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Old St James Cemetery - Gouverneur NY
Inventory of Old St James Cemetery, Gouverneur NY

In the Spring of 2002 I visited Old St James Cemetery in Gouverneur to photograph and record the tombstones within the cemetery. Below is the inventory I developed during that visit. Pictures are available for most if not all names. When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Note: This cemetery included a number of stones with inscriptions in foreign languages including: Croatian/Austrian and Italian. These are included at the beginning of this inventory.

I have included a translation of the Croatian inscriptions provided to me by a kind soul who saw the listings over the internet. Here is also some information he provided regarding the main Croatian locations mentioned:
The town of "Radisici" - Radisici is a small town that is located between Vitina and Ljubuski, Hercegovina. At the turn of the century, it was under the control of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Now it's part of the Federation of Bosna and Hercegovina. The population is nearly 100% Croatian (was then and is now).

Created by Anne M. Cady, May 2002.

Other views of Cemetery
View 1
View 2

Foreign Inscriptions
Italian Inscription - Biamonte?: Caui Riposa Biamonte T., Nato Italy, Cunighano, **gusio 23, 1883; Digno Biamont Giuseppe; Biamonte M*** ..... 1904

Croatian/Austrian - Barnak: Tu Spociva Ignac Barnak; Rodeny Roku 1880; Zomkel 10 Jula 1906; Full Marker
Translation: "There rests Ignac Barnak, Born in Rok 1880, Died in Zomkel 10 July 1906"

Croatian/Austrian - Bunze: Ovde Pociva Tilo Pokojnga Mije Bunze; Iz Sela Radisca, Z.P. Ljubuski, Rogen Go 1898, U MRO 1927
Translation: "Here rests the body of departed Mijo Bunze from the town of Radisici, Last Post Ljubuski, Born in the year 1898 Died 1927"

Croatian/Austrian - Bunoze: Ovde Pociva Tilo Pokjnega Pavla Bunoze, Iz Sela Radisca Rogen 1894, UM 1919; Footstone says "Miller"
Translation: "Here rests the body of departed Pavlo Bunoze, from the town of Radisici Born 1894, Died 1919" Miller could be from the name Mile (Miles or Michael) - a very popular name from the area - could be his son burried there as well

Croatian/Austrian - Kozna: Ode. P. Joz Kozna, Selo Biyaca Kotarl Jubuck Herce Yovina; Rodijose 1893 U 1918
Translation: "Here rests Joz Kozna, from the town of Bijaca Kotarl Ljubuski Hercegovina, Born in Radisici 1893 died 1918" (Joz is male name from the name Josip)

Croatian/Austrian - ?: O.D.P.T. Anca C. Stojan Franca Vranjes Rd Co 1914 NA 31 Kolovz JM NA 1 Marca 1915
Translation: "Here rests the body of Anca C. xxxxxxxxxxxxx 1914 on 31st August xxx on 1st March 1915"

Austrian - Tomica: Ovde Pociva Tilo Pokojnega Ivana Tomica, Iz Sala Radisca Z.P. Ljubuski Austrija, RO 1887 UM 1918
Translation: "Here rests the body of departed Ivan Tomic, from the town of Radisici Western Ljubuski Austria, Born 1887 Died 1918"

Croatian/Austrian - Cotic: 1894-1917; Nikola Cotic; BLO Rtruge, Kotar, Metkovic Dalmacja
Translation: "1894-1917, Nikola Cotic, xxxxxx, Kotar, Metkovic Dalmacia" ...... (Nikola is a Male name, Metkovic is in Croatia, near the Dalmatian coast)

Croatian/Austrian - Wranjesa Sina, OWDC Pociva Tilo Rajnoga Stipana, Iz Sela Zvirica ZPL Jubiski R 1915 U 1919
Translation: "Here rests the body of Blessed Stephen, from the town of Zviric western Ljubuski Born 1915 Died 1919"

Baker (See also: Blackburn)

Julius Bakanosky, 1887-1907, born in Russia

Margaret A. Bassett, 1874-1902

Paul Bero, 92 NY Inft

Philip F. Blackburn, 1901-1951

Nelson Blackburn, Sr., Father
Emmaline Baker, Mother, and members of family

Robert W. Blair, US Army World War II; Nov 22, 1914-June 12, 1983
Ella May Blair, 1910-1988

Joseph John Blair, Died Aug 9, 1935; Aged 12 yrs

Ibrahim J. Blair, Father, 1896-1944

Boscoe (See also: Boulet)
William Boscoe, born 1827, died 1895; Co F. 94 NY Heavy Art

Avery S. Boscoe, Apr 25, 1867-Jan 6, 1933
Helen V., Dau of Avery & Valerie Boscoe; June 13, 1906-Sept 4, 1915

Levi Boscoe, 1835-1910
Laura Boscoe, 1839-1902
Carrie E. Boscoe, 1865-1954
Edward S. Boscoe, 1867-1949

Boscoe/Plunkett Headstone (With John Plunkett Family)
Robert Boscoe, 1879-1955
Jennie Boscoe, 1879-1968
Harold Boscoe, 1907-1944
Margaret Boscoe, 1909-1910

Bouffard (see also: Emond)

Louis Boulet
Mary, his wife, Mother
Louis Jr., their son, 1865-1916

Boulet Marker
Robert J. Boulet, 1883-19__
James L. Boulet, 1881-1946
Valerie Boulet Boscoe, Mother, 1874-1966
Blanche Valerie Boscoe, 1898-1980, Daughter
Cecile Popple, wife of James L. Boulet, 1888-1919
Victor E. Boulet, 1844-1935
Helen Martin, his wife, 1850-1925
Victor L. Boulet, 1876-1957

Abraham Boulet, 1877-1922
Anne E., his wife, 1884-1964

Augustus Brislan, Father, 1851-1914
Anna, Mother, 1854-1935
James, Brother, 1886-1943

Bulger (See also: Liscum)
John L. Bulger, 1897-1992
Cora L., 1898-1977

William Henry Bulger, 1888-1948
Ella Tighe Winslow, 1870-1940

David Bulger, 1859-1941
Catharine, his wife, 1866-1917
Grace, 1893-1894

Alice, wife of M.C. Burke, 1841-1890
Agnes, dau of * Burke, ... died 1884(?), AE 12 yrs; Inscription

K. James Burt, 1931-1989
Mary Janice, 1930-

Egidio D. Carbone, Musician, 1897-1931

Carroll/O'Brien Headstone
Mary A. Carroll, 1850-1913, wife of ***
Peter O'Brien, 1838-1921
Alice Carroll, 1858-1911, Wife of ***
William E. Carroll, 1860-1904

John M. Casey, 1936-1999
Claire P., 1936- ; Married Nov 29, 1958
Our children: Kelle, John, Jim, Bill

Clapp (See also: Sullivan)

Clark (See also: Mason)
Pauline Clark, 1919-1997
Bruce B., 1944-
Janice F., 1945-

Crowder (See also: McDermott)

Tony Curone, 1885-1919, Nato Pontecurone, Italy

Helen Dailey Gilbeau, 1906-1964
Frederick A. Dailey, 1902-1963
Mary E. Hamel Dailey, 1871-1956, daughter of Andrew and Frances Lasure

Dennis J. Dancause, 1881-1946
Grace B., 1893-

DeAmbrose (See also: Liscum)

Robert H. Drake, 1940-
Sandra J., "Sandi", 1940-1996; Married Sept 16, 1961

Daniel, son of N & D Dulmen, died May 8, 1882; Aged 8 yrs, 7 mos

Emond/Bouffard Headstone
Father, 1840-1909
Mother, 1835-1911
Pauline, 1873-1895
Laure & Marie, Infants, 1895

Richard E. Farmer, 1915-1988
Elizabeth S., 1918-1979

John Finegan, Died June 15, 1878; Age 20 yrs, 1 mo

Chester Ford, Apr 5, 1952-
Dianne M., Dec 22, 1960-
Logan M., Aug 30, 1991-May 26, 1998

Jane Sterling Frappier, 1949-1976

Garvin (See also: O'Rielly)
Elizabeth L. Garvin 1889-
Harry Hansen, husband of Katherine Garvin, 1899-1972
Katherine Hansen, 1897-1971
Margaret R. Robillard, 1891-1965

John Gates, 1886-1918

Gaumes (See also: Marsh)
Manuel K. Gaumes, Jr., US Army Korea; 1931-1989; Military Marker
Joann Mackey, 1934- ; Married Oct 13, 1952
Tammy J., 1963-
Children:: Eric K - Aug 8, 1953; Lynn A - Oct 17, 1954; Thomas J - SEpt 4, 1956; David L - Dec 14, 1957; Joy E - Mar 2, 1959; Sherry M - Sept 25, 1961; Tammy J - Feb 24, 1963

Gilbeau (See also: Dailey)

Ed Gonio, 1854-1926
Rose, his wife
Susie, wife of Frank Gonio

DEH and HJH, Two footstones, no marker

Hamel (See also: Dailey)
Andrew L. Hamel, 1867-1929
Hattie Hamel, 1865-1889

Fannie Leger, Mother, Wife of A. J. Hamel, 1889-1915

Hansen (See also: Garvin)

Harmer (See also: Hurley)
Mary C., wife of Thos Harmer, 1862-1899

Alice M. Hart, Born Jan 2, 1911; Died Mar 13, 1913

Robert W. Hilts, 1915-1984
J. Glenrose C., 1919-1989
Peter M., 1943-
Patricia R., 1946-

Barry J. Hurley, 1865-1905
Michael J. Hurley, 1859-1896

Patrick F. Hurley, 1866-1912
Nellie F., his wife, 1870-1945
George D., son of Patrick and Nellie Hurley, died May 13, 1892; AE 1 mo, 22 dys; Back of Stone

John S. Hurley, 1863-1891

Jerry Hurley, 1839-1907
Margaret, his wife, 1843-1892
Catharine, 1866-1891
John, 1874-1891
Jerry Hurley, Jr, 1862-1949; Footstone
Anna Bell Harmer, his wife, 1872-1940; Footstone
Lawrence V., their son, 1899-1934; Footstone

Jesmer (See also: Sullivan)

Leon Kapsky, 1861-1920

Kempney (See also: Sweeney)

F. S. Labadie

Laberdee Monument
Joseph Laberdee, born March 28, 1841; Veteran of the civil war; Died May 16, 1930
Amelia, wife of Joseph Laberdee, Born March 12, 1842; Died August 14, 1907
Dellia, Daughter of Joseph and Amelia Laberdee; Born June 19, 1868 - Died May 8, 1882

William C. LaForty, Loving Brother, June 6, 1924-Jan 31, 1988

LaMay (See also: Nicholas)

Lasure (See also: Dailey)
Mary, wife of G. Lasure, 1813-1895; Inscription

LaVack (See also: Sheen)
Alexander LaVack, 1834-1904
Dainise, his wife, 1841-1915

In loving rememberance of George Lawrence, born Oct 13, 1934; died Feb 3, 1908
Mary Moore, his wife, born in Ireland, June 8, 1946

Martin B. Leahy, New York Sgt US Army, World War I, November 27, 1886-March 30, 1963; Military Marker
James Leahy, 1843-1928
Mary M., 1848-1925

Leahy Monument
Edwin C. Leahy, 1879-1932
Edith E. Leahy, 1879-1925
Margaret E. Leahy, Mother, 1845-1918
Cornelius Leahy, Father, 1839-1923
Patrick Leahy, 1828-1896
Mary E. Leahy, 1866-1952
Katherine Leahy, 1874-1955

Leger (See also: Hamel)

Leivad Leouire, Illinois, PVT 19 Inf., August 27, 1905

Lawrence E. Lindsey, Vet World War II, 1917-1991
Leah Lee, his wife, 1923-1999

Charles Liscum, Sr., 1896-1986
Irene Bulger, his wife, 1900-1978
Charles Liscum, Jr., CPL US Army World War II, 1920-1978, Military Marker
Genevieve DeAmbrose Liscum, 1911-2000

Peter Londerville, 1839-1920
Elizabeth, his wife, 1832-1903
Their children
Mary, 1965-
Henry, 1867-

Lyng (See also: Whalen)

Mackey (See also: Gaumes)

Joel Edward Marsh, US Army World War II, October 1, 1922-Feb 13, 1995; Military Marker
Anita Gaumes, Nov 7, 1927-
Children: Barbara A - Mar 11, 1947; Joel B - Sept 19, 1951; Phyllis A. - Sept 17, 1957; Nancy M - May 11, 1959

Martin (See also: Boulet)

Earl Mashaw, died Dec 14, 1893; Ae 7 yrs, 14 dys; Inscription

Mason Monument
Patrick J. Mason, Father, 1851-1917
Anna Clark, Mother, 1861-1932
Walter E., Son, 1900-1954
Mary A., Daughter, 1884-1957
Elizabeth E., Daughter, 1887-1975

Adelord Maxsween, 1897-1921

George R. McAllister, 1912-1989
Cecelia A. Newvine, wife, 1917-

William M., Inf son of Joseph & Maggie McBride, died Jan 12, 1890; AE 1 yr, 3 mos

James E. McDermott, 1874-1945; Footstone
Edith M. Crowder, his wife, 1893-1961

Della, wife of John McGrane, died Dec 13, 1887; Aged 26 yrs

Lucy J. McKane, Mother, 1886-1961

Harriet, wife of John Monier, died Oct 28, 1894; Aged 52 yrs, 7 mos

Moore (See also: Lawrence)

Morris (See also: Whalen)

Lawrence S. Morse, 1911-1982
Genevieve M., 1922-

Steven D. Morse, Father, 1956-
Cindy L., Mother, 1960-
Jennifer M., Daughter, -1984-

Newvine (See also: McAllister)
Arthur E. Newvine, son of Mr & Mrs Lewis Newvine, Aged 6M, 13D; Died Apr 10, 1895

Richard C. Nicholas, Sr., US Army; Mar 20, 1933 - Dec 7, 2000; Military Marker
Alice LaMay, 1928-
Richard Jr., 1964-
Kenneth, 1965-
Children: Edward, John, Shirley, Anthony, Edgar, Kathy, Ronald, Richard Jr, Pauline, Kenneth
Michael Anthony Nicholas, World War II, 41st Division Company L 158th Infantry, Corporal, June 10, 1920-
O'Brien (See also: Carroll)
Alvin T. O'Brien, Mar 4, 1858-Dec 20, 1936
Anna E. O'Brien, Oct 10, 1856-July 28, 1950
Michael J. O'Brien, Jan 1, 1884-Aug 39, 1946

Jeremiah O'Leary, 1838-1911
Johanna, 1843-1896
Catherine, 1874-1892
Johanna, 1871-1891
John, 1868-1923

William M. O'Neil, Died Mar 18, 1935; AE 76 yrs
Mary, his wife, died Apr 8, 1901; AE 39 yrs
John H., their son, died Mar 28, 1901; AE 9 yrs

Thomas O'Neil
Ellen, his wife
James A., their son, died Apr 18, 1900; AE 28 yrs; Footstone and marker

Garvin/O'Rielly Marker
Margaret O'Rielly Garvin, Mother, 1861-1936
James T. O'Rielly, 1866-1912
John O'Rielly, 1826-1904
Elizabeth L. O'Rielly, 1826-1893

Jane M. O'Rielly, 1869-1951

Vincenzo Pace, 1874-1909, born at Scorgura, Roma

Edward C. Pecor, 1873-1951

Mary, daughter of M & O Pitre, died Oct 18, 1905, AE 17 yrs, 11 mos
Albert, son of M & O Pitre, died July 19, 1905; AE 2 yrs, 8 mos

Boscoe/Plunkett Headstone (with Robert Boscoe Family)
John Plunkett, 1838-1892
Mary Plunkett, 1851-1932
Edward Plunkett, 1873-1902

Popple (See also: Boulet)

Katherine Shatraw, wife of Wilbur Premo, Mother, 1866-1933

Robillard (See also: Garvin)
Edward J. Robillard, Apr 5, 1893-May 11, 1937
Jopeph Robillard, 1844-1918
Mary A., his wife, 1856-1904
Their children:
Henry, 1887-1888
Leo, -1894-
Mary L., 1884-1914
William H., 1882-1910
Minnie, 1874-1918
David B., 1925-
Georgia M., 1928-1991

Celestia, dau of Nancy J. Rowe, 1878-1905

Kenneth M. Rumble, S SGT US Army Air Corps, WOrld War II; 1922-1988; Military Marker
Doris S., his wife, 1922-1975

Shatraw (See also: Premo)

Johanna, wife of Patrick Shea, 1844-1912
Daniel, 1807-1895
Bridget, his wife, died June 25, 1889, AE 75 yrs
Margaret, July 29, 1873-Dec 28, 1897
Nellie Shea Evans, Mch 8, 1879-Mch 28, 1910

Daniel H. Sheen, 1858-1909
Lina L. Lavack, wife of D. H. Sheen, 1866-1893
Clarence, their son, 1892-1893
Matilda LaVack Sheen, 1864-1943
Marion M. Sheen, 1904-1981

John J. Shinnock, 1884-1925
Catherine G., his wife, 1887-1943
Catherine C. Shinnock, 1921-1921
Margaret E. Shinnock, 1908-1917

Della Sopciak, 1903-1993, Mother & Grandmother

St Louis
Jeremiah St. Louis, Co F 10 Regt NY Vol H.A., 1829-1898

Sterling (See also: Frappier)
Leon John Sterling, 1914-
Mary Edith, 1914-1979

Dean Willard, son of AP & CA Stowell, July 23, 1901-Feb 24, 1902; Back of Stone

Sullivan Headstone
Lawrence M. Sullivan, Pvt US Army World War I; 1899-1978; Second Marker
Robert Jesmer, 1897-1974
Agnes S. Clapp, wife, 1894-1975
Jerry J. Sullivan, New York PVT US Army World War I; May 24, 1888-Aug 4, 1956
Ray A. Clapp, New York MUS 3 CL HQ CO 345 Infantry, World War I; April 6, 1896-June 8, 1949
...Van..., ... 1962

Daniel L. Sweeney, Oct 13, 1927-
Nancy J. Kempney, Nov 5, 1934-Sept 2, 1995; Married Feb 27, 1954
Children: Daniel J - 1955; Delores M - 1956; Michael A - 1957; Timothy J - 1958; Thomas J - 1958; Patricia A - 1959; Mary R - 1961

Tighe (See also: Bulger)
James Tighe, Died June 30, 1917; Ae 94 yrs
Catharine M., his wife, died Jan 31, 1889; AE 56yrs
James Tighe, Jr., 1860-1909

Filippo Vaccaro, 1885-1909, born at Franchivilla Messina Italy

John Wall, 1830-1914
Clary M., his wife, 1849-1906

Washburn (See also: Whalen)
Grover C. Washburn, Father, 1885-1946
Evelyn M., Mother, 1881-1937

James Whalen, 1856-1932
Lora Lyng, his wife, 1861-1918
Leon Whalen, 1894-1963
Mary, wife of Leon Whalen, 1897-1953
Elizabeth, wife of Wm Morris, 1867-1926
Catherine N. Washburn, New York Tec4 1800 SV COMD Unit, World War II; May 25, 1919-March 26, 1949

Winslow (See also: Bulger)

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