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Jacob Storm (1837-1926) had a sister Damaris Harrison Storm (1835-1921) who married a third cousin, Andrew Storm (1830-1886). Here they are with their baby William

  Andrew, master mariner, was lost with all hands in the brig Magnet off Sizewell.

Baby William (1857-1950) also became a master mariner and as captain of the SS Roma in the Galveston tragedy he became known as 'Roma Will'.

Andrew and Damaris had a daughter, Fanny (1871-1952), who married William Leadson Gillings 1873-1950, the son of Edward Gillings (1843-1907). Here is Edward in his retirement with three of his family.

  In 1895 Edward came to the rescue of a US ship and he was presented with a pair of marine binoculars by the President of the U.SA, thus: "From the President of the United States to Captain Edward Gillings snr, of the British SS Ranmoor in recognition of his humane rescue of the Captain and crew of the American schooner 'Elwood Harlow' Feb 11 1895"

The ladies are unnamed but a guess is that they may be from l to r: Beatrice Alice Church nee Gillings, Mary Gillings nee Dixon, and Mary Jane Gillings.

Fanny and William Leadson Gilllings had a daughter, Muriel Burnett Gillings (1906-1944), who married a Ronald Bedford Lewis (1909-1975). They had a son, David Storm Lewis. Below are photos of Fanny with her grandson David and another of David's mother, Muriel.

<Fanny Gillings nee Storm with her grandson, David Storm Lewis.

Fanny's daughter Muriel Burnett Lewis nee Gillings>

  <<Taken in 1940 a photo of Gilbert Thompson, master mariner, b1889, and his daughter Yvonne, and Fran Storm.

Captain John Robert Wedgewood 1875-1945 and Eva nee Thompson with daughter Eva aboard SS Aislaby>

  <<Visiting from the USA is Mrs (Agnes) Henry Hallgate Storm posing with John Sargent and Anne Jefferson (Nancy) nee Storm.

In retirement at Newcastle Captain Robert Alfred Lorains 1903-1989 and Ethel nee Smith. Born Whitby they were maritime friends of Raymond and Janet Storm. Captain Lorains's history included 4 years as an officer in the Australian navy in WW2>>

    <Edward Egan Storm 1904-1984 and Vera Elizabeth nee Gibson.

On the right Egan is enjoying driving his MG>

  <<< A BIT OF NEWS by F.M. Sutcliffe. 'Lomar Will' Storm (1798-1885) is on the right of the picture which, like so many of the kind, tells only part of the truth about Bay, for although 'Lomar Will' was a fisherman, he had served on ships and was also owner of several trading brigs. On the left is Harrison Allison, village baker and also shipowner. Also in the picture are Thomas Baxter and Mary Emmerson.

Lomar Will was the official Minstrel of the Fylingdales friendly society known as the Ancient Shepherds; the Shepherds "walk" to the church was an annual event of importance.


Edward Baxter Storm in Sydney.  Edward is the great grandson of James Storm born Robin Hood's Bay in 1815 and one time harbourmaster, Middlesbrough >>>

Photograph courtesy of the Sutcliffe Gallery, Whitby
Two daughters of Jacob Storm -
Eleanor 1871-1942 and Rebecca Mercy 1881-1961
  Jacob Storm's son Richard 1900-1989 and Katherine nee Beaven.   Ronald Storm Gillings 1904-1991 and Gwen nee Galletly. Ronald is a grandson of Andrew Storm 1830-1886, master mariner.
John Storm 1869-1960, mariner and shopkeeper, with his granddaughter
Shirley and great granddaughter Gilliam Storm Abbott
A Sutcliffe portrait of Thomas Allison 1820-1897, Whitby jet master, and Elizabeth nee Trueman. Their daughter, Jane, married Sampson Storm 1840-1896  in 1861.      
Edward Egan Storm's second marriage - to Maisie Bardot-
 at Worthing in 1973
On the right is the daughter of Edward Storm 1817-1908 and therefore Egan Storm's  aunt., She is now Eliza Annie Williamson 1873-1969 and is standing next to her husband, Robert Williamson 1876-1944, house builder of Fylingdales and Whitby.