Thomas Stobie's Genealogy Pages

Thomas Stobie's Genealogy Pages

Due to my physical disability and inability to use my computer long periods of time, the amount of time I can spend on genealogy is now limited and it may takes months to reply to an email.

I have loaded my GEDCOM as of 15 Sep 2008 into RootsWeb's World Connect Project. Not only does it have 640,000+ people in it, it also has a good search engine and permits you to extract a GEDCOM of parts of the file or of the entire file.

To check my out my ancestors, check out my pedigree at Also check out my wife's lines. Both include thousands and thousands of people.

If you would like a GEDCOM of a subset of my complete file (200+Meg, 640,000+ people), please send me an email.

If you have information that I do not about relatives listed here, I welcome it. If the information is extensive, GEDCOM format is the easiest for me to use.

Check out my genealogy objectives and guidelines. -- A must read for those exchanging data with me.

Check out my photographs on my ancestors (and other close relatives.)

Check out my list of researchers on related lines. Under Construction

Check out my page of relative-owned businesses.

How I Record Information

These are my preferences, sometimes I do not get data as I would like it.

I use as my Genealogy Program

Who to Contact for More Information

Email Send E-mail to - Email is preferred to postal mail and gets much better responses. - Likewise, proper grammatical use of capitalization will get faster responses because I have difficulty reading all caps or noncaps messages. Try to the the information clearly presented as it makes it easier for me to understand and respond.

Send mail to:

Thomas A Stobie, SFO
13911 Conser, Apt. 1513
Overland Park KS 66223
United States of America

913 766-0984

My wife, Barbara, & I run Divine Love Ministries. - Check out its webpage. Serving God by using our talents.

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Standard Answers to Questions:

  1. What does SFO stand for?
    Secular Franciscan Order - you can see their web page at

  2. Are you aware that there are inconsistencies in the file?
    Yes, there are inconsistencies and conflicts in the data, but I have nothing better to use - any good information about them would be useful.

  3. What is your research interest?
    I am trying to find all descendents of my ancestors and their ancestors.

  4. Why did you remove the Maurice Goulden pages?
    I found that the Rootsweb site was easier to use, gave more information, and is easier to update. I also upload my entire genealogy file, instead of just a subset. ALL THE DATA CAN BE FOUND ON ROOTSWEB.

  5. Why do you use a living filter?
    Many people in my file have asked that I do not publish detailed information about their living immediate families. As it is not easy to keep track of which people this includes, I use the filter on my whole file.

  6. How do others feel about your research interests?
    The overwhelming majority are glad when it crosses their interests, providing additional researchers looking at the same people. A couple vehemently object to my research which reflects thousands of hours of work, claiming it is not research at all, that my sources are not valid, and call me names. I forgive them.

  7. I feel that one of your sources used my data without my permission, can you remove it?
    I will not judge between two people's claims without sufficient data to make a proper judgement, exact statements of what data is involved (stating all the data is not sufficient), and proof of wrong doing on the part of one or both of the claiments.

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