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19th CENTURY stories -memorable events - and prominent names.

1801 - "It was reported yesterday that five sail of French ships of war had been descried cruising off Robin Hood's Bay, on the coast of Yorkshire"
 The Times Digital Archive Tuesday March 24 1801

2 December 1803 - The TIMES - "The fishing boats of Staithes, Robin Hood's Bay, and Filey have been this year uncommony successful in the herring fishery off Yarmouth, having taken from 20 to 25 lasts - a Last of herrings is 10,000"

1805 HM Speculator - Lt Edward Hall alias STORM in command

1830 - In the House of Lords - Lord WHARNCLIFFE presented a petition from the fish-curers of Robin Hood's Bay, Whitby, praying for the continuance of the bounty on the curing of herrings.
             The Times Digital Archive Tuesday March 30th 1830
1841  Street Scene, Robin Hood's Bay      
A 1841 painting by Henry Barow Carter believed to be on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum at one time.

Photograph taken from the website with the instruction not to use for commercial use.

1843 Lifeboat Disaster - LINGARD, GILLINGS, POAD, TRUEMAN, GRANGER etc

1854 Gravestone at St Hilda's Church in Hartlepool    
Helen Mary Storm nee Hopton 1825-1854, first wife of William Storm 1828-1873, master mariner, was buried here. This photograph was taken in abut 1925 at the time of the restoration of the east end of the churh. The stone is no longer in the churchyard possibly having been removed in a 'tidying up' in the 1950s.
Presentation by Dave Robson

1858 Petition - to improve the harbour - FARSYDE, SKERRY, STORM

17.12.1859 Five vessels driven ashore at Robin Hood's Bay but all refloated. Two were taken into Whitby, the Belford three masted schooner, and John Henry Yates, schooner. (Weatherill)

26.1.1860  During heavy sbow showers 10 vessels ran ashore inside the North Cheek, Robin Hood's Bay. Two of them broke up; the other eight variously disposed of. (Weatherill)

Stephen Crosby - c1800 ratepayers & a will - ESTILL, HARRISON, THOMPSON, DIXON etc

William Bateson , geneticist, born1861 in Robin Hood's Bay

1877 Report on crab and lobster fishing in England and Wales- ISAAC STORM, MATTHEW & HARRISON COOPER, BENJAMIN GRAINGER

7.12.1877 - Brig Juno of Matthew Storm & Co in difficulties when off the Eddystone. ".......the foremast was carried away by the trestle-trees, bringing down all the top gear, yards etc. The maintopmast was also carried away, with all its appendages, breaking in its fall the sidelights."

The Areta - lost in1878 - WILLIAM VENTRESS, AVERY & STORM

1881 - On the 18th January the brig Visitor ran aground in Bay during a violent storm. No lifeboat was available in Bay and so the Whitby lifeboat, the Robert Whitworth,  was called out. It was pulled by 18 horses the six miles overland. On reaching Bay bank and under the supervision of Matthew Wellburn and Robert Cooper and preceded by men demolishing garden walls the Robert Whitworth was hauled down to the sea and launched. It failed to reach the Visitor at the first attempt but under direction of John Skelton a second attempt was successful and the crew rescued.

28 September 1881 - The TIMES - "A new ifeboat was launched on Monday afternoon at Robin Hood's Bay. The boat is a gift of the children of Ephraim and Hannah Fox of Dewsbury."

Blackburn Standard Saturday 25 February 1893 - ALARMING LANDSLIP AT TOBIN HOOD'S BAY/ A CHAPEL AND HOUSES IN DENGER. At Robin Hood's Bay ...great alarm was rcaused by the fall of some hundreds of tons of rock from the cliff. The gables of two houses collapsed, and mingled with the fallen rock. A butcher occupied occupied one of the houses on week-days; but the other dwellings had been untentanted for some time. The inhabitants of the village quickly assembled, and began the hazadous work of removing the furniturs. On Monday morning there was another downfall of cliff near the same place. The brook, which flows into the sea, had its course diverted, and the foundations of the Wesleyan Chapel were shaken.......

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