The wedding day of RICHARD STORM (1864-1953) and MARTHA JANE THOMPSON (1865-1925) in 1890 showing l to r

THOMAS "Tom" b.1876, ELEANOR (1871-1942), JACOB(1837-1926), RICHARD & MARTHA, REBECCA MERCY (1881-1961), ISABEL (1838-1923), JAMES "Jim" (1867-1948), RACHEL (1862-1914), JACOB "Jake" (1871-1946).

Photograph by Frank Meadow Sutcliffe  
<<<CAPTAIN JACOB STORM, son JACOB (second right) and other crew members.

MASTER MARINERS meet in Hamburg.
RAYMOND STORM and his brothers-in-law ROY and LANCE CHAPMAN


CAPTAIN EDWARD GILLINGS (1843-1907) AND FAMILY. back row l to r: s.WILLIAM LEADSON b.1873, s.JOHN ALBERT b.1875 , d.MARTHA ROBINSON b.1881 m. William Estill, s.EDWARD b.1970. Middle row l to r: FANNY STORM (1871-1952) d.of Andrew & Damaris Harrison Storm m. William Leadson (above) and their son WILLIAM ANDREW b.1900 , d. MARY JANE b.1866, EDWARD, d.ANNIE ISOBEL b.1878 m Thomas Knightly Smith, d.BEATRICE ALICE b1884 m. William Church, MARY DIXON m Edward (above). front row: Twin children of Edward and Mary (above), Lawrence and Leslie b.1895.
Captain John Mills (1848-1929), 'Lallie' (1886-1964), Vernon St Clair Church (1896-1911), and Gladys(?) Mills..

Many years later a great great grandson of Jacob, JAMES STORM, stands at the same front door.>>
<<<< RICHARD STORM (1864-1953) AND MARTHA, and their children MARION, ISABEL and RICHARD. (Wilfred and Raymond were away at sea).

THOMAS KNIGHTLY-SMITH (1908-1980) AND EILEEN ISABEL nee STORM (1914-1967) and two of their children.>>>
Gathering by the seaside are:-

Jessie Storm. Rita Ward, Robert Dunn Frank and Isabel nee Storm, grandmother Barbara Frank nee Dunn, and children Marian Isabel (Marna) and Adrian Storm Frank

RAYMOND STORM in retirement with his wife, Janet, daughter Jessie, younger son Roy, and the children of Alan, the eldest son.
In this family group are:

CHARLES TAYLOR, Master Mariner. and his wife HANNAH MERCY STORM (1849- ), sister of Jacob Storm; and their children FLORENCE (Mrs Albert Garcia), THOMAS (who took on the Victoria Hotel), LENA REBECCA ( who married 1. Captain Zachariah Storm (lost in WW1), and 2. Captain Ernest Carter), and CHARLOTTE ANN ( m. Captain Richardson Storm). In the front is young CHARLES WENLOCK.

Marriage of Lawrence Stanley "Laurie" CHURCH (1892-1970) to Catherine "Kitty" PEARSON (1892-1967) in 1922
Richard Knightly Storm(1891-1955) and Melita(Hutton)(1890-1969). Fanny Pearson(Webb)(1857-1945). Edward Church(1919-1972). William Church(1887-1943). Hilda Storm Church(1894-1960). William 'Roma Will' Storm(1857-1950). Evelyn Gordon Church(1886-1928). Beatrice Alice Gillings(1884-). .George Edward Church(1854- ).

Anne Gertrude Estill, sister to William Estill (1883-1946) and Martha. Lillian Storm married Sydney Mills in 1925. Eleanor Storm(1871-1942). Rebecca Mercy Storm (1881-1961).

Ada and Mabel Pearson are sisters and are the daughters of John Harrison Pearson(1848-1907) and Elizabeth Robinson(1853-1906).

The marriage of Elizabeth Gertrude "Lily" Emmerson (1889-1969) and
Matthew Collinson Thompson (1889-1981) on 3rd June 1914
The photograph includes the parents, Captain William Emmerson (1848-1933) and Jane Granger Emmerson nee Barnard (1849-1871), and Mr Sampson Thompson (1858-1943) and Jane Thompson nee Collinson (1860-1941).
RICKINSON FAMILY - The architect John 1853-1937 holding dog, with his three children Margaret Jane 1889-, William 1884-1937, and Charles John 1896-1957 nursed by John's first wife, Emma nee Beal 1857-1879

To John's left is his brother William 1863-1938 with his wife Francis nee Bradshaw 1869-1944, and beyond is an unidentified member of the family.

A servant, Laura Jackson, is on John's right.