Businesses of Thomas Stobie's Relatives

Businesses of Thomas Stobie's Relatives

As a service to my relatives who own or run their own businesses, I created this page to list them and link to them. If you are a relative of me or my wife, and would like your page listed and linked to from here, email me.

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Business/Organization Name
(Business Type/product if not obvious)
Location &
> Phone #
Website Owner/
to me or my wife
Christman's Funeral Home, Inc. 226 Cumberland Street,
Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA
> (717) 272-7431
none Douglas &
Nancy Redinger
4-C &
his wife
Philip Allwein
& Elizabeth Eck Arentz
and others
Custom Cake Creations 7901 Barbara Ave. E.
Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, USA
> (651) 552-0136 or (651) 503-9569
Amy Allwine 5-C-1-R-IL Conrad Allwein
& Anna Weibel
Divine Love Ministries
(Spiritual Resources and Direction)
Overland Park, Kansas, USA
and via internet
> (913) 766-0984
Thomas &
Barbara Stobie
self & wife selves
Jigger Shop
(Ice Cream Parlor)
Route 117
Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania, USA
> (717) 964-9686
Charles "Chuck" &
Charlotte Allwein
3-C-1-R &
his wife
Philip Allwein
& Elizabeth Eck Arents
Rose Hill Academy
(Home Schooling Support)
via the internet Karen Allwine 5-C-IL Conrad Allwein
& Anna Weibel
The Shorecrest Lodge
(Bed & Breakfast)
100 Route 776,
Grand Manan Island,
New Brunswick, Canada
> (506) 552-3216
Dennis &
Robin Sesplankis
11-C-1-R &
his wife
Henn zu Ohrndorff
& wife Catherina
In relationships, #-C stands for #th Cousin and -#-R stands for # time(s) removed.
If preceded by W- it indicates a relationship to my wife.
If followed by -IL, it indicates an in-law relationship.

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