This web site is derived from the book STORM AND COMPANY by Alan Storm MA., B.Com., PhD (published by Caedmon of Whitby in 1993), and who is also the author of FAMILY AND MARITIME COMMUNITY: ROBIN HOOD'S BAY c1653-c1867 (now in the library of Leicester University). Original book acknowledgements and Main Sources .
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John Amos (STREETING); Martha Blazick (SEDMAN) Carol Burrows (HODGSON)
Eleanor Cate (STREETING) Vicky Collier (COLLIER & LAWSON of Whitby):
John Everett (GRAINGER): Sue Fytche (NEWTON) Rachel Granger (GRAINGER);
Stephen Gavin (re Belmont Place) Rosemary King (MILLS);
Richard Lamb (STORM , FRANK, LAMB & KINGSTON);Beryl Nicholson (SKERRY )
Dave Ollerton (STORM & RELTON); Gavin Peacock (PEACOCK); Lynne Sanders (STAINTHORPE)
Warwick Sheffield (MOORSOM of Durham) Richard Stratford (THOMPSON & EMMERSON);
Melanie Todd (STORM & HODGSON) Libby Toop (HARLAND) Carol Watson (HARLAND)
Daniel Winters (CROSBY); Anne Wood (BAXTER).

...and continued into 2006 - Gary Allison (ALLISON);Anne Chicken (HARRISON); Isobel Ann Cox (SPINK); Michael J Clark (HUTTON);Graham Coker (COLLINSON, WARD, EMERSON), Grenville Davies (STORM & CO), David Emmerson / Michael Bennington(COOPER, HUTTON, STORM); Keith Flinders (SPINK), Mike Granger ( GRANGER);
Mike Goldsmith (HARRISON); Margaret Lilford (TODD); Chris Mallinson (COULTHIRST); Anne Roberts (HARRISON, ROBINSON); Gillian Smith (RUSSELL); David Thorne (JACKSON (Admiral) & MARZIAL); Pat Thompson (NEWTON); and Fylingdales Local History Group Archives.

...and 2007...Janette Bennett (STORM, GRAINGER); Elizabeth Berry (COOPER, GRANGER); Peter J Bridge (COOPER); Michael Carey (TRUEMAN, TURNBULL); Justin Frank (FRANK); Brian Roy Johnstone (HALL); David Storm Lewis (STORM, GILLINGS);Martyn Nisbet (FRANK), Lynne Sanders (STAINTHORPE); Dawn Scotting (SKERRY, ROBINSON); Maureen Thompson (JEFFERSON); John Vignoles (STORM, VIGNOLES); Graeme Wall (SPINK); George Wallace (GILLINGS); and Whitby Lit & Phil Library.

...and 2008...Kathleen E. Armour (GRANGER); Antonia Byron (COGGIN, GIBSON); Michael Carey (TRUEMAN); Bryan & Vicky Cooper (COOPER); Richard Frank (FRANK); Pat Greenwell (CLARK, LOTHIAN); Adrianne Hawkins (HUDSON-New Zealand); Brian Hawkins (STORM, SHAW); Susan Kerns (STORM, SHAW); Douglas McEvoy (MARTIN, PINKNEY); Pam Melton (TURNBULL); Roger Parker (Rev. JACKSON); Sally Rackham (PEACOCK); Jeanette Edna Walters (ROBINSON).

...and 2009.. Mike Baldwin (CROSBY); Glenn Borghoff (PENNOCK); James Clark (Turnbull Scott Co); Robert Curran (STAINTHORPE);Dave King (STORM); Scott McGregor (HOLT); George Pearson (PEARSON); Kirk Quinn ( HARRISON of Cloughton);Lynda Sergeant (RICKINSON); Andrew Storm (STORM & CO)

...and onwards...Tim Alderman (Rickinson);  Roger Barron (STORM); John Bateson (Steamships); Patricia Blackstock (Huntrods); Adam Bolton (GARBUTT); Jeanette Clarke (Dickinson); Peter Crosby (CROSBY); Kathleen DeHart (Hutton); Adrian Frank (STORM); Richard Knightley-Smith (Knightley-Smith); Derrick Leigh (MOORSOM); Chris Lewis (Baxter); Francis Petchey (STORM); David Robson (STORM); Lynda Sergeant (RICKINSON); Susan Smith (LENG); Susan Vale (AVERY); Louise Watson (Thompson); Wayne Weighill (WEIGHILL / TURNBULL)



An engraving by Edward Finden 1791-1857 of a drawing by George Balmer 1808-1846
Can you spot the two faint columns of smoke drifting westwards from the alum works?