Toomey, US Army, 1927-1976 (Section L)

John Toomey, Father, 1862-1956, Toomey Headstone (Section L)
Nellie D., Mother, wife of John Toomey, 1862-1934 (Section L)
Daniel R. Toomey, 1882-1966 (Section L)

John Toomey Jr., 1886-1950 (Section P)
Nellie M., 1882-1947 (Section P)

Ernest Toon, Vet WW I, 1881-1966 (Section M)
Ruth Hill, his wife, 1890-1973 (Section M)

Ivan Torrance, 1919-1962 (Section G)
Edith Stowell, his wife, 1920- (Section G)
Darrell Preston, 2nd Husband, 1903-1977 (Section G)

Grover S. Totman, 1876-1947, Marker (Section D)
Jeanne Dixon Totman, Mother, 1879-1931 (Section D)
Mary (Section D)

Towlson (See also: Campbell)
Harold Glenn Towlson, 1908-1996 (Section H)
Genevieve Hutton, 1907-1997 (Section H)

Pearl A. Towlson, 1887-1955 (Section A)

Samuel Towlson, 1880-1972 (Section N)
Percie K., 1882-1967 (Section N)

Towne (See also: Fuller, Jobin)
Hermon D. Towne, Sr., Dad, June 27, 1906-Oct 30, 1984; Footstone (Section L)
Ella B. Apple, his wife, Mom, Sept 7, 1910-Aug 29, 1980; Footstone (Section L)
Nelson Earl Towne, US Army, Aug 2, 1930-Dec 25, 1994 (Section L)

Lewis-Townsley Monument (Section M)
Harlan A. Townsley, 1889-1939 (Section M)
Jane Welch, his wife, 1881-1955 (Section M) A. Lawrence Lewis, 1882-1963 (Section M)
Harriet T., his wife, 1884-1975 (Section M)

Traynor (See also: Post)

Tremlett Headstone (Section P)
James Richard Tremlett, DVM, 1898-1958 (Section P)
Marjorie Kingston, his wife, 1914-1993 (Section P)

John Leworthy Tremlett, 1887-1961 (Section P)
Mabel Sayer, 1888-1954 (Section P)
In Memory of S/SGT Robert Sayer Tremlett, Killed in Action, 1919-1944 (Section P)
Kathy T. Eggleston, 1950- (Section P)
Jane E. Tremlett, 1954- (Section P)
Nancy D., 1957- (Section P)

Trerise (See also: Hutt)
Trerise Monument (Section P)
George Richard Trerise, Dec 24, 1894-Mar 6, 1994 (Section P)
Faye Wallace Trerise, Dec 20, 1894-Mar 26, 1967 (Section P)
John Richard Trerise, June 22, 1927-Sept 15, 1969 (Section P)

Tresidder (See also: Nicholson)

Albert F., son of Bryan & Phebe Trip, died Dec 5, 1861; AE 8 yrs, 8 mo, 21 dys (Section H)

Tripp (See also: Mason)
Note: Backside of Cyrus Mason Stone
Carl G. Tripp, 1900-1966, Headstone (Section K)
Eva M., his wife, 1900-1960 (Section K)

Betsey Tripp, ... died ? 13, 1862 (Section F)

Trowbridge (See also: McCrea)

Truax (See also: Eaton, Pierce)
Melvin J. Truax, 1852-1931; Truax/Hutton Marker (Section F)
Harriet Harmer Truax, his wife, 1856-1928 (Section F)
Robert O. Hutton, 1885-1971 (Section F)
Helen Truax Hutton, his wife, 1887-1976 (Section F)

Burton H. Truax, 1866-1956 (Section G)
Winifred T. Truax, 1871-1950 (Section G)

M. Earl Truax, 1906-1976 (Section P)
Alice H., 1908-1985 (Section P)
Robert P., 1931-1960 (Section P)
Elon T., 1903-1949 (Section P)

Alvah J. Trude, Battery D, 1st NY LA, 1842-1909 (Section F - CW)

Ella Yerdon Finley Tucker, Mother, Dec 5, 1895-Aug 30, 1980 (Section L)

Tudo (See also: Montgomery)

Arthur Tulley, Father, 1891-1976, Tulley Headstone (Section L)
Gladys, Mother, 1896-1956 (Section L)
Franklin T., 1914-1944, Killed in Action World War II (Section L)
Gerald M. Brooks, 1905-1980 (Section L)

Robert E. Tully, 1889-1980 (Section D)
Audrey B., 1893-1959 (Section D)

Turnbull (See also: Hewitt, Kimball, Kittle, Marshall, McKean, Millard, Miller)
Clifton A. Turnbull, 1902-1971 (Section K)
Martha Denecia, his wife, 1911-1983 (Section K)
Alice Carrie, their daughter, 1931- (Section K)
Gordon A. Turnbull, -1947- (Section K)
A. Gordon Turnbull, 1876-1926, Father, Headstone (Section K)
Carrie R., 1876-1951 (Section K)
Donald C. Turnbull, New York, CPL US Army, Sept 26, 1933-Aug 8, 1964 (Section K)

George O. Turnbull, 1851-1908, Headstone (Section K)
Pearl A. Legate, wife of Geo. O. Turnbull, 1868-1936 (Section K)
Clayton F. Rush, 1888-1973 (Section K)
Hessa V. Legate, 1880-1960, wife of Clayton F. Rush (Section K)

Note: Combined MacGregor/Turnbull Memorial - Reverse side of MacGregor/Dickson Memorial
M. Angelo Turnbull, 1856-1887 (Section K)
Margaret Turnbull, 1853-1939 (Section K)
Mary Turnbull Crabtree, 1873-1932 (Section K)
Grant Crabtree, 1873-1932 (Section K)

Andrew H. Turnbull, 1857-1946; Marker (Section F)
Jennie L. Carpenter, his wife, 1860-1928 (Section F)
Culver P. Turnbull, Sgt US Air Force, World War II, Jan 23, 1916 - July 22, 1993 (Section F)
Guy A. Turnbull, 1883-1970 (Section F)
Anna B. Pickert, his wife, 1885-1963 (Section F)

Alexander Z. Turnbull, Dec 28, 1838-July 1, 1904 (Section I)
Lucy Ann (Van Duzee), Jan 9, 1840 - Sept 26, 1928 (Section I)

Turnbull Monuments around Orison Dean Marker (Section I)
Thomas H. Turnbull, Father, 1846-1916, Marker (Section I)
Eva D., Mother, 1853-1931 (Section I)

James C. Turnbull, 1840-1915 (Section G)
Emeline J., his wife, 1839-1921 (Section G)
J. Franklin, their son, 1877-1930 (Section G)
Baby (Section G)

Harry F. Turnbull, 1889-1956 (Section Q)
Eva M., 1892-1968 (Section Q)
Andrew John Turnbull, SGT US Marine Corps, World War II; Feb 11, 1916-Nov 27, 1978 (Section Q)
Sally Jean, dau of DM & SH Turnbull, Dec 24, 1955 - Mar 26, 1956 (Section Q)

Harold E. Turnbull, 1901-1946 (Section P)
Elizabeth Ames, his wife, 1910-1978 (Section P)
Harold L., son, 1947-1966 (Section P)

Turnbull Headstone (Section P)
Eugene Turnbull, 1877-1936 (Section P)
Vivian L. Turnbull, 1904-1931 (Section P)
Carrie A. Clute Turnbull, 1878-1965 (Section P)
A. Vigilante, 1904-1978 (Section P)
Annette M., 1905- (Section P)
Murray R., 1908-1976 (Section P)

Turner (See also: Campbell)
Rufus H. Turner, 1889-1946 (Section K)
Onie M., 1891-1967 (Section K)
Hosea B., 1882-1948 (Section K)
"and infants"

John E. Turner, 1886-1918 (Section L)
Beulah Turner Bates, 1899-1962 (Section L)

Hosea B. Turner, 1831-1909 (Section H)

George A. Turner, 1909-1954 (Section N)
Vera S. Turner Wallace, 1913-1996 (Section N)
Wendell G. Wallace, Nov 9, 1912-Sept 11, 1995 (Section N)

Charles D., son of Hull & Amanda Tuthill, died June 29, 1856; AE 21 yrs, 3 mo, 16 dys (Section D)
Amanda, wife of *, Aged 89 yrs, 6 mos (Section D)

Tuttle (See also: Scott)
Sarah C., wife of Geo P. Tuttle, died Mch 9, 1866; AE 24 yrs & 25 dys (Section D)

Byron J. Tuttle, 1869-1960 (Section L)
Mary J. Tuttle, 1869-1940 (Section L)
Bessiedel Tuttle, 1902-1940 (Section L)
Patricia T. Fisher, 1929-1984 (Section L)
Wallace E. Tuttle, 1904-1999 (Section L)
Lulu B. Tuttle, daughter, 1906- (Section L)
Robert (by Lulu) (Section L)
Frederick E. Tuttle, 1862-1947 (Section L)
Kate V. Tuttle, his wife, 1874-1972 (Section L)

Luther Tuttle, 1828-1915 (Section L)
Harriet C., his wife, 1838-1915 (Section L)
Mattie, 1873-1905 (Section L)
Robert, 1876-1916 (Section L)
Leone Tuttle, 1898-1913 (Section L)

Delia Mear Tuttle, 1881-1928 (Section A)

Note: Back of William A. Jones Stone
Ernest H. Tuttle, 1904-1976 (Section A)
Mildred J., his wife, 1904- (Section A)

Maurice Tygart, 1875-1966 (Section D)
Glena Davis Tygart, 1876-1944 (Section D)

Tyler (See also: Billings, Streeter)
Bernice A. Tyler., 1888-1919 (Section K)
Kate E. Brown., his wife, 1893- (Section K)
Emory M. Tyler, 1887-1961 (Section K)
Grace B. Todd, his wife, 1890-1919 (Section K)
Forence L. Wetmore Tyler, wife of E.M. Tyler, 1894-1952 (Section K)
Kenneth C. Tyler, son of EM and GT Tyler, 1912-1960 (Section K)
Albert E. Tyler, 1st Lt US Army, Dec 25, 1921-July 6, 1974 (Section K)
Henry Foote, 1864-1926 (Section K)
Vivian Tyler Pfohl, 1910-1970 (Section K)

Frances V. Foote, 1861-1930, Mother (Section K)
Clifford A. Tyler, 1891-1937, Headstone (Section K)
Ella M. Tyler, his wife, 1897-1992 (Section K)
Eldon D., son of CA & EM Tyler, -1922- (Section K)
Keith A. Tyler, 1926- (Section K)
Ilene M. Tyler, his wife, 1930- (Section K)

Gerald C. Tyler, 1899-1961 (Section K)
Helen M. Tyler, his wife, 1899-1985 (Section K)
Frances L. Tyler, 1921-1973 (Section K)
Marion J. Tyler, 1898-1986 (Section K)
Norman "Joe" Tyler, 1893-1956 (Section K)

August C. Ulrich, born 1890, died 1949 (Section N)
Florence L. Ulrich, born 1880, died 1966 (Section N)

Uphiff (See also: Uphiff)
Louis C. Uphiff, 1878-1971 (Section P)
Caroline Luecke, his wife, 1879-1957 (Section P)

Vail Monument (Section A)
Edward H. Vail, Father, 1862-1944 (Section A)
Cora A., Mother, 1865-1937 (Section A)
Edith L., Daughter, 1891-1970 (Section A)
Harold C., Son, 1885-1958 (Section A)
Cyrenus Vail, 1838-1913 (Section A)
Charlotte S., his wife, 1837-1913 (Section A)

Vaile Headstone (Section P)
Wm Charles Vaile, 1886-1941 (Section P)
Elizabeth S., 1890-1979 (Section P)

Paulina, wife of A. V. Valor, 1852-1916 (Section L - CW)

VanAlstyne, VanAlstine (See also: Petrie)
Arthur Charles VanAlstyne, 1882-1930 (Section D)
Ethel Woodman VanAlstyne, 1881-1931 (Section D)

Catharine Alguire, wife of John S. VanAlstine, died May 22, 1892, AE 58 yrs (Section H)
Emma (Section H)

Van Buren (See also: Barney, McDonald)
William E., son of H & K VanBuren; died Aug 18, 185*, Age 22 yrs (Section B)
Anna(?), dau of H & K VanBuren (Section B)
Peter Van Buren, b. Nov 19, 1803; d. May 24, 1870; Monument (Section B)
Maria C., wife of Peter Van Buren, b. Sept 26, 1805; d. Mar 11, 1891 (Section B)
Barent Van Buren, b. April 30, 1859; Ae 85 yrs, 11 mos (Section B)
Grace, his wife, died Aug 18, 1834; AE 65 yrs, 2 mos (Section B)
Horace K. Spencer, b. June 30, 1824; d. Nov 19, 1868 (Section B)
Lella E., wife of W. E. Brodie; died Jan 28, 1885; Aged 29 yrs (Section B)
Johnnie P., son of JB & SA Van Buren, died Nov 8, 1885; Aged 11 yrs, 9 mos (Section B)
Fred B., died July 11, 1889; Aged 25 yrs, 3 mos (Section B)
"Aunt Mary" (Section B)
Emeline Van Buren, 1840-1927 (Section B)

Mary Van Buren, died Jun 28, 1854; AE 61 yrs (Section B)
Susan (Section B)
James B. VanBuren, 1845-1917 (Section B)
Carrie (Section B)
Lucy J. Lawrence, wife of O.E. Van Buren, died July 25, 1859; Ae 35 yrs (Section B)
Sarah A., dau of OE & LJ Van Buren, d. Dec 2, 1847; Ae 3 yrs, 24 dys (Section B)
Orville (Section B)
Delia (Section B)
Thomas H. Van Buren, died June 9, 1869; AE 73 yrs, 8 mos, 17 dys (Section B)
Betsy Ayers, his wife, died Mar 28, 1882; Aged 86 yrs, 24 dys (Section B)

Van Buren Monument (Section H)
Samuel VanBuren (Section H)
Thankful (Section H)
A.M. (Section H)
Bettie (Section H)
Jane Hayes (Section H)

Scott/VanBuren Monument (Section M)
William D. Van Buren, 1850-1932 (Section M)
Mary A. Judd Van Buren, 1850-1934 (Section M)
Adam J. Scott, 1872- (Section M)
Lillian J. VanBuren Scott, 1878- (Section M)

Ida F., wife of W. M. VanBuskirk, 1856-1901 (Section J)

Ceylon E. Vancor, 1917- (Section L)
Eunice I., 1916-1960 (Section L)

Frank J. Vancor, 1884-1945 (Section P)
William L., 1920-1945 (Section P)
Hazel B., 1914-1962 (Section P)
Francis A. Vancor, New York PVT Medical Department World War II; Oct 11, 1904-Feb 11, 1963; Military Marker (Section P)

VanDuzee (See also: Jones)
Truman W. VanDuzee, died Dec 23, 1878; Ae 65 yrs, 1 mo, Monument (Section B)
Sally E., wife of T.W. VanDuzee, died Sept 6, 1882; AE 73 yrs (Section B)

David W. VanDuzee, 1820-1896 (Section D)
Lydia, his wife, 1824-1905 (Section D)
Hattie M., 1867-1869 (Section D)
Guy L., 1880-1901 (Section D)
Luella S. (Section D)
Ada R. (Section D)

James VanDuzee, d. May 27, 1844; Aged 76 yrs (Section I)
Abagail, his wife, d. June 3, 1820; Aged 42 yrs (Section I)
Cordelia H., Mar 27, 1841; Aged 2 yrs, 10 mos (Section I)
Henry C., Aug 1, 1852; Aged 11 dys (Section I)
Manly H., Oct 9, 1861; Aged 13 yrs (Section I)
Alonzo J., Jan 11, 1870; Aged 27 yrs (Section I)
Amasa L. Brown, June 27, 1854; Aged 54 yrs (Section I)
Mary V. Leonhardt, 1905-1984 (Section I)

Stephen B. VanDuzee, July 23, 1809 - Sept 24, 1893 (Section I)
Ruby H., July 5, 1811 - June 15, 1883 (Section I)

Cyrene O. VanDuzee, 1840-1921 (Section I)
Stella M. VanDuzee, 1857-1912 (Section I)

Lawton B. VanDuzee, died May 8, 1888; AE 61 yrs (Section F)
Murry E., died Sept 19, 1860; AE 1 yr, 4 mos, 1 dy; Also infant sons of LB & JA VanDuzee (Section F)
David VanDuzee, d. Oct 28, 1865; AE 85 yrs, 5 mos, 6 dys (Section F)
Chloe, wife of David VanDuzee, died June 19, 1857; AE 68 yrs, 9 mo, 12 dys (Section F)
2 Unreadable (Section F)
**antha C. VanDuzee, Sept 1, 1818-Aug 25, 1905 (Section F)
Nancy I. Hogeboon, Aug 1, 1824 - (Section F)

Fredrick VanDuzee, 1853-1929 (Section G)
Nettie E. Clifton, his wife, 1854-1908 (Section G)
Ross Clifton VanDuzee, 8-17-1883 - 9-25-1943, Footstone (Section G)
Elizabeth Herron, his wife, 9-16-1883 - 6-13-1973, Footstone (Section G)
Ralph Clifton VanDuzee, son of R & E VanDuzee, 10-15-1911 - 10-9-1920, Second Stone (Section G)

Van Hyning (See also: Mills)

Aletha C. Vanier, Age 6 wks, 3 dys (Section F)

Vannamee (See also: Love, Serviss, Smith, Soper, Taylor)
Ivan C. Vannamee, 1877-1959, Photo of Headstone (Section K)
Bessie L. Taylor Vannamee, 1882-1935 (Section K)
Esther S. Vannamee, 1904-1986 (Section K)
Merton Taylor Vannamee, 1901-1981 (Section K)

John Vannamee, 1809-1890 (Section F)
Betsey, his wife, 1809-1884 (Section F)

Gilbert L. Vannamee, 1832-1902 (Section F)
His wives:
Margaret D., 1831-1864 (Section F)
Adele E., 1839-1916 (Section F)

Stephen VanNamee, died April 13, 1842; AE 64 yrs, 9 mos, 27 dys (Section H)
Sally G., wife of Stephen VanNamee, died June 14, 1855, AE 76 yrs, 2 mo, 26 dys (Section H)
Albert H. VanNamee, 1844-1921 (Section H)
Florence S. Balmat, his wife, 1852-1930 (Section H)
Marian VanNammee Schofield, their daughter, 1885-1927 (Section H)
Huldah, wife of Stephen VanNamee, died March 3, 1861, Age 54 yrs (Section H)

Howard F. Van Norton, July 6, 1925- (Section K)
Helene A., July 13, 1927-Jan 20, 1987 (Section K)

Frank Van Norton, 1891-1935 (Section L)
Evangeline, wife, 1897-1964 (Section L)

Rex Allen VanOrman, 1953-1956 (Section P)

VanOrnum (See also: Brown, Lynde)
George L. VanOrnum, 1871-1948 (Section B)
Elinor F., 1868-1960 (Section B)

O.A. VanOrnum, 1848-1912 (Section J)
Florence, his wife, 1861-1904 (Section J)
Drury, their son, 1896-1899 (Section J)
Geo E. Brown, 1874-1921 (Section J)
Alice, his wife, 1879-1931 (Section J)
Geo W. VanOrnum, 1814-1882 (Section J)
Caroline, his wife, 1818-1902 (Section J)

Weldon J. VanOrnum, 1910-1979 (Section P)
Lois Uphoff, his wife, 1913-1995 (Section P)
Ryan W. VanOrnum, Oct 21, 1974-Jan 1, 1975 (Section P)
VanPelt (See also: McCrea)
Spencer S. VanPelt, 1848-1905 (Section H)
Lorah A. Johnson, his wife, 1852-1897 (Section H)
James S. VanPelt, 1872-1912 (Section H)
Geraldine L., their dau, 1899-1912 (Section H)
Elia Ann, 1876-1940 (Section H)

Van Sant
Merton L. Van Sant, US Army World War II; Dec 28, 1908-July 4, 1996, Military Marker (Section P)
Ava B., 1911-1999 (Section P)

William M. VanSlyke, 1896-1954 (Section P)
Gertrude, 1896-1985 (Section P)

Alfred VanValkenburg, 1852-1891, VanValkenburg Stone (Section H)
Emma J., 1860-1911 (Section H)

Van Zant
Myrtle Van Zant, 1892-1950 (Section G)

Back of Adaline Brozzo Stone
Knowlton Varney, 1871- (Section G)
Delia, his wife, 1866- (Section G)

Venton (See also: Becker)
Stanley M. Venton, 1913-1974 (Section Q)
Rose L., 1918-1964 (Section Q)

Carl J. Venton, March 26, 1901 - August 31, 1952 (Section Q)

Clyda A. Venton, 1905-1975 (Section Q)
Doris Kilpatrick, 1905-1983 (Section Q)
Married Sept 27, 1930

Vincent (See also: Charter)

William B. Visscher, d. Oct 22, 1847; Aged 71 yrs (Section B)
Louisa, wife of Wm B. Visscher, died June 12, 1864, Age 50 yrs (Section B)

Vogel (See also: Corbin)

Harold G. Vogt, 1903-1987 (Section M)
Catherine C., 1899-1976 (Section M)

Voysey (See also: Barron)

Vrooman (See also: Morgan, Phillips)

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