Americans with Norwegian Ancestors


Emigrants from Norway or people with norwegian heritage

Here I have links to my pages about people in my database with either Norwegian roots or that emigrated to the US. There are also some that just lived in the U.S for some time or died there for some reason or another.

The list contains 597 people. I have only sorted it by Last name and Birthplace for now. But when the next edition of my database is uploaded I'll add First name and Death place sorted lists as well. The number in the left column refers to my own database. Almost all the numbers below 18255 is already in the online database which contain that many names. Use the link to that from this page or just click on the link to my search page

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Lastname Here the list is sorted by Last name

BirthplaceHere it's sorted by Birthplace

An a little warning before you go to the pages. Due to the number of names the size of the pages ar around 250 Kb and will take a while to load. Sorry but that is unavoidable.

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