Leaves from Our Tree: Descendants of David Porterfield, Sr.


Descendants of David Porterfield, Sr.


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The following pages tell the stories of various branches of the Porterfields of Georgia and related families. The progenitor of this family was David Porterfield, Sr., and we have included his known descendants to the present day.

We compiled the lineages of these descendants to the best of our ability and present them here. Many hours of work by many contributing family members have been put into the research and documentation of these family members. We all have attempted to make the following data as complete and accurate as possible, but we know that gaps and errors do exist. As with any genealogical research, this is a work in progress. Additions and corrections are welcomed. To protect privacy, we have omitted personal data on persons still living.

As a general rule the Webmaster updates this Web site at least once per year, and certain pages are updated more often. Check the date at the bottom of each page of this Web site to see when it was last updated. The Table of Contents below contains links to GEDCOM files for the descendants of these families on the RootsWeb WorldConnect Project. The Webmaster updates those GEDCOM files each time new data is added to the research group's central database, so the files on the WorldConnect Project always reflect the most current and complete family information in that database.

Visitors who print out data from this, or any, Web site, should also print out the source citations (if available). Our source citations are included on this Web site, but the Webmaster did not personally verify all of them. The Webmaster did categorize each source as either primary or secondary.

  • Visitors may rely with reasonable confidence upon sources marked as "primary" since this category includes public records, photos of tombstones, family Bible pages, or original documents in the possession of the Webmaster or another family member. Images of many of these source documents may be included on this Web site.
  • Visitors should verify all data from sources marked as "secondary" before relying on the information. Secondary resources include published books and genealogy reports, information shared over the Internet without source citations, undocumented family stories or legends, etc.
  • If a source (usually a living family member) was marked as "primary and secondary," it means that person possesses primary family documents for him/herself, his/her own spouse, children, parents and possibly grandparents. However, for generations beyond the grandparents, the visitor should treat the data as coming from a secondary source and verify it.

Come with us as we trace the "Leaves from Our Tree."


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Was he a descendant of the Porterfields of Cumberland County, North Carolina to Porterfields of Cumberland County, NC
as stated by Frank Burke Porterfield in his 1947 bookThe Porterfields? or Was he a
descendant of another line?

 Who were his parents and where did they come from? to "Who Were His Parents...?"

Who were his grandparents and where did they come from? to "Who Were His Grandparents...?"

He was a Pioneer! Was he also a Patriot? (New data, Nov 2005) to Pioneer!...or Patriot?

Who were his children? (Updated 2005 with new data) to Who Were His Children?

Elizabeth and Mary, daughters or granddaughters? to "...Daughters or Granddaughters?"

Who was the other unidentified Porterfield female? to "...Other Unidentified Female?"

Duchal House
Duchal House in Scotland, ancestral home
of all Porterfields in the United States

 Descendants of David Porterfield Sr. to Generation 1

 David Porterfield Sr. on WorldConnect to David Porterfield, Sr., on WorldConnect

 History of the Porterfields in Scotland to "Porterfields in Scotland"

The Duchal House Story to "Duchal House Story"

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