Little Bow Cemetery - Gouverneur NY
Inventory of Little Bow Cemetery, Gouverneur NY

NOTE: On July 21, 2000 I visited Little Bow Cemetery (located on Gravel Road in Gouverneur) with my digital camera and a pad of paper. I then attempted to photograph and record the remaining tombstones in the cemetery. This cemetery is quite old and many of the stones are completely illegible or only slight reminents remain to indicate the previous existence of stones. I still need to get to SLHCA to compare this list to their previous inventory. Regardless, I hope this is helpful to people. When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Created by Anne M. Cady, July 2000.

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Mary Ann, wife of Stephen Aldous, died Oct 26 (no year), AE 43 yrs, 2 mo

Cordelia, wife of James Allen, 1821-1899, "Grandma"

Benjamin S., son of Aaron & Hannah Atwood, died Feb 3, in the 14th year of his age, 1830
"Here you may see as you pass by; As you are now so once was I; As I am now so you musts be; Do come prepared to folllow me

Mary L., dau of AG & Ann Billings, died Dec 19, ?

Birch (See also: Burch)
Caroline P., dau of Rufus & Mercy Birch, died May 2, 1842, Ae 3 yrs

Delila, daught of Amasa & Adah Bond, died Mar 10, 1832, AE 7 yrs
Amasa Bond, died Aug 29, 1826, ae 46 yrs (rest illegible)
Carlile, son of Amasa & Adah Bond, died July 7, 1833; AE 17 yrs, 2 mo

In Memory of: Diana, wife of Christopher Brown, who died ???, 18??

Burch (See also: Birch)
Charles R. Burch, died Feb 1, 1868; aged 21 yrs, & 16 dys

Martha, dau of Daniel & Adelia Cox, died Sept 12, 1852; age 24 yrs, 2 mo, 20 dys; small footstone marked MAC

Elizabeth, wife of David(?) Crary(?), died Dec 2, 18??, 36 yrs
Unreadable stone paired with Elizabeth

Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Crawford; Died Dec 2, 1832 Aged 30 yrs, 9 mos (from 1954 inventory, no stone found)

Cunningham (See also: Risley)
Jhon H. (John?), son of Joseph & Emma Cunningham, died Nov 13, 1816 (1846?), AE 7 yrs, 8 mo, 20 dys

Johney, son of John H. & C. Cunningham, Aug 13 1871
John H. Cunningham, 1849-1917

Lucinda, daughter of Roswell & Nancy Davis, died Feb 24, 1831; aged 29 dys

Samuel G. Elliott, died Sept 10, 1865, aged 61 yrs, 10 dys
Two children:
Charlotte E., died Jan 1847, aged 2 yrs, 1 mo, 5 dys
Charlotte L., died Aug 27, 1849, aged 1 yr, 1 mo, 25 dys
Eugene S. Elliott, son of S.G. & P. G. Elliott, died Dec 13, 1861, aged 31(?) yrs, 7 mo, 11 dys

Josephine, daugt of Joel & Betsey Foster, d. July 26, 1850; AE 1 y, 10 mo, 26 dys

James E. Fuller, died Mar 16, 1832, ae 52 yrs
Elzada, d. May 18, 1889, AE 81 yrs

George W., son of Wm & Elizabeth Griffith, died Feb 8, 1851, Ae 11 yrs, 22 dys
"So fades this lovely bloomng flower
frail, smiling solace of an hour
So soon our transcient comforts fly
And pleasures only bloom to die

Hugh Griffith, died Feb 9, 1851; age 81 yrs
Elenor, wife of Hugh Griffith, died Feb 9, 1851; age 81 yrs

Elizabeth, wife of Sam L. Griffith, died Dec 11, 1849; AE 38 yrs, 21 d; (Footstone marked EAG)

Hill (See also: Smith)
Unreadable, son of Nathan & Lovina Hill, died April 29, 1825
Martha(?), daughter of Nathan & Lovina Hill, died April 19, 1825, AE 2 yrs, 27 dys

Joseph Lashbrooks, 1824-1890
Ida A., dau of J. & A. Lashbrooks, born Sept 30, 1858; died Apr 24, 1870

Elezer Lashbrooks, died Feb 25, 1890; Ae 50 yrs

Orin Lashbrooks, died Oct 9, 1881, aged 87 yrs
Sarah, his wife, died Oct 23, 1887, aged 91 yrs, 2 mo, 20 dys

Chauncey C. Lashbrooks, died July 10, 1886; AE 73 yrs
Elizabeth, his wife, born 1820; died 1907
Bertha O., dau of ? Lashbrooks, died Jan 6, 1877, aged 4 mo, 2 dys

Catharine, wife of James H. Miller, died Jan 4, 1858; aged 67 yrs

Almira, wife of _____ (believed to be Morse), Footstone marked A. M.
Mary E., dau of H.R. & Almira Morse, died Oct 27, 1844

George H., son of James & Mary Nichols, died Mar 9, 1829 in his 13(?) yr
Mary L., daughter of ? Nichols
Alice (?)
Anson C., son of ? Nichols, died Mch 26, 18??, Ae 7 mo

William J. Peck, 1878-1907
Steven Peck, 1841-
Lucy S., his wife, 1857-1890

Stephen Peck, died Jan 11, 1886, AE 65 yrs
David, his son, died Sept 19, 1883; age 36 yrs
Julia, wife of Stephen Peck, born 1823, died 1900

William S. Risley, 1834-1909, Co. B, NYCY (GAR stone)
Sarah E. Cunningham, his wife, 1841-1917
William J., their son, 1871-June 1, 1872 (Second Marker)

Polly, wife of ...monous Smith, small footstone marked P. S.

Cynthia Ann, wife of Alonzo Smith, died Mar 26, 1858, aged 26 yrs, 5 mos, 15 dys

Lydia, dau(?) of ? & ? Smith
Illegible stone near Lydia

Aholeab Smith, died Sept 13, 1840; ae 92 yrs

Lydia M., wife of (rest illegible...believed to be wife of Aholeab Smith)
Illegible, (May be Benjamin Smith)

Calvin Smith, died April 28, 1856; AE 49 yrs, 4 mo, 20 dys
Ann Hill, wife of Calvin Smith, died Mar 13, 1884, AE 82 yrs, 3 mo, 13 dys
John, son of Calvin & Ann Smith, died July 11, 1850; AE 11 y, 1 mo, 21 dys
"A little child who loves to pray
and read his bible too
shall rise above the sky one day
and sing as angels do.
Shall live in Heaven, that world above
Where all is joy and peace and love."

William, son of David & Louisa Storie, died M__ 2*, 1849 (or 1819), ae 19 yrs, 10 mo, 7 dys

Emily L. Taylor
Julia, wife of Daniel R. Taylor, died Feb 1875, age *3
Burton J., son of DR & J Taylor, died J__ 10, 1872(?)
Sophiah E., dau of DR & J Taylor

Horace Thayer, died April 22, 1881; age 30 yrs, 4 mos

Mirthy VanDuzee, died Mar 1, 1852 in his 22 yr

Unreadable stone, smaller stone marked NAS as footstone
Two unreadable stones (behind unknown NAS stone above)
Footstone marked SS near this group of unmarked stones

Unreadable stone (near Amasa Bond)

Hannah, the Wife of .....h, died March 1832


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