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STREIFF. Originally an old, noble family of the city of Chur, they adopted the villages of Diesbach, Linthal, Schwanden, Glarus, and Mollis in the canton of Glarus. Coat of Arms: In gold, two red hearts placed one on top of the other.

I. St. von Diesbach - 1) Hans from Graubunden, Captain in the Swiss Confederation League at the Castle of Mailand in 1513; he was killed in the battle of Marignano in 1515. 2) Fridolin: died December 20, 1658, was the ancestor of all presently living Streiffs in the land of Glarus. 3) Joachim: September 26, 1607 - September 1647; purchased the Tagwenrecht in Schwanden in 1638. He was a shipbuilder and was Provincial Governor of Werdenberg in 1647. 4) Fridolin, brother of Joachim #3, was born May 21, 1620; and died November 30, 1690; he was an ancestor of those of Glarus and Mollis. He served for his brother as Provincial Governor of Werdenberg, he was a Senator and Ennetbirgischer Judge, an Ambassador in 1676, a representative of the Glarners in the negotiations that came as result of the evangelical and religious feuds in the land of Glarus in 1682, local Captain from 1656 to 1690, and Burger of Glarus in 1665.   more ...

Information from: Historisch-Biographisches Lexikon der Schweiz (7 volumes + Supplement), Neuenburg 1921-1934.

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