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About Us


The Family

Beate and John lived their first years i central Oslo. As a little girl Beate moved to Kaldbakken, a suburb in northern parts of Oslo. John stayed at Majorstuen until he moved with Beate to Kløfterhagen at Lindeberg. They married 1978 in Gamle Aker Church and  the two first daughters Elisabeth and Helene was born while living at Lindeberg. In 1984 we  moved to Slemmestad. A little community in Røyken kommune in Buskerud. There we still live. Beate gave birth to our third daughter Eileen at home in 1991. She is the center of affection for the moment. 
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This Family is a pretty active one. If we're not skiing, scubadiving, or playing handball, then John is sitting at the computer doing something related to Genealogy or experimenting with the computer. Or you could find Beate  doing some fancy knitwork while Helene is making exellent  food in the kitchen. Elisabeth could be drawing pictures of  someone or playing the flute. And Eileen is quite interested  in music and dance. But the two oldest girls have recently discovered boys as something to be interested in. So they are spending less time at home.


Kirkerudveien 2
3470 Slemmestad,  Norway
Phone: 31282539
Email:  john.strom@bu.telia.no

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