Church Records of St. Lawrence County, NY - By Town
Church Records of St. Lawrence County, NY
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Brasher Falls
St. Patrick & Lawrence Parish I visited this site Jan. 2002. Church members are making cemetery data (from 1850's forward) available at this site. They currently have 2 digit year info but they will be updating to four digits and including headstone photos in the future. A request re a short description of thier church records is unanswered to date (Jan 26, 2002).
First Presbyterian Website only
Morley Wesleyan Website only
United Methodist Great quote from Rev. Jim Brand "My mother uses your site!" Records from about 1912 are uploaded as of Dec. 2006. There appear to be none available from earlier dates.
Unitarian Universalist Email from Anne Marsh, Co-Minister, Feb. 2002: Our church was organized in 1825 as the First Universalist Society, then, in 1961, changed its name to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Canton when the Universalists and Unitarians merged. Despite this longevity, however, we do not have any church records (of members, marriages, etc.) from the 19th century. Such records must have been kept at the time, but no one knows what happened to them. So... All we have are the following: Membership records from 1937+ Marriage records from 1940+ Death records from 1940+ Child dedication/baptism records 1938+
Seventh-Day Adventist Website only
Trinity Episcopal Website only
Reformed Presbyterian Website only
St. John's Episcopal Website only
St. Mary's Church By e-mail, January 2002, the webmaster at St. Mary's wrote 'we have records of baptisms, marriages and deaths from 1919 to the present.'
First United Methodist Website only
First United Methodist Church
627 Caroline St.
Ogdensburg, N.Y. 13669
No complete survey but please view this 1889 church directory courtesy of Anne Cady: 1889 Church Directory
Roman Catholic Diocese of Ogdensburg Website only
First Baptist Website only
St. Mary's Website only
Trinity Episcopal An e-mail from Fr. Christopher Brown in Jan. 2002 indicates they have fairly complete baptism and marriage records from the 1830's forward
United Methodist Website only

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