Study of the Strickland Surname

For over 20 years, countless researchers have visited courthouses, libraries, viewed microfilms and traveled many miles in search of establishing the Strickland pedigree and establish our English Strickland line.   Despite these valient efforts, our direct relationship to the English Stricklands remains a mystery.  This site does not solve this mystery, unfortunately.

Today's genealogists can do a great deal of research from the comfort of their own homes and those beginning researchers of the Strickland surname may use this site, with compiled documents and data to assist them.   This site will focus on what little we DO know from the few documents available.

Northern or Southern line?

In the early to late 17th century, several male Stricklands arrived in the colonies - two to the north and several to the south. Tthe majority of documents on this site focus on the line of southern Stricklands solely because as my ancestor was from North Carolina, the documents gathered were southern.   To my knowledge, DNA studies have not proven a relationship between the southern and northern Stricklands, however do suggest that many of the Southern Stricklands share an ancestor.

What this site offers...

After years of research and exhanusting all known resources, my own search was reluctantly terminated. What to do with all the Strickland data I had collected and compiled?   Rather than let them remain unused in storage, they are shared with others on this site. Enjoy!


Apr 2008 - Added submitted files on Document page: 1) Johnston CO NC Poll Tax; 2) Sampson CO NC Court Minutes 1810-1820; and 3) Sampson CO NC 1820-1830

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