The commemoration on 27th July 2013 at Valprato Soana ,Italian Alps, in memory of the loss of the crew of aircraft Liberator KG875 of 31 Squadron SAAF on 12th October 1944 ,

while on a supply dropping mission to Italian partisans . This area is on the edge of the Gran Paradiso National Park.   



Approaching the village of Piamprato for accommodation in Locanda  "Aquila Bianca "  -White Eagle   Locanda Aquila Bianca     A view of the village  
The church of Pianetto with Italian war memorial     A welcome from the Alpini military band at the church. Later they played the Italian ,British and South African National Anthems.
To hear our anthem played in the Italian Alps was a very moving experience.
Laying of wreaths observed by the Bishop of Ivrea. Time for speeches      
Crew relatives from Britain and South Africa The assembly breaks up with a smile.      
The Crew Memorial in front of the church with British,South African and Italian flags  The Crew -South African and British


Pilot :              Capt. Leonard von S. BEUKES  SAAF -aged 26

Co-Pilot:         Sgt. George Frederick ANSTEE  RAF -aged 23

Navigator :      Lt. Michiel Coenraad F. KRUGER SAAF -aged 29

Bomb Aimer:  Sgt. Charles Lea  FOSTER RAF - aged 24

W/O A/G :     Sgt. Hubert John WOODS RAF -aged 20

A/G :              Lt .Gavin D'Arcy SHIPMAN SAAF -aged 27

 A/G :             Warrant Officer: Derek Aubrey W. FRANCIS SAAF -aged 24

W/O A/G :     Sgt .William Leslie PRYCE  RAF -aged 20