In the woods with splashes of sunshine..........................

John Thompson b1842 near Northallerton is on the right wearing a bowler hat. He became Head Gardner and Stewart of Larpool Hall.

His children were Edmund, Eva and Agnes and the editor is a great grandchild.

    <<Back left is Edmund Thompson b1874. His wife, Maud nee Beedle, sits in front. To her right are Edmunds' sisters Agnes Chapman b 1870 andthen Eva Wedgewood b1877.

Standing behind are Jack Wedgwood and Edmund Thompson Jnr 1910-1999.

Agnes and Joseph Chapman 1858-1946 with their children at Larpool>>

    <<Joseph William Chapman b1869 married Maud Annie Collier in 1901.Here is their 1910 Christmas Card in a postcard format. Joseph William is a nephew of Joseph Chapman.

Edmund Thompson b1874 had a son Edmund 1910-1999 who became a head teacher and here he is posed with his cap and gown>>

<<<Joseph Chapman 1858-1946, grandfather of Roy & Alan, with his wife, Agnes nee Thompson b.1870.
Joseph lived in York Terrace, Whitby, and was employed as a railway signalman.

Agnes's sister, Eva born 1870, is holding her granddaughter Rita Ward.


A further portrait of "grandma" Agnes Chapman>>>


Roy Chapman seated right with fellow mariners.

Lance Chapman (left) and Captain Pearson
pause in their deck game.
  THREE PHOTOS OF THE TWO SONS OF JOSEPH CHAPMAN.. LANCE AND ROY.   Roy Chapman, master mariner, seated
with dog, with Jack Barry of the ship-
owning family>>
    The Bagshawe boys of Airy Hill from l to r George b1905, Wilfred b1906 and Edward b1904, sons of Joseph John Richard Bagshawe 1870-1909 and Janet Mildred Alice nee Turnbull. Their great grandparents were shipbuilder Thomas Turnbull 1819-1892 and Emma Alice nee Lawson. Emma's nephew, John Lawson, married Rebecca Storm 1854-1914.

This photograph together with a present of a pipe was sent by the boys to Joseph Chapman whom they knew as a Whitby railway signalman. The message written on the back reads:

Dear Sig,

I wish you a marry Christmas and a happy new year. You can change the pipe at Blenkeys if you do not like it.

Love from Edward.

    The Whitby GPO Messengers of 1913.

The group includes Lance Chapman before he started his life at sea. Unfortunately he is not identifiable!

  <<In the middle Joseph Chapmen 1858-1946 with his father-in-law John Thompson (1842- ) standing behind.

Joseph Chapman 80 years old taken about 1938>>