Daniel DNA

Descendants of The Immigrant from Bristol, England

Roger Daniell, IV, 1595-1680

"...Roger Daniell's home on the east end of "Mulberry island," Warwick Co.,VA, was on land inherited from Miles Cary, whose will was probated in Warwick Co., 21 July 1667. (See The Virginia Carys, p. 164-8). ..."

"...Miles Cary and Roger Daniell were related, lived in the same vicinity and probably came to Virginia about the same time, possibly with Roger Daniell's brothers Thomas and John...."

"...No will of Roger Daniell has been found, and the [sur]name of his wife isn't known...." [Her given name was Ann.]

"...The Daniell Family was influential in Bristol and in Somerset Co., England, from which Roger Daniell came...."

From: Daniel, G. Payne, compiler. "Descendants of Roger Daniell of Warwick County, Virginia," Under the Unicorn. FL: (self pub'd), 23 Sep 2006.

The Roger Daniell Y-DNA Group now includes eleven (11) male participants whose test results exhibit a statistically significant match. Those results, backed up by recently identified (during 2007-2009) documentation, prove a relationship between the participants and, therefore, between their ancestors back to Roger Daniell, our immigrant ancestor.

All surnames in the chart below are DANIEL except where otherwise indicated for descendants of Gen. Allen Daniel. Two of his great grandsons, Russell Jackson Daniel (AKA Ben Smith) and John Wilkes Daniel (AKA John W. O'Doniel), changed their names in the mid-1880s to escape an Arkansas posse with lynching of homesteaders on their minds. A grandson by the name of James W. Brooks was fathered out of wedlock, according to family legend, by Capt. James Woodson Daniel, although there were two other men named James Daniel who might possibly have fathered Brooks. Additional Y-DNA test comparisons would be needed to solve that mystery.

The Roger Daniell Y-DNA Group

Thanks to Jack Danel, a Ben Smith descendant, for creating this wonderful chart for our DNA group.

Visit the DANIEL Y-DNA SURNAME PROJECT Web site for more detailed information on this project, to see the test results on the "Results" page, and to see bio-sketches for the documented ancestors of various Daniel family lines on the "Participating Lines" page.

Nine of the eleven descendants in the Roger Daniell Y-DNA Group joined the Daniel Y-DNA Surname Project sponsored by Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) and were tested through the FTDNA labs. For more information on joining this project, visit the Daniel Surname Project Web page and/or the FTDNA home page.

The other two descendants were tested through the Ancestry.com DNA testing program. For more information on this program, visit the Ancestry.com DNAWeb page.

For more information on DNA testing and what it means, visit the following Web sites:

• World Families.net

• International Society of Genetic Genealogy

• The Genographic Project (sponsored by National Geographic)

• Deep Roots, an informative article on the Web site of the University of Texas-Austin


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