4th cousins once removed! Graham Harrison with Roy photographed in August 2006, and again with Graham's sister, Anne Roberts nee Harrison, in March 2007.

All have a common descent from John Harrison 1758-1800, and the following generations of both lines are composed of marriages of Harrisons and Storms.

  October 2009 -
<< On the left Anne's son, James, receives the prize bowl for winning his golf club scratch competition, and...

On the right both her husband, Stanley, and James recieve the trophy for winning the club foursomes>>

  <Perhaps the last of the seafaring Harrisons? GEORGE ARTHUR HARRISON 1891-1975 standing in front of his boat Sliepner. With him is his second wife, Eve, and his engineer, Reg.

Sliepner had been a Dutch ship used for ferrying supplies to lighthouses before it became Harrison property. In the course of time it was well used for family holidays.

On the right a picture post card of Ramsgate Harbour includes a picture of Sliepner in the foreground next to the harbour wall.>