Riverside Cemetery - Gouverneur NY
Inventory of Riverside Cemetery, Gouverneur NY (Last Names starting with W-Z & Unknown)

NOTE: Between the fall of 2000 and fall of 2001, I performed an extensive effort to perform a full inventory (with tombstone pictures) of Riverside Cemetery in Gouverneur. That results of that effort are shown below. At the end of each entry is a indication of what section of the cemetery the stone is located in. Locations of each section within the cemetery can be seen on the map on my Riverside Cemetery index page.
When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Last updated by Anne M. Cady, October 2001.

William S. Wade, 1873-1910 (Section C)
Margaret C. Peckham, his wife, 1875-1945 (Section C)

Waid (See also: Barnum)
Josiah Waid, born Oct 14, 1788; d. Jan 2, 1861, Monument, Second Marker (Section C)
Martha Austin, his wife, 1796-1872, Second Marker (Section C)
Dr. Dan F. Waid, b. Jan 23, 1824 - d. Jan 8, 1860, Second Marker (Section C)
Isaac A. Waid, 1824-1892, Second Marker (Section C)
Melissa, wife, 1834-1882, Second Marker (Section C)
D. Fred, 1862-1909, son of Isaac & Melissa Waid, Second Marker (Section C)
Edith E., 1859-1913, Second Marker (Section C)
Martha, 1822-1823; Dau of Josiah & Polly Waid; d. Mar 18, 1823; AE 13 mos, Second Marker (Section C)
Mariah, 1827-1830; Dau of J & M Waid; d. Aug 12, 1830 in her 3 yr, Second Marker (Section C)
Mary Waid, died Feb 14, 1856; AE 24 yrs, 7 mos , Second Marker(Section C)

Asa M. Wainwright, 1876-1951 (Section Q)
Susie B., 1880-1962 (Section Q)

Wait, Waite (See also: Ormiston, Thatcher)
In Memorium: Samuel C. Wait, MD, died in Gouverneur, Oct 30, 1875; Aged 68 yrs, S. C. Wait Plot (Section B)
Jane, widow of Dr. S.C. Wait; died July 9, 1893; Aged 58 yrs (Section B)
Electa B., wife of Samuel C. Wait MD, died Mar 31, 1841; Aged 29 yrs (Section B)
Katharine Ann, 2nd wife of Samuel C. Wait MD, died July 20, 1842; Aged 34 yrs (Section B)
Mary, 3rd wife of Samuel C. Wait MD; died Feb 23, 1861; Aged 49 yrs (Section B)
Nancy, 4th wife of Samuel C. Wait MD; died May 3, 1863, Aged 30 yrs (Section B)
Patience M., 5th wife of Samuel C. Wait MD; died June 16, 1865; Aged 44 yrs (Section B)
Samuel F., son of Samuel & Mary Wait, died Mar 25, 1864 (Section B)
Philinda, dau of Dr. Samuel & Mary Wait, died July 28, 1852 (Section B)
2 Unreadable daughters, of Samuel C. & Mary (Section B)

Sydney, son of *** & *** Wait, died Feb 19, 1854, AE 1 yr, 3 mo, 10 dys (Section H)
Henry, son of *** & *** Wait(?) (Section H)

John W. Wait, Father, 1862-1958, Wait Monument (Section H)
Mary A., his wife, 1867-1895 (Section H)
Ida A., 2nd wife, 1872-1931 (Section H)
Ford J., -1892- (Section H)
Ruth M., daughter, 1890-1943 (Section H)
Marion E., -1894- (Section H)
Emma M., -1885- (Section H)

John, son of * Wakeford, died March 1854; aged 2 yrs, 9 mos, 13 dys (Section D)

Walker (See also: Kitts)

Wall (See also: Briggs)
James H. Wall, Co I 5th Ohio Cav; 1835-1925 (Section D)
Mary E. Humphrey, his wife, 1844-1921 (Section D)

Joseph A. Wall, 1880-1945 (Section P)
Carrie Jarvis, his wife, 1876-1956 (Section P)
Kenneth W. Wall, New York SGT Quartermaster Corps, World War II; Dec 3, 1908-July 15, 1960 (Section P)
Joseph J. Wall, 1904-1997 (Section P)

Wallace (See also: Johnson, Turner)
Hilton H. Wallace, 1877-1936 (Section G)
Susie E., wife of Hilton H. Wallace, 1878-1926 (Section G)
Hilton H. Jr., son of H.H. & S.E. Wallace, 1916-1919 (Section G)

Wallace-Hutt Headstone (see Ernest J. Hutt) (Section P)
John Joseph Wallace, Apr 20, 1866-Apr 3, 1947 (Section P)
Florence Howe Wallace, Jan 1, 1873-Feb 10, 1950 (Section P)

Joshua Walling, 1796-1842 (Section F)
Mary, his wife, 1799-1835 (Section F)
Eveline, his wife, 1810-1838 (Section F)
Elmira, his wife, 1802-1885 (Section F)
Meribah, his dau, 1832-1895 (Section F)
Elizabeth, his dau, 1840-1897 (Section F)
Joel Atwood, 1775-1846 (Section F)
Sarah, his wife, 1789-1843 (Section F)
Samuel Walling, 1794-1865 (Section F)
Almon Walling, 1791-1858 (Section F)
Rebecca, his wife, 1794-1852 (Section F)
Maryette, 1818-1897 (Section F)

Levi E., son of LN & EG Walling, died Oct 29, 1854?, age 10 mos? (Section F)
Ella G., wife of Levi N. Walling, died June 24, 1876 (Section F)
Levi N. Walling, died ? 1872, 30 yrs, 10 mo, 21 dys (Section F)

Minerva Thompson Walling, 1850-1941 (Section F)
Grace Thompson Walling, 1880-1945 (Section F)

Our Baby, ... Walling (Section F)

William Walling, 1798-1878 (Section F)
Polly Smith Walling, 1806-1883 (Section F)

Walrath (See also: Hanratty, Woodward)
Murlin Ormon Walrath, New York PFC 16 Inf 1 Division World War II, SS-BSM, May 11, 1914 - Sept 30, 1961 (Section L)

Gary Keith, Infant son of K & J Walrath, -1962- (Section A)

Walsh (See also: Fortune, Hartley)
Allie E. Walsh, Mother, 1877-1939 (Section G)

Michael F. Walsh, 1860-1923 (Section A)
Margaret S., his wife, 1864-1940 (Section A)
Regina, daughter, 1899-1954 (Section A)

Baby Walton, -1928- Nov 10 (Section NF)

Ward (See also: Poole)
John D. Ward, 1853-1912, Headstone (Section K)
Alice I., his wife, 1862-1916 (Section K)

Joyce F. Ward, Mother, 1927- (Section L)
Natalie Jean, Sept 13, 1963 (Section L)
Leonard A., Son, 1953-1973 (Section L)

Jerome K. Wardwell, 1899-1971 (Section K)
Louise, 1899-1972 (Section K)

Harold F. Ware, Husband of Alice S. Ware, 1896-1975, Footstone (Section G)
Alice S. Ware, wife of Harold F. Ware, 1915-1964, Footstone (Section G)
C. Herbert Ware, 1868-1935 (Section G)
Lillian A., his wife, 1869-1923 (Section G)
William Beard, 1850-1908 (Section G)
Willie, his son, 1865-1866 (Section G)

Edwin B. Ware, 1872-1933 (Section H)
Susan I., wife of E.B. Ware, 1877-1931 (Section H)
Ware Monument (Section H)
Viola, 1863-19__ (Section H)
Mother, 1831-1917 (Section H)
Father, 1821-1874 (Section H)
Orlin, 1852-1865 (Section H)
Frank, 1854-1884 (Section H)

Warner (See also: Drury)
Rev T. A. Warner, died Nov 14, 1845; Aged 47 yrs (Section B)
Sarah E., dau of T.A. & B. Warner, died Jan 4, 1865; Aged 36 yrs (Section B)

Warren (See also: Rhodes)
Harry J. Warren, d. Mar 26, 1872; Aged 25 yrs 10 mos (Section C)

Frank Warren, 1874-1948 (Section P)

Washburn (See also: Bracey, Collins, Gaddis, Kennedy)
Claude S. Washburn, 1884-1918 (Section K)
Lottie, his wife, 1882- (Section K)
Their children:
Lillith, -1906- (Section K)
Cyril, 1908-1911 (Section K)

Alvin Washburn, 1855-1944 (Section K)
Jennie M., his wife, 1860-1917 (Section K)
C. Ellis, son, 1889-1920 (Section K)

George H. Washburn, Father, 1866-1949 (Section L)
Julia L., Mother, 1866-1948 (Section L)
Helena C., dau of GH & JA Washburn, 1902-1924 (Section L)
Sarah E. (NOTE: MAY NOT BE WASHBURN) (Section L)
Mother (NOTE: MAY NOT BE WASHBURN) (Section L)

Alvin T. Washburn, 1902-1971 (Section Q)
Bertha D., 1908-1982 (Section Q)
Joanne V., dau of AT & BD Washburn, 1931-1950 (Section Q)

Merton D. Washburn, US Army Air Corps, World War II; 1922-1990 (Section Q)
Viva B. Washburn, 1899-1955 (Section Q)

Robert L. Washburn, New York PVT AGF REPL Depot 1, World War II; Sept 16, 1918-Nov 12, 1956 (Section P)

Nathan K. Washburn, 1857-1941 (Section P)

Watson (See also: Rhodes, Whalen)
Henry D. Watson, 1850-1910 (Section K)
Ida A. Rose, his wife, 1868-1932 (Section K)
Their Children:
Jessie R., 1890-1910 (Section K)
G. Floyd, 1898-1914 (Section K)
Guy H., 1892-1917 (Section K)
Mildren M., 1891-1917 (Section K)

Gerald E. Watson, 1921-1977, US Army (Section L)
Hazel A. Watson, 1921-1987, "Ma" (Section L)

Robert Watson, 1884-1960 (Section L)
Lucy M., wife of R. Watson, 1893-1937 (Section L)

Ida, wife of G. Watson, 1862-1939 (Section G)
Jessie M., wife of Geo Watson, 1869-1921 (Section G)

Milton M. Watson, Vet World War I, 1894- (Section A)
Frances R., his wife, 1900-1973 (Section A)

Merton E. Watson, 1924-1986 (Section P)
Rena L., 1921- (Section P)

Bruce D. Weatherup, 1896-1971 (Section Q)
Elizabeth Wells, his wife, 1894-1951 (Section Q)

Roland O. Weatherup, 1899-1986 (Section Q)
Lula Taylor, his wife, 1903-1986 (Section Q)
Scott E. Weatherup, Beloved son and father, July 28, 1966 - Oct 17, 1999 (Section Q)

Weaver (See also: Backus, Bartholomew, Redmond)

Robert E. Webb, 1850-1926, "Father", Webb Marker (Section F)
Effie J. Davis, his wife, 1860-1926, "Mother" (Section F)
Daisy, Aug 12, 1881 - Aug 4, 1894 (Section F)

Pauline M., wife of Fred Webb, 1880-1917 (Section H)

Webb Monument (Section A)
Lela Webb, wife of Robert L. Clifton, Jan 14, 1877 - May 17, 1901 (Section A)
Howard B. Webb, Apr 14, 1890-Jan 21, 1917 (Section A)
Florence Burleigh, 1885-1973 (Section A)
Henry O. Webb, Dec 27, 1872-Nov 20, 1891 (Section A)
Henry Webb, "Father", Dec 20, 1848-Feb 19, 1901 (Section A)
Clestia E., "Mother", his wife, Sept 26, 1854-Oct 3, 1922 (Section A)
Charles L. Webb, June 28, 1879-July 20, 1889 (Section A)
Fred L. Webb, 1874-1933 (Section A)

Webb Monument (Section M)
James Webb, 1852-1930 (Section M)
Addie P., his wife, 1857-1937 (Section M)

Webster (See also: Backus, Ormiston, Wight)
Herbert W. Webster, 1871-1954, Headstone (Section K)
Nellie M. Norton, his wife, 1881-1961 (Section K)
Herman F. Smit, 1897-1981 (Section K)
Grace Webster, his wife, 1902-1963 (Section K)

George V. Webster, 1880-1935, Headstone (Section K)
Klara J., wife of George V., 1882- (Section K)
Wellington Culver, son of George V. & Klara Webster, 1910-1915 (Section K)

Albert W. Webster, 1861-1928, Headstone (Section K)
Abbie, wife of Albert W., 1865-1951 (Section K)

Samuel B. Webster, 1874-1947, Headstone (Section K)
Lillian C. Maxon, his wife, 1876-1956 (Section K)

George W. Webster, MD, 1873-1926, Marker (Section D)
Alice Webster Pierce, widow of Dr. G. W. Webster, Sept 1, 1874 - Dec 13, 1955 (Section D)
Ruth S. Webster, July 24, 1901 - Aug 6, 1998 (Section D)

Earl E. Webster, 1898-1945 (Section L)
Jennie H., his wife, 1902-1977 (Section L)
Walter E., son, 1918-1942 (Section L)

Emma L. Webster, 1843-1895 (Section J)
Minnie Webster, wife of H. Pare, 1869-1894 (Section J)
Hazel Blanche, daut of H & Minnie Pare, 1890-1892 (Section J)
Daniel (Section J)

Webster Monument (Section M)
James M. Webster, 1858-1924 (Section M)
Georgina, his wife, 1867-1955 (Section M)
Helen M., 1901-1935, Wife of Earl E. Haring (Section M)

Weckerly (See also: Lashbrooks)

Sybil A., wife of E. L. Weed, died Apr 3, 1887, Age 61 yrs (Section F)

Weeks (See also: Cook)

Weir (See also: White)
Mabel A., wife of Wm Weir, 1887-1919 (Section L)

Colin Jay Weir, 1911-1978 (Section P)
Hester Bailey, his wife, 1916- (Section P)
Lena J. Weir, 1881-1964 (Section P)

Welch (See also: Patterson, Townsley)
Fred* Welch, April 1893 - Jan 1910 (Section C)
Fred Welch, 1870-1912 (Section C)

Osman Welch, Sergt Co. C 20 NY Cav, 1841-1907, Headstone (Section C)
Margaret E., his wife, 1852-1878 (Section C)
Helen M., his wife, 1843-1906 (Section C)
Charles E., 1870-1870 (Section C)
Carrie, 1874-1875 (Section C)

William E. Welch, 1867-1904 (Section G)

Welch-Lavack Monument (Section M)
James B. Welch, 1854-1926 (Section M)
Nancy J. Welch, 1854-1937 (Section M)
Abel Lavack, 1874-1937 (Section M)
Allie Welch, his wife, 1878-1964 (Section M)

Weller (See also: Rhodes)

Wells (See also: Allen, Fields, Weatherup)
Fred L. Wells, 1871-1934, Photo of Headstone (Section K)
Jennie M. Wells, 1877- (Section K)
Gerald N. Wells, 1918-1936 (Section K)

Truman A. Wells, 1867-1953 (Section K)
Barbara T. Wells, 1867-1955 (Section K)

Charles H. Wells, 1866-1922 (Section H)
Mattie A. Wells, 1873-1951 (Section H)
Alexander Wells, died Sept 24, 1889; AE 50 yrs (Section H)
Sarah L., wife of Alexander Wells, 1846-1924 (Section H)

Wells Headstone (Section P)
Morey Wells, Father, 1879-1957 (Section P)
Ruth A., Mother, 1878-1960 (Section P)
Ella C., dau of Morey & Ruth Wells, 1904-1911 (Section P)

Wells Headstone (Section P)
John F. Wells, 1885-1960 (Section P)
Ada J., 1884-1960 (Section P)
Kenneth Eugene Wells, son of JF & AJ Wells; Boy Scouts of America, First Class Troup 20; Aug 29, 1917-Aug 22, 1936; Boy Scout Memorial Sign (Section P)

Martin F. Wells, 1915-1980 (Section P)
E. Betty, 1915-1999 (Section P)
Nettie F. Jesmore, 1890-1968 (Section P)
Charles M. Clyde, 1971-1971 (Section P)

Welton (See also: Harris)

West (See also: Gardner)
Robert M. West, passed to spirit life, July 31, 1882; Ae 68 yrs (Section B)
Agnes R. Palmer, wife of R. M. West, passed to spirit life, Dec 13, 1895; AE 75 yrs (Section B)

Ruth C., dau of EG & NG West, 1902-1903 (Section F)
Agnes H. West, 1870-1934 (Section F)
Arthur T., 1885 (Section F)
Our Darling Vivian, dau of JW & AL West, died Sept 5, 1892, Ae 2 mos, Back of stone (Section F)

William West, 1842-1903, "Father", West Monument (Section F)
Caroline West, 1838-1923, "Mother" (Section F)
John T. West, died Mar 25, 1882; Ae 17 yrs (Section F)

William H. West, 1863-1916, West Plot (Section F)
Mary E. Nicholl, his wife, 1858-1898 (Section F)
Almeda Enslow, his wife, 1854-1913 (Section F)
R. C. West, "Clifford", 1886-1904 (Section F)

Gray-West Monument (Shared with Edwin Gray Family) (Section M)
Edwin G. West, 1870-1933 (Section M)
Nellie Gray West, 1872-1932 (Section M)

Wetmore (See also: Force, Tyler)

Whalen (See also: Allen, Clifton, Laidlaw, Storrin)
Inez Downing Whalen, 1857-1922 (Section K)
Max Watson, 1891-1920 (Section K)
Iva May Whalen, his wife, 1893-1919 (Section K)

John Whalen, 1850-1933, Headstone (Section K)
Maria O'Connor, his wife, 1859-1929 (Section K)
Nellie Whalen DeGrace, 1884-1975 (Section K)
Charles J. Whalen, 1886-1962 (Section K)
Fleeta Powers, his wife, 1889-1979 (Section K)

William Whalen, Father, 1861-1924 (Section J)
Nellie M. Whalen, Mother, 1867-1943 (Section J)
Clark B. Whalen, 1886-1946 (Section J)
Hattie, dau of Wm & Nellie Whalen, July 8, 1891 - Nov 19, 1899 (Section J)

Ellis R. Whalen, 1888-1953; Second Stone (Section Q)
Clara E. Woodward, his wife, 1892-1979, Second Stone (Section Q)
Irving C. Brown, 1913-1959; Second Stone (Section Q)
Elva Whalen, his wife, 1913- ; Second Stone(Section Q)

Whalen Headstone (Section P)
Glenn H. Whalen, 1896-1965 (Section P)
Eva Hall Whalen, his wife, 1894-1965 (Section P)
Sutton/Whalen Headstone (Section P)
Benjamin J. Whalen, 1886-1974 (Section P)
Grace E. Laidlaw, his wife, 1885-1947 (Section P)
Deemer E. Sutton, 1911-19__ (Section P)
Ruth D. Whalen, his wife, 1914-19__ (Section P)
Donald R. Sutton, 1932-1946 (Section P)

R. Alvin Whalen, 1875-1944 (Section P)
Etta Lake Whalen, 1876-1962, 2nd Stone (Section P)
On Back of stone: In Memory of our sons:
G. Robert Melrose, 1928-1937 (Section P)
Merwyn K. Melrose, 1934-1949 (Section P)

Wheater (See also: Seavey)
Carl B. Wheater, Father, 1886-1975 (Section Q)
Mabel Freeman, his wife, 1883-1988 (Section Q)
William W., son, 1916-1956 (Section Q)
Ruth Jemison, his wife, 1921- (Section Q)

Sarah E., wife of E.W. Wheeler, died May 17, 1889; Aged 69 yrs (Section D)

Eva B. Wheeler, Beloved wife of M. H. Wheeler, 1883-1921, "Thou are not gone, being gone where though art. Thou leavest with me thy watchful eyes, with me thy loving heart" (Section G)

Wheeler Headstone (Section P)
Frederick Wheeler, 1861-1931 (Section P)
Roselia Foote, his wife, 1859-1943 (Section P)
Naomi C., 1885-1968 (Section P)

White (See also: Alkerton, Allen, Brown, Burdick, Butts, Dunkelberg, McPherson, Whitmore)
Albert B. White, 1863-1910 (Section K)
Mary M., his wife, 1892-1968 (Section K)

James H. White, US Army, World War II, 1908-1991 (Section K)

Donald L. White, "Prophetic Knowledge", 1922- , McPherson/White Stone (Section L)
Merrian M. Weir White, wife of Donald, 1932- (Section L)
Anna McPherson Stockton, sister to Margaret, 1894-1942 (Section L)
Percy F. White, 1918-1938 (Section L)
Margaret M. White, 1892-1959 (Section L)
Clarence P. White, 1891-1968 (Section L)

Loretta S. White, 1864-1955 (Section L)
George R. White, 1861-1928 (Section L)
Leslie L. White, 1887-1979 (Section L)

George A. White, 1859-1926 (Section G)
Isabell V., his wife, 1860-1943 (Section G)
William Arthur, 1891-1904 (Section G)
Lawrence Adelbert, 1893-1904 (Section G)

Arnold G. White, 1902-1904 (Section NF)
Anna V. White, -1915- (Section NF)
David C. White, 1922 (Section NF)

William White, Father, 1873-1956 (Section M)
Cora B., Mother, 1875-1947 (Section M)
Arnol K., Their son, 1903-1923, Footstone (Section M)
Eugene M. White, 1868-1925 (Section M)
Idabel E., his wife, 1872-1956 (Section M)

James W. Whitman, 1862-1936 (Section H)
Stella, wife of J. W. Whitman, 1858-1923 (Section H)

Whitmarsh (See also: Nickelson)

Robert L. Whitmore, 1891-1969, Headstone (Section K)
Myrtle Cleland, his wife, 1889-1958 (Section K)
Robert J. Whitmore, 1922-1965 (Section K)

Vernon G. Whitmore, Father, 1896-1945, Monument (Section B)
Earleen B., Mother, 1901-1990 (Section B)

Albert Whitmore, 1864-1938 (Section D)
Margaret, his wife, 1870-1951 (Section D)

William S. Whitmore, 1903-1949 (Section L)
Sybil A., 1904- (Section L)
Sylvia H., infant dau, 1931 (Section L)

George Whitmore, 1864-1935 (Section A)
Gertrude M. White, 1874-1915 (Section A)
John Whitmore, 1876-1955 (Section A)
Anna P. Gates, his wife, 1881-1966 (Section A)
Martha Gates, 1840-1916 (Section A)

John W. Whitmore, 1902-1955 (Section Q)
Mayvis L., 1906-1999 (Section Q)

Whitney (See also: Bowne, Legate, Sternberg)
Thomas J. Whitney, 1850-1922, Headstone (Section K)
Alice M., 1848-1926 (Section K)
Lillian S. Kinney, 1856-1932, wife of Franklin M. MacKenzie (Section K)
Franklin M. MacKenzie, 1884-1931 (Section K)

Note: On back of Wm McKean Monument
Alexis S. Whitney, Father, b. May 13, 1854 - d. May 9, 1926; Monument (Section C)
Ella Whitney, Mother, b. June 17, 1853 - d. June 1, 1937 (Section C)
Florence, dau of A.S. & Ella Whitney, died Jan 15, 1883; Aged 8 yrs (Section C)
"Our Baby" (Section C)

Nathan W. Whitney, Apr 17, 1878-June 7, 1963 (Section C)
Josie M., May 30, 1878-Dec 20, 1946 (Section C)

Nathaniel Whitney, 1786-1871, Marker (Section D)
Clarissa Horr, his wife, 1792-1873 (Section D)
William, Feb 4, 1838-Mar 15, 1909 (Section D)
Rosetta Cushman, 1841-1920 (Section D)
Wilbur B. Whitney, 1869-1915 (Section D)

Daniel J. Whitney, 1848-1909, Marker (Section D)
Augusta D., 1842-1910 (Section D)
Everett Whitney, 1880-1921 (Section D)
DeWitt C. Whitney, 1867-1917 (Section D)
Beatrice V., his wife, 1876 - (Section D)

N. E. Whitney, 1821-1868 (Section F)
Esther, his wife, 1822-1906 (Section F)
Lenni L., daughter of NE & E Whitney, died Jan 13, 1868, Aged 6 yrs, Back of Marker (Section F)
P. R. Whitney, 1858-1930 (Section F)
Nell, his wife, 1861-19__ (Section F)
Weldon, son of Earl & Grace Whitney, 1907-1917 (Section F)

Howard E. Whittaker, 1916-1983 (Section M)
Gladys L., his wife, 1920-1994 (Section M)

Whitton (See also: Goodison, Pringle)
Archie M. Whitton, 1877-1936 (Section K)
Esther M., his wife, 1897-1946 (Section K)
Lyle F. Whitton, 1918-1973 (Section K)
Luella I., his wife, 1921- (Section K)

George Whitton, 1828-1916 (Section K)
Olive L., his wife, 1839-1927 (Section K)

George W. Whitton, 1867-1953 (Section K)
Infant Son, of LF & LI Whitton, -1939- (Section K)

Robert Whitton, 1877-1943 (Section J)
Nettie B. Whitton, 1884-1952 (Section J)

Franklin R. Whitton, 1907-1968 (Section P)
Ruth Ames, 1913- (Section P)

James A. Whitton, 1869-1943 (Section P)
Leona McIntyre, his wife, 1887-1949 (Section P)
Hazel A., their dau, 1916-1995 (Section P)
Arnold K. Whitton, 1911-1995, Second Marker (Section P)
Eliza Salter, his wife, 1909-1978, Second Marker (Section P)
Arnold K. Jr., Husband, 1930- (Section P)
Ethel C., wife, 1919-1977 (Section P)

John Whyatt, 1854-1931 (Section A)
Elizabeth, wife of John Whyatt, 1861-1931 (Section A)

Wiggins (See also: Holl)
Wiggins Monument (Section J)
Franklin A. Wiggins, 1853-1896 (Section J)
Arthur E., 1890-1917 (Section J)
Alice M., his wife, 1867-1938 (Section J)
W. Ray Wiggins, 1891-1961 (Section J)

Wight (See also: Griffith)
Note: Shared with Maitland Streeter stone
Ernest B. Wight, 1899-1951, Headstone (Section K)
Mary S. Wight, 1898- (Section K)

Note: With Samuel Webster Family
Van Drew Wight, Veteran World War I, 1893-1980, Headstone (Section K)
Harriet Webster, his wife, 1900-1984 (Section K)
John Alan, their son, 1931-1931 (Section K)

Chas Lester Wight, 1846-1906, Marker (Section D)
Mary S., his wife, 1852-1891 (Section D)
Guy, their son, 1878-1900 (Section D)

Allen Wight, 1824-1911 (Section H)
Lucy Fuller Johnson, his wife, 1835-1917 (Section H)
Grant J. Wight, born Mar 15, 1864; died May 30, 1895 (Section H)
Hannah, his daughter, 1893-1893 (Section H)

Glenn J. Wight, 1889-1973 (Section Q)
Helen Flint, his wife, 1893-1976 (Section Q)

Wight Headstone (Section P)
Harold B. Wight, 1922-1961 (Section P)
Aleta W., 1927-2000 (Section P)

Wilcox (See also: Nickelson, Storie)
Unreadable, don of David & Sarah Wilcox, died Sept 13, 1839; AE 14 mos (Section D)
Charity, wife of ? F. Wilcox, b. June 4, 1821; died Mar 10, 1853 (Section D)
In memory of: Diantha, daughter of David & ? Wilcox, who died June 27, 1842; Aged 20 yrs, 7 dys (Section D)
In memory of: Dulcy, daughter of David & ? Wilcox, who was born Nov 27, 1803 & died Oct 13, 1842 (Section D)
Nelson Wilcox, died Nov 19, 1834; AE 23 yrs (Section D)
Susan, his dau, d. June 16, 1906; AE 71 yrs (Section D)

Charles D. Wilcox, Father, 1833-1863, Lost in Action at Gettysburg, Corp Co A 7 Regt Michigan Cav, Lynde/Wilcox Headstone (Section G)
Clara Amanda Gleason, Mother, 1837-1922 (Section G)
Alice Emily Wilcox, Daughter, 1862-1949 (Section G)

Angeline, wife of A.M. Wilcox, died Aug 30, 1847; aged 31 yrs, 14 dys. Also on the same day Amasa A., their infant son, age 40 days (Section H)

Van C. Wilcox, 1890-1977 (Section P)
Leona Z., 1894-1967 (Section F)

Wilder (See also: Allen)
Mrs. Wilder (Section F)

Wiley (See also: Bancroft)

Wilhelmy (See also: Holmes)

Willard (See also: Mellen, Smith)
Abel Willard, 1835-1901 (Section F)
Laura J., his wife, 1842-1926 (Section F)

Otis O. Willard, 1842-1926, "Father", Willard Monument (Section F)
Mary, his wife, 1848-1925, "Mother" (Section F)
Ella Willard, 1878-1958 (Section F)

Little Johnny's Grave John, son of Otis O. & Mary Willard, died Mar 30, 1877; Aged 6 yrs, 2 mos, Back of marker (Section F)
George H., 1888-1966 (Section F)
Ethel I., 1888-1973 (Section F)
Earla M., 1911-1913, dau of GH & EI Willard (Section F)

Ruth Carpenter Willard, 1901-1949 (Section Q)

Williams (See also: Johnson)
Caldwell Williams, 1841-1911 (Section B)
Anna L., his wife, 1842-1910 (Section B)
Bertie, 1870-1871 (Section B)
Jennie G., 1868-1936 (Section B)
Daniel D., 1869-1923 (Section B)
Albert A., 1874-1914 (Section B)
Milton, 1871-1898 (Section B)
Robert Williams, 1812-1904 (Section B)
Grace, his wife, 1816-1872 (Section B)
Margaret Coffee, their daughter, 1851-1921 (Section B)

In Memory of Margretta Williams, died April 14, 1886, Aged 61 yrs, Born at Maitland, Ont (Section H)

Hendon N. Williams, 1867-1905 (Section A)
Lula M., his wife, 1868-1943 (Section A)
Archie H., 1896-1941 (Section A)
C. Hazel, his wife, 1897-1956 (Section A)
Back of Herndon Williams Stone, Reynolds (Section A)
William G. Reynolds, 1889-1958 (Section A)
Burnice Williams, his wife, 1891-1986 (Section A)

Wilson (See also: Bowne, Smith)
Charles M. Wilson, MD, 1845-1922, Monument (Section B)
Elizabeth, his wife, 1853-1932 (Section B)
Flossie, 1880-1884 (Section B)

George Stuart Wilson, "A clergyman of the Presbyterian Church, born at Manlius NY Oct 3, 1803, died at Gouverneur NY, May 17, 1841 (Section F)
Julia Richardson Preston, wife of George Stuart Wilson, born at Rupert Vt, Feb 19, 1807; died at Gouverneur NY, Jan 21, 1887 (Section F)
Julia Anne Wilson, daughter of George Stuart & Julia Richards Preston Wilson; born at Gouverneur NY, August 10, 1836; died at Denver Colorado, February 6, 1920 (Section F)

Oren Wilson, died April 10, 1864, Aged 49 years, Footstone Wilson Monument (Section F)
Amelia, his wife, died Apr 19, 1905, Aged 84 years, Footstone (Section F)
John Wilson, died Jan 2, 1854, Aged 82 years (Section F)
Sally, his wife, died Sept 19, 1854, aged 80 years (Section F)
Margaret B., dau of Oren & Amelia Wilson, died March 6, 1853; AE 11 mo, 7 dys (Section F)
? Wilson, d. Dec 28, 1852 (Section F)
Henry C. Wilson, died Oct 4, 1886, Aged 31 years (Section F)
??? , son of O & A Wilson, died Feb 24, 1854 (Section F)

Nellie M. Wilson, 1872-1918 (Section H)
John R. Wilson, 1866-1947, Wilson Monument (Section H)
Adele G., his wife, 1863-1944 (Section H)
Helen, dau of JR & AG Wilson, 1888-1892 (Section H)

Wilson Monument (Section A)
Edwin Wilson, 1869-1924 (Section A)
Mary A., his wife, 1866- (Section A)

Floyd A. Wilson, Father, 1899-1990, 2nd Marker (Section M)
Adeline Campbell, Mother, 1908-1963, Married Aug 30, 1928, 2nd Marker (Section M)
Sally, daughter, -1936-; 2nd Marker (Section M)
James A., son, 1929-1984, Second Marker (Section M)
Arthur D. Wilson, Father, 1874-1940, 2nd Marker (Section M)
Fannie J., Mother, 1875-1955, 2nd Marker (Section M)
Robert T., son, 1898-1977 (Section M)
Jennie D., his wife, 1902-1972 (Section M)
Lucy Wilson Ormasen, daughter, 1929- (Section M)

Patsy Marie Wing, born May 19, 1998 - died May 19, 1998 (Section NF)

Winslow (See also: Beardslee)
Lucius Murray Winslow, 1860-1884, Monument (Section B)
George Bigelow Winslow, 1832-1883 (Section B)
Sarah G. Barney, wife of George B. Winslow, 1840-1924 (Section B)
Albert Barney Winslow, 1870-1884 (Section B)
Milton Start Winslow, 1872-1895 (Section B)

Winters (See also: Bockus)

Richard H. Witters, 1919-1995 (Section Q)
Helen L., 1927- (Section Q)
Married Dec 6, 1945
Our children: Chere, Rick, Colleen, Cathy
In Memory of our son, Rick Raymond, May 9-May 31, 1953 (Section Q)

Witters Marker (Section Q)
Ray Carlyle Witters, 1890-1959 (Section Q)
Hazel Hilts, 1892-1988 (Section Q)
Married Feb 26, 1918

Wolfe (See also: Andrews)

Wood (See also: Hacker, Hall, Jones, Liscomb, Mills, Puffer, Woods)
Ellis E. Wood, 1864-1928, Headstone (Section K)

Winnie D. Wood, 1876-1922 (Section C)
Winifred S. Palmer, his wife, 1877-1929 (Section C)

Note: Back of Alexander Price stone
Alexander Wood, Wood Marker (Section F)
Ann H., wife of Alexander Wood, died Sept 16, 1891; AE 68 yrs (Section F)
John Wood, died June 28, 1862; AE 83 yrs (Section F)
Mary D., wife of John Wood, died Dec 1, 1866; AE 84 yrs (Section F)

Wm Henry Wood, 1867-1929 (Section F)

William Wood, born 1819; died 1888; Co C., 21 Regt Vet Reserve Corps (Section F)
Sarah A. Wood, died Sept 6, 1900; AE 66 yrs (Section F)
Robert Lee Wood, 1877-1921 (Section F)

Clinton O. Wood, Father, 1887-1944 (Section L)
Nellie M., Mother, 1887-1952 (Section L)
Doris Strough, their daughter, 1918-1966 (Section L)
Frederick Strough, her husband, 1922- (Section L)

Henry Wood, 1841-1911 (Section H)
Lydia A., his wife, 1837-1922 (Section H)
Frankie, their dau, 1862-1911 (Section H)
Emma, their dau, 1872-1949 (Section H)

Wesley Doran, 1880-1945 (Section H)
Blanche Wood, his wife, 1882-1962 (Section H)
Jesse Wood, 1864-1938 (Section H)
Jennie A., his wife, 1864-1919 (Section H)
Their children:
Harriet E., 1890-1892 (Section H)
J. Leslie, 1892-1892 (Section H)

J. Elliot Wood, 1901-1987 (Section H)
Genevieve L., 1898-1987 (Section H)

Charles D. Wood, 1843-1930 (Section H)
Ella Fleming, his wife, 1858-1936 (Section H)

William E., son of A & C Wood, died Oct 24, 1851 (Section H)

John H. Wood, 1852-1918 (Section J)
Martha E., his wife, 1854-1918 (Section J)

Frank B. Wood, 1863-1930, Footstone (Section A)
Rozetta L. Payne Wood, his wife, 1868-1904, Footstone (Section A)
Grace Beaman Wood, 1878-1931 (Section A)
Marcy E. Wood, 1873-1895, Footstone (Section A)
Mary Payne Briggs, 1873-1973 (Section A)

Guy M. Wood, 1892-1953 (Section Q)
Lottie P., 1900-1989 (Section Q)

Alza L. Wood, 1896-1971 (buried next to Murray Legate) (Section Q)

Milo F. Wood, 1881-1963 (Section M)
Lillian E.
Wood Monument (Section M)
Delbert E. Wood, 1873-1932 (Section M)
Jennie M., his wife, 1872-1955 (Section M)

Chauncy M. Wood, Father, 1845-1931 (Section M)
Emily, his wife, Mother, 1847-1916 (Section M)
Lillian Wood Cameron, 1870-1950 (Section M)

Elmer H. Wood, 1888-1966 (Section P)
Lula A. Davis, his wife, 1894-1958 (Section P)
Stanley F. Wood, Vet WWII, 1924-1944 (Section P)
Durwood A. Besaw, 1907-1943 (Section P)

Curtis Van Wood, son of Harlow & Frances Wood, Feb 6, 1966 (Section N)

Wood Headstone (Section N)
Weldon O. Wood, Father, 1911-1984 (Section N)
Florence P., Mother, 1917-1992 (Section N)

Woodcock (See also: Fuller, Rathbun)
William, Monument (Section B)
Millie (Section B)

Ernest R. Woodcock, 1894-1966 (Section G)
Mattie Charter, his wife, 1893-1963 (Section G)
Freddy, son of E & M Woodcock, 1913-1916 (Section G)

William B. Woodcock, 1916-1994 (Section Q)
Eleanor A. Rathbun, 1926-1995 (Section Q)
Married Aug 1, 1942

Woodhull (See also: Merritt)

Woodman (See also: VanAlstyne)
William Perry Woodman, 1849-1911, Woodman Step (Section D)
Ida F. Woodman, 1856-1940 (Section D)

Woodrow (See also: Rivers)

Woods (See also: Evans, Sleeman, Wood)
Lucille Hall Woods, 1915 - (Section L)
Isaac Woods, 1884-1941 (Section L)
Stella Dodd, his wife, 1884-1939 (Section L)
Harry L., their son, 1911-1980 (Section L)

Matthew J. Woods, 1874-1942 (Section L)
Lula May, his wife, 1884-1936 (Section L)
Warren M. Woods, 1906-1979 (Section L)
Jennie L., 1906-1963 (Section L)

Woods-Dusharm Headstone (Section P)
Arnold M. Woods, 1913-1969 (Section P)
Cora Dusharm Woods, 1918-1943 (Section P)
Ruth Bowman, Wife of Kenneth Woods, 1940-1962 (Section P)

Wm Woodside, 1858-1932, Small marker (Section L)
Maria V., 1859-1931 (Section L)

Woodward (See also: Bogart, Clark, Nichols, Whalen)
Edna M. Woodward, T. Sgt, US Army, World War II, Dental Technician, 1903-1979, 2nd Marker (Section B)
Kenneth H. Woodward, New York, CPL Co 151 Depot Brigade, World War I, Dec 3, 1888-July 7, 1956 (Section B)

Francis Woodward, 1882-1924 (Section B)

Edgar H. Woodward, 1858-1938 (Section F)
Amelia L., 1854-1932 (Section F)

Lorenzo Woodward, died Sept 29, 1906, AE 80 yrs, A soldier in Battery E 1 NY Light Art, Back of Stone (Section F)
Eliza, wife of L. Woodward, died May 27, 1889, AE 64 yrs (Section F)
George I. Woodward, 1858-1931 (Section F)
Louisa, his wife, 1862-1945 (Section F)
John F. Woodward, son of L & E Woodward, died Jan 25, 1887, AE 32 y's (Section F)
Susan R., wife of L. Woodward, died Jan 2, 1892, AE 48 yrs (Section F)

Mindon H. Woodward, 1883-1954, Footstone (Section F)
Lucy Hendrick, his wife, 1895-1956, Footstone (Section F)
Clark M. Walrath, 1962-1962 (Section F)

Orin E. Woodward, 1901-1968, Hull/Woodward Headstone (Section L)
Irene Thayer, 1908-1995 (Section L)

B. J. Woodward, 1849-1939 (Section G)
Laura E. Conklin, his wife, 1849-1907 (Section G)

Jesse E. Woodward, 1870-1949, Father (Section Q)
June A. Woodward, 1907-1991, Daughter (Section Q)

Clark B. Woodward, Sr, Father, 1887-1972 (Section Q)
Edith J., Mother, 1885-1983 (Section Q)
In loving memory, infant daughters of CB & EJ: Marian E. - 1921-; and Joyce L. - 1928- (Section Q)
In loving memory, infant sons of CB & EJ; -1916-; -1918- ; (Section Q)
Clark B., Jr, 1924- (Section Q)

Charles Monument (Section M)
Charles M. Woodward, 1865-1927 (Section M)
Elvira W., 1856-1933 (Section M)
Charles R. Craver, 1918-1944, Dead at Sea (Section M)

Eugene A. Woodward, US Navy, 1911-1976 (Section P)
Katherine E. Woodward, his wife, 1917-1978 (Section P)
Philinda M. Woodward, 1889-1958 (Section P)

Frank Woodward, 1889-1960 (Section P)
Leta Conklin, his wife, 1895-1978 (Section P)

Woodworth (See also: Fishbeck)
Victor E. Woodworth, 1862-1931, Father, Monument (Section B)
Viola F., wife of V. E. Woodworth, Mother, 1861-1927 (Section B)
Arloween P., 1896-1975 (Section B)
Ray E., 1893-1973 (Section B)

A. L. Woodworth, 1841-1908, Woodworth Monument (Section F)
Lydia Conger, wife of A. L. Woodworth, 1846-1918 (Section F)
Lawrence C., their son, 1874-1925 (Section F)

Leon S. Woodworth, 1893-1975 (Section M)
Lucy Love, 1893-1964 (Section M)

Graves-Woolworth Headstone (Section P)
Roderick Earl Woolworth, 1922- (Section P)
Betty N. Bell, 1926- (Section P)
Lisa Marie Faretra, Granddaughter of R & B Woolworth, July 21, 1980-Aug 11, 1980 (Section P)

Wooster (See also: Allen)
Joseph Wooster, 1852-1938 (Section J)
Esther P., his wife, 1857- (Section J)
Sylvia, wife of L. B. Wooster, died Dec 6, 1896; AE 66 yrs (Section J)
Ellen (Section J)

Workman (See also: Fox)
Robert James Workman, infant son, July 25, 1943 (Section L)

Wright (See also: Abbott, Foss, Matteson, Santimaw)
John W. Wright, 1828-1900, Marker (Section I)

Aurora, wife of Enos Wright, died Sept 12, 1864; AE 76 yrs (Section F)

James Wright, 1851-1928 (Section J)
Catharine E., his wife, 1840-1902 (Section J)
Ellen, his wife, 1841-1919 (Section J)

Ora M. Wright, 1898-1966, Gouverneur Police (Section Q)
Elizabeth, 1893-1959 (Section Q)
Barbara Michelle Clemmens, -1970- (Section Q)

Leon W. Wright, 1895-1963 (Section M)

Wright Monument (Section P)
Delbert Wright, 1883-1968 (Section P)
Mary E. Wright, 1892-1957 (Section P)

Jay P. Wright, 1891-1950 (Section P)
Gertrude B., 1889-1965 (Section P)
Charles A. Nichols, 1884-1952 (Section P)
Lillian M., 1885-1972 (Section P)

Charles A. Wright, 1861-1953 (Section N)

Wylie Monument (Section A)
Andrew B. Wylie, Father, 1878-1952 (Section A)
Vera M., Mother, 1882-1951 (Section A)
Delbert M., 1903-1923, son of AB & VM (rest unreadable) (Section A)
Cresswell L., 1910-1959 (Section A)

Fedarica Yanez, 1901-1927 (Section A)
Mary A., his wife, 1910- (Section A)

Yerdon (Apple, Arnold, Kellogg, McPherson, Robinson, Tucker)
Walter R. Yerdon, May 9, 1876-Apr 1950 (Section L)
Luella Davidson Yerdon, Dec 15, 1886-Oct 18, 1938 (Section L)

John W. Yerdon, 1866- (Section L)
Mabel B. Yerdon, 1874-1926 (Section L)

Richard A. Yerdon, Nov 14, 1923-Dec 20, 1993 (Section Q)

Yerdon Monument (Section M)
Leon A. Yerdon, 1895-1966 (Section M)
Thelma G., his wife, 1899-1989 (Section M)
Walter W., 1899-1976 (Section M)
Mabel E., his wife, 1905-1929 (Section M)
Ernest A., 1866-1943 (Section M)
Ella A., his wife, 1872-1950 (Section M)
William J. Yerdon, US Navy, 1927-1954 (Section M)

Yerdon Headstone (Section P)
Murry E. Yerdon, S1 US Navy World War II; Jan 19, 1920-Jun 27, 1986; Military Marker (Section P)
Jane Ellen Latta, 1923- ; married Dec 6, 1946 (Section P)
Arthur Yerdon, 1897-1969 (Section P)
Myrtle King, 1900-1946 (Section P)

Morsen E. Yerdon, US Army, 1907-1987 (Section N)
Gladys I., 1909- (Section N)

Leland J. Yerdon, US Air Force 1931-1998 (Section N)

Yiampanis (See also: Constantikes)

Richard M. York, 1850-1937 (Section A)
Emily Hagar, his wife, 1847-1920 (Section A)
James Raymond, their son, 1884-1895 (Section A)

Young, Youngs (See also: Cummings, Fletcher, Mills, Murphy, Orford, Seaker)
William H. Young, b. at Troy NY; May 9, 1853; d. in Gouverneur NY May 5, 1871; Monument (Section B)
James A. Young, v. at Liberty NY, Aug 22, 1848; died in Statten Island NY, Mar 13, 1864 (Section B)

John R. Young, 1905-1975 (Section L)
Mina D., his wife, 1908-1976 (Section L)
Phyllis L., 1935, age 6 mos, Second Marker (Section L)
Shirley L., 1932-1933, age 7 mos, Second Marker (Section L)

George G. Young, 1907-1941 (Section L)
Geraldine J., 1935- (Section L)

Helen, wife of John Young, 1869-1918 (Section NF)

James K. Young, 1866-1943 (Section H)
Cora W., 1868-1948 (Section H)

Verbert L. Youngs, 1921-1993 (Section A)

Alvin R. Young, 1864-1950 (Section Q)
Edna M. Young, 1894-1983 (Section Q)
Ruby Y. Troxell, Daughter, 1930-1994 (Section Q)

Joan E. Young, Aug 8, 1930-May 18, 1974 (Section Q)

Wayne L. Young, 1898-1950 (Section Q)
Eidth P., 1902-2000 (Section Q)

Clifford L. Youngs, Sr., US Navy, 1926-1997, Military Marker (Section Q)
Keitha R. Lunderman, Married Aug 26, 1947; 1930-? (Section Q)
David Wayne, -1956- (Section Q)
Roy Carol, -1958- (Section Q)
Catherine L., -1954- (Section Q)

Stanley W. Young, 1913-1967 (Note: Backside of Howard Brotherton Stone) (Section P)
Catherine E., 1918-1989 (Section P)
John, 1882-1945 (Section P)
Scott H., 1972-1995 (Section P)
Elizabeth A. Young, 1971-1971 (Section P)

Ward Young, MD, 1872-1949 (Section P)
Mae Papineau, his wife, 1890-19__ (Section P)

Clark M. Zanker, 1917-1960 (Section F)
Vanetia R. Zanker, 1923-1962 (Section F)

Zeller (See also: McQuade)

Zilnik (See also: Laidlaw)

P. Zoanetti, 1897-1948 (Section P)
Baby (may not be related to Zoanetti) (Section P)

Frank C., their son, 1884-1918 (Section K)

Adelia C., wife of Haward H. H***ald (Section C)

Fred, (near Joel Butler and Emery Eager plots) (Section B)

Ann Willis, (near Jeremiah Risley) (Sectin B)

Cora, Harry, Anna, and Charles, No family marker...near Napolean Lalone and Nellie M. Orford (Section B)

Unreadable, near Caleb Gates (Section B)

Unreadable, near Thomas Rutherford (Section B)

Unreadable, Jan 26, 1896; Near Lulie Bell Merritt and Elizabeth Stillman (Section B)
Marshall, Near John A. Jones stone (Section D)

Ella, Near George W. Campbell stone (Section D)

Susan, "His wife", died June 28, 1868; Aged 88 yrs, Near Wilcox stones (Section D)

Susan, next too A.A. Guernsey (Section D)
Charlie, Near Jerome B. Morey (Section D)

Lydia, wife of ?, March 30, 186*, Near Edward Loveless & Jane Goodnough (Section D)

Sidney, Near Adam Klock and Paul Lasure (Section D)

"Happy Charlie", near Sylvira Barton, Monument (Section D)

"Our Wee Bairns", (no other markers) - Near George Pike & Jay Corbin plots (Section D)

"Our darling Freddy", Near 'Henry....Catherine Brown' stone and Carrie A, dau of M & CF Smith stone (Section D)

H* B. *, died March 15, 1832, Aged 25 yrs (Section I)

"Our Mother", died Feb 16, 1860; Ae 77 yrs (Section F)

Harriet ?, d. Apr 7, 1869; AE 63 yrs, 9 mo, 26 dys (Section F)

Unreadable, son of Moses & Lydia Ro*, who died Nov *, 182* (Section F)
Elisha H., son of Calvin & * Ba*, who died August 9, 1823, AE 1 yr (Section F)
Unreadable, *** 26, 1830 (Section F)

Ellen H., ...in her 21 year (Section F)

Timothy S., son of Stephen & ...rest unreadable (Section F)

Joseph *lorette, Jan 2, 1878; AE 76 yrs (Section F)

Unreadable (Section L)

Baby, 1908 (Section G - Near Charles Call & Letitia Solury)

Unreadable (Section G - Near Kimball Stoddard & Chancy Coats)

Marion (Footstone only) (Section G - Near Chancy Coats)(Section G)

Unreadable, son of Jeremiah & Betsey Mer*****, died June 1847 (HBM Footstone) (Section G)

Christie *ulberts**, Mother, born May 1, 18**; died Feb 12, 1904 (Section G - Near David Bishop, Jr. and Ernest F. Goodale)

Unreadable (Section NF)

Myrtle H. ?, 1901-**** (Section NF)

R.S.L. (Section NF)

Unknown Cross (Section NF)

Mother (Section NF)

J.E.M. (Section NF)

Our Baby Boy Truman, AE 8 mos, 19 dys (Section NF)

William J. & Corron L. ? (Section NF)

Nolan W. (Section NF)

Nephew, Aunt Rhoda, Uncle Craig (Section NF)

Charles, son of T & MJ ? (Section H)

Marrieta, Mother, 1859-1915 (Section H)

Two illegible Stone (Section H)

Morris, son of ?, died March 27, 1812, Aged 11 yrs (Section H)
Charles, son of ?, died March 17, 1812, Aged ? (Section H)
Sophronia (rest unreadable) (Section H)

Mar.... (Rest unreadable) (Section H)

Martha, dau of **** & Lydia M. *erman, died March 31, 1843, Aged 3 mos (Section H)

H**** O., ****.... June **, 1849, AE 2 yrs, 6 mos (Section H)

**rience, wife of Jedidiah ****, died *** 15, 1836, AE 69 yrs (Section H)

In Memory of Ann, *** of H*** (rest unreadable) (Near Horatio Kneeland)(Section H)

Jennie, 1867-1890 (Near Orville Ayers and Donald Clifford) (Section H)

Rosalinde (Near George Morgan and Geneva Merritt Stones) (Section H)
Flo (Section J) (Near James E. Murphey and Adelia Lewis

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