<<< James William Pearson 1889-1914, son of Captain Richardson Pearson & Fannie nee Webb,
died following an attack at Hartlepool by a German raiding flotilla.

Lt Robert Moorsom 1760-1835 who later became  Admiral Sir Robert Moorsom KCB >>>

  <<< Isabel Pearson nee Robinson 1815-1895, wife of William Pearson 1802-1881, master mariner.

Hannah Mary Taylor 1850-1925 nee Storm, daughter of Andrew and Rebecca, and wife of Charles Taylor 1849-1942, master mariner.>>>
<<William Race Allison 1812-1865 son of Francis Allison born Robin Hood's Bay 1786, and Hannah nee Race. William became a landowner and politician in Hobart.
His father, Francis, had fought at The Battle of Copenhagen and in the American war before deciding to emigrate with his family to Hobart in 1822.
Australian Dictionary of Biography.

 Edward Storm 1817-1908 born Robin Hood's Bay and typically a master mariner until he retired early at the age of 45. He became an underwriter for Bay insurance clubs and travelled to Germany and other countries in order to survey ships. For many years he was a Sunday School superintendent and an auxillary preacher. He was twice married, his first wife being Margaret Boagey of West Hartlepool, and his second wife Mary Lewthwaite of Cumberland>>
  Captain William Masterman Carter 1894-1929
aboard ship with his daughter.

See tragic end.