<CAPTAIN RAYMOND STORM and his son ALAN in Aarhus, Denmark in 1939.

The next port of call was in Finland and the ship cleared the Baltic just before war was declared. The Chief engineer who had served through WW1 repeatedly assured all on board "There will be no war". Six months later he was lost by enemy action.

The author, ALAN (right), seen at Stratford on Avon in August 1990 with FRANK STORM of Durban. Their family link goes back to two brothers born in the 1670s.>

    <<Sir Philp Lawson1891-1962 with his daughter Margaret and 10 year old son John Philip pose with their South African cousins in front of 9, Crescent Avenue, Whitby, the home of Constance and Adelina Rose. Perhaps the visitors from South Africa include William and Clara Storm?

Sir John and Lady Lawson (Joan Alice Robinson) on their 50th wedding anniversary. Sir John is the great grandson of Sir John Lawson (1855-1924), of Whitby, and Rebecca Storm, daughter of Captain John Harrison Storm (1819-1898) of Fylingdales.>>

  <Captain Lawrence Stanley "Laurie" CHURCH 1892-1967 and his wife Kitty, nee Catherine PEARSON, 1892-1967 aboard SS Southgate passing Robin Hood's Bay.

For Laurie's voyages click here

HENRY HALGATE STORM (1895-1977) of East Braintree, Mass., USA with ROY on the steps of the Richmond Hotel, Richmond, Surrey, England in 1960s..>

    <<The Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1931 of Captain and Mrs William Emmerson of Eden house, Robin Hood's Bay.

William Emmerson (1848-1933) was the fourth son of John Emmerson of Springfield Farm, Staintondale. His wife, Jane Grainger, was the only daughter of Captain Thomas and Margaret Grainger Barnard of Robin Hood's Bay.

They were married 2nd February 1871 by the Rev. R. Jermyn Cooper in St Stephens Old Church. They had six daughters and four sons.

Raymond Storm and shipmate at lifeboat drill>>


THOMAS HARRISON MOORSOM b1878 and PETER MOORSOM b1881, sons of PETER MOORSOM b1852 and HANNAH, with WILLIAM STORM HARRISON (1883-1959). This photo may have been taken just after WW1.


A group in conversation at the Dock in the 1920s >>


  <John RICKINSON 1853-1937 with his second wife Elizabeth nee SWANN 54-1941 whom he married in 1898.

George Storm HARRISON 1859-1906 and his wife Fanny nee ROBINSON b1860 who were married in Brunswick Chapel, Robin Hood's Bay, in 1888.>

  <Richard Peene 1824-1898 of Lydd married Sarah Cummings 1822-1901 in Robin Hood's Bay.

On the right is their daughter, Mary Jane Peene 1859-1927 who married William Pennock. Their children included the three daughters and son below.

  <l to r are Lenora, Caroline and Kate Pennock

Richard Peene Pennock 1887-1909 married Lydia Rebecca Storm 1882-1957, daughter of 'Shoemaker Tom', and became a mariner. He was lost from SS Camillia on 9.10.1909. His son,Richard Peene Pennock 1905-1998 was the author of "Robin Hood's Bay as I have known it".


Thomas Allison 1820-1897, jetwork master, and Elizabeth nee Trueman .

Their daughter Jane 1842-1920 married Sampson Storm 1840-1896, sailmaker and shipbuilding foreman.

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