<Bob at home in Sydney in 1937.

and on his wedding day January 1942>

<Bob in uniform

With fellow Observer officers at a station in England on the way to a new training base >

<<Bob (3rd from left in middle row). Observer/BA training June 1943.

..and, with forage cap, in crew of Liberator KG838 during Warsaw ops August 1944>>

The new Advanced Flying Unit, West Freugh, Scotland.                   South African Air Force Museum photograph
<Bob and his mother Edith Amy "Muzzy" nee Gunning 1881-1945. The photo was taken in June1917 when Bob was nine months old.

Three generations -"Muzzy" with 'Beth' Millar holding daughter Anne Elizabeth in her arms in 1943>

At Sydney Harbour bidding farewell to "Auntie Lorna" (Lorna Edith Wise nee Millar) in 1948 or thereabouts is:

Anne (holding streamers) with her mother, Beth, supported by great grandfather George Alfred Gunning 1860-1951 and his daughter Jean Virue and grandchildren Dimity and Leigh Vitue. Behind Beth is possibly Lucy Love, a friend of Lorna.

  <Bob's daughter, Anne Elizabeth, with her mother Elizabeth Grace 'Beth' Millar nee Thompson and 'Aunty Vea' (Vera Welsford Mortimer Clarke 1889-1958) at Circular Quay, Sydney. c1946.

Anne and her mother in the garden c1948>

Bob's brother and sister-

<<Kelvin Bruce Millar 1914-1941

Lorna Edith Millar 1911-1992 at age 10. Lorna married Dr Henry Douglas Wise and later lived in Canada>>

  < Edith Amy's grandfather, Henry William Folkes 1835-1919>.
Photograph presented by Paul Folkes, a descendant of Henry William.

George Alfred Gunning 1860-1951, who married Henry William's daughter, Julia Ann Folkes, and was the father of Edith Amy.>

<Camden Lewis Gunning 1891-1954, son of George Alfred and brother to Edith Amy, seen here in WW1 uniform beside his tent.

Harriett Francis Catherine "Fanny" Gunning 1864-1935 sister to George Alfred>

  <Andrew David Kerrigan 1867-1905 maried Fanny Gunning in 1892.


Stella Maude Kerrigan 1894-1990 daughter of Andrew and Fanny >.

  <Philip Kelso King 1914-1986 author of A History of Narromine and District, and the son of Edwin P King1877-1959 and Constamce Rhoda Gunning 1872-1916. Constance was Fanny Gunning's sister making Philip cousin to Edith Amy Gunning and Stella Kerrigan.

Amy Marie Folkes 1893-1958, daughter of Henry William and Charlotte, and sister to Julie Ann. Married James Hugh Allan 1892 in Dubbo>

      <<<This is a shield that was presented to the Governor of Edinburgh Castle in 1973, and now hangs in the Governor's room; and now for the story.....

The shield has the names of the members of the Pipes and Drums of the Scots College who played in the Edinburgh Tattoo that year. One of the names is that of Sgt. John Alexander Forrest Allan who is descended from Henry William Folkes. The shield was prepared by hand by the sergeant's father, James Allan Allan, a brilliant woodworker; and the wood is red cedar that came from an old bullock wagon used by Henry William Folkes in his work as a government surveyor in New South Wales in the 1800s.

There is a near circular connection in that Bob Millar's grandfather, Thomas Roberts Millar 1, was born close to the castle in 1836, and thus a further Scottish Australian link is strengthened.


Sophia Margaret Roberts 1842-1927, daughter of James Roberts & Sophia nee Neilson and who married Thomas Roberts Millar (TRM1) b.1836> Photograph from Norma Meadley at Narromine Library NSW